Charge Time for Electric Skateboards Comparison

One might think that the complex high-powered system of electric skateboards would require many hours of recharging, but that’s not the case most of the time. This is proven by the average charge time of bestselling e-skates in different physical and online stores. Surprisingly, charging a powerful electric skateboard can only take a few hours.

Comparison Table of Electric Skateboard Charge Times

The charge time of an electric skateboard is mostly affected by the properties of the battery itself. Even if the charger is of the highest quality possible, the specs of the battery can force either a slightly longer waiting time or a shorter one until it’s fully charged. In some cases, though, the charger can significantly decrease the duration no matter how powerful the unit is.

The following comparison table of some of the best electric boards all over the world can provide skaters with a better understanding of how the battery’s design and the charger type generally affect the charge time:

E-Skate Model Charge Time (hr) Charger Type Battery Type Battery Capacity (mAh)
Blitzart Huracane 2.5-3 Power Adapter Lithium Ion 4,000
Caroma 3 Power Adapter Lithium Ion 4,000
Cool&Fun HB10 3 Power Adapter Lithium Ion 4,000
Evolve Hadean Street 3.5-4 5A Fast Charger Custom/Hybrid 16,000
Hiboy S22 2-3 Power Adapter Lithium 4,000
Jking H2E 2 Power Adapter Lithium 2,000
Jking Jupiter-02 4 Power Adapter Lithium Ion 7,500
TeamGee H20Mini 3-4 Power Adapter Lithium Ion 7,500
Vivi H2B 3 Power Adapter Lithium 4,000
Wookrays H2S 2 Power Adapter Lithium 2,000


Based on the comparison table, the average charge time of electric skateboards is three hours. Meanwhile, AC or power adapters are used for charging.

Most e-skates come with a USB cable but it’s usually meant for the remote control. Wireless control devices generally need two hours of charging only.

As for the battery type of electric skateboards, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) is the most popular one. That’s already expected since it’s widely considered to be the best kind of battery for electric skateboards.

However, since Li-Ion batteries have limitations, high-powered e-skates like the Evolve Hadean Street use custom ones to maximize the usual battery specs. Studying guides about electric skateboard batteries[Electric Skateboard Batteries Guide] can help DIY enthusiasts improve standard designs.

Lastly, it’s common for electric skateboards to have faster charge time if their batteries have a low capacity. Unfortunately, those e-skates are less likely to have a higher range.

Other Facts about Charging Electric Skateboards

Even though most electric skateboards only need a few hours of recharging, the initial charge must reach approximately six hours unless the product recommends a different duration. The first-ever charge needs more time to ensure that the calibration phase becomes more efficient and effective.

To reduce the frequency of wall charging, skaters should use e-skates with regenerative brakes. That type of braking system can charge the battery as long as it’s activated. It’s at its best during downhill rides, which means the skater gets to recharge the battery while riding an electric skateboard[How to Ride an Electric Skateboard].