Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019 Review

Do you desire to have an all-mountain snowboard? That is a board will provide you with almost smooth performance in all terrains? One good example of the best all round snowboard worth looking into is the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019. It supports exceptional smooth rides on powder. Like a typical intermediate level board, it features lightweight. Even lightweight rides won’t have any difficulty in making stops or turns with this drifter board. Read through the review and get the real facts about this snowboard.

Features and Specifications

Camber rocker camber profile

By including the camber rocker hybrid profile, this entry-level snowboard has attracted the interests of many riders. Because of this feature, the board registers unparalleled floating performance on snow. Because of the upturned nose and tip, this snowboard won’t suffer the usual snowplow problem. The rocker dominate profile not only brings enhanced floatation but also fun and speed to this board.

APX boots

In addition to the snowboard, the package gives you the quality boots to go along with the board. Although they look simple the boots are rich in features. For example, they offer you metal hooks. You can thus, customize the lace to feel comfortable to your feet yet still maintain their holding power for a longer duration.


Also, it boosts comfort to your feet using the thermofit heat moldable liners. Hence when you visit a professional at your local snowboard shop, he will mold and customize the liners to fit your size.

APX bindings

It’s only when your feet are bound securely to the snowboard that you can make comfortable rides. For that reason, the camp seven drifter snowboard offers the stylish and durable APX bindings. Moreover, the APX boots and bindings make quite a pair. Furthermore, the bindings are very light and thus add insignificant weight to the board.

Eva Base padding

As you cruise over different terrains, the board might register vibrations and some level of discomfort. To overcome such problems this board has been designed with an Eva base pad across its entire length. It thus provides superior comfort when compared to Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men. 

The Good


Comfortable and secure strapping

Apart from the Eva base padding, it also features the toe strap that fits various styles. For those who prefer the top cap style, the strap binding allows for that. If you don’t fancy such a style then the over the forefoot design fits you. So whichever style you have taken to, the strap binding is equally flexible. Also with the baseplate and the high back featuring 15 percent fiber material, the footbed is both comfortable and anatomically correct.

All-mountain snowboard

This Camp Seven snowboard presents an all-mountain property like the Ride Warpig 2019 Snowboard – Men’s.  When you take it to powder, its float ability will amaze you. When making laps in the park it feels easier than ever. Even groomers provide no challenge to this pair of Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard.

Enhanced durability and good edge hold ability

To give you the board that outshines in durability and edge holding ability, Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard utilizes dual density core, DD2. Although it excels in durability it feels very light since the core material boasts poplar wood. The addition of Bash X technology brings in a superior edge hold and extends its lifespan too.

Soft flex

The all-mountain snowboard combines two materials to achieve a soft flex. The snowboard’s laminates use both the triaxial and biax fiberglass. As a result, it registers a soft flex. It is this playful nature of the board and stability that makes many people to adore it. Such a playful nature makes it fun to ride on any mountain terrain.

True fit boot size

Choosing the boot size to use on the snowboard shouldn’t be difficult. That is because the boots offer a true fit of their sizes. Moreover, they are available in different sizes. Therefore you don’t have to gamble over your selection

No cold feet

Riding this snowboard doesn’t leave your feet exposed. With the boots covering your feet, you can ride with great confidence and comfort. No more fear of your feet getting wet or cold.

Three-year warranty back up

To get an insight into how the snowboard performs, you have numerous reviews from previous users. So that gives you more courage to invest in the snowboard. But in addition to that, the product is covered by a three-year warranty. So in case you aren’t satisfied with its performance, you don’t lose your hard-earned cash.

Ultraviolet protected

After investing in the equipment you wouldn’t wish to see it lose its gloss rapidly. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry since the top sheet of the board has been given the UV treatment. Therefore the snowboard will preserve its luster look for a longer period.

Rear entry binding

None would wish for the binding that takes a lot of time to fasten or loosen. The camp seven Drifter board overcomes that problem by integrating the rear entry binding system. Thus attaching or detaching the binding is easier and pleasurable.

There you have just a brief of the benefits the board can offer you. How about clicking the button below and confirming its full potential?


The Bad

Even though it is rich in features, here are its downsides worth highlighting;

Not ideal for advanced players

Although an advanced rider can just get by this board, I wouldn’t recommend it fully to the pro level riders. Intermediate and entry-level skilled riders will find it more beneficial.

Targets men

Even though it’s an all-round mountain board, it only fits the male sex. Thus a female rider won’t find it more comfortable to use. For the best snowboard for women have a look at Burton Feather Snowboard Women

Travel bag not part of the package

Unfortunately, the package doesn’t provide for a travel bag. Thus you will have to make an additional purchase for a carrying bag.

Who Is It For?

If you are looking for the best beginner-friendly, complete snowboard then this Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019, fits the description. In addition to the snowboard, it gives you the boots and even bindings.


Except for the missing travel bag, this snowboard gives the entry learner a complete set of equipment to begin riding lessons. Do you want to know what previous users had to say about this board? Click the button below;