Top 23 Skateboard Shoes in 2022 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

You can put on any random footwear and ride your board and never enjoy your ride, perform flip tricks or even maintain your balance.

That is why, skateboard shoes are designed not only to give you the comfort and protection but also to offer you the best skateboarding experience you deserve.

The skateboard footwear is specifically designed to come in contact with grip tape so the rider can have an excellent grip.

They also have extra padding for shock absorption from hard landings.

There is a lot more to consider when buying for a pair.

Its uppers, sole, grip type, material, lace, toe area, fitness, impact protection, etc. and you can easily get confused if you don’t have the knowledge on buying the perfect pair.

23 Best Skateboard Shoes Review

If you haven’t been successful in finding the perfect pair in 2021, here are 23 products to choose from.

Vans Classic Slip-onVans Classic Slip-on

The Van Classic Slip-On is a flexible and vulcanized pair with an easy-wear silhouette. As we discussed early in our discussion about ‘vulcs’, this cleat ensures lightweight, flexibility and grip.

Its sole comprises of multiple layers of rubber which are glued firmly together and attached to upper using rubber foxing tape.

One drawback of ‘vulcs’ is less protection as compared to cupsoles, you’ll still feel comfortable.

The outsole is original Waffle, and this is what defines the durability of this cleat. Most of the primary material used in its making is suede, while leather is also used on the toes.


  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Multiple layers of rubber for added protection
  • Original Waffle outsole


  • Less protection as compared to cupsoles

Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate ShoeAdidas Originals Men’s Seeley

Adidas is a brand that always deliver quality and the credibility of this footwear speaks for itself. This cleat appears just like their regular kicks but boasts a classic and iconic three-stripe design and all the materials are strongly woven together so they don’t wear too early.

Even though it has a simple and low-profile design, but don’t doubt its performance and flexibility.

These are also vulcanized cleats that offers a strong grip with the board for the best skating experience.

The upper is made from synthetic suede, making the sneaker durable and abrasion-resistant. Together with this, you’ll get maximum control when skating without the need of any traction.

It also features the iconic 3-stripe logo and wraparound midsole and is a great choice for serious skaters. Though non-skaters can also try it out.

While these shoes help you get the best experience of riding your board, they are easy to clean as well. Simply use a clean, dry cloth to get rid of the dust.


  • Simple, yet durable design
  • Comes with a 3-month warranty
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Lightweight and outstanding performance


  • People with wide feet may have trouble fitting this cleat

Vans Men’s Old Skool Core ClassicsVans Men's Old Skool Core Classics

The old skool sneaker from Vans is another beauty, featuring an iconic side stripe like the Adidas model and a low-top lace-up silhouette with a strong canvas upper.

It has metal eyelets with padded tongue and lining and a Vans signature Waffle Outsole.

These sneakers have a grace of their own. The imported rubber and canvas used, while offering grip and control, they’ll also make the heads turn, staring at them.

If you are too much of a color picky individual, the Vans offer their old Skool cleat in eight unique variations to choose from.

It has a pretty low profile with advanced cushioning technology that gives you a comfortable feel. The shoes are made to last longer and give you the best performance when riding on the street or diving in the pools.


  • Imported canvas and rubber sole
  • Multiple color options
  • Durable construction
  • Overall affordable


  • A few color options are way too expensive

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skateboarding ShoeDC Men's Court Graffik SE

If you are a serious skater, this pair is made for you. The Court has got everything woven in it. From durability to attractiveness and comfort, you’ll love them.

Unlike most of the skateboard sneakers, which have a simple stripe on the side, this pair has some cool side graphics.

The stabilizing features and ultra-grippy outsole is worth mentioning here. It also helps to enhance your riding style and give you confidence.

For added protection, it boasts a padded tongue and collar and a pull tab at the heel so you can easily wear them.

The unique feature in the DC Court pair is its sole design for an extra ground contact and flex.

To give you a super-comfortable feel, it has an internal elastic tongue holder. This also ensures proper fitting and inside grip of the feet with the footwear.

The rubber cupsole makes it abrasion resistant and the heavy duty suede and nubuck upper gives it the durability to last longer.


  • Comfortable, stylish and durable
  • Cushions impact
  • Multiple color options
  • Imported material construction


  • Feels too stiff but gets comfortable after a couple times of use

DC Men’s Pure Action Sport SneakerDC Men's Pure Action

Another durable skate shoe from DC. It comes in a variety of different hues to choose from and if you need a model that suits your mind, for with Action Sport Sneaker.

