Cho Electric Self Balancing Dual Motors Scooter Hoverboard Review

If you wish to make purchase of a hoverboard for your child then you are probably referring many hoverboard reviews by now. Well, my review could be a decision maker for you.

There is a massive increase in popularity of hoverboards. Earlier, kids used to ask for skates to enjoy the evenings with their friends. However, the self-balancing boards have increased popularity among the buyers.

Well, you can find a suitable product from the leading brand – CHO. They have manufactured many high-end products like Cho Electric Self Balancing Dual Motors Scooter Hoverboard.

This review is dedicated on this particular product. I will cover all the major sections of this product and give you a complete and thorough review on it. Let’s get started.

Features and Specifications

Here is a detailed review on all the features of this model:


The construction of this model is very rigid. The frame is made of heavy-duty plastic material and it is good to work in all kind of climatic conditions. Whether there is too hot or too cold outside, your child will be able to enjoy the ride.

The construction section also includes 6.5 inches vacuum wheels as well. You can also find similar feature in CHO Chrome Hoverboard Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter.

The wheels are suitable for different terrains. You will be impressed with its quality. It is lightweight and easy to use. The moving of the hoverboard is quite stable and it does not shake at all.

Balancing Mechanism

This model is particularly for the starters/beginners, just like CHO 6.5″Wheels Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard. You will find the wheels very stable in working.

Also, the balancing mechanism of this model is very impressive. I understand that many parents will be buying a hoverboard first time for y=their child with a motive that he/she will learn to balance.

This hoverboard is a suitable thing to start with. It has got impeccable balance. Even if your child is not confident enough standing on this hoverboard, they will be able to balance it.


One of the most amazing features of this model is that it is a floating source of entertainment. What I mean is that your kids can enjoy music on the go. This model comes with built-in speakers that you can connect through Bluetooth.

Your kid can have his personal music system while enjoying a ride. This feature has turned into an absolute hit for many buyers. Kids appreciate enjoying music while riding. Plus, since not many hoverboards offer this feature, your child’s hoverboard will be different from others and he/she will really thank you for it.


While there are various high-end models like CITY CRUISER Off Road Hoverboard Dual Motors Electric Self Balancing Scooter but this one comes with high safety standards.

It is one of the major concerns of every parents. You wouldn’t want to invest in a product whose battery might blow up because of overheating.

Also, the certification is to give you peace of mind that this model is high in performance. It gives you speed of 12 km/hour and your child can enjoy a balanced speed in this model.

Charge Time

Another very impressive feature of this product is that its charging. You can use this model for 3 – 5 hours in a single charge. The charging is fast and you will find it amazingly fast.


The weight of this model is 22 pounds. If the hoverboard stops working in between, your child can pick it up and bring back home.

Its maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds and minimum weight capacity is 45 pounds. You have to make sure that you child ranges between the given weight to use this model. It is suitable for kids 12 years or less.

The Good

Beautiful Design

The design of this product is really impressive. It is available in multiple colors and there are LED lights installed on the wheels and frame of the hoverboard. The overall design of this product is brilliant. Kids will really love the style.


One of the ideal things is that the company has assured high-quality standards of making. Since the major concern is of the battery, this model has safety certification that ensure security of this model.

It comes with UL2272 safety certificate that will ensure high performance of the hoverboard and it comes with all safety features.

Very Well Balancing

It comes with incredible balancing. Even an amateur or a beginner can use this model. Even if your child doesn’t know how to balance at all, this model will be helpful in not just teaching the balancing but also how to ride a hoverboard confidently.

Color Selection

You can find amazing colors in this hoverboard. This way, you will be able to give a lot of choice to your kids and make them select hoverboard in their favourite color.


The Bad

No Warranty

One of the things that I don’t like about this product is that it does not come with warranty. People who don’t like to risk their purchase and want a product that comes with warranty then this is not a model of your interest. Be careful about this point before making a purchase.

Who Is It For?

This model is really fancy. It comes with plenty of color options. It is suitable for the people who wants to a fancy hoverboard for their kids. Also, since this model is not too heftily priced, you will find it easy to purchase. This one is a great purchase.


Over time, hoverboards have replaced many fun toys and elements for kids. As soon as they come back from school, they first reach up to their hoverboards and ride them.

While there are countless options available in these products, you will find very few of them that are genuinely dependable. The CHO Electric Self-Balancing Dual Motor Scooter Hoverboard is a perfect purchase and will suit your interest.