10 Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding 2022 Review

A wipeout isn’t just embarrassing, but it can also do some serious damage. And one of the best things you can do to protect yourself is to wear wrist guards. There’s a ton of them, but in this article, we’ll only go through ten of the best wrist guards for skateboarding.

Most skateboard-related extremity injuries are caused by a failed trick attempt or loss of balance. And 19% of those cases are from broken wrists.

So, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced skateboarder, it’s important to invest on good-quality skateboard wrist guards. Get to know some of them below.

Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding Review

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards


The Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards aren’t just for skateboarders. You can use them for a variety of leisure activities and sports, including biking and inline skating.

With proper care, the Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards should last a long time. They’re made from ballistic nylon that’s known for being highly resistant to surface wear, which allows these wrist guards to better protect you. They’re also double-stitched to be more resistant to ripping.

Several high-speed wipeouts on rough roads won’t be a problem for this protective gear. Each wrist gaurd has a thick splint under the hand (palm side) that extends to the wrist for good joint stability. The E.V.A. foam pad on the palm provides extra protection by cushioning your fall, while the full-wrap straps ensure a comfortable fit and good wrist support.


  • Can protect you from high-speed wipeouts
  • Provide protection, without sacrificing comfort and range of motion
  • Create even pressure because of its stretchable material
  • Easy to get on and off


  • Not for wearers who live in colder areas or do plenty of slides
  • Hand wash only because the braces are sewn to the fabric

Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

A good product at a good price—that’s the Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards. They might not be the best wrist guards out there, but there’s no doubt they’ll provide proper protection.

The Triple Eight Wristsaver is available in black with the brand’s logo at the front. They come in two styles:

  • The Wristsaver I
  • And the Wristsaver II

One of the differences between the two is their closure type. The former has a butterfly strap closure with 3 hook-and-look straps to ensure a snug fit, while the latter has a nylon mesh sleeve and a hook-and-loop strap.

They have high-strength ABS plastic splints on the front and back to keep your hands stable and protected from injury. Tucked between the front and back splints is an E.V.A. foam pad for shock absorption and additional protection.


  • Won’t last you years, but they’re durable for the price
  • Will provide the protection your hands need
  • Feel secure because of the curved splints
  • Effortless to wear and remove


  • Ran a little small (so order one size up from your normal size)
  • Poor-quality materials and stitching

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves – Half Finger

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves - Half Finger

Originally designed for mountainboarding, the Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves – Half Finger also make great skateboarding gloves. These are probably one of the wrist guard/glove combos you’ll ever used, without the hefty price tag.

One of the great things about these new and improved wrist protection gloves is Hillbilly used real goatskin leather in making them. Leather from goatskin is highly tear-resistant, supple, abrasion-resistant, and waterproof. It also offers the most dexterity, allowing you to easily grab your board.

They have extra wide straps to make sure they fit properly and won’t slip out of place. To break your fall and to keep your wrist stable, they have a spoon-shaped splint on the palm side and another splint on the back.


  • Made from comfortable and tough materials (semi-breathable fabric and good-quality real goat leather)
  • Can hold up well to rough use
  • Allow you to position your hands more naturally
  • Provide excellent wrist protection


  • Sized for large hands
  • Don’t slide easily, particularly the left wrist guard, which could increase your risk for injury

187 Killer Wrist Guards – Large

187 Killer Wrist Guards - Large

If you have poor balance, or if you’re just new to the sport, the 187 Killer Wrist Guards – Large are great for you. These skating wrist guards are designed to offer the best impact protection, while keeping you comfortable the whole time you’re wearing them.

The angled design helps them to conform to the shape of your wrist, while the traditional three-strap design ensures a more snug fit. Meanwhile, the padded interior provides a soft wrist support and prevents the fabric from digging into your skin.

When it comes to safety, these are strong enough to save your wrists from potentially serious injuries. They have a thin metal splint on the back to prevent your wrist from bending backwards when you land on your palm.

The durability of these wrist guards are also worth noting. Like the Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards, they’re double-stitched and made of high-strength ballistic nylon for longevity. To make them even more durable, 187 Killer Pads® reinforced the thumb hole.


