Burton Name Dropper Snowboard Review

A snowboard’s shape, bend, and flex helps to define the type of ride it fits most. Therefore when looking for the best carving snowboard, consider the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard. It’s the equipment that suits both the intermediate and advanced level riders. Once more Burton uses the innovative technique to deliver a thin snowboard that excels in jumps and jibs. Tapping on Triax fiberglass, sintered base, and channel mounting system, it’s an intermediate rider’s snowboard. If you want to make quick turns and have a good control while maneuvering carves, then this is a board to look into.

Features and Specifications

Off-Axis design

It features an innovative off-axis design. The park tuned snowboard combines key ingredients that are angled to suit your stance. As a result, it gives you the poppy profile and the edges that support the smooth take-off and stomped landing. With off-axis squeezebox low, it combines stiffer zones outside the feet with a softer feeling between the bindings. Besides, it assures you of an improved grip, ease of control using less effort.

Purepop camber

In contrast to the Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard, the Burton Name Dropper snowboard features the purepop camber. Consequently, it amplifies the ollies, then loosens its overall feel. When compared to the traditional camber, the purepop camber employed here provides an increased playful nature. And when you consider that it uses the off-axis squeeze box low technology you recognize it presents the soft freestyle rides. Thanks to the early rise in the tip and tail region.

Channel mount design

Gearing up for a ride when you have Burton Name Dropper Snowboard is easier. That is because its design integrates the channel mounting system. That means stronger and secure binding to the board. With a channel system, you are in more control of your stance board. Making adjustments to enjoy a good fit for your binding is also easier with this board.

The Good

Backed up by a 3-year warranty

Also like Burton Feather Snowboard Women, this piece of equipment is covered by a 3 year warranty. Thus you can buy the snowboard with peace of mind. It doesn’t matter whether the board or any part of it is still brand new; the three year policy still holds.

Twin shape

From the tip to the tail, this snowboard features the twin shape. The equipment provides an asymmetrically balanced ride in both switch or regular rides. So whichever direction you point the board you can spin, stomp jib and butter with improved balance. While enjoying the freestyle ride the twin shape snowboard guarantees you the cat-like stability.

FSC certified Superfly II 800G core

Despite the lightweight of 7.03lbs, this snowboard excels in jibs and jumps performances. That is because its core employs the dual-species wood. It uses vertical laminations. Also by alternating softwood and hardwood in the core profile, it achieves its superior strength. But even after combining soft and hardwood, the core doesn’t lag in performance or strength.

Light padding

The Burton Name Dropper snowboard displays a thin core profile. It then adds a light underfoot padding to the thin profile to enhance the underfoot stability. That helps to reduce jitters and vibrations when riding on groomers or parks. Thus giving rise to a smooth and comfortable ride.

All-mountain terrain

From the core structure to tip and the tail this snowboards speaks an all-mountain terrain design. It, therefore, suits riding in the groomers, park, or powder with ease. In all those topographies, it gives you the sure-grip thanks; to its dual-zone EGD.


In support of a sustainable environment, this snowboard uses the super sap epoxy. Dissimilar to all petroleum-based epoxies, this resin is manufactured from bio-based material. That results in reduced oil consumption and by extension, less carbon footprint for every board.

Frostbite edges

With frostbites that extend slightly outwards, the board provides a good grip, especially on hard icy grounds. In comparison to the serrated knife edges, this technology provides a superior fine grip on hard ice park. That reduces your overall fear thus enabling you to make carves easily.

Infinite rides

This snowboard like the Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard provides you with infinite rides. Having been carefully designed at the factory and pre-broken into this board doesn’t degrade easily as you take many rides. Therefore it gives unwavering flex, power and performance season after season.

Fit for deep powder rides

Although it is an all-mountain terrain snowboard, it offers outstanding performances on deep powder riding. That is made possible by the blunted nose, narrow waist width and rocker shape in the tail and tip. Hence it doesn’t suffer much snowplow problem but floats easily.

Pro tip

In comparison to the rest of the snowboard’s parts, the tip and the trail appear to be smaller. That’s due to the tapering treatment given to the tips. In effect, the tapering of the tail produces the light swing weight and enhanced mobility.

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The Bad

Produces light rattling noise

When ridden on uneven terrain at high speed, this Burton Dame Dropper snowboard produces light rattling. The chatter is owing to the thin profile of the equipment.

Who Is It For?

This Burton Name Dropper Snowboard is for the advanced or intermediate rider who wishes to make a name in the park. It is ideal for the snowboarder who wants to thrive in outstanding jibs and jumps in the park. Besides, it’s the equipment that you can ride with very little effort. For the progressing rider who wishes to up his rides, it provides an easy path.


One more time Burton proves their proficiency at curving snowboards. Whether you wish to make smooth turns, carves or playful jibs this board gives you an easy time. With a little more padding, this snowboard registers very little vibrations. Overall, this isn’t a snowboard to underestimate. Click the button below and get experience for its performance.