Best Skateboards for Beginners 2022 Review

What is the best skateboard for beginners? If you are asking this question, read on! We will walk you through some of the top products to consider, as well as their most notable features.

A good beginner-friendly skateboard is affordable. Entry-level models have basic features, so they are cheap. More importantly, as a newbie, it isn’t practical to invest in a high-end product. You are just starting to learn, so begin with an economical skateboard.

Nonetheless, while budget is an important consideration, it does not mean that you should compromise performance. Find one that offers a combination of affordability and quality. Luckily, you don’t have to look far! This post lists down some of the top products and their incredible features that make then ideal for novices.

Best Skateboards for Beginners Review

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

In your search for the best skateboards for beginners, this is one option to top. It is also one of the most affordable on this list, making it a great choice for people on a budget.

Being economical does not mean that it skimps on quality and performance. A notable feature of this product is the 100% maple construction of its deck. With seven plies, it has multiple layers to ensure the rigidity of the board without compromising its flexibility. The material has been cold pressed and epoxy-glued to make it stronger. As a result, it has a high maximum weight capacity of up to 220 pounds.

Aside from its exceptional construction, it also stands out because of the mediate concave. Even if you are a beginner, you will surely want to practice making tricks. With the shape of the board, it is easier to show off what you’ve got.

The speed of this skateboard is another asset. With ABEC-9 precision bearings, you can cruise in lightning speeds. Aside from the bearings, it also has high-quality 52mm polyurethane wheels. The wheels are also known for having a high rebound performance by up to 85%. They have a strong grip on different surfaces, which will help in maintaining your safety during your rides.

More so, it is known for being smooth. Regardless of the surface conditions, you can cut corners in an instant. Such is also beneficial in terms of the rider’s comfort.

Lastly, it has striking graphics. From trendy to vintage, you can choose from a selection of designs. Not to mention, they are available in a range of color that will match the personalities of different users.


  • 100% cold-pressed maple construction for durability
  • Comes with a mediate concave for tricks
  • Has great bearings that positively impact speed


  • Weak grip tape adhesive

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

A part of the Spring 2012 collection from POSITIV, this is another great pick for a skateboard starter pack. It is an old model, which also makes it affordable. Despite having been released years ago, it packs plenty of innovative features, allowing it to compete with its newer counterparts.

The first thing that you will notice in this skateboard is the design of the deck. It has squares with intricate cross arrangements in alternating colors. It also has a large logo. On the top part of the deck, you will find a grip tape, which effectively adds traction. This way, it is easier to stay on your position even during an aggressive ride.

Speaking of the deck’s construction, it is also commendable because using the Airlam process in joining the wood plies. Plus, it uses a waterproof adhesive glue, ensuring the rigidity of the board. This is also the reason why it supports riders who are up to 200 pounds. Meanwhile, its bottom part has SST slide treatment, which will minimize premature wear.

Aside from the deck, the other components of this starter skateboard are equally incredible. For instance, it has 54mm polyurethane wheels. They have a high rebound, making it easy to turn even in tight corners. As a beginner, you will love how the maneuverability is a breeze for someone who is just starting to learn. The wheels are also large, which is another reason why it makes a great pick for novices. To add, it has lubricated steel bearings, which will guarantee the smooth action of the wheels. This way, you can cruise on different surfaces comfortably!


  • Board is constructed using innovative Airlam process
  • Large wheels for smooth rides
  • Easy to maneuver even in tight corners


  • The wheels are prone to jams

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Another notable option for the best beginner skateboard, it is commended by many because of its design. It has a dragon-inspired graphic, which makes it more appealing. The best thing is that it isn’t just all about the looks. It combines both form and function.

If you are on a budget, then this skateboard is for you. Cheap, however, is a word that we can use to refer only to its price and never on its quality. The deck is made in a Chinese factory using the AirLam process. It uses an innovative glue, making sure that the materials stick together. Even after years of use, we are confident that this skateboard will withstand the test of time.

Speaking of the deck, you will also like how it has a strong grip. Your feet will stay on the top as you wish, unlike others that can be slippery.

