Top 10 Snowboard Bags 2020 Review

A typical snowboard is solid and long, which makes it challenging for snowboarders to bring them anywhere. After all, you can’t just carry it around like a surfboard or fold it to fit one of your bags. It will never work.

That’s why you should spend some time looking for the right bag for your snowboard. It won’t only ensure convenience; it can also guarantee the most important factor–durability. In order for your board to last for years, always protect it from impact, abrasion, and moisture during transportation or storage.

Are the best snowboard bags simply about portability and the quality of their materials? Learn all the essential features of a reliable bag by going through our list of top products.

Best Snowboard Bags Review

Here are the top 10 snowboard bags according to our standards:

Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag

Purely made of polyester, Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag can ensure total protection. The material is extremely durable, proven by how its quality remains the same despite heavy use and frequent washing. Another proof is how resistant it is to scratches due to factors related to transportation (limited space, bumpy roads, etc.).

This polyester bag can also protect your snowboard from moisture. Melted snow can’t ruin the surfaces of your board for it evaporates once it’s absorbed by the material. So don’t be surprised if the bag stays dry even though you expose it outside.

And, since polyester is known for its lightness, this bag won’t hurt your shoulders or back when you carry it. The lightweight material won’t add much to the overall weight of the bag with snowboards, boots, and accessories inside.

Just in case you’re wondering about the thickness of this polyester bag, it has a 600D x 1200D construction. A higher number simply means the material is thicker.


  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) backing for impact-resistance
  • Full-zip design for easier access to the main compartment
  • Smaller zippered compartment for accessories
  • Lockable zipper
  • Straps for securing the board inside
  • Front and side handles
  • Removable extra bag for bindings and boots
  • Smooth IXION wheels
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Too expensive for some people

Sportube Series 3 Ski Bag

If you prefer a tougher protective covering, Sportube Series 3 Ski Bag is a good option. Its polyethylene plastic case has a high density to create a hard shell for total protection of your snowboard and its accessories. It can also be closed securely because of its foolproof TSA-approved pin. Other features for securing contents include six board straps and six brake retainers.

This ski bag has a spacious interior. It can accommodate multiple snowboards, boots, bindings, and poles. Just make sure to make the bindings face each other to save some space for more accessories. They should look like shoes placed inside a box the usual way. Also, measure the length of the snowboard first before buying this bag. The max length is 72 inches or 183 centimeters.

A fully packed snowboard bag can be impossible to carry with your hands, shoulders, or back. Good thing that this product has rubber wheels and a handle you can easily pull while you’re rolling the bag.

All of the features we’ve mentioned make this bag perfect for air travel. Even the locking pin’s design is officially approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


  • Extra padding for your snowboard’s tip and tail
  • Five-year warranty
  • American-made product


  • Zero pockets outside the bag which can be an inconvenience
  • Wheel axles weak against the weight of a full bag
  • Contributes a lot to the overall weight because of its heavy structure

Burton Wheelie Gig Multiple Board Storage

Another snowboard bag made of 600D polyester that comes with TPE backing, Burton Wheelie Gig Multiple Board Storage is a long-lasting product. The full coverage of its padding is more than enough to protect the most essential parts of the board, especially the tip and the tail. In fact, this bag is so durable and protective that it’s bombproof.

As for the number of snowboards that can fit inside this bag, it depends on their measurements. However, it’s safe to say that the bag can hold at least two. It has more than one deck to separate each board. Its design is also telescopic for boards measuring 57 inches (146 centimeters) to 71 inches (181 centimeters).

Sometimes, a snowboard bag doesn’t have to be full. This is the perfect time for you to carry it anywhere like a shoulder bag. The strap is padded and removable for comfort and convenience.


  • IXION wheels
  • Can be locked because of the contoured zipper
  • External pocket for accessories
  • Double-cushioned shoulder strap
  • Internal straps for the boards
  • Handles on the front and side


  • Jammed zipper
  • Flimsy plastic attachment for the shoulder strap
  • Ripped stitching

High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo

Making your snowboard last longer isn’t just about protecting it from impact and scratches. Moisture can also damage it in the long run. Fortunately, the 600D Duralite fabric of High Sierra Snowboard Sleeve and Boot Bag Combo is coated with a special material that’s resistant to water.

Since impact resistance is also important, the material has padding without going overboard on thickness to keep the bag lightweight. Even the zippers can endure heavy use. They’re specifically nylon coil with self-repairing properties.

