Caliber Cal II 50° Skateboard Trucks Review

When you start skating, trucks are probably the first thing that you care about the most as they help you in improving your riding experience, offering the stability and aiding you in performing those stunts.

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° Trucks is one of those skateboard trucks on the market which is not only inexpensive but also one of the sturdiest and high-performing truck.

Caliber has drastically improved the strength of their trucks and quality of bushing seat, pivots, kingpin and paint colors and this makes them stand out from their competitors.

Recently, they have introduced the “Satin” colorway which has a very sleek and stylish look.

Here is a quick insight of some of its noteworthy features:

Updated Inner

Its new inner-step serves as an increased contact are with its bushing. This results in a dramatically higher rebound and an overall responsiveness. With the inner-step diameter adjust to 25.4 mm, this eliminates all the slop.

Outer Steps On Bushing Seat

Its new outer-step is now a perfect circle with a 31.5mm diameter which helps to create a perfect no-slip fit with an oversized aftermarket bushing combinations.

Pivot with Tighter Tolerance and Updated Chamfer

The pivot cup seat chamber has been decreased, which has increased the pivot cup surface area contact with its baseplate. This creates a snugger fit for pivot pin and prevents side-to-side play as the pivot cup breaks in.

Circular Kingpin with Updated Diameter

With its diameter of 17.4mm, the kingpin hole has been updated to match the specs of our precision trucks. A circular hole also provides a consistent and uniform lean and allows a proper clearance which avoids kingpin bite on the hanger.

Increased Truck Strength

With the new in-hour heat treatment process, the strength of the truck has been increased as much as 40%.

Pressed-In Grade 8 hex Head Kingpin

The company has removed all slop and play by switching to a pressed-in kingpin design. This allows a maximum control and responsiveness through the corners. However, it can still be hammered out and replaced with different length removable kingpin for extra levels of customization.

Reinforced Baseplate

The baseplate has been reinforced by thickening the metal towards the kingpin. It also provides an increased strength and resistance against the high speed impact.

Thinner Paints for Tightened Tolerances

The powered coats of this truck can effect the truck’s overall performance. The company has integrated a thinner paint system that doesn’t impact its performance and also serves in stabilizing while you’re riding.


  • Comes as a pair that nicely sits under your truck
  • Very carvy and super stable
  • 40% stronger than Caliber I
  • No slip bushing seat and a better design


  • Kingpin needs more work


Overall, Caliber II has made some big changes in the new model and proved that they are in my best skate trucks review when it comes to skateboard trucks.