Burton Feather Snowboard Women Review

Burton has made a strong name in making snowboards. It provides snowboards for all groups of individuals. Having produced the famous Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard for young men, this time it storms the market with the top snowboard that targets women riders; the Burton Feather Snowboard Women. For the woman who requires the perfect snowboard for training that requires minimal effort, this is the equipment to try. Here are the further details of the snowboard equipment;

Features and Specifications

Twin flex

Its design features the twin flex construction. The tail and the tip don’t differ in sizes as well as flex pattern. Furthermore, the insert packs and side cut have been centered. Consequently, it’s the snowboard that you can wear to perform both regular and switch rides efficiently.

Filet O flex

Since it’s the snowboard that targets women, it uses the filet O flex technology. A stiff board may offer hard training time. But using the Filet O flex technique, Burton unveils the extra thin profiling. Its ultra-thin profile awards increased stability yet still maintaining excellent performance. Furthermore, it also features subtle suspension and soft comfortable underfoot padding.

Channel mounting system

Just like the Burton Ripcord Snowboard Men, this women s snowboard uses the superior channel mounting technology. Such expertise allows you the snowboarder simple and more exact binding connection to the snowboard.

Besides, the joining of the binding to the snowboard is via a central spine which guarantees fair energy distribution. That results in improved pop sound and performance. With the channel technology, you can adjust the binding and stance to your liking.

The Good

Flat top

A close look at this board reveals the flattop design. Except for the early rise in the tail and nose, the rest of the snowboard, run perfectly flat for the running length of the board, with a few millimeters of early rise rocker in the tip and tail. This shape is the perfect blend of the stability and precision camber offers, as well as the catch-free and playful personality of rocker. With no camber to bulge out of the board, turning takes very little energy to initiate. Flat boards perform well in all conditions, from powder conditions to hard-packed and groomers. It is a great board shape for any rider.

Appealing decorations

The decorations on the snowboard feature the unique appealing design. The graphics reflect woven texture plus the cool colors of friendship bracelets. That gives this women’s snowboard its outstanding identity to forge warm relationships with team members.


The women’s snowboard uses environmentally friendly resin formulation. Its design incorporates the use of super sap epoxy. The resin’s formulation uses bio-based materials. In effect, it, therefore, reduces the carbon footprint per board significantly when compared to the petroleum-based resins.

Squeezebox low profile

To suit the progressing rider, this snowboard employs the profiled core technology. It, therefore, makes some parts of the core softer and others stiffer at specific targeted areas. For example, it purposefully creates thick and stiff zones just outside the feet. That helps to channel more energy to the tip and profile of the snowboard. On the other hand, the zone between the bindings is softer than in other areas. In effect, it produces an increased smooth feel. Therefore when you blend the thick and the thin regions you get the snowboard that produces more pop, energy and easier to control with even less effort from the snowboarder.

FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core

The Burton Feather Snowboard Women taps on the FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core similar to the Burton Kilroy Custom Snowboard. In the core profile, it uses specific quality woods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In the wood core sandwiched profile arrangement, it alternates between hardwood and softwood. Although light, the wood possesses the required pop and strength. From such a mixture, this Burton Feather Snowboard Women achieves the light snowboard without overlooking the strength and pop performance.

Dual-zone EGD

The snowboard matches the FSC Certified Super Fly 800G Core with the dual-zone EGD technique. It, therefore, uses wood grains on the edges of the toe and hell on two continuous zones but parallel to the rest of the wood core. As a result, the snowboard produces consistency in edge holding ability in addition to performance and strength.

Biax Fiberglass

The Biax fiberglass used here is not only park-friendly but it also provides the torsionally soft flex feeling. Besides its jib friendly and thus progression oriented. Thus owing to such features, it’s the snowboard that provides ample opportunity to nurture your snowboarding skills to the next level of expertise.

Minimal maintenance and easy to repair

By tapping on the benefit of an extruded base, this snowboard requires little maintenance. Unlike the sintered base designs, this type of base doesn’t need recurrent waxing. Moreover, it is less dense and thus isn’t challenging to repair.

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The Bad

Unfit for broad feet

Even though it outshines in commendable features the snowboard has one major downside. If you are the woman with gifted bigger feet then this Burton Feather snowboard women isn’t for you. Its narrow middle section doesn’t accommodate such users.

Who Is It for?

This Burton Feather Snowboard Women fits both the beginners and intermediate riders. Considering its lightness and the Filet-O-Flex technology, it’s the ideal board for the woman who looking for the board that requires minimal effort to ride.


Considering its twin flex, channel mounting technique and the flat top design, the burton feather snowboard women is features quality work. It’s the piece of snowboarding equipment that any woman who wishes to advance her riding skills to the next level requires. With little effort and maximum edge control, you wouldn’t ask for much more. With a click of the button below it can be yours today are you looking forward to great snowboarding moments? Here is the equipment to own;