Top 10 Snowboard Boots in 2020 Review

There’s always that pair of shoes specifically designed for a certain activity. The snowboard boot is a great example. You can’t just strap on any type of footwear and expect a safe ride on your snowboard.

What’s so different about snowboard boots, anyway? Do they have extra-rough outer soles, a thicker fabric material, or a tighter fit? We’ll discuss that in detail through a complete buying guide later on.

For now, let’s take a sneak peek first on their typical features through a list of high-quality products. Go ahead and check out some of the best snowboard boots you can find in stores.

Best Snowboard Boots Review

Not only is this list composed of quality options, but the products here will also impress you because of their cool styles. Allow us to prove it to you by presenting you these snowboard boots:

Vans Hi-Standard Men’s Snowboard Boots

With their thick V1 waffle lug soles made of rubber, Vans Hi-Standard Men’s Snowboard Boots will require you to buy a slightly bigger size than what you’re used to. They look big, but that’s only because of their heavy-duty materials.

The lug sole is designed for both street and all-mountain use. It has strong traction that’s applicable for all conditions.

Thanks to their 4-5/10 flex and response, these snowboard boots are comfortable, effective for snowboarding, and fun to use at the same time. No wonder they’re ideal for most snowboarders regardless of skill level. They can even be used on any terrain.

Focusing on comfort, this product comes with the special V1 UltraCush footbed and liner. It specifically works with the single-density PopCush design, 3D anatomical shape, water-resistant Nylex top sheet, and ventilated sections.

When it comes to fit, the lacing of these boots follows the classic design to make sure it’s effective. The upper stays tight because of diamond lace supported by brass-textured hooks. It can be freely adjusted to ensure that anybody can wear it.

More about support, the harness can hold your heel securely to help you maintain a foolproof position on the snowboard. And, the best part, it’s so lightweight and simple to use.


  • Versatile in terms of terrain
  • Can be used by both beginners and experts
  • High traction
  • Adjustable, snug fit
  • Secure heel support
  • Moisture-resistant top sheet
  • Allow airflow
  • Lightweight for free movement


  • Extra-tight liner
  • Liner and shell merged together

Adidas Samba ADV Men’s Snowboard Boots

Don’t be surprised by how expensive Adidas Samba ADV Men’s Snowboard Boots are. Each pair sold in stores is carefully made by humans, not machines. Man-made products are usually more durable because of the meticulous craftsmanship behind the process.

As expected, these boots have rubber soles. Their design is inspired by the powerful traction of turf shoes. It has a strong grip on icy or snowy surfaces. It can even ensure stability on your snowboard because of its pivot sections on the forefoot. Meanwhile, the upper’s composition is made up of artificial leather and suede.

This product fits like a glove, too. It has a cuff shell and a 3D-molded tongue. Also, its foam liner reacts to thermal molding to successfully match the distinct shape of your feet.

More importantly, the lace can secure the upper perfectly because of the ankle harness. Rest assured your foot won’t slip inside the boot.


  • Guaranteed to be durable since it’s man-made
  • Won’t slip easily on snow, ice, and the surface of your snowboard
  • Help you remain stable while riding
  • Can fit any foot shape
  • Secure fit around your ankles
  • Non-slip liner and insole


  • Too expensive for some people

Burton Ruler BOA

The lacing of Burton Ruler BOA uses the Dual Zone system. To be more specific, it works with Coiler technology and unique New England Ropes. The lacing system has a modern twist to guarantee excellent fit and a higher level of safety. To enhance security, the liner has a closure you can hook and loop.

More about Coiler technology, it promotes convenience in adjusting the upper and the forefoot. Simply turn the dial to either loosen or tighten the overall fit.

If you can’t decide between flexibility and firmness, the highly durable PowerUP tongue has the best of both worlds with its medium flex. It aims to provide comfort and support without going overboard on flexibility and tightness. Speaking of comfort, the liner includes the 3M Thinsulate feature to ensure insulation.

Since snowboard boots are always covered with ice and snow, it’s important to boost protection for your feet. Good thing that the internal gusset of this option is snow-proof.