As you can see from the product’s name, you’ll receive a sleeve and a small bag if you decide to buy it. The sleeve is for snowboards with a length of up to 65 inches or 165 centimeters. Meanwhile, the bag is for boots measuring up to size 13.

The entire product only weighs 3.4 pounds. Fully packing both the sleeve and the bag won’t be too heavy.


  • Ideal for air travel
  • Resistant to impact
  • Keeps a snowboard clean
  • Durable, smooth zippers
  • Much more affordable than other options


  • Not full-zip
  • Not resistant to ripping or tearing
  • Not padded enough for some users
  • Too tight for two full-sized snowboards and bindings
  • Zero insulation

Thule RoundTrip 165cm Snowboard Roller Bag

The problem with most snowboard bags is they won’t let you organize your stuff properly. Thule RoundTrip 165cm Snowboard Roller Bag, however, has several compartments of different sizes for various items–including bulky ones like boots. It’s padded and can be locked to protect all of its contents.

Meanwhile, one thing that usually happens on fully packed snowboard bags is sagging. This can eventually change the shape of the bag, making it harder for you to fit all the necessary items. To prevent that huge inconvenience, this option has upper and lower reinforcements for the structural integrity of the bag.

Also, to make it easier for you to handle this bag when it gets heavier, it has wheels and handles. The wheels are smooth while the handles come in different directions. Another feature that helps with portability is the coil zipper.

You can fit at least two snowboards in this bag even with boots inside. They’ll be secured as long as you use the compression straps.


  • Has a lot of space
  • Can be rolled anywhere
  • Additional cushioning for both ends of your snowboard
  • Solid structure
  • Moisture-resistant interior
  • Interior mesh compartments for easier access
  • Smooth yet tough zippers
  • Lockable
  • Extra bags can be attached to it


  • No shoulder strap
  • Too small for some users who go on week-long trips
  • Not tear-resistant

Burton Space Sack

As expected from the manufacturer, Burton Space Sack is completely made of polyester for ultimate durability. It’s specifically composed of 600D polyester with backing made of TPE. It can hold several snowboards without letting the heavy load take its toll. However, the board’s length must not exceed 71 inches or 181 centimeters.

Unlike the previous product, this one has a shoulder strap. Since the strap is unnecessary in some instances, it can be removed to prevent snags.

Overall, this lightweight snowboard bag is great for travel in all forms. You can bring it anywhere whether you’re riding a car, bus, train, or airplane. You can even use it for storage after the winter season to maintain a clean, intact board.


  • Can last for several years
  • Multipurpose bag for your snowboarding gear and regular clothes
  • Colorful, eye-catching style to minimize the risk of losing the bag
  • Long-lasting vibrant colors
  • Still looks compact even when full
  • Durable straps
  • Waterproof material
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No side pockets for small accessories
  • Lacks cushioning
  • Vulnerable to sharp edges
  • No wheels

DEMON UNITED 2020 New Phantom Flight Snowboard Travel Bag

While most snowboard bags are made of 600D fabric, DEMON UNITED 2020 New Phantom Flight Snowboard Travel Bag takes it up a notch with 1680D. As if that’s not enough, it also includes thick foam all over. The extra thickness is meant for a more durable outer shell. Because of this, the bag won’t rip easily. Scratches won’t lead to tears and holes.

Meanwhile, for portability, you can move this snowboard bag three ways: holding it like a carry-on, wearing it like a shoulder bag, and towing it like luggage. These are all possible thanks to the strap and handles present.

As other snowboard bags fail to include exterior compartments, this product has a pocket outside for easier access to small accessories. And, of course, it has a roomy interior. It can fit two snowboards and four boots with enough space for more items–even thick winter clothes.

To protect the contents from rain and snow, the lining is waterproof. That’s why you can bring this bag anywhere in the world.

Speaking of world travel, this bag is perfect if you’re always in airports. Its rubberized wheels are bigger than normal to smoothly roll over any surface. The bearings can also endure high-speed movement.


  • Resistant to different environmental factors
  • Generous amount of padding
  • Sturdy structure
  • Roomy interior
  • Reliable wheels
  • Cool, edgy style
  • Affordable


  • Can only fit more snowboards if they’re smaller than the standard size
  • Flimsy straps

Burton Gig Snowboard Bag with Padded Protection

Just like other snowboard bags from the same manufacturer, Burton Gig Snowboard Bag comes with 600D polyester material to ensure durability. More importantly, it’s completely padded to prevent premature damage on your board.