Aside from the nice deck, the wheels are also worth commending. They are 54mm, which is a common size in good quality skateboards for beginners. At its size, they are large enough for easy maneuverability, especially for someone who is yet to master the tricks of the sport. Aside from being large, it also has a hardness rating of 99a. It is harder than many others, but that is also a good thing since it means that showing off tricks is easy. If you prefer softer wheels, you can have them easily replaced

Before every board from the manufacturer is released in the market, they go through stringent testing. With their strict quality control requirements, you can be sure that each product adheres to the highest standards, so the quality is hard to rival.


  • Has a solid deck construction
  • Hard wheels for tricks
  • Goes through strict quality control


  • Plastic trucks are flimsy

Hikole Skateboard – 31″ x 8″ Complete Skateboard

Those searching for the easiest skateboard to learn on should consider this product. It is a good choice for kids.

One of the best things about this model is the 31 x 8-inch deck, which has a concave design. With its shape, it is not just effortless to ride on, but it is also quick to learn new tricks. More so, we love the deck because of its durability. It is made of 7-ply maple. The latter makes it thick enough to be long-lasting while still being easy to maneuver. The flexibility of the board lets new users cruise without too much difficulty. With the construction of the deck, it has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Like many of the top skateboards for beginners, it is also smooth. Thanks to the 50mm polyurethane wheels, it is easy to use. Not to mention, it has high-quality bearings, so you can skate with minimal effort.

The black grip tape is another reason why it stands out. It has a powerful and stable grip, which is also crucial for safety. This will allow the rider to be steady on the top, minimizing the likelihood of accidents. Especially when practicing stunts, the grip tape provides the necessary traction to lessen the possibility of slipping, especially when cruising fast or skating downhill.


  • User-friendly concave deck
  • Comes with smooth wheels an bearings
  • High-quality grip tape for stability


  • Can be too small for some users

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

On a budget? Then this is another product that should be on your list of entry-level skateboards. The deck is 8 x 32 inches, which is one of the most common sizes used even by professional skateboarders. It is large enough to provide novices with a wide platform to stand on while also making it maneuverable even in tight spaces.

Looking at its features, one thing that we like the most is the modern concave. With this design attribute, it is easy to flip the end of the board. As a result, it is a breeze to learn new tricks, even if you are a skateboarding newbie.

Furthermore, it has a 7-ply Canadian maple deck. Maple is one of the most common materials for skateboard decks because it is durable but flexible. More than being able to take a beating, it is also soft enough to follow your movements without breaking easily.

The deck is combined with other high-quality components, which include 53mm urethane wheels, 5.0 aluminum trucks, and precision speed bearings. The wheels are built in such a way that they will do well on different surfaces. Along with the bearings, the skateboard can deliver a smooth mechanism in different environments. Nonetheless, some people note that its bearings can use an improvement to make the board cruise better, especially when turning in sharp locations.

The professional assembly of the board is also commendable. When you take them out of the box, they are ready to ride. This means that there is no need for complicated assembly, which is one more thing that makes it great for beginners.


  • Has a modern concave for learning tricks
  • Ready to ride out of the box
  • Wheels do well on different surfaces


  • Bearing quality can be improved

Roller Derby Deluxe Series

Promising to deliver skating magic even to new users, Roller Derby makes this product for novices. From its design to the price, this is an ideal option for those who are just starting to appreciate the fun in skateboarding.

More than being affordable, this good skateboard for beginners come as a complete set, which means that it is ready to be used out of the box. The latter eliminates the need for complicated assembly.

Additionally, it is impressive because of the hard rock maple construction. With seven plies of such material, it is thick enough to withstand wear. Even after years of use, the board will survive the beating. Nonetheless, even if it is thick, the deck is flexible. This helps in improving maneuverability, especially when you are navigating tight spaces.

On the top of the deck, you will find a full-layer grip. This is important for improving traction on the surface. This way, it is effortless to stay on the board, unlike others wherein there is a high possibility of slipping.

More so, it comes with 5-inch aluminum trucks and 4mm risers. Along with the 50mm urethane wheels, cruising is easy when you have this board. They are injected to add a cushioning effect while also improving shock absorption. To add, it has Bevo Silver-5 bearings. Although, many users share that the latter can be improved.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty against defects. This shows how confident they are of the quality of their skateboard, which will also provide you with peace of mind.