The soft resilient action leather used in constructions keeps your feet safe and comfortable and also make the cleat super comfortable.

Its imported rubber while providing you the grip with your board, is durable and lightweight so you get the best riding experience on any terrain.

It features multiple brand callouts with padding at the collar for extra protection and drainage ports at the medial side.

This cleat has leather upper with mesh lining that adds more to its attractiveness and design.

The foam padded tongue and the collar enhances support and provides comfort at the same time.

Its wrap cup construction gives your toes extra room and make the shoes more breathable. It is actually great since you won’t get any bruising in the toe area which is pretty common after a session of skating.

Overall, these are pretty tough skating sneakers and will last longer than your expectation.


  • Upper leather
  • Lining textile mesh
  • Outsole rubber
  • Made to last longer


  • No drawbacks

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate ShoeEtnies Jameson 2 Eco

Etnies is more of a fabric made skateboard sneakers with imported material. It’s not the first one made by Etnies. They’ve been manufacturing countless sneakers that are perfect for riding.

This brand is perfect for all riders around the world and has the most popular style range. With each shoe sold, Etnies also plants a tree and has been doing so since 2011. Indirectly, when you buy a pair from Etnies, you’ll also be a part of planting the tree.

This pair is made from natural canvas and recycled rubber and the shoe lace is made from recycled plastic bottles (pretty tough to imagine?).

It uses a cupsole construction with 400 NBS rubber outsole and internal EVA midsole. The company has made the tongue slightly padded for added comfort and it features the STI Foam Lite 1 footbed.

Since the pair is made mostly out of recycled materials, it is affordable and real comfy shoe for chilling in.

When it comes to aesthetics, they are pretty simple and clean. Its canvas gives a great texture all over and the pair has Etnies logo on the heels, tongue and footbed that gives it an extra pop.

Its sole has a triangle pattern which is made from recycle tires and rubber gloves for extra grip on the pedals.

On the footbed is written “Keep the Earth happy using recycled materials”.

Its added arch support also makes the cleat pretty nice to stand or walk around even if you are not skating.

Overall, the Etnies Jameson 2 Eco skateboard sneakers provides comfort and enhances your performance as well.


  • Tough shoes made to last longer
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Imported fabric used on top
  • Padded collar and wrap around midsole for added comfort and support


  • Though recycled materials used it is slightly expensive

DC Men’s Trase TX Unisex Skate ShoeDC Men's Trase TX Unisex

It is a pro skate footwear with lace-up leather and padded tongue for comfort and a topline that adds more protection.

The high-walled rubber sole offers a great grip on or off the board. Also, the shoes are vulcanized, they are pretty light in weight and feature abrasion resistant Sticky Rubber Outsole for flip after a flip.

This sole is actually made of fabric that enhances the design and adds more to its durability.

The tongue, sides and heel counter have the official DC men’s logo which gives it an extra pop.

When buying for these sneakers, you need to get a bigger size than the actual one, else they might run small or your claw might squish inside.

While this pair is made for skateboarding, you can also use them casually.

One drawback this pair has is that they lack arch support and you’ll feel the ground underneath.

When it comes to comfort, these footwears are very comfortable and you’ll love wearing them and riding your board.

Overall, they look nice and can be used for skating, working or just for a stroll around the town and are high quality sports footwear for the money.


  • Imported fabric sole
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Wraparound midsole for extra support


  • Lacks the arch support

DC Men’s Pure SE Skate ShoeDC Men's Pure SE

This pair is designed with a rubber sole for a firm grip and also reducing overall weight. This enhances its flexibility and improves your performance.

Its upper is constructed using durable leather, which is also used to keep your feet comfortable when you are skating.

Its foam-padded collar and tongue is worth mentioning here as it adds more support to your feet.

The pair has a pretty nice design and feels good when you wear and skate.

They are also shipped pretty fast but depends more on your country. If you are living the US, you won’t have to wait too long to wear and use them.

Whether you are a professional skate, a beginner or want to buy your child a good pair, the DC Mens pure skate cleat is made for you.

You just have to be careful when selecting the size. They run at least half a size small. This will save you from any refund or replacement.

This pair is pretty durable and could last as much as 2+ years of daily use.

Overall the quality of these sneaker is unrivaled and they are made to enhance your performance on the street or while performing flip tricks.


