Can You Take An Inline Skate On A Plane?

When you check on rollerblade reviews from reputed inline skate forums and groups[Popular Inline Skate Forums & Groups] you can get bright ideas for trusted skates. Most skaters hold onto their rollerblades as an indispensable part of their lives.

However, problems may arise when you frequently travel with your inline skates. For instance, when you need to border a plane the security check points and weight limits may cause some inconveniences.

So the big question is, can you take an inline skate on a plane? Traveling in the usual scenario is stressful to some people. Bringing in your pair of inline skates add more stress. Thus you need to plan and pack your skates wisely.

Tips for Flying with Inline Skates

Yes, you can take your inline skate on a plane. And you can make it less stressful at the checkpoint and reduce the chances of misplacing the rollerblades. Here are the tips you need to put into place;

Keep the Skates Within your Sight

Rollerblades attract a significant amount of dollars. Yet it’s the lifeline of a skater, more so competitors. So don’t deposit the skates at the check-in luggage point. Instead, let them be your carry-on luggage.

Do Not Exceed the Weight Limit

Each airline company has a weight restriction for carry-on luggage. So ensure weight of the skates fall within the airline’s weight restriction. Pack them in a handbag such that it can easily fit in the overhead cabin or the small space under the seat.

When Transporting More than a Pair of Skates

If you have to carry an extra pair of rollerblades, your suitcase can prove helpful. Pack one pair of inline skates in the suitcase as check-in luggage. Keep the second pair in a backpack and have it with you.

But if you don’t have a checked luggage, then keep both rollerblades in one place. For instance, you can pack them in a skate bag. Nevertheless, make sure the total weight still falls below the required limit.

If you have only a few items, a tiny roll-on bag, that fits under the seat is the best option. Such a small bag can carry your skates and a few skating accessories in one place.

Have Patience with Security Officers

Remember, the security officers are only carrying out their duties and nothing personal. Therefore maintain a calm spirit even when your luggage is singled out for further checkup. The last thing you need is to yell or scream at the flight attenders.


Carrying a pair of skates to a plane shouldn’t cause many problems. Just pack it in an easy-to-access bag, ensure it has a safe weight limit and be polite at checkpoints. You can then have trouble-free flying and enjoying countless benefits of inline skating[Benefits of Rollerblading] wherever you go.