Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings Review

Straight airs, spins, grabs, and slides, just to mention but a few moves, are familiar to all snowboarders. Snowboard bindings have overtime made it easier for skaters to break into such maneuvers with much ease. Burton being the headliner in producing quality snowboard binding provides a variety of such to choose from.

The Burton Malavita EST snowboard binding particularly has gained quite a popularity in the market. Over the years, it has been snowboarders’ favorite pick and one of the best snowboard bindings that the market has had to offer. Why? You may ask. The answer lies in its well-crafted trademark and make-up design — enough of keeping you from guessing and take you straight to its outstanding features.

Features and Specifications


The baseplate is made of a dual-component baseplate construction similar to that of the Burton Grom Snowboard Binding. On top of that, it also comes in a 30% short-glass/Nylon Composite Spar. The other material used for its construction is the 30% short-glass/ Nylon Composite Lower. Comprised of an Auto-Cant sensory bed cushioning system, the bed is well padded. This makes your foot comfortable and easy to roll on the inside.

The baseplate also has the B3 gel, which makes the bed super Cush. It also acts as a shock absorber by absorbing the impacts and pressure and distributing it evenly on the baseplate. The hinge on the baseplate brings about flexing and more accessible foot roll. In so doing, you can perform better ollies and reduce fatigue at the same time. The hinge possesses rebound properties that help you rebound your foot back to its original position.


This binding is made in an ergonomically suitable design; the high-back secures your foot firmly on the snowboard binding. With the Zero-lean Canted Hi-back design, the high-back follows your natural leg shape. This makes your foot comfortable and easy to control the snowboard. The high-back is lightly padded for extra cushioning. The heel hammock suction-captures the heel of your boot and makes it possible to snowboard with the straps a bit looser.

Straps and Buckles

Asym Hammock strap is used in the construction of the ankle strap. The strap is essential as it helps you to flow towards the center of the board a little bit more with your leg. The straps also perform the function of lateral support of your feet on the outside. The super-grip cap toe straps ensure your foot stays put and maintains your heel to the heel cap. The Double Take Buckles with “insta-click” makes it fast to strap and, as a result, improves the strength and agility.

The Good

Cushioning and Comfort

The paddings on the high-back and the baseplate provide the required amount of cushion on the snowboard binding. This, in turn, makes it easy to crank on them with much ease and comfortability. With your feet held in position on the snowboard binding, you experience quite a thrill as you swerve up and down a cliff.

Flex and Mobility

The binding has a medium flex trait that supports it. The hinge on the baseplate, as seen on the features and specifications, provides flexing ability. This makes it possible for maneuvering while snowboarding. With its flex, your foot feels free and not held on one position for too long. I bet as a snowboarder; this comes as good news for your snowboarding adventure. With the Asym Hammock ankle strap, you can easily control your positioning on your snowboard.


The Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings has been designed in a way that is friendly to the human body. The Zero-lean Canted Hi- back design ensures the high-back is in line with the leg of a snowboarder. By ensuring no discomfort or injury occurs while snowboarding, show the brand keeps the well-being of a snowboarder in mind.


These snowboard bindings come with an outstanding warranty offer. The baseplate has a lifetime warranty. The straps and the high-back have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This means that if the straps spoils within the warranty period, they can be replaceable without you incurring any charges. The baseplate has no limited warranty period. This means that it is replaceable even years later if it gets spoilt. What more could you ask for? This warranty offer is reason enough why Burton is such a giant seller in the field of snowboarding.


The Bad

Limited to Pattern Snowboard

Nothing is entirely perfect, and the Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings doesn’t come short of that. It has both its pros and cons. One of the disadvantages is that it is only limited to the channel system pattern snowboard. Meaning snowboarders with maybe a four-hole or three-hole snowboard cannot use this binding. Well, some reviewers raised concerns about the double-take buckles being a little too big. This they describe as not only being loose but also adds extra weight on the binding.

Who Is It For?

The Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings is built for advanced level riders. Gender wise, it leans majorly towards the males. It is made for the convenience of male riders who want to take on their snowboarding ventures to greater heights. These bindings are environmentally friendly as they are made of reground materials that aid in reducing waste. If you care for the eco-system, this is a must-have pair of bindings. Getting one of these will support Burtons to push their agenda of getting rid of unnecessary plastic.

If you are a beginner and want something that will work perfectly for you, the Burton Genesis Snowboard Binding is a great alternative.


Burton has overtime been the crème de la crème in the production of snowboard bindings. With the Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Bindings being outstanding over the past decade, its competitors are having it hard keeping up with them. These snowboard bindings should be in the collection of any and every experienced snowboarder. Beginners might find it a bit tasking to start with these bindings. Therefore, Burton recommends Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings for beginners.