  • No need for complicated assembly out of the box
  • Board has a good grip
  • Has a 90-day warranty against defects


  • Bearings need oil for maximum performance

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard/Crusier Pre-Assembled Complete

Looking for good skateboards to start out with? This is one product that should be on the top of the list. Since it is pre-assembled, it is ready to roll when you take it out of the packaging. Meaning, you don’t have to go through the complicated assembly.

Looking at its features, one thing that stands out is the 7-ply maple. It is the most common material in beginner skateboards, so you can be confident that the quality is unmatched. The deck is thick, which makes it more robust. Even with regular use, it takes a beating, unlike others that are easily prone to wear. Despite the rigidity, we love how flexible the deck is, which is beneficial in improving maneuverability.

Aside from the deck, the wheels are equally impressive. It has 52mm polyurethane wheels, which are large enough for novices. If you are a newbie, it is recommended that you choose larger wheels, which will let you cruise with ease. Additionally, the wheels will also provide the cushioning that you need for shock absorption, which makes it comfortable to use on different surfaces.

The 80AB black grip tape is another component that is worth mentioning. From the moment you step on the deck, you will feel how incredible the traction is. As a result, you will be more stable on the platform. Even during aggressive rides, you won’t slip. This is another good reason why it is great for beginners, especially for those who are figuring out how to stand on the deck when skateboarding.


  • Tough but flexible deck for maneuverability
  • Large wheels for easy cruising
  • Grip has excellent traction


  • The bearings barely roll out of the box

PUENTE Complete Skateboards

Newbie skateboarders will love how affordable this product is without compromising its performance.

This good beginner skateboard has dimensions of 31 x 8 inches. It is long and wide, making sure that it has a large platform. As a result, there is generous space for you to stand on, which also makes it easier to balance and cruise.

More so, it has a high-density deck, which is also made of 7-ply maple. With multiple layers. The board is tough, which ensures its longevity. The surface is also waterproof and non-slip, which is great for your safety. Even when you are skateboarding in the rain, it is easier to stay on the deck.

The doble-kick concave is another nice feature. This makes it easy to flip and control the board, which comes in handy when you are learning new tricks.

Additionally, you can expect a smooth ride with this skateboard. It has 53mm anti-shock wheels, which will absorb the roughness on the road. This means that you will be more comfortable on different surface conditions. It acts as a sort of cushioning. It also has soft bushing and high-speed bearings, which will contribute to a smoother cruising experience.

Lastly, it has graphics that stay on the deck for a long time, unlike stickers that will easily peel. The latter is possible because of the innovative thermal transfer. Despite this, there are some complaints about how bubbles can easily form on the surface, especially with constant exposure to heat and moisture.


  • Large platform for easy cruising
  • Double-kick concave for tricks
  • Graphics stay long on the deck


  • Top part can be prone to bubbling

Ohderii 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Banana Board

This option for the best entry-level skateboard is shipped fully-assembled. With this, there is no need to worry about its assembly upon receipt. You can open the box and skate immediately.

This 31 x 8-inch skateboard has an impact-resistant ABS base. It is topped with 1-layer Canadian maple, offering the perfect mix of longevity and flexibility. Meanwhile, with high-density diamond emery paper, the surface has anti-skid properties. It is easier to keep your feet on the board with the 80-grit black tape.

Another notable feature is the high rebound wheels, which are made of polyurethane. They are complemented with Abec-7 precision bearings, which will guarantee smoother movements. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily control the board so that it will move in the intended direction.

Mores so, the board is known for having a good bend, which demonstrates it flexibility. Once you are ready to take your tricks to the next level, you will love how easy it is to maneuver this beginner-friendly skateboard, especially in tight locations.

Despite the good things, one thing that you might not like is how it is quite a heavy. This can be a burden to carry when you are not skateboarding. Nonetheless, the added weight can also be considered beneficial because it ensures durability.


