CHO Chrome Hoverboard Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Review

CHO is one of the best hoverboard brands that comes to every mind while purchasing a hoverboard. It doesn’t just manufacture the most visually appealing and high-quality self-balancing boards but the products are also genuinely priced.

Today, I am going to review one of the hot-selling models of CHO, the CHO Chrome Hoverboard Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter. While many other products from this brand are similar but this one is particularly like the CHO 6.5″Wheels Electric Smart Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard.

This model is very intriguing as it has got amazing features but most importantly, its looks are very appealing for the kids. Let’s discuss this wonderful product in detail.

Features and Specifications

This model has got all essential features that you would want in your hoverboard. Let’s start:

Safety Certification

More than anything else, safety of the child is important to every parent. You want to gift your child a hoverboard but without making sure if it will be safe in usage?

No, I believe that every parent will feel more confident about this kind of purchase if they know that the product is certified and acclaimed safe.

This model comes with UL2272 safety certification. It is for the performance and battery of the hoverboard. You can rest assure that the battery will not overheat, blowing up the entire machine. Also, the performance of this model is deeply examined. It is a satisfactory product.

Self-balancing System

For the kids that will be riding the hoverboard for the first time, any moving machine can be scary, especially when there is no great support system.

Well, with this model, you will not have to worry about any such thing. The balancing of this model is so commendable that you can rely on it. This hoverboard is equally safe for a beginner as well as an experienced rider.

It will also teach you the art of balancing and help you learn the art. This is a great model for the beginners especially.


This hoverboard has got excellent wheels. They can manage any terrain. Usually, people worry about the wheels a lot and trust me, it is a genuine concern. While your kids are not going to take the hoverboard on risky terrains but it is essential for the hoverboards to have that kind of potential.

This model has got 6.5 inches vacuum tires, suitable for all sorts of terrains. Because these are vacuum tires, the hoverboard will not go off the balance. You will be able to enjoy great rides.

Also, if there is any bump in the road, your child will probably not feel that because the tires will not make them feel anything.

Built-in Speakers

Just like many other models from CHO, such as Cho Electric Self Balancing Dual Motors Scooter Hoverboard, this one has also got in-built speakers that you can connect through wi-fi.

You get high-quality speakers in the hoverboard that you can connect with a smart device. The speakers have amazing quality and your kids will not be disappointed with it.

If they want to keep the music to themselves then they can also connect the speakers and music with the headphones. This is a great way for your kids to enjoy their rides.


You know, one of the things that seriously attracted me to this model is its beautiful design. It is available in various colors. If you have been searching for the most fashionable hoverboards then you just have checked out EPIKGO Sport Balance Board Self Balance Scooter Balancing Hoverboard as well.

Well, while this model seems desirable, the CHO Chrome is also pretty intriguing. It has got LED lights on the wheels and more lights on the wheel cover as well. Also, this will let people know that some kid is coming from the front, especially in the dark.

The Good

Here are some of the best things that you will like about this model. Let’s take a look:


In case of colors, there is immense versatility in this model. Since kids are very picky about the colors and styles of the hoverboards they ride, you can give them options with this model.

This is definitely a great product and comes with immense versatility in features and great color collection.

Quality Built

The construction of this model is very impressive. The frame and the wheels of the hoverboard are made of sturdy material. Moreover, the vacuum wheels are perfect for all kinds of terrains.

You can ride the hoverboard anywhere you want. Also, the hoverboard will not bump on uneven roads as well. The over construction of this model is great.


This hoverboard is quite affordable. It is not like many other hoverboards that will pretty much demand a large amount of money from you. It is decently-priced and will make a great Christmas gift for kids.


CHO makes sure that every model it manufactures pass UL2272 test to give you the confidence of making purchase. This is a safe product and you can rely on it for your child’s safety.


The Bad


Unlike other CHO models, this one seems a little smaller. I would personally recommend that you buy this hoverboard for a child 10 years in age. While it recommended for 12 years old, this one will be a bit smaller than what it claims.

Who Is It For?

This model is particularly for the buyers that don’t want to spend too much on a hoverboard. Also, people that need a lot of color selection will also appreciate this hoverboard. Your kid will really appreciate the design and the quality.


The CHO Chrome Hoverboard is an ultimate purchase on an affordable price. This model is quite desirable and your child will really appreciate your gift. Make purchase of this hoverboard if Christmas is around the corner or your child is turning 10. It will make an amazing surprise gift for your baby. Happy Shopping!