Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard Review

Do you have a young lad who is looking up to learning the basics of snowboarding? Such a boy needs the best snowboards that fit children with less knowledge in snowboarding. One such piece of equipment to consider is the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard. From the looks to the physical features it’s the piece of snowboarding equipment suitable for children just like the Echos 110cm Freeride Style Beginner’s Kid’s Snowboard. Have a look at its features and benefits to make up your mind.

Features and SpecificationsBurton Chopper Boys

Flat top

Whether you are an upcoming or a seasoned professional rider, you need the best equipment to give you better performance. That’s why the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard provides you with a flat top. With such a profile within the feet, the rider is assured of enhanced stability, improved balanced and continues edge control. And that’s exactly what the young rider needs.

Besides the flat feel, the snowboard also features the unique design in the tail and tip. The early rise of the tip and the tail outside the feet border supports the catch-free and the loose feeling typical of a rocker

Twin shape

Owing to the symmetrical twin shape, the snowboard supports a balanced ride like that offered by Burton Flight Attendant Men Snowboard 2018. At the same time, such symmetry makes it adapt easily to the regular rides or switch. Therefore as the rider, you can spin, jib, stomp, and butter yet still maintain the fine grip of freestyle mobility. It’s the proportional twin shape of the board that guarantees it the unparalleled cat-like stability.

Twin flex

As the perfect snowboard for young children, it features the symmetrical twin flex from the tip to the tail. Consequently, you can perform regular rides or switch rides yet still assured of your stability.

The Good

Improved balance and board control

Your young boy who is just getting into snowboarding is yet to learn proper balance and control. This board, therefore, is constructed to provide easy learning of the two skills; control and balance. Therefore, it provides for very minimal risk while learning the curves of snowboarding.

Outstanding all condition performances

Considering its flat shape, the snowboard supports excellent performances on all conditions. So that gives you the confidence to ride on powder, hardpack and even groomers with little or no worry at all. You, therefore, don’t have to be selective about your snowboarding grounds.

Easy Bevel edge tune

This snowboard uses the easy bevel edge tune technique. Hence it gives riders an extremely soft and forgiving platform to ride on.

Easy turning and stopping

Any parent would wish the safety of their children maintains as they slide either down or up to different terrains. This snowboard, therefore, makes it easy to navigate turns or make stops. That is because it has the convex base that tilts the edges off the snow. Besides it also incorporates the supersoft flex for better board control ability.

The perfect size

The snowboard takes into account the age of its riders. It, therefore, come in various sizes to fit different children

Appealing view

Like the true boys’ snowboard, it commands an attractive view. With various colors and graphics imprinted on the snowboard, it matches different clothing and outfits.

Certified quality

From the tip to the tail, this Burton chopper Boys Snowboard employs the standard materials. It combines FSC-Certified Wood Core two premium wood species. Although light the wood used doesn’t compromise on pop, strength and even flex.

Extruded base

A beginner snowboarder needs less acceleration like professionals. That’s why the Burton chopper boys snowboard is equipped with an extruded base design just like in the Burton Feather Snowboard Women. That not only means slow acceleration but also, less demanding in terms of maintenance. You don’t have to wax the snowboard so often. But despite that, it still gives the grommet considerable speed and easy snowboarding.

Reduced carbon footprint

This snowboard employs the Super sap epoxy resin. That translates into the use of bio-oriented materials. In the end, the carbon footprint is reduced compared to the ordinary complete petroleum epoxies.

Biax Fiberglass Laminate

This snowboard’s laminate features the Biax fiberglass. Hence that gives the board the strength it requires. Besides, it awards it the torsionally flex plus a forgiving feel which makes the comfortable ride.

From the benefits and features described above, it is evident that the Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard makes the perfect equipment for a small boy. Click the button below to purchase for your young one

The Bad

Despite the overwhelming beneficial features outlined, this snowboard also has some downsides outlined below;

Not ideal for the professional riders

As the design and the features describe, this snowboard isn’t ideal for professional riders. It mainly targets the beginners or intermediate riders. A young boy who is looking to further sharpen his skill sin snowboarding will find the equipment ideal for practice. Even the sizes and speed supported by the snowboard are ideal for children.

Who Is It For?

The Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard is ideal for young boys who are looking to sink their feet into the snowboarding spot. With an extruded base design and sizes beginning from 80 cm to 130 cm, it makes the perfect board for beginners. Besides, you can attach the Riglet accessory to it and tow your child while he learns the basics of the sport.


Burton Chopper Boys

You can help your child learn quickly and be a pro rider by providing the best equipment. The Burton Chopper Boys Snowboard is one such trusted brand to consider. This time it offers the snowboard equipment for beginners. In every way; from speed, stability to maintenance, it provides the best snowboard to give grommets an easy time in practicing.

Do you want to give your child a head start in the sport? Click the button below, order for your child today.