  • Shipped with all the components already assembled
  • Has precision bearings for smooth movements
  • Black grip tape for excellent traction


  • Too heavy for some users

Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids

Especially designed for young users, this is another option for the best skate for beginners that you should not miss.

Among others, one thing that makes this impressive is the 3.25-inch trucks. They are available in a range of colors, which will match the appearance of the deck. It will give the skateboard a more distinct and personalized appearance.

The high-speed bearings are also worth noting. They are smooth and responsive, making it easy to go on the direction where you intend to go. Best of all, they are also fast. You will find it easier to cruise in different environments. Plus, it has 60mm urethane wheels, which are large enough to accommodate the needs of the beginners. Large wheels are good for beginners because it makes the deck easier to maneuver.

Most of the options in this buying guide are made of a solid maple deck. This model, however, is different because it is made of polypropylene. It is bendable, unlike rigid wood. As a result, it is flexible, so you can easily turn. Plus, it has soft casters, which will make your rides smooth and stable. They roll on different terrains, making sure that you are stable and comfortable. Because of its plastic construction, it is one of the most lightweight in this guide. Weighing approximately 3.8 pounds, it is easy to bring this skateboard anywhere.

However, its size can be a drawback to most people. At only 22 inches, the manufacturer categorizes this product as a mini cruiser. This means that there is a small platform where the user can stand. This makes it quite tricky to use for those who are starting to learn.


  • Lightweight polypropylene construction for portability
  • Smooth-rolling wheels on various surfaces
  • Decks bends easily for easy maneuverability


  • Some might find it to be too small

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard

The first thing that you will notice in this skateboard is the checkerboard design. The latter elevates the aesthetic, making it a great pick for those who want a beautiful skateboard. Nonetheless, it goes beyond appearance, promising a great experience for beginners.

Looking at its features, one of the most notable is the narrow and lightweight construction of the deck. It has dimensions of 7.75 x 31.5 inches, making it slim. This also means that you can easily cruise through narrow spaces because of its compact design.

The modern concave is another feature of the deck that we love. This provides a wide area for you to kick, especially if you are showing off tricks. The latter makes it easier to progress from a beginner to an intermediate rider.

Like many of the products in this list, it is also constructed to be ready to ride. What this means is that you can use it as soon as you take it out of the box. There are no parts that you will need to assemble.

It is also worth noting that it has top-notch components, making sure that it will withstand the test of time. One of our favorites is the 5.0 aluminum trucks, which are known for being lightweight. Not to mention, it has high-tensile screws for sturdy mounting. The black grip tape is also a plus, which increases surface traction. The latter will help keep your position on the board.

However, one of the possible problems is the crooked design of the wheels. Check the skateboard upon receipt, and if the wheels are not aligned, fix it immediately.


  • Beautiful checkerboard design
  • Narrow profile for cruising tight spaces
  • Comes with sturdy mounting hardware


  • Crooked wheels prevent the skateboard from running straight

Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

Joining our recommendations for the best skateboard for beginner is a great alternative for those who do not like maple or wooden decks. It is made of flexible but tough plastic, which makes cruising easier. It bends in an instant, so it quickly follows your movements. Despite being made of a soft material, we are confident that it does not compromise the durability in any way.

It has 60mm wheels with a hardness rating of 78a. They are not too rigid, which also makes them smooth-rolling. Plus, they are large enough to support beginners, if the wheels are smaller, you might find it harder to balance, making it difficult for a novice to pick up the basic skateboarding techniques.

The aesthetic of this skateboard is also a plus. They are simple without graphics. Despite having a plain design, they are beautiful. They are available in an assortment of bright colors, giving each deck a distinct character.

Because of the deck’s plastic construction, it is easy to turn. Some might find it initially impossible to do so, but such is because the screws are tight out of the box. You need to loosen them based on your preference, which will make the skateboard easier to maneuver.

With a length of 22 inches and a narrow body, this skateboard is quite small. It is not for people who want a wide deck. Being small, however, has its benefits, For instance, it will be easier to navigate narrow routes. More so, it also has a lightweight body, which makes it portable.


