Top 20 Snowboard Helmets 2020 Review

Ever considered doing skiing or snowboarding? There is no denying that snow sports can be considered dangerous. Imagine running on high speed and a foreign object hits your head? But with the best snowboard helmets, you can have peace of mind while doing the snow sport activities.

The good news is that there are a lot of snowboard and ski helmets in the market today. There are cheap ones and there are expensive ones. However, which one fits your needs? Here are some of the best options that you might find interesting.

Best Snowboard Helmets Review

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

The Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet is a popular option for consumers looking for full coverage protection combined with increased airflow thanks to Koroyd’s open cell construction. It has the Boa 360 fit system that gives you the chance to have the perfect fit. Plus, the Smith-pioneered AirEvac technology gives you the chance to wear your goggles allowing you to protect your eyes as well.

Using Hybrid SL Shell, it can protect users with its engineered maximum energy absorption properties. This allows the core to crush in a controlled manner and leads to decelerated energy once there’s an impact. It made use of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes that have been thermally welded together.

The only complaint is that it isn’t the most comfortable helmet to use. Some would even say that it gets a bit uncomfortable after 30 minutes of use.


  • Full breathability
  • Shock absorption property
  • Good fit for most users


  • Not enough padding

Giro Range MIPS

Giro Range MIPS helmet is a favorite low profile ski helmet by many for good reasons. It features a durable and semi-flexible EPP construction that combines safety and comfort at the same time. This can easily be considered as the best men’s ski helmet since it expands and contracts according to the user’s head shape. The only problem is that the helmet is a bit elongated. Users with round heads tend to have a problem with their fit.

When it comes to safety, it made use of MIPS or a multi-directional impact protection system that allows protection from different angles. When it comes to comfort, you have the ventilation that can keep the person cool. It has a simple and low profile control button found outside the helmet.

It also features a camera mount that allows you to record your adventure. And also, it is compatible with Giro audio system.


  • Makes use of multi-directional impact protection system
  • Provides good ventilation
  • Expands according to the user’s head
  • Comes with a camera mount for GoPro


  • The shape of the helmet is elongated
  • If your head is round, it won’t have a good fit

Anon Men’s Prime MIPS

The Anon Men’s Prime MIPS is designed to combine comfort with the safety of its users. It made use of MIPS or Multidirectional Impact Protection System that gives you peace mind from angled impacts. And also, you have the ICEdot Emergency ID that has all the pertinent information to the user in case there is a need to have medical professionals to look after you.

Using the Anon Prime Helmet proves to be one of the best men’s snowboard helmet options in terms of comfort. It uses a lightweight design and an on-the-go fit adjustment that allows it to fit different users without any problem. Also, you get a total of 23 vents that you can control to give you the right amount of ventilation when you are using the helmet for skiing and snowboarding. And lastly, you get the compatibility with audio accessories.

Some things that could be improved include the liner that seemed a bit flimsy compared to other brands. It uses velcro pieces to connect to the helmet. Unfortunately, the chinstrap is quite difficult to strap.


  • 23 vents that you can control
  • Lightweight design
  • MIPS for angled impact


  • Flimsy lining
  • Chinstrap is difficult to use

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

The Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet is known for being one of the best-looking snowboard helmet options in today’s markets. But beyond looks, you have great functionality and safety. It meets the EN1077 standards. It has two reinforced layers and the external cap is made of ABS material plus it is covered by EPS outer layer giving users dual protection. Apart from protection, it includes a padded chin strap to keep the helmet secure while the person remains comfortable. It also has an internal fabric lining plus ear padding that has been treated with hypoallergenic compounds.

Apart from different colors to choose from, the Snow Sport Helmet has four popular sizes that fit different users. Though the helmet has vents, you can’t control the vents. Plus, you can’t use audio accessories while having the Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet.


