17 Best Skateboard Brands 2022 Review

The best skateboard brands are not necessarily the cheapest, but they are the ones with exceptional construction and top-notch performance. From the deck to the wheels, they have the best components to ensure a superior ride. Whether it is for novices or experts, this article lists down some of our favorite brands to help you decide.

Best Skateboard Brands Review


A company based in Los Angeles, California, Primitive sells more than skateboards. They are popular for their diverse product line, which includes shirts, jackets, and accessories. More so, aside from decks, they also have wheels and grip tapes, among other accessories you will need in a skateboard.

Primitive Nuevo Daybreak Complete

This product from one of the top skateboard brands has an attractive design that will please anyone. It is simple but beautiful, perfect for anyone who wants a minimalist board. The design is only at the bottom of the deck. On the top, you will find a grip tape. The latter provides a strong traction, making it easier to retain your balance. This way, it is effortless for your feet to stay on the deck.

Looking at its components, one more that is commendable is the wheels. They have a good movement, even for an entry-level skateboard. Whether turning on tight spaces or cruising on smooth surfaces, the wheels are built to perform. They are not as high-performing as their higher-end counterparts, but at its price, we would say that they are incredible.

The deck is also remarkable. It is made of a tough material, which is indicative of its durability. It has several layers that make it strong. Despite having a rigid structure, it is flexible enough so that it can handle twists and turns.

We also love how the board comes fully assembled. This is unlike in other models wherein the assembly can be a headache. With this product, all that you have to do is take it out of the box and you are ready to skate.


  • Beautiful design and color
  • Fully-assembled out of the box
  • Durable construction


  • Too small for some users


In your search for good skateboard brands, WeSkate is one name that you should not miss. Aside from skateboards, they also have inline and roller skates, as well as adult scooters. They are offering a wide array of outdoor recreation products for people of all ages.

WeSkate Standard Skateboards for Kids

If you are looking for an affordable skateboard that is ideal for newbies, this is a great option to consider. It has a length of 31 inches and best for kids. Little ones who are starting to learn the fundamentals of skateboarding are sure to have fun with this.

One of the highlights of this skateboard is the seven-ply maple veneer deck. It is made through an innovative veneer press, making sure that each layer sticks and creates a tough board, which can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds. On the top of the deck, you will find a strong non-slip grip tape.

Additionally, it comes with soft polyurethane wheels with a high rebound. They are perfect for rough surfaces, making sure that the skateboard maintains proper traction while also absorbing shock. The latter ensures the comfort of the user. Meanwhile, Abec-7 precision bearing complements the wheels, which are also responsible for its smooth overall performance.

Another great feature is the double kick symmetric concave. The latter makes braking effortless, which is crucial for the safety of the user. Plus, the design makes flipping a breeze for those who would like to practice tricks.

Despite the good things, there are some people who note that the durability is not its biggest asset. Many parts are flimsy. To prolong the functional life, we suggest that you pay attention to proper care and maintenance, including regular cleaning.


  • Comes in a variety of attractive graphics
  • A great option for beginners
  • Promotes a smooth ride


  • Potential durability issues


Even if the name might not ring a bell for many people, Sakar is another great option for the top skating brands. Technically, however, it is a store with a collection of different products and brands, including helmets, scooters, and headphones.

Sakar Tony Hawk 34″ Complete Cruiser Skateboard

One of the things that we love the most is its aesthetically pleasing design. The decks come in four graphics – Pink Hawk, Slime Hawk, Shark Mouth, and Big Mouth. Regardless of which one you pick, it is guaranteed to be stunning.

The skateboard is a combination of both form and function. More than being beautiful, we also love the quality. The deck is made of seven layers of high-quality Canadian maple. It can endure impact of daily use and harsh environments, making sure that it will withstand the test of time. It can support a maximum weight of 175 pounds. Aside from being sturdy, we also love the double kick concave. The latter will make it easy to kick the board for anyone who is learning how to do tricks.

Meanwhile, it has 95A polyurethane wheels. They are quite on the hard side. They deliver high rebound and high speed. Not to mention, they also have excellent shock absorption capabilities, which will have a positive impact on your comfort.

The manufacturer also highlights how there is no assembly necessary. When it ships, everything is in place, which means that it is ready to be used right out of the box.

If there is one common complaint about this product, however, it would be that the graphics are different from the pictures that the company provides. It is frustrating to receive a deck with a design different from what you expect.


  • Decks are available in beautiful designs
  • Wheels effectively absorb shock
  • Easy to kick with the concave


  • Graphics may be different from what is pictured


From scooters to balance bikes, Beleev has a diverse product category. As another great option for popular skater brands, you will find high-quality decks at unmatched prices. The company takes pride in having more than a million riders, a feat that has been possible with the efforts of its over a hundred employees.

Beleev Cruiser Skateboards for Beginners

One of the best things about this 27-inch skateboard is the seven-layer Canadian maple construction. Some noted that it is prone to warping while others have highlighted how durable it is. Proper maintenance is crucial to avoid durability issues. Nonetheless, given the choice of material, it feels solid.

More than the choice of material, we love this skateboard because of the double kick concave. The latter is one of the functional designs that will make it easy to stop the board. As it improves braking, this is crucial for your safety. Not to mention, it also allows you to show off some tricks.

Another good feature of the skateboard is the emery non-slip grip tape, which helps in making the board easy to control while ensuring your safety at the same time. It ensures proper traction for the optimal position of your feet, especially when doing tricks. This will let you balance better.

It also stands out because of the five-inch aluminum alloy truck, which provides a solid connection between the board and the components on the lower portion of the deck. It has 78A polyurethane wheels, which are soft for shock absorption. The latter means that your comfort is a sure thing. Plus, it has Abec-7 steel bearings, which guarantee smooth movements.