  • Multiple color options
  • High quality imported leather
  • Rubber sole for extra grip
  • Mesh lining and padded tongue and collar for more support and comfort


  • Finding the right size can be tricky

DC Men’s Net Lace-Up ShoeDC Men's Net Lace-Up

The DC Men’s lace-up model is a pretty bulky pair which has got height around the ankles for more grip and comfort.

Since it is available in 28+ unique color variations, you won’t have any trouble finding the best hue that matches your liking.

The leather used in its construction adds more to its durability and is imported, while the rubber sole offers extra grip with the board’s base.

Its cupsole design increases its durability and offers more protection to your feet. The vent holes made keeps your feet dry and prevents any bad odor and even athletes foot.

The mesh tongue is lightweight and offers enough room for your toes so that they don’t squish.

You’ll love this pair for its comfort, though it lacks real arch support, you’ll still have a great time skating with this cleat on your feet.

If you are a too serious skater, I would recommend spraying it with a waterproofing spray to prevent any unexpected splashes.

Overall, it is a pretty affordable pair to invest into and they won’t break easily.


  • Imported leather
  • Rubber sole for extra grip
  • Cupsole design for more comfort and protection
  • Vent holes to keep your feet sweat-free


  • Slightly heavy

Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910 Skate StyleReebok Work Men's Soyay RB1910

Thinking to level up your skateboarding skills? Try this pair of Reebok Soyay cleat which comes with steel toe. It is a premium footwear which is slip-resistant and offers a good grip with the board. They won’t slip in wet and oily conditions and will hold you strong with the board.

It also provides extra protection against heat and metal chips. On the outside of its frame is a lined Tailex that effectively wicks away the moisture while the insoles feature removable EVA cushion with sponge rubber heel wedge for added comfort.

If you want to use them for casual wear, maybe on a hike or just for a stroll around the town, this pair can make the heads turn.

Though the steel toe is advertised as being lightweight, it isn’t. However, you’ll have a comfortable feel with better toe protection.

The extra padding on the inner sole effectively absorbs the impacts from hard landings and also prevents the bruising in your feet.


  • Imported leather for more durability
  • Rubber sole which offers extra grip with the board
  • Steel toe for added protection
  • Electric hazard protection


  • The steel toe increases its weight

DC Men’s Villain TX Skate ShoeDC Men's Villain TX

New Feeling: 100% new and high quality Sneakers makes it you look cool and different. Which is the best gift for lovers and kids for birthday, shows, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and other celebrations.

Qualified material: TPU top + mesh surface +Transparent TPR soles, comfortable and safe to wear, suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn and winter. it is weatherproof, can be worn in rainy weather but cannot be immersed in water. Please note the maintenance and wipe the leather face with oil, do not wash in water.

Wonderful gift idea: Skateboard shoes are ideal for party/nightclub/festival/birthday gift/valentine’s day present etc. Keep it sparkling and stylish on the move.

Warm reminder: beginners should be careful when sliding, for safety reasons children should be accompanied by an adult when using these cleats.


  • Imported material used in construction
  • Tough and double stitched for durability
  • Comfortable and well-padded for safety and protection


  • No drawbacks

Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate ShoeEmerica Wino Cruiser

The skateboard cleat of the Emerica are a perfect gift for your birthday or holiday. The children can go to school with him. It is also suitable for teenagers and adults under 100kg.

It was produced from durable material which is highly elastic. Durable and rustproof which is dust resistant and stable.

They are pretty easy to clean and are made to last longer and perform well.


  • Professional skateboard pair
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Offer great foot protection


  • Expensive

Etnies Swivel Skate ShoeEtnies Swivel

DESIGN: Shoe soles are made of super-light MD material with scratched design that could improve the abrasion resistance and slip properties.

SKID RESISTANCE: Belt pulleys are ground by the precise machine movement and high pressure, which makes them a good performance of excellent flexibility and slip resistance, they will not stick or change.

Overall, this pair performs well when skating and won’t tear easily. It is made to withstand the hard landings and protect your feet.


  • Comfortable and scratch less design
  • Skid resistance
  • Offer good grip with the board


  • Less size options available

DC Men’s Anvil TX SE SneakerDC Men's Anvil TX SE

The DC Men’s skateboard sneakers are made from the premium quality materials which are imported.

Its rubber sole offers you a good grip with the board and prevents any slips while you are skating. The cleat also has the official DC Men’s logo on tongue, side and the heel counter.