  • Provide great forearm support
  • Strong stitching
  • Conform to the curves of the hands and forearms
  • Durable and high-strength VELCRO® straps


  • A little uncomfortable to wear
  • Need a stronger material to prevent the plastic splint from falling out

Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

The Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves are pricier than the other wrist guards we’ve already mentioned, but others swear they’re worth their weight in gold. According to the company, these triple eight wrist guards are their sturdiest wrist guard gloves ever.

The Hired Hands are ideal for skateboarding, roller derby, and in-line skating. But whatever action sports you fancy, they’re guaranteed to help protect and support your hands and wrists from a really bad fall. They’re equipped with ABS plastic splints (for the back and palm of your hand) that you can easily remove and replace. And to soften your fall, they have layers of E.V.A. foam.

Triple Eight made sure the Hired Hands are effortless to use. They went for the one-piece design, so you don’t need to put a separate shell or brace over your glove or sleeve every single time. The hook-and-loop closures allow you to easily adjust the fit, while the pull-on loop makes sure that even a kid can easily put these on.


  • Offer great protection (even if you just had your worst wipeout ever)
  • Properly adjust to position
  • Designed to provide full coverage to prevent them from slipping out of place
  • Generally comfortable to wear


  • Daily use causes stitching to come apart
  • Smaller than the declared size

Dakine Wristguard

Dakine Wristguard

Founded in 1979, Dakine has created a long history of making superior products. And that includes the Dakine Wristguard, which will give the confidence you need to get back up again and kill it on the ramps.

These are meant to be worn over your gloves. But thanks to their slip-on, tight-fit design, you can easily and quickly put them on. They have an adjustable hook-and-look cinch that wraps around the wrist for a secured fit.

To ensure your comfort, Dakine used neoprene. This material is used for many purposes because of its many good qualities: durable, non-irritating to the skin, tear-resistant, and waterproof.

These Dakine wrist guards only have a lightweight aluminum stay on the bottom. Despite this, they provide adequate protection against minor to major injuries.

Note: Neoprene can be machine washed (slow spin cycle), However, hand washing is still preferable, so it won’t lose its elasticity.


  • Neoprene sleeve provides good wrist compression
  • Don’t need to constantly tighten gloves to achieve better protection
  • Work well to protect wearers from minor to major injuries
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and don’t restrict hand movements


  • Inaccurate size chart (need to buy one size up)
  • Tight and skin-irritating thumb hole

Smith Safety Gear Scabs Pro Wrist Stabilizer

Smith Safety Gear Scabs Pro Wrist Stabilizer

When looking at the Smith Scabs Pro Wrist Stabilizers – Hypno, one couldn’t help but think it looks darn cool! The Hypno wrist guards come with Smith Scabs Safety Gear’s signature elastic support strap, which features an eye-catching hypnosis spiral pattern and a soft inner lining.

But the Hypno wrist guards aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They’re also functional. They have high-density permanent splints on the front and back to absorb the impact from your falls, so you can continue where you left off.

The supports of the Hypno are constructed of comfortable and durable vented neoprene with a reinforced double-stitching. They have a form-fitting design to increase your comfort and provide you with better protection.


  • Well-made and can last for over a year (with proper care)
  • A good wrist guard for people with joint problems (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Do a good job of protecting people from a serious fall
  • Comfortable to wear and provide the right amount of shock absorption


  • May feel uncomfortable for some people because they run small
  • Have to pull them over the hands and wrists to ensure a secure fit

187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guard

187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guard

As what the name suggests, the 187 derby wrist guard is designed for derby skaters. But, these wrist guards are also great for skateboarders!

The 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guards offer great support, regardless if you’re a derby skater or a skateboarder. Their cupped and contoured plate covers a wider area to make sure your palms and wrists are better protected from hard impacts.

These roller derby wrist guards were constructed with your comfort in mind. The perforated materials allow your skin to breathe freely, while the angled and finger-less design allows your fingers to move smoothly. Inside, the surface is padded to provide even more comfort and protection.

There’s a sweatband on the back to wipe off the sweat from your forehead or other parts of your body. But remember, if you want to remove all that sweat and grime and make these wrist guards last longer, never put them in the washing machine.