  • Modern lacing system
  • Instant upper and forefoot adjustments with a simple dial
  • Tough yet flexible medium-flex tongue
  • Effective insulation
  • Snow-proof gusset


  • Flimsy toe box
  • Usually too small for bigger foot sizes

K2 Men’s Maysis Boots

If you can’t get enough of the Boa system, K2 Men’s Maysis Boots feature the Boa Conda which lets you tighten the foam liner to improve heel support and overall fit. You can also take advantage of the 3D Intuition Control liner by molding it with heat to fit better. Meanwhile, to keep the fit longer and the flex consistent, these boots have the new Endo 2.0 structure.

Of course, a superior grip will always be essential for snowboard boots. The outsole of this product is the Vibram Pro-Lite kind to strengthen the grip and, at the same time, remain durable for years.

Versatility is expected from these boots as well. They have a medium flex so you can go snowboarding in parks, steep slopes, and other challenging terrains.


  • Inner and outer adjustments with a simple dial
  • Thermally moldable liner for a customized fit
  • Unchanging medium flex despite frequent use
  • Satisfying fit throughout each ride
  • Consistent grip even on higher slopes


  • Cracks on the soles
  • Rubber sole falling apart
  • Torn leather sections
  • Weak toe box

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Another product using New England Ropes for the lace, Burton Moto Snowboard Boots provide a reliable lacing system. It uses the Speed Zone design for convenience and safety.

While other boots promote a medium flex, this product is all about softness. The tongue has a soft flex to focus on comfort. Another factor why these boots are comfortable is their snow-proof gusset.

Despite keeping your feet warm with slightly thicker materials, these boots are still lightweight because of the DynoLITE outsole. They’ll let you move like a pro on your snowboard.

Besides, the materials don’t need to be extra-thick in the first place. Inside each boot, there’s a special foil referred to as the Sleeping Bag. It can reflect heat from your body to serve as a natural heater for your feet.

Before you proceed to the next product, don’t let the lightness of the DynoLITE outsole fool you into thinking that it will easily fall off. It’s still strong enough to resist impact.


  • Modern lacing system
  • Soft flex for total comfort
  • Lightweight yet impact-resistant outsoles
  • Insulation without overly thick materials


  • Tend to be too small for bigger feet
  • Can be tricky to handle the lace with shivering hands

Ride Men’s Anthem

The outsole of Ride Men’s Anthem is another example of a good snowboard boot sole that’s lightweight yet effective at gripping different surfaces. It’s called the GRIP Light sole, which gets better with the new feature +SLIME midsole.

This product also uses the popular Boa Coiler. It has a modern lacing system to keep up with the demands of many snowboarders nowadays.

As for the fit, these boots can keep your feet cozy because of their tongue liner. The foam liner has a luxurious feel for softness and warmth. It also has medium density to provide insulation in freezing temperatures without overheating your feet.


  • Lightweight outsole with a foolproof grip
  • Innovative lacing system
  • Soft and smooth tongue liner with medium density for the standard level of insulation


  • Slight inconvenience in purchasing bigger sizes (e.g., can’t find the right size, limited options)

DEELUXE 571529-1000/9110 Empire TF

Most snowboard boots in stores are designed for recreational use. They’re usually made for people who just want to enjoy snowy slopes during winter. Their typical features focus on comfort and grip, enough to let you glide over hills with finesse.

DEELUXE 571529-1000/9110 Empire TF, however, takes it up a notch to allow maximum performance over higher mountains. It has a classic look for a reason.

The first thing we’re going to highlight is the irregular shape of the boots. The purpose of that design is to improve progression. You can push your snowboard without any hassle to maneuver around obstacles or continue your movement. Whether you’re just snowboarding on kickers or finally ready to challenge yourself on cliffs, you can trust these heavy-duty boots.

We should prioritize safety as well. Fortunately, these snowboard boots have an SCL lace arrangement. Aside from its secure design, it can also maintain comfort and quick lacing.

In addition to the idea of comfort, this product uses gel padding for the soles. It feels good and is highly protective against shock. It can absorb impact.


  • Ideal for steeper slopes
  • Impressive push progression because of asymmetrical form
  • Impact-resistant gel sole cushions


  • One of the most expensive options

DC Scendent Men’s Snowboard Boots

From a series of advanced lacing systems, now we’re back to the traditional kind. DC Scendent Men’s Snowboard Boots feature the standard lace, the design that has proven time and time again that it really works. As a plus, the upper includes an ankle harness to secure the lace.

