Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard Men Review

Having advanced your snowboarding skills to the intermediate level, you also need to match it with the best intermediate snowboards. By getting the best board that matches your skill level, you set the right foundation to soar to even greater heights in riding. Whereas the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard suits beginners, the Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard Mens targets intermediate riders. It supports smooth turns, good rides over powder and has secure edge holding ability.  So let’s have a look at what makes up the Capita Kazu snowboard;

Features and specifications

Panda core

Capita Kazu features the new panda core certified by the FSC. Due to the materials used in designing the board, it feels super light. But despite the light weight, it provides maximum power since it is aligned with bamboo power roads. With four such roads near the tip and four towards the tail, this Capita Kazu Kokuba snowboard unleashes full power during rides.  As the transitional rider, you then have the opportunity to let loose your full potential in the groomers.

Powder liking nose

When you look at the structure of the upturned nose, then you see its adaptability to handle powder. With Capita Kazu, you don’t have to struggle to keep it afloat on powder; its reverse cambered nose provides good float

Eco friendly

When compare to the ordinary glass, this snowboard has the high glass to weight ratio. The blend of triax and biax fiberglass has been impregnated with the plant oriented magic bean resin. That’s why the board provides dynamic but powerful rides. So just like the Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men, it reduces the carbon footprint for every snowboard.

Capita Alpine V3 profile

Its profile is dominated by large camber section with a reverse camber in the nose.  The camber injects power, stability pop and strong turns. On the other hand the reverse camber in the nose provides good float in the deep snow condition.

Radical side taper sidecut

Just like the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard, the Capita Kazu Kokuba snowboard offers outstanding performance on deep powder condition. However when taken to all mountain riding, it doesn’t perform dismally but rather average. For that reason it features the standard radial sidecut that goes into the tapered tail.

The Good

Enhanced turning power

While riding you need the board that offers you the ease in making turns. T his snowboard employs the lower body combined with the reverse cambered nose.  To the snowboarder, it offers the high turning power. Besides it gives better float and sure landing stability.  That equips the snowboard for freestyle riding experience

Excellent jumps

When you have this pair of snowboards strapped to your feet you can enjoy large jumps in the park. Also it positions you to make high cliff drops in back country. But even from such high heights it assures you of a stable landing.

Good maneuverability

This intermediate level snowboard has high maneuverability. Its design combines compact chassis, powdered nose and a slightly tapered tail. That awards it a light swing weight and high maneuverability between the trees.

Sintered base

Apart from the high maneuverability, the capita snowboard has the sintered base to support speed. It uses the unique formulation and ultra high density polyethylene material to make the ultra high molecular weight sintered base.

So when you ride from up the slope, this board glides smoothly. During that time the cambered tail provides stability awhile the rocker nose guarantees good float. You can’t go wrong!


As for the flex, this board features average stiffness. When cruising at high speed, the tail boasts the solid flex. That means you can make a heavy landing without any fear. However since it has the low camber profile it can’t produce super pops.

Edge holding capability

As for the edge gripping ability, this board compares to the full traditional camber snowboard. Therefore due to the superb edge holding ability, you can push its edges into the snow when winding a turn but still be assured of its grip.

Well that only gives you the tipoff what makes up this Capita Kazu Pro snowboard. If you want to know the reel feeling and the experienced shared by previous users, click the button below.


The Bad

Struggle to ride switch

Although it fully supports regular ides, you have to struggle to make switch rides. That is due to the tapered and the camber nature of the tail. It doesn’t behave like a true twin snowboard.


Ideal for intermediate and advanced riders

From the type of bend and flex displayed by the snowboard, it doesn’t make a good snowboard for entry level riders. Instead it makes the perfect choice for either intermediate or advanced level riders.

Who is it for?

If you have medium level riding experience level in snowboard and desire the best freestyle board, then this equipment is worth looking into. It’s the small board that when you strap on your feet, you can make good carves, jumps and float effortlessly on powder.


That gives you a rough idea on what makes up the Capita Kazu Kokubo Pro Snowboard Mens. Are you looking for the board that can support you to make smooth turns and good curves? There you have it. In addition it assures you of the unfailing edge holding ability. Besides it’s available in different sizes. You can even click below to see what other real users say about the snowboard;