Top 20 Skateboards Decks in 2022 Review – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

We’ve come down a long way in customizing our skateboard. From buying a brand new board to skateboard trucks and wheels.

Today, I’ll be recommending some of the best skateboard decks on the market in 2021, and as always, we’ll take a sneak peek of how to choose one and things to consider before you hit the ‘buy’ button.

Since the deck of your skateboard is the main area where your body weight rests, it has to be perfect to compliment your riding skills.

Best Skateboard Decks Review

Here are 20 awesome skateboard decks recommendations for you that we handpicked based on the user-experience and quality.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete
If you are a serious skateboard rider, this product is perfect for you. No matter how much you use it, it is made to handle the grind and is free form wear and tear. In simple, this is an item with quality and a reasonable price.

Some of the professional skateboarders like Steve Caballero recommend Powell Golden Skateboard.

Since the deck has been made with quality, you won’t have any trouble learning how to use it or ride it.

The maple vaneers used had intense screen-printed graphics and pressed with AirLam Press which is considered the best. It also uses carbon steel axles and kingpin along with aluminum trucks and embossed PGD logo.

Overall, this product offers a strong grip, thanks to its concave K-12 and uses super high rebound polyurethane wheels for gripping and smooth rolling.


  • Strong & durable construction
  • Concave K-12 for grip
  • High rebound polyurethane wheels for gripping and smooth rolling over any terrain
  • AirLam maple veneer press that increases its lifespan


  • Quality of bearings is not good


Element Section Black 7.75

Element Section Black 7.75
The element is a brand of quality, and it focuses on manufacturing its decks with the most cutting-edge technology and top-notch materials for maximum durability and functionality.

While it is a modern deck, it still depicts some of the traditional skateboard construction, which is also the secret to its durability.

The 7-ply maple wood veneers are ready to bear the harshness of any environment and terrain and also make the heads turn with their stylish graphics.

The board has a width of 7.75” and a length of 31.25” which is perfect for all skaters, especially for the intermediates.

While this board seem thicker and stiffer, it is feather light and easy to carry the subways.

As a BONUS, you will get a free sheet of Mob grip tape, or you can also choose a graphic grip and save 15% using coupon GRF03.


  • Solid thrift wood veneer construction
  • Cool graphics
  • Thicker, stiffer and extremely lightweight
  • Guarantee against all manufacturing defects


  • While this item has no drawbacks, the only thing that might be a concern is its price tag


Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic

Bamboo Green Fish Graphic
All the decks offered by Bamboo are made of the highest quality standard, and pretty much the brand name speaks the quality itself.

No matter if you are a complete beginner or a pro skater who is curious to try something new, this Green Fish Graphic Skateboard Deck is for you.

Just by looking at the board, you can tell that it is something that delivers value. It has a nose with regular U shape and a short tail and an odd shape.

The concave is made deeper, offering premium control when riding, taking hard turns or performing tricks.

Though this product is advertised as a pro-rider’s deck, a lot of beginners who used it are satisfied with its performance.

You can choose one of the three available sizes: 7.75” x 31.5”, 8” x 31.75” and 8.25” x 32”. This is probably the first item that uses maple and bamboo together.

Overall, it is a nice, flexible, durable and good performing deck that will help improve your riding experience.


  • Made to withstand all kinds of wears and tears
  • Bamboo fibers offer flexibility and more protection
  • Can last for several years
  • Lightweight


  • Pretty odd shape


Enjoi Spectrum Black 8.0″ Resin 7

Enjoi Spectrum Black 8.0 Resin 7
While a great user-experience is guaranteed, Enjoi Spectrum Deck is popular for its neon graphics which looks great. The deck has a width of 8” and a length of 31.7”, offering more grip and stability as you ride.

This board is advertised as a “suitable for all skill level”, so no matter what your skill level is, you can buy this item and enjoy the ride.

It has predrilled holes, which makes truck assembly pretty easy and straightforward.

