8 Best Skateboard Grip Tapes 2022 Review

One of the most commonly overlooked parts of a skateboard is the grip tape. Could you imagine landing a trick on your skateboard without the grippiest grip tape? Even Tony Hawk will not be able to land the same amount of tricks if there’s no traction on the surface of the deck.

Choosing the right grip tape can change the outcome of your game. Also, whether you are looking to land tricks or you are simply using the skateboard for your daily commute to work or school, a grip tape is essential both for performance and safety concerns. We’ve come up with some of the best skateboard grip tapes in the market today to help you weigh your options.

Best Skateboard Grip Tapes Review

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 33″ Long X 9″ Wide – No Bubble Application

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 33 Long X 9 Wide - No Bubble Application

The perforated Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is the very first to offer a no bubble solution to its users. It means that if you are concerned because you the one who is going to stick the grip tape on your board, then this is a good solution for your needs. What it does is allow the air to get off therefore; you don’t have to deal with ugly bubbles and uneven surface once it is applied on your deck.

But it doesn’t just end there. The Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is also known for being durable. It is highly resistant and considered to have high strength which makes it a great option for those who are looking to spend hours a day in a skate park hitting tricks. It is also extremely sticky securing the person on top of the skateboard.

You will also don’t have to worry about the changing weather because the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape has been designed for both cold and hot weather. But if you are going to use it constantly in the rain, it will eventually peel off.

The only downside we see in this grip tape is the fact that it is a little hard to cut plus it gets easily creased. However, you don’t really have to worry since even first-timers will be able to figure it out.


  • No bubble technology
  • Sticky
  • High strength adhesive for both hot and cold weather


  • Can get easily creased
  • Hard to cut

Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape

Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Diamond Sheet Grip Tape is a great option if you are looking for something that would stand out in the skate park. If you prefer the cool griptape designs, you can choose from different colors ranging from the straightforward black grip tape to green and even pink.

Aside from rocking cool grip tapes, you might also want to consider the fact that the Diamond Sheet Grip Tape is easy to peel and stick. You will also not have a difficult time in case you will need to cut the excess grip tape.

If you are the type of skater who uses his skateboard even in the rain, then this is something that you might like since it is waterproof. It can also tolerate both cold and hot temperatures without any issues.

One of the most common issues about grip tapes is losing friction mainly because of dirt. Diamond Sheet solves this by including a dirt remover that can keep the dirt off the surface of your skateboard without any problem.

So what’s not to like? It doesn’t have the stickiest surface. However, it does the job if you are only going to use it for your daily commute.


  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a dirt remover
  • Available in different colors
  • Can tolerate both hot and cold temperatures


  • Not as sticky as other skaters want it

11″ x 44″ Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

11 x 44 Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

This waterproof skateboard grip tape is a practical solution for those who want to improve on doing tricks. It made use of Pro grade materials from its adhesive to ensure that the grip tape won’t come off if it gets wet. Zuext found a way to come up with a solution to make it easy for their customers to install the grip tape without the issue of bubbles. This deck grip tape included hundreds of perforations that are small enough to not be noticed. However, it does the job as you don’t have to deal with air getting trapped when you are installing the grip tape. And also, this grip tape by Zuext is easy to cut.

With its Silicon-Carbide grit binding process, it provides skaters with a sticky surface.  But is it sticky enough? It feels like sandpaper and not the rubber style grip. It works in some situations but may not be suited for everyone.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to cut
  • Durable


  • Not as grippy as some skaters want

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

You always get a lot of people arguing which brand is better between Jessup vs Mob. For those who believe in the Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet, it is a pro-level solution that skaters from all skill levels can enjoy. It is perfect for those who are looking to learn to hit new tricks on their board. Plus, it is known for being a budget-friendly option for those novice skaters.

If you are the one who is installing the Jessup Grip Tape, you don’t need to worry about bubbles or trouble cutting the excess tape. It is designed for effortless conformity.

This is one of those skate grips made of silicon carbide grit perfect for the roughest requirement of the skate industry. The biggest concern is the adhesive for some of its users. They’ve complained that some parts of it peel after some time using their skateboard.


