CITY CRUISER Off Road Hoverboard Dual Motors Electric Self Balancing Scooter Review

Among all the hoverboard brands reviews, City Cruiser is an unforgettable name that will definitely pop up among top searches of hoverboards. I know this because I have been searching for a hoverboard for some time for my child.

Well, you will see that features that City Cruiser have to offer are somewhat same as that of CHO products. That is why I found City Cruiser Off Road Hoverboard to be quite similar to the CHO Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard other than a few things that could explain difference in the styling and features to some extent.

I am going to review the City Cruiser model for you today and tell you how this product is a fantastic purchase for your child, especially if he/she is only starting with hoverboarding.

Features and Specifications

In this section, I will explain the features in details. Without further ado, let’s take a look on all the things that this product is about.

Safety Standards

I have always disclaimed that safety should be your top-most priority. Anything you pick for your child, its important to see if it will be safe or not.

Safety can reflect in any way. The batteries have to be of extreme attention. Overheated batteries can put your child’s life on a constant threat. Surely, you wouldn’t want that.

This product comes with safety certification of UL2272. This certification pays careful attention to the battery and performance of the product. With this certification, you don’t have to worry that the batteries will fail or there is any problem with the performance of the hoverboard.


This is a simple yet stylish model. It is only available in a couple of colors. It has got sleek yet stable body which hold the firmness on the ground.

While the frame of the hoverboard has white lights on it, the whirl wheel of the hoverboard has also got a fine spectrum of lights. It has got all the colors on it and looks spectacular.

The LED lights are especially helpful in night time. If your child is riding the hoverboard late in the evening, people can spot them from a distance. This way, people can behave their driving in the evening while being around the kids.


This model has got standard wheels in 6.5 inches size just like the CHO 6.5″Wheels Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard.

The wheels of this hoverboard are up for any challenge whatsoever. Your kid can take it to any terrains of his choice and the wheels will completely honor his/her choices. They give great traction and are absolutely best for any kind of surface.

Great Grip

Since these are lightweight, many of you might have the concern if the hoverboard will be able to balance well or not. Well, this product gives you the best grip on all kinds of roads.

They have the firmness that you demand from a hoverboard. Once your child hops on to it, he/she will be able to balance the weight of their body pretty well. The stability of this hoverboard is something that I seriously like.


You may call it a trend but hoverboards these days comes with an in-built speaker. The Bluetooth speakers helps you to connect with your smart device. The quality of speakers is also quite astounding considering that these are installed in a hoverboard.

You can make a playlist of your child’s favorite songs and connect it to a smartphone. When you child is ready to go on a ride, simply play the music and allow them to enjoy their rides to the fullest. You can find similar features in other products like CHO POWER SPORTS 2019 Electric Hoverboard Scooter.


The technology used in this hoverboard is absolutely best for beginners and amateurs. It supports the starters completely and help them in learning how to balance in minutes. This is a fantastic product for your child.

The Good

Well, there is a lot that you will appreciate about this model. Here are some of its qualities.


The style of the hoverboard is more impressive because of the wheel. It can be bought for boys and girls. The colors are limited yet this model is very expressive.


One of the biggest strengths of this product is that it is quite light in weight. However, the stability of this model is not compromised at all. You will really appreciate the lightweight of this model.


Well, since this model gives you an amazing sound quality, your child will be entertained throughout the ride.


The Bad

Here are some things that you will not appreciate about this model.


As price, I wouldn’t say that it is too expensive but at the same time, it is also not economically costed. It is a great product but you will have to spend some money with it.


The 7.5 MPH speed of this hoverboard is not something that experienced riders will appreciate. The speed is suitable for the beginners but other than that, kids who like to make a rushing attempt will not appreciate this hoverboard. The speed of CHO Chrome Hoverboard Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter is suitable for all kinds of users.

Who Is It For?

The hoverboard suit the fancy of every buyer. Being parents, you are concerned about anything that your child uses and this one will give you pace of mind on safety quotient. It is a bit expensive than many other models but still you can count on it.


City Cruiser Off Road hoverboard is everything that you want for your child. It is safe and has got amazing looks that will keep your child entertained for the entire day.

The speakers are also quite amazing and help in giving something for your child to show-off in front of his/her friends. Although there are limited colors but the ones it has are super stunning. Try this amazing model today!