Aside from the padded body, the strap also has padding. It won’t hurt your shoulders despite the heavy load. You can remove it anytime if you want.

Access is super-easy with this snowboard bag. Aside from its full-zip design, it also has an external accessory pocket. The pocket can hold tools and even damp gloves since it’s water-resistant.

Don’t worry about having an external compartment; the one on this bag has a foolproof zipper. You can lock it as long as the mechanism you’re using is approved by the TSA. You’ll be more confident carrying this bag around an airport.


  • Affordable alternative for wheeled suitcases
  • Sufficiently padded
  • Very spacious
  • Water-resistant
  • Fun patterns
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Small strap
  • Requires more effort in adjusting the strap
  • Lacks wheels

DAKINE Low Roller Snowboard Bag

If you love to go snowboarding with your family, DAKINE Low Roller Snowboard Bag can fit two snowboards. Even though the bag can only fit one pair of bindings, the capacity is still enough for such an affordable bag.

For easier transport, this snowboard bag is the rolling type. It specifically has extra-large urethane wheels. You can simply pull it around like a wheeled suitcase when it’s heavy. Another good news is that the bag only weighs seven pounds or three kilograms. It goes to show that it needs to contain a lot of items first before you can consider it heavy.

When it comes to extra pockets or compartments, this product comes with a small bag for your boots. The boot bag can be removed so you can carry it solo, lighten the load of the main compartment, or wash it.

Since the cost of your entire snowboarding gear isn’t a joke, you need to secure it at all times. Luckily for you, the zipper of this bag is designed to be lockable. The 600D polyester fabric can also protect your gear from abrasion and impact.


  • No need to buy a separate boot bag anymore
  • Comes in modern and feminine style options
  • Provides enough space for necessary snowboarding gear
  • Durable, hassle-free wheels for better control
  • Can be folded for storage
  • Can serve as regular luggage


  • Not enough padding for some users
  • Possibility of rips and holes

Athletico Maverick 180cm Padded Snowboard Bag

Other options lack padding, which is a big issue for people who just want to protect their boards at all costs. Athletico Maverick 180cm Padded Snowboard Bag is different. Each of its sides is protected with dense foam measuring 10 millimeters.

To stop your snowboard from moving a lot in the bag, the interior has straps. It keeps the board fixed on one side only to protect it from impact and scratches. This is crucial for small boards.

Having a compartment for boots is helpful, but it can contribute to a much heavier bag. To distribute the added weight, this snowboard bag has two individual compartments. If not boots, those storage spaces are ideal for holding socks, too. No wonder this bag is a great organizer.

We know we’re talking about a product from a different manufacturer, but like Burton snowboard bags, this one is made of 600D polyester. Yes, you’ve guessed it right–it’s resistant to moisture, which is also made possible by the waterproof liner.


  • Lockable zipper
  • Full-zip style
  • Zippered interior bag
  • Exterior back pocket for your phone, wallet, and other personal items
  • Pocket for your ID or business card
  • Insulated, waterproof liner
  • Cushioned handles
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Interior straps
  • Made in the USA


  • Loose shoulder strap fastener
  • Lacks padding on the shoulder strap
  • Tends to rip apart when fully packed and heavily used
  • Broken zipper
  • Loose stitching on some sections
  • Zero wheels

How to Choose Good Snowboard Bags

Size, protection, durability, and convenience are the important factors you should consider before buying a snowboard bag.


In determining the right size for your snowboarding needs, remember the following:

Length of the Snowboard

There’s no need to think about this if you have a short snowboard. Obviously, it can fit all bags. However, if you have a medium- or full-sized board, always check the length indicated. It’s safer to choose a 181-centimeter bag.

Number of Snowboards

If you aim to bring only one snowboard, thinking about the bag’s length is enough. But, if you’re always traveling with multiple boards, at least find a bag that can hold two. That’s the usual capacity offered.

Depth of the Bag

We suggest choosing a bag with more depth or height. This ensures that you’ll be able to store all necessary items for snowboarding like boots, bindings, gloves, goggles, and winter clothes. Sure, you may bring another bag for your clothes and boots, but why not put everything in a single snowboard bag?


After making sure that your snowboard will perfectly fit the bag, you should also see to it that it’s going to be protected no matter what. The three factors in terms of protection are padding, internal straps, and water resistance.