  • Made of ABS and EPS material
  • Meets the EN1077 standard
  • Ear cover allows the user to hear what’s happening clearly
  • Hypoallergenic lining


  • Can’t control the vents

Smith Optics Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet with Acid Blockhead

Smith Optics Aspect Ski Helmet gained a reputation for having a lightweight and durable design fit for snowboarding and skiing activities. Weighing only 400 grams, you don’t have to get bothered that you have something heavy on top of your head. In addition to this, it made use of 14 vents that can help give you the cool breeze you need when you are sweating during activities.

It also made use of SL ear pads to keep you comfortable when using the helmet. However, this is also one of the things that bothered most users. Some customers mentioned the earpiece kept getting separating from the main body of the helmet.

In terms of sizing, you have small, medium, large, and X-large. It also complies with the EN 1077 standard as well as the ASTM F 2040 which means that you can enjoy protection on your head while you do snowboarding activities.


  • Lightweight design
  • Complies with EN1077 standards
  • With adjustable 14 vents
  • Different sizes available


  • Earpad falls apart easily

Smith Optics 2019 Vantage MIPS Adult

Smith Optics 2019 Vantage used the Aerocore construction offering both maximum protection and added airflow for additional comfort. You get 21 vents in this snow helmet.

If you are looking for the safest ski helmet in the market, you might as well consider this ski helmet. The Smith Optics 2019 Vantage is a MIPS snowboard helmet. It has MIPS or multi-directional impact system which helps in case there is an accident. It specifically addresses rotational motion which is a combination of angular velocity and angular acceleration.

You also get a good fit with the adjustable BOA FS360 fit system. However, complained regarding the helmet’s sizing. Some users find the sizing to be a bit too small and a bit too snug for their heads. And unfortunately, the chin strap can get a bit annoying as it hits the throat when you tighten it up.


  • MIPS helmet
  • With 21 vents
  • Adjustable BOA FS360


  • Sizing is not accurate

Oakley Mod 5 Adult Ski/Snowboarding Helmet

The Oakley Mod 5 Adult Snowboarding Helmet made it in the list of best snow helmets because of its lightweight and functional features. For starters, you have the Modular Brim System that integrates goggles and even prevents fogs from blocking your view. As for the construction of the Oakley Mod 5 Adult Snowboarding Helmet, expect a lightweight but durable construction that can give you peace of mind. In addition to a durable outer shell that protects users from impact and puncture, you also have an EPS impact liner that is both removable and machine washable.

However, for its price, the Oakley Mod 5 is not considered an MIPS snow helmet, which can disappoint some of its customers. And also, there are some issues with the outer rim of this helmet that tends to rub on the ear.


  • The durable shell that can protect the head from impact
  • Lightweight design
  • Has a machine-washable EPS impact liner
  • Uses a Modular Brim System that can prevent fogging from your goggles


  • Doesn’t use MIPS technology

POC – Obex SPIN Snowboard and Ski Helmet for Resort and Backcountry Riding

POC-Obex SPIN Snowboard and Ski Helmet offer multiple layers of protection. It also has a lightweight construction. It was designed specifically to reduce impact and protect the person from serious injuries. It made use of ABS top shell combined with a patent-pending silicone pad technology.

The POC- Obex SPIN Snowboard Helmet is also known for comfort as it includes sliding vents that can help control temperature and prevent fogging when you have your goggles on. The top vents close while the ones at the back don’t close which can be a bit annoying.

However, despite the price of the POC Obex SPIN Snowboard Helmet, this doesn’t make use of MIPS technology unlike some of the top brands out there. Plus, you also don’t get pockets for ear speakers.


  • Combines ABS top shell with silicone pad
  • Some of the vents can be closed or opened
  • Lightweight design


  • Doesn’t have pockets for ear speakers
  • Doesn’t use MIPS technology

Giro Seam

Giro Seam is easily considered by many pros as one of the top-rated ski helmets today. With its in-mold construction that can help protect users from injuries, users can have peace of mind while wearing the Giro Seam snowboard helmet. In addition to this, it is compliant with CE EN 1077 standard. This also has a good fit for different users.