The collar is made padded and this results in a more comfortable feel as you wear these shoes. You’ll love its textile design with high sides and a wraparound midsole for more stability.

This pair is more comfortable than your expectations. It is made with the most durable materials and won’t wear off easily.


  • Imported material construction for durability and longevity
  • Variety of color options available
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Padded collar for better grip and feel


  • These shoes are pretty narrow and may not feel comfortable to those with wide feet

Vans Men’s Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo ShoesVans Men's Docket Suede Leather Logo

The Vans pair is quite bulky, durable and has got the weight. They are one of the most affordable footwear made out of pure leather material.

On the quarter panel of the cleat, you’ll find a beautiful embroidered Vans logo that will make the heads turn.

Since it has a cup sole profile, this footwear is super comfortable and offers your feet the protection they need when skating.

The outer material used is leather suede while inner material is cotton fabric which feels soft and comfortable.

The sole has gum rubber material for a good grip with the board and a closure lace up mechanism for tightly lacing up your new cleat.


  • Leather suede material used in construction
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Gum rubber for a good grip
  • Cup Sole design for comfort and protection


  • Way too simple design

Supra Men’s Shoes Stacks Style Suede Skate SneakersSupra Men's Stacks Style Suede

If you are looking for a pair that promises to delivers the function, throw your old and nasty cleat right now and get your hands on the Supra Men’s Shoes Stacks Style Suede Skate Sneakers.

The company has used advanced technology to craft their footwear with a unique style and design.

Its low-pro shape offers you the ultimate mobility to spare and its oversized padded tongue gives the bang out the cuff for freshness and ventilation.

The upper material is pure leather with suede which is strongly woven to increase the durability and longevity of your pair and is ideally crafted for skating and flossing.

Not the gum rubber, still the rubber sole offers a great grip with the board and its inner sole features cushioning for effective shock absorption from hard landings.


  • Leather & Suede construction
  • Made for skating and flossing
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 1-year warranty


  • Slightly expensive

Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate ShoeOsiris Men's Protocol

The Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe aren’t your ordinary skating cleat. These can be used for casual wear as well. It’s made with the highest quality imported leather that is woven to increase its durability and also absorb the shocks from hard landings.

The rubber sole drastically improves your grip with the board and the high abrasion areas are made for superior durability.

The tongue and collar of the cleat are padded so you get the best comfort and support when riding.

Overall, this pair is durable and performs well on the road. Make sure that you wipe off the dust time to time to maintain the natural appearance of the leather.


  • Imported leather material
  • Rubber sole for a good grip
  • Lightweight padded tongue and collar
  • Durable and well-performing


  • The tongue padding depletes with time

Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate ShoeLakai Men's Griffin

Lakai is known for manufacturing some of the most comfortable shoes. The Griffin model is flexible, lightweight and comes with a vulcanized construction.

It has shock absorbing EVA at the insole along with a crated midsole that further improves the foot support.

Important to note that this pair is made only for the serious skaters who want to improve their skating skills and get the most out of their riding session.

The double stitched eyestay select EVA liner herringbone tread greatly improves the durability of these footwear.

Overall, these shoes are made to offer stability, grip and comfort as you ride your board.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects


  • Slightly expensive

Globe Men’s Sabre Skate ShoeGlobe Men's Sabre

The Globe Men’s Sabre Skate Shoe comes in 20+ unique colors and is quite a unique cleat. It has pretty cool aesthetics that looks good when you wear them.

It is a brand that dependably convey quality and the believability of this footwear justifies itself with real evidence. This fitting seems simply like their normal kicks yet gloats a work of art and notable three-stripe plan and every one of the materials are emphatically woven together so they don’t wear too soon.

Despite the fact that it has a basic and low-profile configuration, however don’t question its execution and adaptability.

These are likewise vulcanized cleats that offers a solid grasp with the board for the best skating background.

The upper is produced using engineered softened cowhide, making the shoes sturdy and scraped spot safe. Together with this, you’ll gain most extreme power when skating without the need of any footing.

It additionally includes the famous 3-stripe logo and wraparound padded sole and is an incredible decision for genuine skaters. In spite of the fact that non-skaters can likewise give it a shot.

While these shoes enable you to get the best understanding of riding your board, they are anything but difficult to perfect also. Essentially utilize a spotless, dry material to dispose of the clean.