  • Easy to cut
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Bubble free technology
  • Grippy


  • Adhesive peels off easily

Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape One Color, One Size

Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape One Color, One Size

Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape is a breath of fresh air for skaters who think that the black grip tapes are too boring for their taste. Once you’ve installed this grip tape on the surface of your skateboard, you will be able to have a text that says “Shake Junt!”. This can be a good thing especially for those who are trying to learn where to place their feet when it comes to hitting tricks. The text will give you a marker where you are going to kick or where you have to land serving as a reference point. But apart from that, it is a unique deck grip tape with a cool design.

It also offers a good grip on your feet. You will be able to confidently stay on your board. Plus, we’ve tested this in both wet and dry conditions and it didn’t disappoint. However, installing the Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape is a bit tricky. You will have to take your time sticking it to your deck since it may leave some bubbles. Some users also find it easy to crease.

But as far as the grips are concerned, these can hold its own against some of the top brands. Though it isn’t perfect, every skater should consider this.


  • You will have a marker where you will have to place your feet
  • Great durability
  • Great traction


  • Not so easy to install

Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape for Skateboards and Longboards

Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape for Skateboards and Longboards

If you are particular about having your feet on the longboard or skateboard, then you might want to take a good look at the Lucid Grip Spray Grip Tape. What makes it unique is the fact that you don’t have to deal with bubbles and creases on your deck’s surface. You simply have to spray the material on the longboard or skateboard. It is also transparent. You can have a design on the deck and you don’t need to cover it by a grip tape.

Each bottle can be used for 2 to 3 full applications. Now, if you will be doing the math, that is going to save you a lot of money.

There are four different options for the Lucid Grip Spray. You can have the light, medium, heavy, or even the stylish glow in the dark.

So how does it perform compared to the typical skate board tape that you see in the market? If you are using a longboard and you are not going to be doing tricks that require you to kick on the board plus land perfectly on certain areas of the deck, then this can get the job done. However, there is a reason why you don’t see professional skaters going for a grip spray on their skateboard.


  • Each bottle can give you up to 3 applications
  • Cheaper than your usual grip tape
  • You can choose to show your art without compromising the traction on your deck
  • No need to deal with bubbles and creases


  • Not as grippy as your typical grip tape

Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboards or Longboards Griptape/Grip Tape 1 Sheet

Widow 9 x 33 Skateboards or Longboards Griptape Grip Tape 1 Sheet

If you are looking for a cool skateboard griptape, then you might want to check the Widow Skateboard Grip Tape. It comes in a variety of designs ranging from checkered black and white pattern to colorful versions ranging from white to pink. Though it is not as popular as the other brands that we have featured, it can get the job done. It offers great durability regardless if it is cold or hot. It is also something that offers some level of resistance to moisture.

The only downside is that it is hard to stick on your deck. You might notice some creases and some bubbles on the surface of your deck.


  • Resistance to moisture
  • Available in different colors
  • Sticky surface


  • You can have creases on the surface of your board

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 33″ Long X 9″ Wide – No Bubble Application

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet 33 Long X 9 Wide - No Bubble Application 3 Sheets

The Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is one of the highly popular grip tape brands in the skate industry. It is known for its no bubble technology that allows users to install their new grip tape without any crease or bubble that looks unsightly.

It is a durable option that allows users to use it regardless if you are skating in hot or cold weather conditions. It is known for its superior grips that it is also used for outdoor stages. The only downside is that it tends to peel if you are going to consistently use it under the rain.


  • Easy to install with no bubble
  • Good traction
  • Can also be used for outdoor stages
  • Good for cold and hot weather


  • Peels easily

How to Find Good Skateboard Tapes

There are a lot of factors that you might want to consider if you are looking to buy a good grip tape. Grip tapes can affect how you approach the use of your skateboard. Some grip tapes will make it easier for individuals to learn tricks while others will have an easier time riding their skateboard to work or school.

This guide will help you decide whether you are looking for the best longboard griptape or you are looking for the best grip tape for skateboards.

How do you plan on using the skateboard?

The first thing that you have to consider is how do you usually use your skateboard? Not everyone is looking to become a Tony Hawk or a Bam Margera. Is it mainly for doing tricks or you are more of a casual skateboard enthusiast who loves to take the skateboard when you go to school or whenever you are traveling?

