Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings Review

Burton is among the bigwigs in the snowboarding industry. They have a reputation for high-quality and unique products, something that makes them a favorite to many. With lots of years in the game, they know their way around production and meeting their customers’ needs. It’ll be right to consider them prodigies.

Among their excellent products is the Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings- one of the best bindings for all-mountain riding along with names like the Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings. A lot is offered with this binding. Here is a detailed guide of what is entailed in Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings.

Features and Specifications


The flex rating offered by this product is 5 over 10. This is a medium flex great for mountain riding or anything to do with mountains. We recommend riding with a medium-stiff and medium-soft flexing board for the best experience. Also, remember the rule of thumb- the flex of the bindings needs to match with the flex of your board.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you are restricted to this rule. It is all dependent on your riding style. You could settle for s soft or stiff flex and still perform equally good. This makes this binding versatile if you’re looking to use it on more than one board.


It is the norm that Burton bindings have significant levels of adjustability. This is also the case with the Genesis. It is made highly adjustable so at to get your right fit for maximum performance. The highback is rotatable in that it becomes in line with the edge of the board. This isn’t something that you see in your everyday bindings, something that the Genesis proudly boasts of. You also have the liberty of adjusting the front lean of the highback.

The toe and ankle straps of this binding also come with different options for positioning them. You can have them at the center directly over your boots or any other position that you would wish them to be. These adjustments don’t require the use of any tools, and you can perform them smoothly without any struggles. Ensure that you have the perfect fit before proceeding on.


The shock absorption offered by these bindings can make you mistake them for freestyle bindings easily. And yes, you can also use them for freestyle riding. They are fantastic when used through the park or performing complicated tricks around resorts. The same can also be said about their responsiveness.

They don’t offer the best response but can work with boards of flexes between 4/10 and 6/10. The response is greatly attributed by the hammock, which sits at the front on the highback. The purpose of the hammock is to grip your boots and particularly on the sides.

The Good

Shock Absorption

When it comes to shock absorption, the Genesis is bad boys. No matter how vigorous your landings and ridings are, you’ll not absorb any of the shocks and impacts, thanks to its shock-absorbing property.  No matter how high or rough you jump and ride, the Genesis has got your back.

The shock-absorbing property also makes them comfortable and more friendly to the body. This is especially when engaged in park riding.

Easy to Put On

Putting in this binding won’t be a hassle for you. This is thanks to the new technology that was adopted early in 2015- a tech that allows the ankle straps to open out and resist from springing back. This eliminates the chances of stepping on the ankle strap as well as making it super easy to put on the binding. Ever since, every new model of Genesis has adopted this feature.


Comfort is one of the biggest pros of this product, and we award them a solid five out of five in this section. They are super comfortable, and we wouldn’t ask for anything more. All-mountain bindings need to focus more on the comfort to ensure the riders aren’t under pressure. A few features are incorporated in the Genesis to boost on its comfort.

For starters, the ankle straps are designed in such a manner that they produce minimal pressure. They mold perfectly to the boots offering a pleasant and form fit. You’ll hardly notice them. Secondly, the binding is made lightweight for smoother riding. Also, it comes with a canted footbed that allows your body to align well with your knees, ankles, and hips.

Most bindings nowadays come with canted footbeds, and the Genesis isn’t left behind in this. Lastly, this binding comes with lots of padding to absorb shock and impacts and also ensure that the level of comfort is top-notch.


The Bad

Not Highly Responsive

The level of response offered by this product isn’t top-notch- and considering the fact that Burton is amongst the best brands in the game, we expected something more from them. To be honest, you can’t compare the response of this bonding to that of the Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings. A great response is essential when doing complicated tricks and through park riding. You are thus limited from achieving a lot with this model.

Who Is It For?

Burton Genesis is designed for everyone under the sun. It will specifically suit best those who want a binding that can do anything and everything- jumps, riding at high speeds, jibs, butter, bombing bowls, trees, steeps, you name it. It can be used in the backcountry but is best suited to groomers and parks.

One thing that you should know is that the Genesis is highly versatile and can be used with a variety of boards. Their flex allows them to be compatible with many boards as compared to other bindings in the market. They’ll work with any board with flexes between 3/10 and 7/10.

This makes this binding excellent for those with many boards but only want one pair of binding. You no longer have to purchase different bindings for different boards.


We were impressed by the Burton Genesis snowboard binding- from its responsiveness to the comfort. In addition, the price attached to it is reasonable, and you wouldn’t have to break your bank to own it. You get more than what you pay for with this product. If this product has impressed you, you’ll also love the Burton Grom Snowboard Bindings.