Apart from the solid construction of its shell, it has ventilation that allows you to adjust how you cool or how warm you want it to be.

On the inside of the snow helmet, it features X-static anti-microbial padding that can help reduce the smell of sweat. And also, it is compatible with Giro goggles and audio systems. However, it doesn’t work on other universal audio systems. It only works with what Giro has in their store.


  • Compliant with CE EN 1077 standard
  • Uses in-mold construction
  • Good fit
  • With anti-microbial padding that can decrease foul smell from sweat


  • Doesn’t work with universal audio systems

BERN – Watts Helmet

If you are in the market for the best snow helmet, you might as well check BERN Watts Helmet. First, it doesn’t look like your typical snowboarding or skiing helmets. It is a snowboarding helmet that is shaped more like a baseball hat. Though it looks a bit different, the Bern Watts Helmet doesn’t lack in comfort as it has a Crank Fit dial-adjustable fit system. Next, you have EPS/ABS construction plus it offers comfort with its premium moisture-wicking liner. It also has vents that can give you air and prevent your helmet from getting too hot.

The ABS Shell along with EPS hard foam helps minimize and prevent head injuries in its low profile design.

This low profile snow helmet is compliant with ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077 standards for snowboards and skiing. And not only that, it also meets the CPSC and EN 1078 standards for bikes and skate.

This helmet allows the users to attach a cold or warm weather ZipMold liner. This means that you can use it not only for snowboarding and skiing but even for biking. The only issue is that it runs a bit small.


  • Can be used for both winter and non-winter sports
  • Compliant with different standards
  • Made of ABS shell and EPS hard foam


  • Sizing is not that accurate

K2 Diversion Men’s

One of the best-rated ski helmets for men, the K2 Diversion Men’s helmet is a combination of safety and convenience. It has an appealing design for skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts alike. It was designed with the 360 Boa K2 Dialed Fit System. You can have the simple dial on the back of the liner and adjust according to your head. With micro adjustments being made, it makes a great men’s ski helmet that can offer good coverage in protecting your head.

Another advantage of the K2 Diversion Men’s helmet is that it has a lightweight design. The company made use of hybrid construction along with in-mold construction to make the hard shell durable and light. In addition to this, you also have the Active Matrix Venting that can keep the person comfortable while using the helmet.


  • In-mold construction and hybrid construction
  • With Active Matrix Vents
  • Uses 360 Boa K2 Dialed Fit System


  • Doesn’t look that durable given its lightweight construction

Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava

For buyers who are looking for best ski helmets with audio, then you might be interested in the Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio. It also comes with an additional Balaclava for protection against the harsh weather.

When it comes to the construction of the helmet, it is made of ABS shell that can help catch hard hits while it also has EPS hard foam inside. The Demon Phantom Helmet has vents both in front and back to keep you stay cool. It is also CE and ASTM certified which guarantees its ability to protect you from accidents. Also, there are different sizes available from XS to XL.

There are a few areas that could be improved such as the fact that there is no locking clip for the ski goggles and the audio doesn’t have a good auxiliary cord.


  • CE and ASTM certified
  • Made of ABS shell and EPS hard foam
  • With vents that can keep users stay cool
  • Additional Balaclava to protect against low temperature


  • No locking clip for the ski goggles

OutdoorMaster KELVIN

Good ski helmets offer protection and comfort for its users. The OutdoorMaster Kelvin snowboarding and ski helmet meet both for its users. Part of what makes it a great helmet is the fact that it has ABS shell and EPS foam at its core. In addition to this, it is ASTM certified for its safety.

It has a size adjustment dial that allows different head sizes to fit the helmet. As for options, you have three different size options ranging from small, medium, and large. In addition to this, you have inner fleece liner and ear pads that you can remove and clean.

