Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard Review

With different snowboards flooding the market, it isn’t easy to make a selection. Having sifted through the numerous choices we bring you, awesome boards, to consider. One of the splendid snowboards for men to consider is the Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard. From the shape to flex and even all-mountain terrain ability, it’s the board that has all the features. Let’s dig further as we go through these features one by one;

Features and SpecificationsBurton Kilroy Custom

Directional shape

Like a standard snowboard from a renowned company, Burton, in this case, offers the directional shape snowboard. A closer look reveals that it features a slightly longer nose compared to the tail. Its design corresponds to that of the Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard. Consequently, that empowers the tail with more pop. On the other hand, the more protruded nose gives the snowboard better float and flow. Furthermore, the design equips the equipment to rip through any terrain yet maintain a fine grip on control.

Camber bend

The design of this board features a camber bend. With a slightly raised platform beneath the feet, it presents the snappy suspension. In return that enables it to make powerful turns and precise pops. Besides, the cumber profile combined with the fair weight distribution on the snowboard results in smooth control from the nose to the tip.

Channel mounting

The Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard presents the classic design that offers an easier way to make binding to the board. Just like the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard, it gives you the channel mounting system. Forget about the unreliable connection and difficult to adjust binding. With the superior channel mounting system, you can not only make stronger bindings but also the process is easier. Besides controlling your stance and making an adjustment is then easier.

Sintered base

To match its camber profile and thus equip it more for lots of pops, this model employs the sintered base design. Such a base gives the snowboard high resin absorption ability, unlike the Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Mens which has the extruded base. Besides it also awards it the high hydrophobic capability. Therefore when wearing this snowboard you can make quick turns, pop yet still be assured of its stability.

The Good

Making jumps is easier

This snowboard has two important features; directional shape and the larger nose. Consequently, when you combine the two features, you get the equipment that charges through bumps with ease. But even while doing so you can still maintain the steady straight movement. Despite making big jumps it still lands with undisputed stability.

Makes outstanding carves

Following its deep side cuts this board support outstanding carvings. As you drive through bumps and snake runs, this equipment still provides you with good edge holding ability. That, therefore, gives you the confidence to ride in and out of curves, followed by aggressive turns.

Profiled core designed

Instead of employing one solid core design, the Burton Kilroy custom snowboard features the profile core. It taps on the benefit of squeezebox low latest profiling technique. Surrounding the feet area it features a stiff zone. That ensures the direct transfer of energy to the tail and tip.

On the other hand between the bindings, it uses the softer smooth flexible material. To the intermediate rider that pumps more energy, pops and control into your rides. With little effort, the progressing rider finds it easier to control the snowboard.

All-mountain terrain

From its size of 154 cm, early rise in the nose and tail feature this snowboard is built to ride on any mountain terrain. Even though it supports outstanding performance in the park, you can ride it on any mountain topography.

Uses the SUPERFLY II 800G core

At the heart of this snowboard, the core exhibits two wood species. In the dual-density ninety degrees laminations, hardwood alternates with softwood. Such alternation helps to keep the board light but still provides the required strength. Therefore it doesn’t deny the snowboard of its pop and performance quality. Moreover, the wood employed in its construction is the Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Squeezebox technology

Like all other Burton snowboards, this particular model also employs the squeezebox technology. It blends thick stiff core sections and thin flexible sections at strategic places. In effect, it enhances more energy transfer from the feet to the tip and tail. Furthermore, the careful balancing of the stiff and thin sections gives the board more snappiness, ease of control and stability.

Pro tip

Although this board features an early rise in the tip and tail, they exhibit the pro tip. The nose and the tail have been tapered thus giving the snowboard a light swing weight. It’s, therefore, the bed with high mobility.

Infinite ride technology

The core and the base of this Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard have been made with the infinite ride technology. That means it offers you the same superior feeling when you ride it the initial or numerous times. As you ride the snowboard several times it maintains its pop, flex, and strength since it has been pre-broken at the factory level.

Blunted nose

In contrast to the traditionally pointed nose, this Burton snowboard has a blunted nose structure. Therefore such a design spreads the rider’s weight over a larger surface thus improving on the floating ability. That’s so much important since the snow possesses a longer nose. At the same time, the blunted nose also empowers the board to provide better edge holding ability.

Owing to its outstanding features, many progressing riders find the Burton Kilroy custom very impressive. You too can have a pair by clicking on the button below;

The Bad

Slightly on the stiff side

Even though many riders have taken to this snowboard, it suffers one major drawback. In terms of personality, it’s slightly stiff and thus doesn’t have the soft and playful nature others may want.

Who Is It For?

If you are the cumber fond mountain cruiser, then the Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard is for you. It gives you the speed and ability to cruise all terrains with a good grip on the rails. To the progressing snowboarder, it gives you the chance to better your performance.


Burton Kilroy Custom

The blunted nose, sintered base, and the traditional cumber profile are some of the distinguishing features of the Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard. It gives you the confidence, speed and edge holding ability to handle all-mountain terrain. Does it look impressive to you? You can have one today, and experience its ride. Just click the button below;