Bolle 2015 Mojo Ski Goggles Review

Are you tired of looking around for reliable snowboarding goggles for your next trip? Most snowboarding goggles look the same and it is truly a difficult task to determine which one is the best. Each one has its own features and is made for a certain use and group. With this at hand, we want to help. We know that the quality of snowboard goggles create a great impact on your skiing experience. And who does not want to get the best? We are bringing you a comprehensive snowboard goggles review on the Bolle 2015 Mojo Ski Goggles to give you an idea if this is indeed, the right pair for you.

Features and SpecificationsBolle 2015 Mojo

P-80+Layer Anti-Fog

This classic, medium-to-large fit goggle comes with a premium anti-fog layer works with the inner lens dispensing water molecules that may come across its surface. This then stops moisture and fog build-up. Similar to the Yidomto Ski Goggles, Pack of 3 Snowboard Goggles, its anti-fog feature will give you a crystal clear view of whichever terrain you prefer to ride in.

Carbo Glas

This comes with a top of the line exterior protective armor that keeps it protected from sun light, harsh winds, snow fall, and other foreign objects that may come your way. This has anti-scratch and anti-fog functions, two of the most important things you should look for in goggle coating.

Double Lens

It has a dual-pane thermal barrier that plays a part in hindering cold, dry air from the outside from coming in. This is an effective thermal barrier that does not get in the way of giving you the clearest optics, and performs well in giving you excellent sealing functions.

Flow Tech Venting

It optimizes flow-tech venting to make the best use of air inside and outside the lens. This can be found in each frame as it was well engineered to facilitate directional airflow across the interior surface of its lenses. With this mechanism, moisture and fog build-up is lessened to eliminated, plus, ice and snow is managed well so there is no risk of it clogging the vents.

The Good

Pristine vision

As effective as the AKASO OTG Ski & Snowboard Goggles, Mag-Pro Magnetic Interchangeable Lenses, this comes in different color varieties. You can choose one that suits you best. It has been reported that those that come in Vermilion worked well in enhancing areas of concern such as ice and dips on snowy slopes. Expect optimum clarity in indoor and outdoor settings. These work well in broad daylight and even in the snowiest days.

Excellent anti-fogging mechanism

While other models such as the Juli Ski Goggles,Winter Snow Sports Snowboard Goggles with Anti-Fog UV Protection Double Lens features an anti-fogging feature, the Bolle 2015 Mojo Ski Goggles definitely delivers its promise. Users have been expressing their love for the goggles because there was no steaming or moist build up throughout their rides. Its flow-tech venting design made it possible. With this mechanism, proper ventilation is facilitated well. And the best thing about it is that it prevents snow and ice from clogging the air vents.

Lightweight and comfortable

A good feature of the goggles would be that it is so lightweight and well fitted; you will not even feel that you are wearing it. Despite its lightweight built, it is guaranteed to stay fixed and functioning properly even in the presence of strong winds and snow. Its foam also does its magic because it does not leave you feeling restrained or sore after long hours of use.

Impressive P80 Plus/Carbo GLAS coating

This model has been used by many amidst strong winds and snow, it has been used for long-term snowboarding and they emphasized the effectiveness of the anti-scratch and anti-fogging feature. It also came with a double lens design that definitely gave the clearest optics.

The Bad

Foam or padding in eye area may get loose

Users of the goggles mentioned that the foam around the eye area has a tendency to become loose over time. When this happens, it affects the overall fit and may cause air to come inside the goggles. This can cause fogging when used in snowy or areas that are prone to building up moist.

Lenses may distort vision

While the goggles provide good visuals, the drawback lies in distinguishing blue and black hues. If you are mostly skiing on blue black hills or slopes, this may not be a good choice for you as it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other and may cause accidents if not addressed well. As they mentioned, the optics may give you a dark visibility during the day and an even darker visibility at night.

Area on Nose Bridge a bit tight

There have been comments on the area around the nose bridge, some of those who wore the goggles mentioned that they felt uncomfortable while wearing it because of the pressure caused by it. They said that it was a bit tight on that part, and for those who are not mouth breathers, this may become a difficult situation to adapt to.

Who Is It For?

Ideally, the Bolle 2015 Mojo Ski Goggles works great for beginners and casual skiers. This can be a good gear to begin with. It has a good fit and delivers an overall protection against harsh winds, blazing sun light and snow. This is a good fit for those who are starting to get a feel of wearing eye gears. It is lightweight and can be a good transition to getting used to having eye protection while engaging in the sport. Its coating make it durable and high quality in consideration with the price you are getting it for.


Bolle 2015 Mojo

While the Bolle 2015 Mojo Ski Goggles may have some drawbacks in terms of distinguishing black and blue hues, this can be a good pair to wear in sunny days. It offers excellent eye protection against the sun, and it has a very low tendency to fog, granted that the goggles are well-fitted on you. It gives clear optics and excellent visibility, and the most important factor would be that it is durable and sturdy to not get in the way of your skiing ventures.