  • Soft, durable and comfortable
  • Slightly heavy but delivers the performance you need
  • Protects your feet


  • No ventilation

Etnies Marana Vulc Skate ShoeEtnies Marana Vulc

It is a genius skate shoe with bind up calfskin and cushioned tongue for comfort and a topline that includes more security.

The high-walled elastic sole offers an extraordinary grasp on or off the board. Additionally, the shoes are vulcanized, they are truly light in weight and highlight scraped spot safe Sticky Rubber Outsole for flip after a flip.

This sole is really made of texture that upgrades the plan and adds more to its strength.

The tongue, sides and foot sole area counter have the official DC men’s logo which gives it an additional pop.

When purchasing for these shoes, you have to get a greater size than the real one, else they may run little or your hook may squish inside.

While this match is made for skateboarding, you can likewise utilize them coolly.

One disadvantage this match has is that they need curve support and you’ll feel the ground underneath.

With regards to comfort, these shoes are exceptionally agreeable and you’ll adore wearing them and riding your board.

By and large, they look decent and can be utilized for skating, working or only for a walk around the town and are excellent shoes for the cash.


  • Fabricated look
  • Cool aesthetics
  • Durable construction


  • No collar padding

Emerica Men’s The Herman G6 Vulc Skate ShoeEmerica Men's The Herman G6 Vulc

The Vans combine is very cumbersome, solid and has the weight. They are a standout amongst the most reasonable shoes made out of unadulterated calfskin material.

On the quarter board of the projection, you’ll locate a delightful weaved Vans logo that will influence the heads to turn.

Since it has a glass underside profile, this footwear is super agreeable and offers your feet the insurance they require when skating.

The external material utilized is cowhide softened cowhide while inward material is cotton texture which feels delicate and agreeable.

The sole has gum elastic material for a decent hold with the barricade and a conclusion bind component for firmly binding up your new fitting.


  • Premium and durable material construction
  • Comfortable and made to last longer
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects


  • No drawbacks

Adio Melbourne Round Toe Canvas SneakersAdio Melbourne Round Toe Canvas

Supposing to step up your skateboarding abilities? Attempt this match which accompanies steel toe. It is a top notch footwear which is slip-safe and offers a decent hold with the board. They won’t slip in wet and sleek conditions and will hold you solid with the board.

It additionally gives additional assurance against warmth and metal chips. Outwardly of the shoe outline is a lined Tailex that adequately wicks away the dampness while the insoles include removable EVA pad with wipe elastic foot rear area wedge for included solace.

On the off chance that you need to utilize them for easygoing wear, perhaps on a climb or only for a walk around the town, this match can influence the heads to turn.

In spite of the fact that the steel toe is promoted as being lightweight, it isn’t. In any case, you’ll have an agreeable vibe with better toe assurance.

The additional cushioning on the internal underside successfully retains the effects from hard arrivals and furthermore keeps the wounding in your feet.


  • Ideally made for skateboarding
  • Can be used for casual wear
  • Durable, comfortable and long lasting
  • Affordable


  • The collar and tongue padding fades away

C1RCA Men’s AL50 Adrian Lopez Lightweight Insole Skate ShoeC1RCA Men's AL50 Adrian Lopez Lightweight Insole

Another sturdy skate shoe. It arrives in a wide range of tones to look over and in the event that you require a model that suits your psyche, for with Action Sport Sneaker.

The delicate flexible activity cowhide utilized as a part of developments keeps your feet sheltered and agreeable and furthermore make the shoes super agreeable.

Its foreign made elastic while giving you the grasp your board, is solid and lightweight so you get the best riding background on any landscape.

It includes different brand callouts with cushioning at the neckline for additional insurance and seepage ports at the average side.

This fitting has cowhide upper with work covering that adds more to its engaging quality and outline.

The froth cushioned tongue and the neckline upgrades bolster and gives comfort in the meantime.

Its wrap container development gives your toes additional room and make the shoes more breathable. It is really incredible since you won’t get any wounding in the toe territory which is quite regular after a session of skating.

By and large, these are entirely intense skating shoes and will last longer than your expectations.


  • Professional skateboarding cleat
  • Durable and tough construction made to last longer
  • Outstanding performance
  • Nice aesthetics


  • Expensive

How to Choose Good Skateboard Shoes

Whether you are a complete beginner, who is just starting out or an expert rider, here is a list of things you should consider before you buy a pair of skateboard sneakers.

To make things simple and easy to understand, I’ll kick start this with the style of your footwear as there are two main ones.


