Boosted Dual+ Electric Skateboards Review

The advanced design features of the Boosted 2nd Generation Dual+ Electric Skateboard have pushed the customer ratings to become the best electric skateboards in 2018. The designers have mounted the motor controller onto the board rather than on the wheels. They have also pushed the battery housing towards the front wheel, while keeping the motor at the rear end. With a power of 2000 watt and dual battery range (6 miles and 12 miles), the skateboard could easily outperform its contemporary models for a long time into the future. The inclination climbing capacity of the skateboard has increased to 25%. The maximum speed of the Dual+ Electric Skateboard weighs 15 pounds and it can carry a maximum rider weight of 220+LBs. If you wish to find a board with higher rider weight and lower cost, you can read reviews on the Atom Electric B.36.

Performance Parameters of Dual+ Electric Skateboard

You can calculate the performance level of the Dual+ Electric Skateboard based on the motor controller design, deck design, front truck, wheel power, drive belt design, and the battery power.

  • Motor Controller: One of the key features of the motor controller is the addition of heat sink. This device can extract the maximum volume of heat generated due to continuous running of the motor. It boosts the performance level and reduces the loss of energy supplied by the battery. The board can reach a maximum speed of 22mph on the standard road conditions. You will be able to move through the urban traffic efficiently and safely without any risks.
  • Brushless Motor: The design of motor makes it free from the mechanical commutation factor, hence the efficiency of the output increases. The lifespan of the motor also gets a big boost. The volume of friction against the rotation direction reduces considerably. The net weight of the motor also reduces, making it relatively lighter.
  • Motor Mount: The mount design can handle maximum torque from the motor and generate clamping force. The result is augmented power from the motor into the core of the wheels. Since the mount is on the rear side of the board, it also propels the “pushing power” of the motor while riding up on inclinations.
  • Motor Bushing: The motor bushing of the Dual+ Electric Skateboard absorbs the vibrations from the wheels and the motor parts. The component can also absorb the shocks from the impact between the board and motor parts and the road.
  • Drive Belts: The drive belts boost the power of the motor and increase the speed of the wheels considerably. They also reduce the friction between the motor parts and the loss of energy. Hence, the motor is able to utilize the battery power more efficiently.
  • Rear Wheels: The rear wheels power the actual motion of the Dual+ Electric Skateboard. The connector between the motor and the battery housing works efficiently to boost the power supply to the wheels. 2,000 Watts of power supply rapidly increases the RPM of the motor within a few seconds. Hence, the board’s acceleration can push the speed to the maximum level. The wide wheels not only distribute the weight on the skateboard deck, but also increase the net speed of the motor on tough road conditions.

Energy Efficient Dual+ Electric Skateboard

The energy efficiency of the Dual+ Electric Skateboard increases due to the synchronized location of the battery housing and the motor controller. The design can balance the net weight of 15 pounds between the front and rear ends. You can find a basic version of this product in the review on the Stary.

  • Battery Efficiency: The battery efficiency of the Dual+ Electric Skateboard helps in boosting the range. You can choose between the dual range of 6 miles and 12 miles, depending on the volume of power output you need. The power factor will be relatively higher for the lower range by default. The designers of the skateboard have taken measures to increase the performance through Just-in-Time power boosting for the long range. The motor can accelerate to the maximum speed, when you come across inclination and keep the speed constant on flat roads.
  • Board Design: The board design key element is the shape of the deck. The flat construction of the deck helps in pushing ahead the skateboard at a balanced speed. You can consider the ratio between the body weight, speed requirement, friction, and the dragging force acting on the entire board. The flat design of the deck reduces all these barriers considerably.
  • Wheel Assembly: The design of wheel assembly, size, and the diameter play an important role in distributing your body weight across the deck. They also contribute significantly to the balancing of the centripetal force that may increase drastically. The wheel material can absorb the heat generated from the friction between the wheels and the road and dissipate it to protect from overheating. The core of the wheel assembly plays a key role in controlling the speed of the skateboard while traveling down the inclination path. The design ensures the safety of the board, while it enhances the protection factor for you as the rider.

Regenerative Braking with Dual+ Electric Skateboard

The regenerative mechanism transfers the heat generated during braking as energy into the battery. Hence, the recharging happens in real time. The earlier designs of this system did not consider the effects of braking when the battery charging is at the lowest level. The vibrations generated by the brakes could almost topple the rider from the board. The Dual+ Electric Skateboard design ensures minimum power availability for the braking system consistently and elimination of vibrations while braking. The low battery warning system helps you in avoiding drainage.


  • 2,000 watt power supply from the battery.
  • Efficient motor control and battery housing design for power boosting.
  • Reduced friction factors.
  • Dual range of 6miles and 12 miles.
  • Efficient power retention and battery charging.


  • Higher price.
  • No provision for straps stated by the manufacturers.


The Dual+ Electric Skateboard is perfect for the pros. The board gives you ultimate power and control over your skating across the city and the countryside. The other product with enhanced features is the LEIF Esnowboard.