Burton Free Thinker Snowboard Review

Every snowboarder has his favorite style. But if you enjoy taking on aggressive rides on mountains and park then the Burton Free Thinker Snowboard could be your best bet. From one of the pioneers in the snowboarding niche, Burton gives you good snowboards to be proud of. In contrast to the Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men that targets beginners, this snowboard is ideal for the strong intermediate or advanced riders. This review dives deep and exposes its finer features and specifications.

Features and SpecificationsBurton Free Thinker

Camber bend profile

From the design of the snowboard’s core, it presents the camber profile. Such a profile gives it the ability to make powerful turns and precise pops. No wonder it makes a good choice for advanced intermediate or professional players. Besides, the bend ensures fair weight distribution across the entire snowboard length. As a result, it allows for smooth and continuous edge control from the nose to the tip.

Channel mounting technology

Like a true Burton snowboard, this equipment employs the sure channel mounting system. Such a mounting technique makes it easier to make a binding connection to the snowboard. Besides, the channel technology relies on the central line connection. That encourages fair energy distribution resulting in increased pop. With channel technique adjusting your stance or binding to your fit is simpler.

Twin shape

A closer look at the Burton Free Thinker Snowboard reveals that it reflects the true twin shape. The entire outline from the tip to the tail is perfectly symmetrical, therefore that gives you the ability to perform either switch or regular rides with ease. The twin shape also supports a balanced ride during a jib, butter, spin or stomp. So whichever way you ride the snowboard, you’ll enjoy a freestyle ride coupled with a cat alike stability.

The Good

All-mountain terrain

This snowboard equipment has been designed with features to award its all-mountain ability. It will, therefore, perform excellently on any mountain landscape. From even park, backcountry, groomed runs, and pipe you can enjoy a good performance in either switch or regular.

Squeezebox profile technology

To give you enhanced control, increased energy and pop this snowboard uses the squeezebox profile technology. It carefully balances thick powerful core segments with thin but more flexible ones. Therefore the energy is easily transferred from your feet to energize the tail and tip of the snowboard. At the same time, it increases the snappiness, stability, and ease of controlling the snowboard.

Good edge holding ability

Riding on ice can be slippery, but not so when you use Burton free thinker snowboard. What gives it a better performance on ice is the use of frostbite edge. The little protrusion extending outwards just below the bindings gives it a good grip on hard icy conditions. Unlike the large serrated and easy to notice Magne-traction the frostbite edges aren’t visible. However when you step on hard ice their effect comes into your aid, otherwise, they are smooth and forgiving.

Less carbon footprint per board

To reduce the carbon footprint per snowboard, this equipment employs environmentally friendly resin. The super sap epoxy is bio-based formulated in contrast to the all petroleum-based resins. As a result, it means less oil usage per board thus making it more sustainable and friendly too.

Sintered WFO base

To support the aggressive riding with lots of pops, this pro snowboard employs the sintered WFO base. Being more porous it absorbs more resins thus gaining more hydrophobic ability. Also with increased wax holding capacity, it allows for quick turns. Despite making lots of pops, you can count on the durability of the sintered WFO base.

Certified super fly core

As the board that is geared towards making more high jumps in the air, it provides an equally compatible core. Its core material is FSC CERTIFIED SUPERFLY II 700G CORE. It consciously couples strong and light wood materials in the core. Thus it manages to increase the pop and strength of the snowboard yet still making lightweight like that of the Camp Seven Drifter and APX Men’s Complete Snowboard Package 2019.

Pro tip

To allow for more creativity in making swift movement in the air, this design uses the pro tip. Because of the tapered tail and tip, the board achieves the light swing weight and therefore encourages high mobility.

Twin flex

From back in its tail to the front tip, the Burton thinker snowboard reflects the true twin flex pattern. That makes it compatible with both regular and switch rides. Its twin flex feature is comparable to that of the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard.

Infinite ride technology

Regardless of your style, this snowboard guarantees you outstanding performance throughout. The Burton infinite ride technology employed in its design assures you of the same feel in pop, strength and flex from the initial ride to 50th ride. The board has been broken into right at the factory and thus maintains its feel season after season.

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The Bad

Stiffer and not ideal for playful rides

One major drawback of this snowboard is that it appears to be stiffer for some riders. Consequently, it doesn’t make the best choice for those rides that prefer playful rides to make hit jumps. The less skilled riders will, therefore, find difficulty in using this Burton free thinker snowboard.

Who is it for?

For the advanced intermediate or professional riders who wish to enjoy more pop in rides, this is the snowboard to consider. When you combine its cumber bend and the stiffness it can take you to greater swings in the air.


Burton Free Thinker

Just like in their other snowboards, Burton confirms and displays their deeper understanding of snowboarding. Here it gives seasoned riders a board that resonates with lots of pop. That helps in making snappy turns and big hits in the air. In other words, it leaves you with a big room to get creative and rise to greater heights. If that sounds like what you desire right now, then satisfy your desire by clicking the button below;