Even though the lacing system has a traditional design, this product still has a new feature. It comes with the unique Double Black Liner.

Meanwhile, insole and outsole have the same top-notch quality. The insole is an IMPACT-STM while the outsole is an IMPACT-GTM.

The entirety of these snowboard boots is inspired by the iconic skate shoe of the same company.


  • Traditional lacing system
  • Ankle harness for a more secure lace
  • Double Black Liner for better fit and comfort
  • High-quality insoles and outsoles
  • As well-made as the widely popular DC skate shoe


  • Shredding straps
  • Not convincing enough when it comes to the 9/10 flex rating
  • Inconsistent sizing options for bigger feet

Burton Swath BOA

As expected from Burton Swath BOA, it uses the Dual Zone Boa design with Coiler technology and New England Ropes. It also has the usual PowerUP tongue with a medium flex. Additionally, it features an articulating cuff and a GripLITE backstay.

For enhanced durability and response, the external material is an Ultraweave shell. Its design doesn’t require big, heavy seams.

Meanwhile, for comfort, the internal gusset will remain snow-proof. These snowboard boots also have cozy Imprint 3 liners, Sleeping Bag foil for reflecting body heat, and ultra-soft ReBounce cushions that will never be affected by freezing temperatures.

As for the outsoles, they feature the DynoBITE design. The rubber sections are carefully arranged to provide more traction on the front and rear parts of your feet.

With all features combined, the result is a pair of lightweight boots that are safe enough to use for snowboarding on high mountains.


  • Medium flex
  • Lightweight Ultraweave shell
  • Snow-proof gusset
  • Sleeping Bag foil for constant warmth
  • Consistently soft ReBounce padding
  • Stronger grip on the forefoot and hindfoot


  • Can be too hard on your heels

DC Men’s Travis Rice ’18

Professional snowboarding is serious business. It requires boots like DC Men’s Travis Rice ’18.

This product has a sleek design to ensure that you can perform your best on your snowboard. The best part, however, is the fact that it’s designed by the influential snowboarder Travis Rice. He obviously knows by heart what makes the ideal footwear for the extreme demands of the sport.

First, let’s talk about the outer material. These boots are protected by the unique Super Fabric, a material that won’t easily rip apart. Despite the material’s toughness, comfort is still guaranteed. The boots use a reliable AEROTECH design for effective ventilation.

Next, you should know that these boots also use the Boa system, just like some of the previous options we’ve discussed. Even the tiniest adjustments are possible thanks to the Coiler dial.

Meanwhile, for stability, the Re-Purpose EVA insole comes with a TPU support for your foot’s arch. You’ll be able to effortlessly balance yourself on your snowboard no matter how intense the terrain is.


  • Designed by a professional snowboarder
  • Tear-resistant fabric
  • Superior ventilation
  • Allows the smallest adjustments for accuracy
  • Can match your foot arch perfectly for stable rides


  • Possibility of the footprint being too big for bindings

How to Choose Good Snowboard Boots

Snowboarders have different preferences when it comes to terrain and their boots’ lacing system. More importantly, they come in different foot sizes and shapes. That’s why we’re here to explain tips on selecting the best snowboard boots for you or your loved ones.


Before you start measuring your foot to make sure the fit will be perfect, it’s important to decide first on which type of snowboard boots to buy. The variations are usually classified according to flex. Knowing the purpose of each flex will make it easier for you to purchase the right boots for every terrain.


This is the most comfortable flex, but it can only provide minimal support. Still, it’s highly recommended if you have to spend several hours on mountains. Just imagine the pain of wearing stiff boots while riding your snowboard nonstop.

And, since it’s the most flexible as well, it’s ideal for beginners and freestyle riders. It lets any rider move effortlessly on powder, groomers, and park-and-pipe. It also allows for a wide range of movements, making it perfect for various tricks.


You don’t have to choose between flexibility and support. Sometimes, you just need to find the right balance. So feel free to consider medium-flex boots. Just like soft flex, the medium type is also helpful for all-mountain use. It can be used by most snowboarders.


Without a doubt, stiff snowboard boots give the highest level of support. They’ll help you control your board better when you want to go faster. They’re specifically great for freerides, especially on the backcountry. Plus, they can handle ice and firm snow.