Another reason to pick the OutdoorMaster Kelvin from other snow skiing helmets is the fact that you get 9 different color combinations which means that you can also be stylish with this helmet. One thing that you might find uncomfortable though is its weight. It weighs approximately 1.3 pounds. And also, the helmet was designed more for people with round heads.


  • Easy to clean
  • Built with ABS shell and EPS foam
  • ASTM certified


  • A bit heavy in construction

Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

You may have known the Wildhorn brand as the sponsor of the US Ski Team and 4x Olympian Ashley Caldwell. The Wildhorn Drift Snowboard is one of the best women’s ski helmets given its ergonomic design and durability.

You have the outer PC shell that has been fused with high-quality EPS foam. It allows superior shock absorption features that meet the ASTM F2040 and EN 1077 standards. In addition to this, Wildhorn has prioritized comfort. It offers patented adjustable vents that can prevent you from sweating profusely while wearing the helmet. You get 13 adjustable vents that you can decide to open or close. As for the sizing, you have the FTA system (fine-tune adjustment) that allows micro-adjustments for different head sizes. However, some users complained that the helmet doesn’t fit well if you don’t have a round head.


  • Fine-tune adjustment system
  • 13 adjustable vents
  • Meets the EN 1077 standard
  • Made of PC shell and EPS foam


  • Only good for users with a round head

Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth

The Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Helmet is a multi-sport helmet designed for snowboarding, skiing, and even for bicycles. It offers superior engineering that meets different safety standards including EN 1077, CPSC 16 CFR. It makes use of ABS hard exterior that protects users from bumps. In addition to this, it also adds the EPS foam that ensures your head is not in contact with the hard shell of the helmet. The chinstrap gives users an easy to adjust feature that secures the helmet from falling.

And since it is going to be used for dealing with subzero temperature, you get the earmuff that gives warmth. You also get a durable rear goggle clip to ensure that you have eye protection. Unfortunately, unlike some of the best ski helmet brands, the Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth doesn’t have adjustment features. It means that it either fits your head or not.


  • Meets EN 1077 standard
  • Made of ABS hard exterior and EPS foam
  • Secures the helmet well


  • Doesn’t allow adjustment to fit different head sizes

Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set for Kids and Adult

The Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set are meant for those who plan on doing snow sports with their eyes and head protected. The helmet is known for its shockproof and penetration resistant property which means that it can help reduce the chances of injury. In addition to this, the goggles are made of premium materials and are FDA approved. For the helmet, the construction is ASTM F2024 and CE EN 1077 Certified.

It has 12 adjustable vents that can help reduce fogging and optimize airflow in your helmet. It also features detachable lining and removable earmuffs that you can clean. In addition to this, it is also stylish and is priced below $75.

However, you get what you pay for. The vent, for instance, doesn’t stay in place if you adjusted it. In addition to this, compared to other brands, the padding isn’t thick to handle a strong impact.


  • Affordable
  • Removable earmuff
  • 12 adjustable vents for airflow
  • Comes with goggles


  • Padding isn’t thick enough to handle a strong impact

Sinner Ski & Snowboard Helmet for Men and Women

Sinner Ski and Snowboard Helmet are one of the top snowboarding helmets in the market today simply because it is a combination of good price, functionality, and safety. The helmet is made of ABS technology that can catch the majority of the impact in case of an accident. You also get a vent that can prevent the goggles from fogging and your head from sweating profusely while doing skiing activities.

Unlike most snowboarding helmets in the market, it has seven size options running from XXXS to XL. However, the sizing is a bit small. And since there is no adjustment option on the helmet, you either fit n the sizes that they provide or not.


