Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard Review

When looking for the best all-mountain snowboard, one such piece of equipment to consider is the Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard. Unlike the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard which targets entry-level riders, this one suits intermediate to experienced riders. For the snowboarders who are willing to take the risk in aggressive rides, this is the snowboard to go for. Do you want to know more? Here are the additional details to support such a stand:

Features and SpecificationsBurton Deep Thinker

Squeezebox core

This Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard uses a squeezebox profile core technique. Unlike most cores that employ s uniform thickness, it deliberately makes some sections of the core thinner than the rest. Consequently, it provides more energy, pop, and makes up for easier control. That is possible because the varying thickness of the core allows for the flexibility and strength in the key areas of the core where it’s needed.

Directionally shaped board

When you look at the design of this Burton snowboard, you realize its directional shaped. It features a slightly longer nose than the tail. Therefore that transfers more pop in the tail. But even with such a design, it still possesses generous flow, float, and control. Thus an advanced rider can then rip through any terrain without any difficulty. Initiating a turn or making an exit is easier owing to the 7mm tapered design.

Channel mounting technique

The Burton channel mounting system is superior to other methods. With two channels designed for each board for each foot and parallel to the board edges, it provides enhanced reliability. It also uses a parallel connection that channels power through the board’s backbone, it feels stronger. Besides, such a mounting system is easier to put on. That’s why it’s widely used in other Burton snowboards for example in the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard.

Besides, it allows the rider to make few adjustments concerning the stance-width, plus the angles with disc or reflex. Another adorable feature with the channel system is that it is highly compatible with bindings from different manufacturers.

The Good

An all-mountain snowboard

Like a pro manufacturer who has garnered valuable skills in the niche, the Burton presents the snowboard that can ride on all-mountain terrain. It has all the features that equip it to ride on powder, park and any mountain topography.

Light and strong core materials

To support its all-mountain ability, this snowboard is equipped with the proven quality core materials. It uses the CORE – FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core. The woods employed are light in weight but feel extra strong. As a result, they reduce weight but reinforce the snowboard’s strength and pop feature in targeted areas.

Higher speed and durability

The Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard employs the sintered WFO base. Thus the in comparison to other extruded bases like that of the Burton Feather Snowboard Women, this board is more porous. As a result, it maximizes its ability to absorb the wax. That gives it the capability to have higher abrasion-resistant. And you know what that means? Improved glide and speed! Therefore for the snowboarder that is looking for higher speed, his board suits it perfectly.

Directional flex

From its design, the snowboard has improved pop ability in the tail. On the other side, its nose has a more hardy nature. Such a combination enables the rider to maintain good control while riding through various conditions and terrains.

Directional cumber

Its bend design reflects the hybrid of both cumber and rocker properties. For instance right from the tail to the binding’s front, it features the rocker shape. Then the nose lifts to reflect the rocker style. Consequently, that causes this burton snowboard to maintain speed and stability even while navigating deep-diving turns across different terrains.

Frostbite edges

As you glide on the ice this snowboard’s frostbite edges become useful. The edges extend a little bit outwards under the bindings. That brings out the effect of increasing your grip on hard snow and ice. Therefore you can ride on icy conditions assured that your snowboard has outstanding edge holding ability.

Infinite ride

The infinite ride treatment given to the snowboard allows it to maintain its performance from the first day to continual use. Thus in terms of flex, pop and strength, the Burton deep thinker snowboard will give you the same performance from the initial ride to the infinite performance. That happens because Burton uses a unique technique in overbuilding the board before breaking it in in the factory before your initial ride.

Super sap epoxy

Unlike other snowboards that use the all-petroleum based epoxies; this burton snowboard uses the super sap epoxy. Such a resin helps to reduce the carbon footprint significantly and thus even the oil consumption.

Pro tip

This snowboard features the pro tip technology. The tapered tail and the tip help to reduce its thickness. With the thickness reduced the overall swing weight also goes down and hence simplifying its mobility.

Fiberglass 45° Carbon Highlights

In its construction, it uses multiple layers of carbon and fibers at an angle of 45 degrees. That results in giving the board an aggressive feel in the torsional flex.

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Although this board has immense benefits, it also has few drawbacks as featured below;

The Bad

High maintenance cost

This snowboard equipment employs the sintered base style. That means more resin consumption thus contributing to the high maintenance cost.

Who Is It For?

Burton Deep Thinker

If you have gathered enough snowboarding skills to progress to the intermediate or advanced level, then this snowboard is for you. It gives a thrilling performance on deep powdery snow. If you love backcountry and park rides, then consider Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard as your top choice. Moreover, it has a good edge grip on hard snow and performs equally well on any type of snow. Does that description fit what you have been looking for? Then click the button below today and get ready for that outstanding performance;