Stiff flex is still recommended by many experts for all-mountain use, but it’s best for racers only. Its ultimate downside is terrain parks.


After finding the right type of boots based on your preferred flex or terrain, the next step is to find the right fit. Luckily for you, the sizing of snowboard boots is quite similar to the usual way for any footwear. Just remember that some brands offer different sizing options, resulting in big and small boots despite having the same labeled size in stores.

Read on to learn the standard fitting as well as tips on how to choose the correct fit for women and children.


The key here is simple–the tighter, the better. This ensures that you won’t be able to lift your heels while riding. Lifted heels can affect your performance.

However, the tightness shouldn’t be to the point of constricting blood circulation around your legs and feet. Your toes shouldn’t bend, too. The toecap must be a few millimeters away from the tip of your big toe.

The point of buying tight snowboard boots isn’t just about securing your feet perfectly. Eventually, the liners will get softer, leading to a slightly looser fit.

Snowboard Boots for Women

Most women need snowboard boots that have a narrower section for the rearfoot. They’re also usually more comfortable with soft or medium flex.

Snowboard Boots for Children

Who says snowboarding is only for adults? The sport is dangerous, yes, but kids have the right to learn eventually. Aside from teaching them proper techniques, parents or guardians must also make sure that they’re wearing appropriate boots.

Let’s face it–snowboard boots are generally more expensive than most footwear variations. It will be such a waste to purchase pricey boots for kids and end up buying another pair after a year or two just to keep up with their growing feet.

The trick here is to find boots with footbeds that have peel-away layers. The design aims to fit different foot sizes. Never buy loose boots to avoid discomfort or pain.


Based on the list of products we’ve shared, it’s clear that the lacing system of snowboard boots is either the traditional or modern type. We’ve even come across several options using the Boa system.

Learn the three specific types of lacing systems below:


You know what they say, nothing beats the classics. If you don’t mind spending some time lacing your snowboard boots, you can never go wrong with the traditional system (unless you don’t tie it properly).

Compared to modern laces, the traditional ones are cheaper and easier to find. You can find a replacement in just a snap. You can even buy more in different colors or patterns to amp up your style.


We haven’t mentioned the quick-pull lacing system on the list, but it’s a whole different type on its own. Simply put, this lace variation is like a corset. You can tighten it with one strong pull. You can also target a specific section like the forefoot.

This lacing system is more convenient for you’ll be able to secure your boots fast–even while you’re wearing thick gloves! It also looks better since you can conceal both ends of the lace.

Unfortunately, having a quick-pull lace may take some getting used to at first. It’s not very popular mainly because of its complex appearance and concept. Besides, the traditional lace will always have a tighter fit than the quick-pull.


You can instantly identify snowboard boots with the Boa lacing system. Just look for a dial. The dial allows small adjustments for precision.

The Boa lace is in-demand in the modern age because it’s the most convenient system. You can adjust the fit with just one gloved hand.

However, the strands used in this design may break, a problem you’ll never experience with the traditional style. Boa snowboard boots tend to be the most expensive as well.


Learning the characteristics of moldable liners can be confusing. You may think thermoformable and custom ones are the exact same thing, but they’re actually very different. But, first, let’s understand the characteristics of the non-moldable type.


You can’t use heat to customize non-moldable snowboard boots. They can only conform to your foot’s shape if you use them regularly. The change relies on body weight’s pressure.


While non-moldable snowboard boots rely on body weight, the thermoformable ones make use of body heat. They conform much faster than the non-moldable type. After snowboarding for one or two days, you’ll be able to feel the improvement.


As for custom moldable liners, they require a heat source. You can either have the process professionally done or do it yourself. Just make sure you know what you’re doing to avoid ruining any section of your snowboard boots.


Selecting the right snowboard boots isn’t too hard, but you have to consider several factors. The product’s type, fit, lace, and liner are just some of the factors you need to think about to avoid regrets after purchase.

Out of the amazing products we featured, DEELUXE 571529-1000/9110 Empire TF has caught our attention. It’s interesting how it was designed for more challenging terrains. We appreciate the fact that it focuses on push progression and resistance to impact. Sure, it’s more expensive than other options, but it can be a good investment for quality rides in the future.