  • ABS technology on the shell
  • With vent to prevent fogging
  • 7 sizes available


  • The sizing is a bit small


Who would expect that a ski helmet price could be under $50? The Velazzio Valiant helmet offers premium materials but with a good price. For starters, it has an ABS shell that protects superior protection from abrasions and knocks. Also, it has EPS foam inside which can keep your head from getting in contact with the hard part of the shell. It also has a plush padded fleece that can be removed and washed once it has been soaked by sweat. Also, you have the earphone space that can allow the users to still listen to their favorite songs while doing snowboarding activities.

It is also compatible with goggles which means that you don’t have to worry that your goggles will be going anywhere in case you fall. However, the main problem with this snow helmet is that it doesn’t offer size adjustment. It simply means that if your head can’t fit, then you won’t be able to use the helmet well.


  • With padded fleece that you can wash
  • ABS shell and EPS foam
  • Has space for earphone


  • Sizing issues

AKASO Ski + Snowboard Helmet

Another impressive choice for the best snowboarding helmet is the Akaso Ski + Snowboard Helmet. It offers high-quality materials and lightweight design. It has a durable shell combined with EPS foam that is made in the US. You can also adjust the dial to make sure it stays tight.

Next, you also have the adjustable vents that give you an option of how much heat you want to let out. As for its liners, you can remove the ear pads and liners and have it cleaned to make sure that your helmet stays hygienic. And let’s not forget that this snowboard helmet is only under $50.

Unfortunately, the goggles tend to slip off which can be an issue. You’ll notice that the goggles will be pushed down to your nose as you use the helmet.


  • Affordable
  • With liners that can be removed and washed
  • Made of ABS shell and EPS foam


  • Goggles get pushed down

TurboSke Ski + Snowboard Helmet

The TurboSke Ski and Snowboard Helmet is the type of product that has undergone different tests before it was released in the market. It meets ASTM F 2040 standards for protective snowsport gear. In this aspect, you can say that it can easily be one of the best budget ski helmet options for particular customers.

For starters, it is lightweight and made use of modern technology. This helmet fused both the outer shell with the EPS liner to make sure that your head is protected in case you encounter an accident. You can also expect comfort while using the TurboSke Ski and Snowboard Helmet with a ventilation system that promotes airflow. The earpad is also designed to give users the chance to use their headphones.i

As for the size, it is one of those adjustable ski helmets that you can tweak until it is already snug enough to not fall from your head.


  • Lightweight
  • With EPS foam
  • Earpad compatible for headphones
  • Adjustable


  • Appears the materials felt “cheap” for some users

How to Choose the Best Snowboard Helmets

If you are going to look closely, snowboard and ski helmets differ from your skateboard and rollerblade helmets. The best ski helmets are supposed to not only protect the user’s head but it should also have the ability to provide comfort to its user. Since you are going to be using the snow ski helmet in extremely cold temperatures, you have to be very particular about your choice.

For someone who doesn’t have any idea what the best snowboarding helmets look like, here are some things that can help you make your decision.


The best skiing helmets are made of different materials. Depending on the company, some even use proprietary technology and materials to the table. Also, there are a lot of components that you will need to check. You will have to check the snow helmet both from outside to inside.

Shock absorption capability

An important role of snow ski helmets is to protect your head in case you encountered accidents during your sessions. Just imagine skiing at great speed and you ended up hitting your head on a tree or a rock. Without any protection, you can easily have a concussion, at times it can even be life-threatening and injuries could become fatal.

The shell should have the ability to absorb the impact and keep you from getting injured. It is common for the rigid surface to be typically made of ABS high-impact plastic that can protect you not only from the impact but also when it comes to abrasions. The goal of the helmet is to spread the impact to a larger surface area. This can lessen the injury and even save a person’s life.

Apart from the outer shell, you will also have to consider the inner liner of the helmet. Top ski helmet brands invest in high-quality foams that will not only further minimize impact but will also provide comfort for the person wearing the helmet. This prevents the user’s head from being always in direct contact with the shell. During hard falls as well, the foam will get compressed but lessen the impact on your head.