Despite the common purpose to protect snowboards, not all bags are padded. There’s a good reason, though, in spite of the lack of padding being a clear disadvantage.

Some manufacturers focus on capacity and weight. Without thick cushioning, the interior is more spacious. The bag also becomes lightweight, an essential factor if you don’t want to pay luggage fees. What the manufacturer does is use a high-quality fabric instead that can resist impact and abrasion. The exterior may even have a hard shell made of something light like plastic.

However, if that’s not enough and you’re willing to pay for excess luggage, feel free to choose a bag with extra-thick padding. You’ll feel more relaxed as a traveler, knowing that your snowboard will be safe no matter what.

Internal Straps

This is not an option. Interior straps are very important to stop your snowboard from shifting. What’s the point of protecting your board from impact and scratches with thick foam if it keeps on hitting other items inside?

Water-Resistant Liner

Don’t just protect the exterior surface from moisture. Double the level of protection by making sure that the liner inside is also water-resistant. Snowboards may lose their sturdiness and smoothness if they’re constantly exposed to moisture. Don’t forget about other contents that shouldn’t get wet as well.


A lot of snowboard bags pose problems like ripped fabric, weak shoulder straps, and broken zippers. That’s why durability should be a priority. Keep the following tips in mind:


Surely you’ve noticed that the typical fabric used for snowboard bags is 600D polyester. But, it’s best if you choose something with a higher number even if it’s more expensive.

The 1680D type is clearly more durable since it’s much thicker. It’s known as ballistic nylon. It’s resistant to moisture, impact, and scratches–just like 600D. The only difference is the maximum strength of 1680D.

In addition, don’t take TPE backing for granted. It boosts the waterproof properties of the bag.

Shoulder Strap

It’s sad how flimsy shoulder straps exist on many snowboard bags despite their material being perfectly fine. The root cause is the low-quality material used for the fastener or attachment. It should be made of stainless steel or thick ABS plastic with reinforcement stitching.

Another factor for the constant problem on shoulder straps is them being removable. They’re definitely more durable if they’re stitched into the bag permanently. But, don’t let that stop you if your preference is removable shoulder straps. Just don’t test their durability by using them while your bag is overly heavy.


Ensuring that the zippers aren’t breakable isn’t rocket science. The key here is size, thickness, smoothness, and material. The zippers must be bigger and thicker to withstand quick and abrupt motions. It will also help if they’re made of smooth, tough materials to avoid getting stuck or shattered by impact.


Multiple compartments, handles, and wheels around your snowboard bag can significantly improve your travel experience.


Fitting a lot of items inside a snowboard bag isn’t necessarily a good thing. Too crowded, and the contents may get damaged due to constant impact and friction. Organization is crucial, which is why there must be several big and small compartments or pockets.

In fact, many products have smaller bags for boots alone. Some even have exterior pockets for tools, goggles, and gloves. Meanwhile, others have a secret exterior compartment for personal items like IDs, phones, and wallets.


A convenient snowboard bag will let you carry it horizontally and vertically. Side handles are meant for horizontal holding while the front one will allow you to move the bag like a suitcase.

The shoulder strap is usually located near the side handles. You can wear it while holding the handles to distribute the weight.

Additionally, the handles and the shoulder strap should be padded. A heavy bag can hurt your hands and shoulders.


Some options don’t have wheels, but that’s only because some people use those bags for snowboard gear only. If you’re the type of person who prefers putting everything in just one bag, you can’t allow yourself to use a full snowboard bag without wheels.

A heavy snowboard bag is best handled like a wheeled suitcase. That’s the only way you can survive the whole ordeal alone.

Unfortunately, some wheels are so flimsy. They’re supposed to be helping you move your heavy snowboard bag, but they end up requiring you to pack less.

So, always go for bigger all-terrain wheels. They should be thick and rubberized. Not only are they useful in airports, but they can also move smoothly outdoors.


The purpose of snowboard bags is simple, but choosing the right one takes a lot of factors that should be carefully considered. Things like size, protection, durability, and convenience are just the tip of the iceberg. You still have to think about stuff like depth, water resistance, the quality of the zippers, and placement of the handles.

Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag is one of the most expensive options, but its price is reasonable enough for the quality it provides. We highly recommend it because of its unique 600D x 1200D structure. It is thicker in all the right places to avoid adding too much weight to the total load.