The style of your skate cleat depends on your personal riding style. You may need a pair that can withstand heavy impacts or a light cleat if you simply love to commute around the town.

  • Vulcanized: These are the slim ones and appear much like your casual footwear. This style is more lightweight, comes with thinner sole and great flexibility, ideal maneuverability and gives you better grip with the board for flip tricks. Though vulcanized style tend to offer better grip and performance, they lack cushioning. You may not get a good shock absorption from hard landings
  • Cupsoles: Unlike the ‘vulcs’, cupsoles are made for skaters who are often performing tricks in the pools and find themselves off large drop-offs and down flights of stairs. In simple, they tend to absorb shocks more effectively and prevent heel bruising as well. Moreover, this style is bulkier with thicker soles which are heavily padded for extra cushioning. They may lag behind when it comes to control but overall, for any rider who loves large drops, these are ideally the perfect skate wear.


We’ve picked the style of our cleat, the next thing to consider is durability and it’s probably the most important thing.

No durability simply means quick wear and tear of your new cleat and waste of money.

Nobody wants crap…

Since skateboarding is all about foot work, exposure to different terrains and environment, here are some design feature that help increase the durability:

  • Upper Material: For longevity, the upper material must have added layer for extra protection. Sports footwear with triple stitching help a lot in preventing seams splitting
  • Outer Sole: Because outer sole makes contact with the board and also road/concrete, it must be a solid one. A flat-soled waffle grip is something trendy and effective in preventing the wear and tear. However, flat profile with sticky gum rubber is what outperforms. Its flat profile will distribute the contact area overall the entire sole while the gum rubber offers better grip and last longer


While your skateboard footwear must be durable enough to protect themselves, they should also protect your feet.

  • Midsole: Nearly all skateboard footwear have midsoles which are pretty lightweight and made from flexible EVA foam (with thousands of gas bubbles). These gas bubbles release on impact and refills when you lift your feet off the ground. Other than EVA foam, you can also look for skate wears that is made with PU foam. It is denser, heavier and will not break as quickly as EVA
  • Dual Heel Cushioning: Look for skate cleats with extra heel cushioning for better heel protection. Vulcanized sneakers are dual cushioned with G2 cushioning for comfort and impact absorption
  • Heel Collar: Having a thick heel collar around the heel will prevent losing the footwear during maneuvers


Comfort is something that has a link between your brain and skateboard. Your new skateboard footwear has to be comfortable enough for you to let you enjoy your ride and perform your favorite flip tricks.

Also, your cleat must not produce heat that might distract you. Above all, they must be well-padded from inside. To be honest, a comfortable pair will give you a confident and secure feel the moment you wear them.


Your feet should perfect fit in your new skate shoes. Too much tight or lose won’t help you improve your skills. Always go for the size that fits your perfect with your socks. This not only gives you a comfortable feel but also prevents injury.


All the skate cleats you’ll come across have a flat profile with rubber soles for a good grip, usually gum rubber grip. This grip helps to hug your feet with the skateboard perfectly.

Make sure the grip has plenty of grips underneath so that your sneakers are more attachable.

Since, different brands contain different number of grips, it is always better to check before buying your new pair.


The best skateboard cleats are made from one of the following materials for their durability, comfort and protection:

  • Leather: Leather is a material that is known for its strength and to easily mold around your feet. Nubuck, full-grain and action leather are the three type commonly used in manufacturing skate cleat. Nubuck Leather offers more grip and durability to improve your performance. Full-grain is considered the most durable and is long lasting while Action Leather is quite similar to full-grain but is less durable
  • Suede: This material helps in excellent maneuverability. It has a smooth finish with aristocratic appearance. Though it its durability is limited when compared to skin
  • Synthetic materials: Or simply artificially created and with similar properties occurring in natural materials like skin. Cleats made with synthetic materials are cheap and can also withstand the pressure of your daily skating

Toe Caps & Reinforcement

Toe caps are important as they’ll protect your toes from any injuries or bruising.

It is crucial that your new pair must have a toe cap either made of rubber or leather for added durability.

This also prevents splitting of the footwear due to rigorous impacts when skating.

Understanding the Shoe Sizes

Before we finally jump onto the recommendations, here is a detailed chart that will help you understand the cleat sizes:



So, that’s it guys!

I hope this article helped you out in finding your best skateboard shoes for the ultimate riding experience.

If you have any questions in my mind, feel free to leave them in the comment sections. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.