It is also versatile…In simple, you can use it to skate on the streets, pools, ramps, parks and vert. Also, its durable construction is ready to tack all kinds of terrains without even getting a scratch.


  • Affordable item with attractive graphics
  • Durable with tons of pop to tackle wears
  • Made for all skill levels
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy trucks installation


  • Grip tape not included


Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White

Baker Brand Logo 8.0 Black/White
Baker Brand is built to ride and roll and is made super-durable with a 7-ply maple wood veneer press. It has the classic Baker logo on the board and feels grippy when you stand on it.

It has a width of 8” and a length of 32”, perfect for all skill-level skateboard riders.

The product is available in two colors but only one size.

It’s also a great and affordable gift option, maybe for your son or a friend who has a birthday coming.

What’s good about this deck is that it is fool-proof against all wear and tears. No matter on which terrain you ride this deck, it won’t get a scratch or break.

Overall, this skateboard decks help to improve your performance, offer better grip and feels great under the feet.


  • Two color options
  • Durable 7-ply construction
  • Made for all skill-level riders
  • Amazon’s choice


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with grip tape


Moose Set of 5 Blank

Moose Set of 5 Blank
Moose Deck is a beauty out of nowhere. This deck gives you an instant feel of ‘grippyness’ and helps in better stability and balance on the streets. The board measures 31 inches long and is made super-durable with 7-ply Canadian maple wood.

It has the radical U-concave for more stability, no matter how fast you are skating. Also, the nose and tail are made steep just for a good pop, and this makes the board perfect for cruising and performing tricks.

Those of you who are just starting out with their skating skills, this deck is the best option available to you on the market.

It is also perfect for all age groups and skill levels and is a completely affordable option, especially if you have a tight budget.


  • Perfect for beginners to improve their skills
  • Features grips (comes along with your purchase)
  • High stability and durability
  • Easily customizable


  • Buyers are bound to buy a set of 5 decks. You cannot order a single deck


Real Skateboards Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro II

Real Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro II
Torgeson is a longboard, measuring 8.38” x 32.56” with pretty stylish graphics that look great when riding.

Because it is a long and wider board, it is perfect for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner who wants to improve his skills or a pro who loves speeding down the hill, this deck is the best choice for you.

It comes with pre-drill holes for easy truck assembly, and a Jessup grip tape is included with your purchase. When you buy this deck, you’ll get a skateboard deck + a sheet of grip tape. The deck’s graphics can be customized as per your choice as well.

While it might be an expensive option but it’s worth your money and would last for years to come.


  • Solid & durable
  • Made for all skills levels
  • Nice graphics
  • Comes with sheet of grip tape


  • Expensive


Powell-Peralta Flight Skateboard

Powell-Peralta Flight
Powell Peralta is the future skateboards. With a ‘tech inspired’ construction and super-cool graphics on the top, it is probably the best deck you’ll ever get.

The deck features a popsicle shape with a k20 concave that looks nice and smooth. While this deck is thinner, it is also durable and lighter, made from 7-ply maple wood.

What’s amazing is after you ride it for one or two hours, you’ll feel that you can do some pretty awesome tricks that a normal 7-ply deck won’t allow.

In simple, this deck is made to improve your skateboarding skills and not just limit them. Flip it, toss it, slide down the stairs, ramps, pool, etc. You’ll get a perfect landing every time.

Both the tail and nose are angled at 18 degrees, giving your deck a nice pop, and the cool neon graphics with a shiny black background layer gives a nice reflection of the artwork on it.

The only drawback it has is its price tag, but of course, it is for the quality.


  • Lightweight, thin and durable
  • Cool graphics
  • Comes with free grip tape
  • Made for all skill levels


  • Too much expensive than a regular deck


Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic

Bamboo Skateboards Geometricity Graphic
Bamboo always offers the most durable and catchy-graphic decks which are easy to maneuver so you can easily learn and improve your skills. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight design; the board is made to last for years to come.