You also have to be particular about how the snow helmet was constructed by the company. You usually have either an in-mold helmet or an injection-molded helmet. What’s the difference between the two?

In-mold ski helmets attached the shell along with the foam in a single molding process. On the other hand, the injection-molded helmets were bonded separately. According to snowboarding helmets reviews, the injection-molded helmets are much more durable than the in-mold ski helmets. The injection-molded helmets can tolerate falls better.


Another important factor that you will have to consider is the comfort that you get from the ski helmet. The helmet should also be warm enough for its users. Can you imagine the wind going straight to your face? Aside from the design of full face skiing helmets that protect users from the wind, you also have other parts of the helmet that can contribute to its warmth. Some even have detachable ear pads that can keep you warm.

Aside from the ability of the helmet to keep you warm, it should also have a sweat-wicking capability. Some helmets offer vents to keep the sweat out, Plus, you also have plugs to give you additional control of how much airflow you want to get.


Heavy doesn’t always translate to better protection. For instance, a lightweight ski helmet made of carbon fiber material is more durable than most heavy helmets. For this reason, a carbon fiber ski helmet is more expensive than most products in the market.


Next, you also have to be particular about the design of your ski helmet. Do you plan to have the modular helmet that doesn’t cover the entire face or do you plan on using a full face skiing helmet? One thing that makes modular helmets popular is that it allows you to easily communicate with other people while skiing. However, it doesn’t provide additional coverage of protection on your chin.

Sizing and fit

Different manufacturers have different sizing and fit. However, as rule of thumb, the measurement of these top ski helmets start 1” above the eyebrows. This gives users the largest circumference of the head. Now, different brands will have different size charts.

When testing the fit of your snow helmet, you need to make sure that it is snug but not too tight. If it doesn’t fit, you will notice that it will rock back and forth which could be detrimental to your safety. Sometimes, if you find your head to be a bit awkward for the next size, you might want to have ticker sizing pads. This can offer additional protection to your head and could make the slightly loose skiing helmet work.

However, remember that there shouldn’t be any gap between your goggles and your snowboarding helmet. But also, it shouldn’t be blocking your vision.

Next, you also have to be particular about the chinstrap. This helps secure the helmet and make sure that it stays intact even during impact. As a rule of thumb, it shouldn’t be too snug but at the same time, you shouldn’t be able to chew your food when wearing the ski helmet.

Additional features

Nowadays, there’s more to your ski helmets. Some snowboard helmet brands provided camera mount where you can place action cameras such as GoPro. However, if you are going to do a bit of research, additional features such as a camera mount can also pose some danger. The ex-Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher was said to have been injured during a skiing accident because of the camera that was mounted on his helmet.

Apart from the camera mount, some of the best snow helmets have built-in speakers that can serve as a 2-way radio for communication or for playing your favorite songs while skiing.

Safety certification

Next, you also need to be particular about the safety certifications used by ski helmets brands. ASTM F2040 is usually used by US-based brands whereas CE EN1077 is typically used in Europe. Though helmets are known for durability, you have to remember that these are only designed to minimize injuries.


There’s no denying that the budget will affect the decision of consumers. Even if it is designed to protect your head from a concussion and serious injuries, a lot of consumers are still looking for the best affordable ski helmet. The best affordable option doesn’t have to be the cheapest. You also have to consider what type of protection it can give you as a consumer.

To get the best deal if you are in the market for the best cheap ski helmet, you want to compare at least five other products and even take a closer look at the feedback from other users.


If you’re in the market for the best snowboarding helmets, you might as well be smart with what you are going to pick. You want something that can provide safety but at the same time offer more such as comfort. Take your time when it comes to comparing products. Try to see which item offers the best materials and designs that would fit your requirements. The good news is that there are a variety of options in the market. Regardless of your budget, you can always have the right fit for you. With these products we’ve mentioned, you can get the right fit for you.