  • Made of soft but tough plastic
  • Lightweight body for portability
  • Beautiful deck available in an assortment of bright colors


  • Platform is small for some users

SkateXS Personalized Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

If you are on the lookout for the best starter skateboard, this is another product that should be on your list. Among others, it is well-loved because of its beautiful and colorful graphics with the option for personalization. This will encourage the little ones to skate. They can choose the design that they like, including their name on the deck.

Aside from the personalized label on the top, you will also find a clear grip. It might not seem like it, but when you touch the surface, it is a bit rough. The latter is a good thing because it increases traction, minimizing the chances of slipping. This makes it easier to keep your balance and stay safe on the top of the board.

Additionally, it is also notable because of the bamboo deck. It is an eco-friendly material that also fares well in terms of durability. The best thing is that it is lightweight, which guarantees its durability. This way, it is easy to bring the board anywhere. This is also why it is a great choice for children.

More so, it has 53mm and 90A wheels. They are large enough for new users, making it easy to cruise on different surfaces. The wheels, however, are leaning on the hard side, so it does not have shock absorption capabilities that are as exceptional as those with softer wheels. The wheels are paired with Abec-7 bearing, making them turn smoothly while also improving responsiveness.


While it is definitely for beginners, take note that it is only for children. If you are adult, look for something else.


  • Offers an option for personalization
  • The grip tape provides the needed traction
  • Large wheels for maneuverability


  • Only for kids

Punisher Girls Skateboard Complete

The price of this product is one of the compelling reasons to go for it in search for the best skateboard to learn on. Nonetheless, similar to the product above, it is suitable only for children. It is small an d will not support the weight of its adult users.

This double kickboard skateboard has an efficient design that makes it easy to kick the tail. More so balancing on the board is effortless, which makes it a favorite of novices. Even those riding a board for the first time will love how easy the experience can be.

Like many of the other products in our recommendations, Canadian maple is the main material that the deck utilizes. It is affordable but durable, so we are confident that this board can take a beating. Several layers are used to strengthen the deck. Despite this, it is flexible and lightweight, so cruising even on tight areas is easy for the little riders.

The mild concave deck is another thing that makes it beginner-friendly. The latter provides superior control to the rider, especially when showing off tricks. Turning and flipping the board is a breeze because of its shape.

You will also love how it has 80Ab grip tape. It is heavy-duty., so it stays on the surface for a long time. Even with exposure of the deck to heat and humidity, the grip tape stays. The best thing is that it enhances traction.

If there is an issue in this skateboard, however, it would be that the holes for its bolts are too large. As a result, it can have alignment problems.


  • Easy to kick tail and balance
  • Made of high-quality Canadian maple
  • Has a mild concave deck for ease of use


  • Holes are too big for the bolts

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard 7.75

Wrapping up our list of training skateboards is one with a white deck. This is different from the traditional options that are either dark or bright colors. While the color is distinct, some people might not like how it is easily prone to dirt, which can quickly make it look older than its true age.

The feel and pop of the board are incredible, despite it being an entry-level model. This means that the rider can feel the excitement of every ride. Even beginner will love the thrilling feeling of being on its deck.

One of the many things that beginners will love in this board is that it is easy to flip. This is expected given that it has a width of 7.75 inches. The size also makes it easy to cruise on narrow streets. Nonetheless, users should observe caution as being narrow can also mean that it is more difficult to land. It takes quite a practice before the user can master such skills.

The wheels are 52mm and 92a. They are large, so they are suitable for newbies. If the wheels are smaller, it is more challenging to balance. Meanwhile, because they are hard, they are suitable on different surfaces, including ledges and rails. Nonetheless, if you want better comfort, go for softer wheels, which can improve shock absorption.

Best of all, it is an affordable skateboard. This is a great first board for those who do not have the luxury of financial resources. Even if it is economical, it packs decent features, making it worth of inclusion in this review of the best first skateboard for newbies.


  • Generates a good feel and pop
  • Easy to flip
  • Great for budget-conscious buyers


  • Easily prone to dirt


What is a good skateboard for beginners? By now, we hope that we have answered such question. Consider our recommendations above, and it is hard to go wrong. They are also some of the most affordable you will find in the market. Despite being economical, however, they pack plenty of impressive features.