The bamboo used is very solid and light at the same time. A total of six layers of bamboo have been pressed together to make the base while the seventh layer is made of maple wood so it can be molded easily.

Its deep concave shape offers increased control, no matter how fast you are riding or when performing tricks.

The deck comes in three different sizes: 7.75” x 31.5”, 8” x 31.75” and 8.25” x 32”. So, if you are a pro rider, go with the longboard.

On the top of maple wood layer is grip tape with an interesting geometric design that makes the skateboard fun and attractive.

Overall, this board is made to sustain in any environment and roll over any terrain without any wear or tear.


  • Bamboo and maple wood blend for ultimate strength
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Attractive design


  • No drawbacks


Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue

Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue
Vision deck has a traditional design, available in eight unique colors with cool graphics. It is made in the USA with the finest quality materials.

The deck is only 30” long but has a whopping 10” of width. It is probably the only deck with an extra wide base. This makes it perfect for beginners who have a tough time in maintaining balance. Needless-to-say, it is made for all skill level players.

The truck hole pattern is pretty much modern while the board has a low concave shape, which is perfect to perform tricks anywhere you want.

Important to mention that these boards are not original from that time. They have some slight modification, but overall, it is the best deck to take your riding skills to the next level.


  • Made in the USA
  • High quality maple wood
  • Modern truck whole patter
  • Low concave shape


  • Expensive


Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic

Bamboo Skateboards Nebula Graphic
The Nebula Graphic deck by Bamboo is part of their Earth Series and is made with more sustainable materials which offer stability and durability.

It features a deep-concave 4th generation hybrid deck with new and improvised construction, which makes the board last longer and gives it a better performance on the road.

The best way to spot an original Bamdoo deck is the heat stamped logo on top of it.

Its Pop is the catchy feature here, and the deck is backed with a solid guarantee by Bamboo against all manufacturing defects.

Like another Bamboo deck, it is also built with bamboo and maple wood press. There are a total six layers of bamboo and a single layer of maple wood on top.

Overall, it an affordable pro skateboard deck with a nice nebula design and a heavy duty built to sustain in every environment.


  • High quality bamboo and maple wood construction
  • Affordable
  • Unique nebula design
  • Deep concave for better control and riding experience


  • The tail is pretty high than the nose, which may not be good for flip tricks


Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0

Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0
Enoji White is an attractive and durable deck with a rainbow logo on the bottom and a slick, compact and eye-catching design.

It is made from 7-ply solid Canadian maple which can easily withstand the wear and tears of any terrain or environment.

Itself measures 8 inches wide and 31.75 inches long, making it easy for you to learn flip tricks. Also, it is made for all ages and riders with all skill levels.

Performance wise, you’ll get the best from this deck, no matter how fast you ride or on which terrain you go, it will offer grip and stability.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Single press 7-ply construction
  • Stable & durable
  • Made for all skill levels


  • Its graphics don’t last long


Sk8mafia OG Logo PP 8.0

Sk8mafia OG Logo PP 8.0
The Sk8mafia is one of the coolest skateboard decks. It has a clean and simple design with a shred, grind, pllie and destroys OG logo and a popsicle shape that looks great on the road.

The deck is made out of 7-ply maple wood and is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects.

To improve your skateboarding skills, this deck is somewhat you need right now. It won’t chip or wear easily and would last for years to come.

Though it only comes in a single color option, you’ll still love the performance it delivers along with a grippy feeling on the go.


  • Sleek, simple and clean design
  • Durable construction
  • Guaranteed against all manufacturing defects


  • Slightly expensive


ZtuntZ Skateboards “Bucktee Plankton” Park

ZtuntZ Skateboards Bucktee Plankton Park
ZtuntZ is a versatile deck made with quality and pride. It is used in bowls and parts, but if you are a frequent street rider, this is the deck you need.

It has the Ollie pop which looks incredible and gives you your own attitude when riding.

I love its performance in the street, pool, park and vert and is constructed with a 7-ply hard rock maple lamination and Aerial bond.

