Chicago Classic Roller Skates Review

There are many roller skate brands in the market. Chicago is just one of those brands. So does the Chicago Classic Roller Skates has the qualities to qualify as one of the best quad skates? How does it compare to other leading brands like Sure-Grip Rebel Roller Skates? How about its wheels’ quality and the comfort it accords to the wearer? That’s what this in-depth review of Chicago Classic Roller Skates strives to bring out. Let’s begin with its key specifications.

Features and Specifications

High top profile

The overall design of these Chicago boots presents the traditional high top profile.  The rink oriented boots, therefore, presents the classic quad skate. Its high top profile makes it ideal for skaters of high stature.  In terms of outlook, the classic boots mirror the design of Moxi Skates Fashionable Roller Skates.

Comfortable vinyl material

The shoes upper boasts a long lasting Vinyl material. Such material makes the pair of boots that feel light in weight. Unlike the leather material that requires time to shape up to your feet, Vinyl feels comfortable to your skin from day one. That saves you from the discomfort of breaking in period. The boots feature carefully stitched vinyl thus offering superior quality to a simple gluing.

Simple lacing closure

The Chicago quad boots uses the superior lacing system over the Velcro power strap. As such it gives you the large metallic eyelets for quick lacing. Unlike Velcro straps whose efficiency deteriorates with time, lacing maintains its efficiency and is even easy to change when it ages. It also matches the eyelets with speed hooks. Consequently making a quick adjustment on the boots’ fitness is simple.

Highly maneuverable

One of the outstanding features of this quad skate is its multiple adjustment provision. For example, it uses the sturdy aluminum base plate. The base plate connects to an adjustable truck, jump bar, and chassis.  So owing to the adjustability of the truck, jump bar and chassis you can customize the skate to your requirement in terms of comfort, control, and stability. You can thus adjust on the truck to suit your dancing moves and skating style.

The Good

Adjustable toe stop

Each skater needs a reliable braking system. Consequently, the Chicago Classic Roller Skates incorporates 5/8’ adjustable toe stop in its core features. The adjustability of the stopping mechanism allows you to fine-tune it to suit quick braking or swiftness of making turns. Therefore the adjustable toe stops in effect makes turning and control of the skate trouble-free.

Suits both indoor and outdoor skating

One of the key features, determining whether a skate can perform both in the rink and outdoors, is the choice of wheels. These Chicago Classic Roller Skates feature urethane wheels that suit both indoor and outdoor skating just like the Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Roller Skate. The quad states taps on 60mm urethane spoke core and sturdy (608Z) semi-precision speed ball bearings. As a result, it offers superior traction. At the same time, it’s relatively resistive to ordinary tear and wear of the skates.

Stable and sturdy

To provide an impact resistive capability, the base plate is aluminum. At the same time, its strength and stability are further reinforced by the jump bars. So as you outshine in your tricks whether in rink or pavements, you can count on the plate’s sturdiness.

Cost effective

When compared to other pure leather skates these Chicago vinyl boots are cost effective. Although the skates won’t punch a hole in your pocket they provide quality too. For instance consider it has the adjustable chassis, jump bar, and toe stop.

Splendid look

The choice of colors painted by the boots makes it shout out. The wheels together with the front toe stop bear the pink color. The dazzling white upper matches perfectly with the wooden dark midsole.  So for the woman who wishes to show off among the crowd, these boots provide the perfect setup.

Available for wide age gap

Chicago Classic Roller Skates are available in different sizes. With over twelve different sizes even a lady of narrow feet size is guaranteed a match.  That means even your youthful queen can’t miss her perfect fit. As a size guide, the measurements are given in both US and EURO sizes.

Instant comfort

Vinyl in itself feels soft compared to leather boots. Furthermore, the boots employ comfy padding from the tongue to the entire interior surface. Even the collar region is padded to protect the ankle area. That makes it comfortable to the usual delicate lady’s skin.

Does the description nail the characteristics of your dream skate boots? You are only a click away from realizing your dream;


The Bad

Here are a few downsides of these Chicago Classic Roller Skates that you should know;

Can’t stand years of frequent usage

Since the boots uppers are made of Vinyl material, it can’t compare to the durability of the pure leather. For occasional practicing, the quads make a good choice. But, if you need the pair of boots to last even longer when subjected to frequent usage, then Vinyl doesn’t fit the description.

Who is it for?

If you are a lady looking for the comfortable recreational or entry-level skates, then the Chicago Classic Roller Skates is for you. Moreover, it is averagely priced and comfortable. If you want to get into roller skating and looking for the beginner-focused pair of skates, then you shouldn’t ignore these skate boots.


An ill experienced skater prioritizes on a quad skate that is stable, easy to control and comfortable. These classic roller skates package the features at an average price. For that reason, over seventy-five percent of previous users have fulfilled their needs with the boots. That gives you a strong reason to give it a try. To set off your quad skating game with a head start, Chicago Classic Roller Skates provides a solid foundation for your success. Click the button below to read through other expert reviews.