Burton Youth Chopper Snowboard Review

To give your child a head start in snowboarding, you’ve got to lay a good foundation by choosing the right pieces of equipment. When it comes to picking the right snowboard to match your child’s skill level and type of ride he likes, you’ve got to ask the professionals. One of the best snowboard brands to think of is the Burton Youth Chopper Snowboard 2019. Unlike the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard that targets boys, this is a unisex snowboard. For that young girl or boy with rising talent in riding, this is the equipment to consider. Here are more features to support the statement;

Features and Specifications

True Twin shape

Whether you have taken to regular or switch rides, this Burton Youth Chopper Snowboard 2019 suits you. With its twin shape, it supports both switch and regular rides. For the young snowboarder, it supports a balanced ride. From performing spins, jib, stomp and butter this snowboard gives you all the freestyle movement coupled with cat-like stability. That is so owing to its proportional shape.

Flat top

This snowboard benefits both beginners and intermediate snowboarders to step up their games. From the early rising, kicking up of the tip and tail, this equipment gives you the catch-free and the characteristic loose feeling of a rocker. On the other hand, the flat shape between the feet bestows stability, improved balance, and reliable endless edge control. Thus it contrasts to the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard that features the pure-pop camber bend.

Twin flex

From the tail to the tip, the Burton Youth Chopper Snowboard 2019 features the symmetrical flex. It displays the same twin flex portrayed by Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard. Consequently, it makes it possible to ride regular or switch, and still possess the unwavering stability.

The Good

All-mountain terrain

The Burton youth chopper snowboard equips you to ride in any mountain terrain. With its flat shape, it gives you a stable grip. That enables you to ride on groomers, hardpack or powder without any fear of injury. So you can take your training or fun rides to any mountain topography.


This snowboard is designed to give beginners an easy time learning the skills of snowboarding. That’s why it combines the convex base to the upturned tip and tail. Besides it also incorporates the softest flex. As a result, it’s very easy to ride even by the lightest snowboarder; you don’t require much effort. Moreover, you can attach a riglet accessory to either the tail or the tip and tow a child around till he masters how to ride by himself, having fastened the bindings.

Good board control and turning

With the nose and tail taking an early rise in kicking up, the snowboard provides catch-free feeling throughout. Besides, using the tot-friendly deck, a young rider finds it easy to link turns, stop or control the board. Such an arrangement not only makes learning comfortable but faster too.

Available in different sizes

Only the right fitting snowboard provides easy rides. Therefore the Burton youth chopper snowboard 2019 is available in different sizes. This ranges from size 80 to 130cm with weight limits varying between 25 to 100lbs. therefore any youth with larger feet or heavyweight won’t find a difficult time with the youth’s snowboard.

Vibrant graphics

The snowboard has a unique appearance and thus easy to recognize. The monster graphics stand out clearly on the burton snowboard. That helps to add the visual appeal to the boards especially in the eyes of the youthful riders.


The snowboarding equipment uses the Forest Stewardship Council certified core material. From the tip to the tail, the wood core features the premium wood material. The 900G model in particular uses two wood species that are extra light but champions in strength, pop, and flex. In overall that helps to reduce the overall load weight by approximately 10 percent.

Light shock absorption

To make it more child or youth-friendly, the area where the footrests have light shock absorption ability. That provides a comfortable feel during rides thus boosting the confidence of the snowboarder.

Extruded base

The Burton youth chopper snowboard 2019 gives you more time riding than waxing. That is because it features an extruded base that requires no frequent waxing. But even with less waxing, the snowboard has the speed and graphical pop required to buy a young rider. As a result, it equips you to make swift passes at your friends.

Biax fiberglass

This youth chopper board uses the Biax fiberglass. As a result, it possesses the park friendly feel. But besides that, it presents the torsioanally soft flex and forgiving too. That gives it the jib-friendly ability. It, therefore, has the appropriate features to assist an upcoming snowboarder to perfect his skills.

With such distinguished tot-friendly features, you wouldn’t wish to let this snowboard pass your child. It’s only a click away of the button below;


The Bad

Not fit for pro snowboarders

Despite being rich in beneficial features, this snowboard has one major drawback worth citing out. Owing to the use of an extruded base and soft flex, the Burton youth chopper 2019 targets beginners and intermediate riders only. It doesn’t have the stiffness and the speed required by the advanced snowboarders.

Who Is It For?

This snowboard is the ideal equipment to give a youthful rider struggling to grasp quickly snowboarding skills. Its extruded base, early kick-off of the tip and tail, and the ease of making turns give a young learner an easy time to quickly learn the sport. Moreover, it takes into account the safety of the young riders.


Overall the Burton youth chopper 2019 is fully equipped in the features needed by a child to master good riding skills. With the numerous sizes, even the broad feet children find their exact fit. Initiating turns with ease, all-mountain terrain and requiring little effort are some of the admirable features about the snowboard. Why not click the button below, learn more facts and buy it as a gift to your child?