Different users will need different grip tapes. Those who love to throw tricks prefer to have a grip tape that doesn’t just provide them with the necessary stickiness but also something easy to release. For those who are using their skateboard for the daily commute, some prefer to have the grippiest option because it won’t really destroy their shoes since they will just have to stand on top of the skateboard.


After you determine how you are planning to use the skateboard, you now have to check the stickiness of the grip tape.

Do you need the grippiest griptape to enjoy skateboards and longboards? As a rule of thumb, it should be enough to grip on your shoes but it shouldn’t be damaging to the soles. Unfortunately, some of the grippiest skateboard grip tape brands tend to damage skate shoes.

Unless you have no problem buying new shoes every once in a while, then you want to make sure that you go for something that won’t put too much wear and tear on your footwear.

If you will be looking closely at the cheap skateboard grip tape options, you will notice that these are the ones that don’t last for a long time. However, you will also notice that it tends to do less damage to your shoes. But is it sticky enough? If you are simply going to use the skateboard for transportation, then this can get the job done.

Standard, Specialized, and Non-Abrasive Option

Grip tapes can fall under three categories. These types of grip tape will benefit your experience if you know how each category differs from one another. It can be standard, specialized, or non-abrasive.

The standard version is the most popular option among skaters. However, if you are going to look closely at different brands, you will notice that the stickiness will differ.

Then, you have specialized versions. The specialized versions were designed based on the needs of skaters especially those who need to perform complex moves midair. There are grip tapes that offer enough stickiness but can also allow skaters fast release.

Now, brands also addressed the issue regarding grip tapes destroying shoes. Non-abrasive grip tapes were made to provide the same benefits as the standard grip tape in terms of stickiness but without damaging the footwear even if you are doing tricks. The material used on non-abrasive tapes is usually the same ones that you can find on ping pong paddles.

What makes it unique is that non-abrasive versions use molecular adhesion to be able to compete against the silicon-carbide and/or an aluminum oxide containing grip tapes.

So which one should you choose? For beginners, it is highly recommended that you go for the standard grip tape. You can never go wrong with this. However, as you try different tricks and progress as a skater hitting complicated tricks, then you might want to transition towards specialized grip tapes.

Easy to Apply

You will also most likely have to take a closer look at how easy it is to replace the tape. Some grip tapes tend to bubble when you stick it on your deck. For this reason, some brands made it a point to provide a “no bubble” technology on their grip tapes.

If you purchased a grip tape that doesn’t have a “no bubble” technology, you want to make sure that you are simply going to apply the sheet in small portions and slowly but surely make your way until you’ve covered the entire deck.


You also need to consider the durability of the grip tape. Grip tape companies have different approaches when it comes to improving the construction of their grip tapes. Some provide you with less durability and less traction, to be able to ensure that your shoes are not going to get damaged. On the other hand, there are those grip tapes that will not show signs of wear and tear for a long time even if you regularly use it for hitting tricks in your local skate park.


Skaters care about the looks of their skateboard. That’s why cool grip tape designs for skateboards are quite popular not only among young skaters but even for adults. Some individuals are happier to use a skateboard that reflects their personality. However, there are also those individuals who prefer to use plain black grip tapes.

But apart from aesthetics, the griptape designs will also come in handy as a marker, especially for newbies. This can serve as a marker on your board where to kick, or where to place your foot making it easier to hit a few tricks.

Is it easy to clean?

You don’t usually hear this from grip tape buying guides, but maintenance matters. If your goal is to buy the best grip tape, then it might be a good idea to go after something easy to clean. A dirty surface will have to reduce the friction on your skateboard making it more difficult (or even more dangerous) to hit a few tricks or ride the skateboard for your daily routine. You want a grip tape that can easily be cleaned by using common cleaning materials inside your home.

Price Range

The price range differs on different grip tapes. Some brands are more expensive than others due to marketing. On the other hand, others are more expensive because they’re known for additional technology and perhaps even durability. The price usually goes from $4 to $20 depending on different factors.


Having a good experience with your skateboard requires the right grip tape. Regardless if you are looking to become a pro skater or just someone who will just use his or her skateboard or longboard casually, the right grip tape can affect your overall satisfaction and performance. Be sure to check not only the grip tape designs but also the stickiness, price range, and even your budget. Try to choose from at least two or three of the products that we’ve mentioned to get the best value for your money.