All the materials used in the making of this board are made in the USA and designed by Skateboarders Performance Deck.


  • Durable & strong construction with 7-ply maple lamination
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Lighter and strong for flip tricks


  • While the manufacturer claims it is light, it may feel heavy


Alien Workshop Deprivation

Alien Workshop Deprivation
If you aren’t familiar with the Alien skateboard deck, you are missing out some serious skateboarding fun.

This deck offers the best stability and foot grip when riding on nearly any type of terrain.

It has an unrivaled performance and durability and is made of 7-ply extra hard maple wood with a single and powerful press.

The deck itself has a pretty nice graphics on top which looks impressive and a very light feel as you ride so you can easily perform your favorite tricks.


  • Strong construction of extra hard maple veneers
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • No grip tape included


Baker Trailer Park Boys Ostrander 8.125″

Baker Trailer Park Boys Ostrander 8.125"
Baker is a 7-ply hard Canadian maple wood deck which comes with a complete core trucks, 52mm TGM logo wheels, Amphetamine Abec 5 bearings, black diamond grip tape, risers and 1” hardware for all your needs.

In simple, you get all the parts of a skateboard with your purchase, and this makes it a great choice on the list for you.

And despite all this, the price is extremely low, and the product quality is amazing. I would highly recommend going with Baker.


  • Wheels, trucks, hardware included
  • Strong and durable construction
  • 7-ply construction with Canadian maple wood


  • No drawbacks


Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue

Vision Groholski Frankenstein Reissue
Vision is among the most affordable skateboard decks, made to offer you the optimum performance and durability that can last in the long run.

This compact yet sleek looking board is made in the USA with the top quality materials and boasts some cool graphics.

The board has pre-drilled modern truck hole pattern with a low concave shape that gives you a nice stance for performing the flip tricks or speeding down the hill while maintaining your balance at the same time.

Though it may not seem very price savvy product, it is worth the money spent.


  • Available in four different color options
  • Durable and offer stability
  • Modern truck hole pattern for easy assembly


  • Slightly expensive


Vision Original MG Reissue

Vision Original MG Reissue
Vision original is a classic deck with some attractive neon graphics and a durability which is simply unrivaled.

It has a large width of 10” and length of 30” which gives you enough space for your feet to grip and perform flip tricks.

The board is made in the USA, and like the Vision Groholski, it also has a modern truck hole pattern and low concave, so you get the most out of your deck.

Though it has old school style, you’ll love it.


  • Made from the finest quality materials
  • Modern truck hole pattern
  • Low concave
  • Neon graphics


  • The neon graphics are pretty dull


Blank 7.5″ White

Blank 7.5" White
Blank 7.5” deck is made for the professional players only. It is manufactured in North American and pressed from Northern Hardrock Maple and laminated with Franklin 2-part Glue system.

It has cool graphics on top, and it comes with a detached grip tape. The bottom of the deck is however natural.

You can ride on the street, dive into the pools, go down the ramps or hills and this deck won’t chip a little.

It gives you the best cruising experience, thanks to its deep concave and a good pop which gives you perfect control and stability to perform the hard tricks and breaks.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Professional deck made for the professional skaters
  • High quality materials
  • Deep concave for maximum stability


  • Not much durable


Birdhouse Skateboards Walker Monkey Deck

Birdhouse Walker Monkey
Birdhouse offers one of the best and high quality products which is constructed form durable maple wood and with the finest materials. It is a US based company known for solid construction and cool graphics on the board.

Whether it be the street skating, park or pool, this item is perfect for you. It is an 8.25” deck and is built to last longer and allow you to perform tricks. What’s best about Birdhouse is that their decks come directly from the distributor. So, there is no chance that you’ll get it from any third party when ordered.

Though it may not have much width and features a W-concave, it is still liked my thousands of skateboarders.

Less width may seem like a drawback, but this product actually provides more support and balance as you ride.


