Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard + Mystic Bindings Women’s Snowboard Package Review 

When it comes to snowboard, there is a slight difference in males’ and females’ requirements. For example, the Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Mens has been designed with the features that target men. So if you are a woman looking for one of the top rated snowboards for beginners, then this review is for you. Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard gives entry-level women ahead start in learning snowboard riding. From comfortable feeling, good edge holding ability and excellent floating on powder, the snowboard is rich in features.

Here are more reasons to look into this snowboard deeply;

Features and Specifications

CRCX rocker dominate camber profile

At the center, it features a full camber profile. That helps in catch free riding. Besides, it supports easy to float on powder. On the other hand, its tip and tail feature mild camber profile. That combination provides more pops in rides but easy control. Furthermore, it also translates into catch-free edges. Even amidst the iciest condition, this Camp Seven Dreamcatcher Snowboard still offers the superior edge hold ability similar to the Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men.

Biax over Biax laminated

The core construction of this board uses Biax over Biax laminates. That offers the benefit of providing easy flex. Paired with the camber profile, it also boosts on the pop but still gives a durable performance.

Comfortable Siren mystic bindings

Like the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019, this package also offers the complete snowboard accessories. In addition to the real snowboard, it also provides the matching siren binding. The straps have been constructed to target women’s needs. It, therefore, provides a comfortable ride for women. Furthermore, it’s easy to use and progression oriented. As the female rider, it provides you with sufficient foundation to improve your riding skills quickly

The Good

Superior performance on powder

On powdery conditions, this camp seven dream catcher snowboard still outshines in performance. With camber dominate at the center and mild camber at the tips; it lifts the contact points. The result is an improved performance on powder conditions.

All-mountain terrain

Take this Camp Seven Dreamcatcher snowboard to park, groomers or park it will still amaze you in performance. That is because it has been awarded the features that give it the all-mountain terrain snowboard. It gives comfortable rides on any mountain terrain just like the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard.

Dual-density core, DD2

The core of this snowboard features manually selected high-quality poplar wood. Such a hand picking method ensures that there isn’t any low-quality particleboard, pressboard or wafers in the core. The poplar wood gives the snowboard a lightweight. And therefore to reinforce the strength of the core, high-density wood stringers are incorporated in its profile. The finished core then has reinforced strength, more responsive and packed with explosive pop.

Rubber dampened to reduce clatter

At the heart of the snowboard is the dual-density poplar core. While riding on uneven terrain, ordinary snowboards produce lots of clatters. The Camp Seven Dreamcatcher overcomes such discomfort by surrounding the core with rubber. In effect, it reduces the clattering noise and also pumps in more strength.

Three-year warranty

From the brief review, this snowboard suggests a high-quality design. To give you more assurance of its quality the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on the product. Therefore in case you aren’t fully satisfied with its performance, you still don’t lose your money.

Shouting colors

Naturally, women desire vibrant colors and decorative appearance. The Camp Seven New 2019 Dreamcatcher Snowboard portrays the attractive and dazzling shoes. Thus it’s the boots that will blend easily with different outfits.

Easy to adjust straps

To accommodate various feet sizes the strapping are adjustable. Thus each person can customize the strapping to suit his comfort level. That ensures that the boots provide a good hold of the feet regardless of the size of your feet


Well, the above only gives a preview of its benefits. As the taste of each individual varies, you better click on the button below and verify if it’s a good fit for your rides. Moreover you also get to choose from a wide variety of colors.


The Bad

Even though it looks promising, the snowboard isn’t excellent as it has the following downsides;

Limited size boots

Even though the board comes complete with boots to match it, the range of boot sizes is limited. It only provides shoes for women size 5 to 11. Therefore women who wear boot sizes outside that range will not find the snowboard benefitting.

Targets females only

Unlike other boards that accommodate all sexes, the Camp Seven Dreamcatcher targets women only. Even the boot structure and size are made to suit women only.

Who Is It For?

This snowboard is ideal for the entry-level woman. It provides all-mountain terrain ability, comfortable bindings and good edge holding ability in icy condition. It provides the rider with all the essential futures to kick start learning on a high note.


To make your snowboard learning and practice smooth you need the equipment that matches your skill level. Entry-level women looking for an easy to control and all-mountain terrain board can benefit from this Camp Seven Dreamcatcher. You don’t have to end your research with the review only. Go ahead and look at what previous riders had to say. Click the button below. Comb through every review.  Then make an informed decision about the snowboard.