Burton Ripcord Men Snowboard Review

As a beginner or an intermediate player, you want a snowboard that matches your skill level. Such equipment gives you the best training and hence enabling you to move to the professional level. Therefore when looking for the best powder boards that provide a smooth ride with less plow, have a look at the Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men. The progression oriented board enables you to quickly realize your potential, and smoothly horn them to perfection. Here is why this board is suitable for riders with intermediate or beginner’s skill levels;

Features and Specifications

Directional shape

The Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men features the direction shape of a 5mm taper. Its nose is slightly longer than the tail. As a result that puts more pop in the tail. Such a structure pumps stability into the board in addition to backing easy floatation on thick snow. Also, it simplifies control, entry, and exit too. Hence just like the Echos 110cm Freeride Style Beginner’s Kid’s Snowboard it’s a good beginner’s board.

Flat top with easy bevel

As entry-level snowboarder stability is of utmost importance. That’s why this snowboard is designed with a flat top with an easy level feature. With a flat-top below your feet, your stability is improved as you ride effortlessly. Coupled with an easy bevel, you get a balanced ride, superior edge control, and catch-free ride.

Channel mounting system

Its professional design has been blended with the state of the art mounting system; channel mount. Such a mounting system is compatible with all the leading binding models in the market. You can thus make stronger and secure binds with the board. Also, it provides for easier adjustment and customizing your stance. And do you know what that means; a comfortable snow ride.

Extruded base

This beginner-friendly board uses an extruded base. Therefore you can take more time enjoying rides than the somewhat time-consuming waxing. Besides, the minimum waxing also translates into reduced maintenance costs. But even with an extruded base, you can glide past your friends at high speed as you would do with the Burton Youth Chopper Snowboard 2019.

The Good

All-mountain terrain


Similar to the Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Womens, this is an all-mountain freestyle ride board. It will enable you to ride on all the mountain terrain and enjoy its vicinity. Using its directional shape design, it is equipped to ride on any snow and mountain terrain with ease.

Improved energy transfer

The Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men’s core profile integrates the squeezebox low system. It equips the area around your feet with a stiff feeling. The stiff zones enable more energy transfer from the feet to the tip and the tail also. The squeezebox system employed in this board encourages the rider to enjoy a softer flex between the bindings. Therefore controlling the Ripcord is easier when you apply just little effort.

Easy to control

In addition to balance, a beginner rider requires simple to control snowboard. This board thus employs the directional flex system. Its nose excels with resilience whereas the tail provides good pop. Hence the board provides easy time in controlling it even when riding on different terrains.


When you put on this board, its weight won’t pull you down. It boasts a lightweight and width size of 154cms. Furthermore, it also features the pro tip design. The tapered tip and tail provide the light swing weight during turns and carves. Therefore it’s the board that is very easy to manipulate.

Reduced carbon footprint

Unlike the all petroleum epoxies that degrade the environment, this board employs the super sap epoxy. The resin is environmentally friendly. Therefore, that means less oil consumption, thus resulting into reduced carbon footprint in each board.


This Burton board like the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard is beginner-friendly. To the novice rider just getting into snowboarding, it has the soft flex welcoming feeling of the board. Such characteristics make it easy to make carving and responsive turns from very minimal effort.


From the FSC Certified Fly 900G Core materials, the beginner fitting board provides long-lasting performance. Hence, besides it can also provide good rides to the aggressive or active pro riders.

Do the board’s description and benefits above make it appealing to you? Get the experience of riding this board by clicking on the button below;


The Bad

Clipped speed

Its overall features and an extruded base don’t allow it to attain extremely high speed. However, for the man eager to learn how to ride a snowboard, the speed is just appropriate. It glides at the pace that still allows the rider to remain in control and balance.

Not ideal for the pro riders

Although it will do for a rider with advanced level skills, you won’t call it a great snowboard for such a level. It can’t be categorized as the top speed board for professional riders.

Who is it for?

The Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men is for the man who is starting to learn the skill of snowboard riding. Also, it is a nice board for the intermediate level rider struggling to perfect his skills even more. It only requires little effort from the rider.


To develop smart skills, with good balancing and stability, you need the right choice of a snowboard. That’s where Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men comes to your aid. From the flex, speed, ease of control and the directional shape you won’t have to ask for more features. It provides you, the rider, with a good starting foundation. Have you been thinking of learning snowboard riding? Click the button below and order one today;