  • 7-ply hard-rock Canadian maple wood
  • Professional quality materials used
  • Guarantee against all manufacturing defects


  • Less width


How To Choose Good Skateboard Decks

When choosing your board deck, the first thing you need to do is to just take a look at both the top and bottom sides. This gives an idea of how your board will look like, especially when you’re shopping for it online.

However, that is just the basic stuff…Here is the real deal.



The measure of the length of a skateboard deck is taken from its nose and down to the tail. The normal range is 28” and 32”.

Though there are some longboards that are pretty long in size and usually made for the pro riders only.

If the board is short, it will have a much narrow profile, and contrary to it, a long board tends to be wide.

What’s important to consider here is choosing the length based on your riding needs. You might be a street rider and love to do some tricks. You probably need a short board with a narrow profile. Whereas the longboard is only recommended if you are a professional skateboarded and love to cruise around the town and want to improve your balance and stability.



The width range of most of the decks falls between 7.5” and 8.75”, and as a general rule, wider boards tend to perform better as compared to narrow ones.

Once again it all comes down to your riding style.

Want to do some crazy off ramp tricks or maybe shredding the pool? Go for a wider board for a better and much controlled performance.

Sometimes, you are learning new skills, and a wider deck can offer more room to your feet with a higher center of gravity.

On the other hand, narrow ones can do tricks like kickflips much easier, but they are made for individuals who are more into street riding.

Wheel Base


Wheel base of a skateboard deck is simply defined as the distance between the two sets of mounting holes drilled into the deck for the trucks.

The range falls between 13” to 15”; however, the desired distance is usually set by the rider’s height and personal choice.

If you are a short guy, a narrow wheelbase will feel more comfortable, whereas taller individuals prefer a wider wheelbase for a good stance when skating down the road.

While most of the skateboard decks have only one set of holes, a few may have multiple mounting holes for trucks.

Wheelbase plays a very crucial role in how a rider feels when skating his or her skateboard. Simply by adjusting it, you’ll clearly notice the difference when cruising down the street.

Nose & Tail

nose tail

The nose is the front of the deck while the tail is the back of it.

If you are new to skateboarding, it can be hard to differentiate just by looking at it.

However, nearly all the decks being sold on the market have graphics that identify this difference.

Another way is to see which side of the deck has a bigger kick. It is usually the nose while the other side will have a mellower kick.

Mounting Holes

mounting holes

The mounting holes of your skateboard deck are where the skateboard’s trucks are attached.  As I mentioned above, most of the decks usually have only one set of holes while a few come with multiple holes.



These are the edges running along the length of the deck.

The shape of rails can make a world of a difference to your riding style.

Most of the decks come with rounded rails and doing some flip tricks is a lot easier, while some rails are sharp and with a blunt edge. These are made to keep your shoes in place while you are sliding.

A new kind of rail found nowadays is known as GPs or Gas Pedal Rails. They have some areas cut to a beveled edge, and it reduces the sharpness of rail and also decreases its concave.

However, the GPs offer more control and comfort when sliding.


effective foot platform

It stands for Effective Foot Platform.

EFP is the area on the top of the deck when you stand to control your board. It is the part between the front and rear trucks. In simple EFP is somewhat the middle area of the board.



Ply is simply the deck itself which contains multiple layers of woods tightly pressed to make the deck.

While you may think, ‘why not use one solid piece of wood’? Well, board decks created with the cross-grain pattern are extremely strong and durable as compared to the boards which use only a single piece of wood.

Most of the decks are seven plies, but if you spend a little more, you can get a supremely strong nine-ply board.

Choosing The Style

Getting familiar with different styles of decks is very important as it will affect your riding experience.


Skateboards usually come in four basic shapes, and each shape is made for a specific style of skateboarding.