  • Provide good protection to the palm
  • Don’t prevent the hands from moving properly
  • Sturdy materials and design that could last a long time
  • Don’t dig into the skin of the forearm


  • Don’t have a splint on the back of the hand
  • Non-breathable material causes the hands to sweat a lot

Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace Impact Sport Wrist Support for Skating Skateboard Snowboarding Skiing Motocross

Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace Impact Sport Wrist Support for Skating Skateboard Snowboarding Skiing Motocross

Some people get into skateboarding to get a good workout. For some of these people, it’s important to find a pair of wrist guards that let them wear their fitness wrist watch. If you’re one of them, then the Flauto Wrist Guard Protective Gear Wrist Brace Impact Sport Wrist Support will work perfectly for your needs.

Because of the open-back design, it may not be a good idea to wear the Flauto wrist guards skateboard during cold weathers. The upside is your hands will remain cool and dry when you’re skateboarding in hot weather.

These wrist guards keep your hands and wrists stable and free from injury and pain with the help of a lightweight palm splint and stretchable fabric. Just a heads up—they don’t have a splint on the back, so there’s nothing preventing your wrists from bending backwards.


  • Allow people to wear their fitness tracker watch
  • Comfortable and let the skin on the back of the hand to breathe
  • Seem to be well made for the price
  • Work relatively well to protect the hands and wrists from injury


  • Don’t have a plate or splint on the back that prevents the wrist from hyperextending
  • Don’t cover the entire hand

ELOS Wrist Guards with Palm Protection Pads

ELOS Wrist Guards with Palm Protection Pads

The ELOS Wrist Guards with Palm Protection Pads have the basic features you need to enjoy your skateboarding adventures safely, minus the expensive price. These are arguably the most affordable wrist pads for skateboarding in this list, but that doesn’t mean they’re of poor quality.

One of the best things about the ELOS Wrist Guards with Palm Protection Pads is they fit most hand sizes and stay snugly in place while you work on your tricks. They’re equipped with three adjustable straps to customize the fit and adjust the tightness.

On the front, you’ll find an ABS plastic splint that’s curved outwards to absorb impact. Your comfort isn’t put aside for the sake of your safety. That’s why ELOS used Oxford cloth to let your skin breathe and minimize sweating underneath.


  • Stay in place, so no constant adjustments are necessary
  • Have durable straps that allow wearers to find the right fit
  • Are extra shock absorbent on the palms
  • Do the job they were meant to do


  • Not for people with large hands
  • The splint on the back of each wrist guard presses into the back of the wrists

How to Choose Good Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

If you’re already a seasoned or professional skateboarder, you probably don’t need to read this part. But for the beginners, we’ve got a few things for you to consider when shopping for skateboarding wrist guards.

Determine Your Budget

This might sound obvious, but figuring this out can significantly help narrow down your options. It forces you think about the features your wrist guards must have, so they fit the demands of your skateboarding style (cruising, freestyle, vertical, etc.), skill level, and other needs.

As they say, you get what you’re willing to pay for. Fortunately, most trusted brands, such as Triple-8 (or Triple Eight) and 187 Killer, have their own line of affordable wrist guards skateboarding, ranging from around $8 to $50 plus.

Know Your Size

Don’t skip this step, even if the wrist guards that you want to buy are adjustable. If they’re the wrong size, they won’t be able to give you the appropriate support and protection. They’re also more likely to slip, especially if you sweat. That can be frustrating and dangerous.

It’s really easy to measure your hands. Here’s how:

  • Get a seamstress measuring tape. If you don’t have one, you can just print it.
  • Wrap it around the widest part of your palm or around your knuckles. Exclude your thumb.
  • Remember not to pull the measuring tape too tightly or too loosely.
  • Measure the circumference of your wrist.
  • Once you have your measurements, please use the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

Additional reminders:

  • Your wrist guards should be tight, but they shouldn’t be too tight that they prevent proper blood flow or cause pain or discomfort. Press your fingernail or any area of your hand until it becomes pale. If the color doesn’t return within two seconds, then it’s too tight.
  • If you can’t find your size, go one size up to avoid tight-fitting wrist guards.