  • Shortboard: These boards are designed for performing skateboard tricks. If you are a frequent street or park skater, a shortboard deck is perfect for you.
  • Cruiser: These decks have kicktails and are designed for cruising around. They usually have a mid-length but are versatile and maneuverable. If you love cruising around the town, this option is for you.
  • Old School: These decks come with flat nose and kicktails and have an asymmetrical shape, which means a wider nose. These type of decks are great for skating pools, ramps or carving the streets.
  • Longboard: This is where the pro class of riders comes in. The longboards are the professional decks and designed typically for downhill racing with a symmetrical shape and a low-to-ground profile.

Understanding Skateboard Concave Shapes

Concave plays a crucial role in the performance of your deck.

Nowadays, there are several different concave shapes being introduced, allowing you a more foothold as compared to a flat skateboard. This, in turn, will help in sliding, drifting and turning.

Below are a few common concave shapes to consider:

concave shapes

  • Radial Concave: This is a common shape which is in the form of a U, and most of the decks use it. This concave ensures better foot grip in nearly all styles of skateboarding
  • Progressive Concave: It is an upgraded version of radial concave but with a steep wall on the rail blended nicely with a wide base, resulting in secure footing and a locked-in feel
  • W-Concave: The W-concave features an extra curve in the centerline, allowing you to shift more energy from the heel towards your toe. This way, you’ll get more precision, responsiveness and briskness while skating
  • Tub: Also known as the flat-cave. It is similar to radial concave but with a sharp angle along the rails of the deck. This keeps the feet flatter and assist you in providing with sudden shifts in energy
  • Asymmetrical: This concave shape is found in decks with their rails slightly risen at different angles and allowing the rider more power in the heels
  • Convex: It is opposite to the concave shape. These decks have an upward-arching shape and are only made for pro skaters for downhill rides
  • Flat: With no concave in shape (very rare), a few cutout and dropdown longboard have this shape. This gives plenty of space for your feet and also allows you to perform some tricks

Other Features

Is there anything still left to be discussed a deck?

Yes…Camber & Rocker and Kicktail

  • Camber & Rocker: camber rockerThe camber skateboards are the ones with a raised middle while rockers have dropped middle. The angle you get with camber and rocker is pretty mellow. However, the difference in shape dramatically affects the flex of your deck. Since most of the decks come with a neutral deck camber, you can still find some cruisers and longboards who feature a camber—style deck. Needless-to-say, decks having positive camber have more flex because of the higher center of gravity. In case of rocker decks, the center of gravity is low and have a sloped shape which the riders love.
  • Kicktail: It is the upward curve on the ends of your deck and those of you who love doing tricks and stunts with their skateboards, they probably need a deck with kicktails. Majority of them come with kick on the nose and tail, and it is important to have it for sharp turns, slides and pivots

Construction of Skateboard Deck


Before we finally jump on to the recommendations, it is important to learn how a skateboard deck is constructed.

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the basic steps are the same and have been practiced for years.

The wood ply used in nearly all the decks is maple wood. It is popular for its durability and flexibility so that it can be easily molded into different shapes without compromising on the strength.

However, the ply number can vary as I mentioned early on. Some skateboards have 7-ply maple wood construction while a few have 9-ply construction.

When all the plies are pressed together, it makes a stronger board than a single solid plank.

The basic construction starts with placing veneers on top of one another. To make the deck durable, manufacturers use alternating veneers (lengthwise, widthwise or cross-bearing).

Once glued, they are placed under a hydraulic press, which presses the layers into one. Here, the nose, tail and concave of the deck are also formed by pressing the wood layers.

The deck is then left press so that the glue dries and holds the plies firmly together.

Finally, holes are drilled for trucks, and a band saw is used to cut the deck’s shape from large piece into a rounded and sanded smooth.

Varnishing, seal and polishing are done afterwards before the deck is finally sent to the market for sale.

Watch following video for more details:


Is this review article helpful? We’ve honestly reviewed each skateboard deck for you, and we believe these are the best options for you on the market.

It is your turn now to pick one, customize it and set off on your skateboarding journey.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask them in the comment section. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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