Check for Comfort

If they’re uncomfortable, it’s bound to bother you a lot that you’d rather not wear them. It can also affect your confidence, which in turn affects your performance.

Proper fitting is synonymous to comfort. Aside from accurately measuring your hand to ensure a solid fit, it’s also important to check for adjustable features. For instance, some sports wrist guards have Velcro straps or elasticated rip-tab straps for easy fit adjustment.

Choose wrist guards that are made from materials that provide excellent moisture-wicking properties, breathability, wear resistance, and flexibility. CORDURA®, leather, neoprene, and nylon are just some of the common materials used for making this protective gear.

Choose The Best Support Level

In general, skateboard guards that are properly designed will distribute the force of your fall over your entire forearm and palm. They do this by deflecting the impact energy, sliding, or restricting your range of motion.

Aside from splints, the amount and location of the padding are important. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine has shown that extra padding, especially the air cell padding, in the palm area can greatly improve the shock-absorbing properties of wrist guards to prevent injuries during a fall. [2]

Just like knee pads, the impact protection of wrist guards is categorized by level:

  • Level 1 wrist guards are for people who skateboard for fitness, fun, or training for a marathon.
  • Level 2 wrist guards are for aggressive skateboarders, beginners, or people who at great risk of suffering serious injuries. They usually have a broad surface area, wider straps (two or more), and more paddings. They may also have protective sleeves for better protection and support.

Splint Quality

One of the most crucial components of wrist guards is the splints. They save your wrists from injury by keeping them still and distributing the force of the impact. They also prevent you from using the palm of your hand to break a fall.

Majority of wrist protectors have hard plastic splints, which can be as long as six inches to support the forearm and palm. Some have two splints—one on the palm and another on the back of the hand. If you think that’s too bulky and too heavy, you can get a pair that has a wider and thicker splint on the palm side only.

Securing the Wristguards

A single strap is usually enough to secure a wrist guard to your hand and wrist. However, if you do a lot of complicated or aggressive skateboarding tricks, you might need two or more to make sure it fits properly and stays in place at all times.

Most wrist guards have one to three VELCRO® straps for making simple fit adjustments and holding them in position. Others have the pull-tab lacing system and rip-tab straps, which smoothly conforms to the shape of the wrist and allow easy donning/doffing.

Ease of Cleaning

Another important feature to consider is the ease of cleaning. Can you remove the splints, so you can clean them separately? What materials are your wrist guards made of? Are they machine washable?

In general, you can wash wrist guard gloves by hand with water (warm or cool) and a mild laundry detergent. It’s also best to use a disinfectant to prevent bacteria from forming, which could cause bad odor.

Got baking soda in your kitchen pantry?

You could use baking soda to keep your skateboarding wrist guards clean and free from odor. It also draws out excess moisture that bacteria feed on. Simply pour it all over your wrist guard. After a few minutes, remove the remaining baking soda by vacuuming and wiping.

Don’t forget the VELCRO® straps. Use a brush with stiff bristles or a lint roller to loosen and remove unwanted lint and hair. You can wipe the straps with a cloth that’s soaked in warm water or a soft-bristled brush and soap to remove as much dirt as possible.

Is it okay to put your wrist guards in your washing machine?

If it’s mostly made with nylon, it’s safe to do so. Just make sure you set your washing machine to delicate cycle to prolong the life of your wrist guards.

However, if they’re mostly made with neoprene, it’s better to hand wash them with cool water and mild laundry detergent. Neoprene can easily crease and damage if you machine wash it.

Please take note that these are just suggestions, not requirements. This is by no means an exhaustive buying guide, so feel free to do more research to make sure you buy the best pair of wrist guards for your needs.


So, what are your favorite wrist guards from our list?

The wrist guards for skateboarding that we’ve mentioned in this article are just some of your best options. Along with this information and the buying tips, we hope we’ve made the tiresome task of choosing the best skate wrist guards much easier for you.

Remember: It’s important to wear these devices correctly to get the best possible protection. And while they can help protect or reduce the impact of wrist injury, it’s still a good idea to teach yourself how to fall off a skateboard safely.