  • Has a double kick concave for easy braking
  • Soft wheels provide effective shock absorption
  • Excellent grip tape for control and safety


  • Can be easily prone to warping


If you are on the lookout for skateboard companies selling a wide selection of affordable products, it is hard to go wrong with ChromeWheels. They also have bikes and scooters, which are perfect for the little ones.

ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard Double Kick

One of the best features of this 31-inch skateboard is the concave design of the deck. Even better, it comes with a vintage pattern. With the construction of the deck, it is easy to control. Braking is also effortless. Performing basic stunts is a breeze, making it a notable option even for newbies.

Aside from the concave design, the deck also stands out because it is made of 8-layer maple.

However, a lot of people seem to complain over how the wheels are misaligned. This can be a significant problem as it makes the skateboard veer off the course. This means that it is difficult for it to run at a straight line.

Another thing that we love in this skateboard is the 50mm polyurethane wheels. They have anti-shock properties, which will guarantee your comfort. It provides a sort of cushioning, which will absorb impact from rough surfaces. The bushings and the bearings, meanwhile, are helpful in making it smoother on different surfaces. To add, it has steel axle and aluminum trucks, making sure that all the components stay together even with aggressive use.

Like many of the products from the best skateboard companies, it also comes pre-assembled. This eliminates the need for complicated installation. As soon as you open the box, it is ready for cruising.


  • Has a concave deck for ease of control
  • The polyurethane wheels effectively absorb impact
  • Comes complete out of the box


  • Can have a difficulty maintaining a straight line


When it comes to popular skating brands, Habitat is one more name that you should know. Aside from having diverse skateboards, they are also offering apparel and accessories, among other things. The Laura skateboard is a result of their collaboration with Twin Peaks.

Habitat Twin Peaks Laura 8.125

Habitat and Twin Peaks worked together to create this deck, which looks like a piece of art. It features the face of Laura Palmer, who has been a victim of a high-profile and mysterious murder case. It has light and sophisticated colors. With its distinct beauty, it can even double as an attractive home décor for skateboarding enthusiasts.

More than its beauty, the quality is incredible. It is made of traditional maple, which is a common material that you will also find in the decks from the most popular skate brands.

More so, it is also worth noting that the deck comes with a popsicle shape, which is one thing that makes it an ideal choice for beginners. It has been the standard for years and is known for offering a wide platform, making sure that there is generous space for the user to stand on. With this, it is a great option if you are just getting started learning a new hobby.

If there is one thing that you might not like about this product, however, it would be that it is only a deck. This means that you have to buy the other parts, including trucks, wheels, and bearings. The components can be quite expensive, depending on the quality. Plus, the assembly is tricky, unless you leave the job to the pros.


  • Beautiful and elegant graphics
  • Durable deck made of maple
  • The popsicle shape of the board makes it a great choice for beginners


  • Comes only as a deck


Another name that you should know when it comes to famous skateboard brands, Darkstar is popular for its emphasis on sustainability. It is active in the promotion of reduced carbon footprint through improved manufacturing processes. Not to mention, it has forged a partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

Darkstar Complete Skateboards

With a width of 7.25 inches and a length of 29.2 inches, it provides generous space for young skateboarders to ride on. The platform makes it easier to stay balanced when cruising especially for someone who is yet to learn basic tricks.

Looking at its features, one thing that we love the most is the seven-ply birch. This is a great alternative to those who do not like maple. Plus, the company used a water-based glue for bonding the several layers. The adhesive ensures unrivaled strength, which allows the skateboard to withstand the test of time and harsh environments.

More so, the deck is incredible because of its concave shape. It is optimized for ease of use and control. Additionally, it improves braking, which is important for the safety of the rider.

Another commendable component of this skateboard is the carbon steel bearings. They ensure the smooth movement of the wheels, which is also highly influential in improving comfort. From straight lines to tight corners, the skateboard is easy to maneuver.

Before buying this skateboard, however, take note that it is designed only for young users. The board is narrow and the weight capacity is not as high as those that are built with the needs of adults in mind.


  • Durable birch deck
  • Easy to control with the concave deck
  • The high-quality bearings ensure smooth movements


  • Only for small skaters

Powell Peralta

When listing down the best brand skateboards, Powell Peralta is one name that deserves a spotlight. From the overall construction to the comprehensive warranty, the company offers plenty of benefits that will make their products worth every dollar. It is also a good thing that they are available in many dealers, making their skateboards easily accessible.

Powell Peralta Skateboard Deck

This is a re-issue deck of a classic in the 1980s.The simple sword and skull design will draw the attention of many users. Not to mention, it has an elegant color, which is sure to make the deck a head-turner.

More than its looks, one thing that we like in this skateboard is the nose concave. It is flat, which provides a platform that is good for balancing. This is one thing that beginners will appreciate. It also helps in promoting the safety of the rider.

The durability of the deck is also worth noting. Once you touch it, you will feel that it is solid. the rigid structure is indicative of longevity, even with frequent use. It is one of those decks that will take a beating, unlike others that can easily bend or crack.

Furthermore, it stands out because it does not require a lot in terms of its care and maintenance. What this means is that you don’t have to exert a lot of effort in making sure that the deck retains its peak performance.

When buying this product, take note that it is only a deck. You will need to find other parts, including the wheels. Some people might not like such because that means additional cost.


  • Has a nose concave that promotes safety
  • Durable deck
  • Easy to maintain


  • Does not come with wheels

Sector 9

From skateboards to longboards, decks to trucks, Sector 9 is another name that you should watch out for. It also has exceptional customer service, making it a great pick for good skate brands. It is also nice to know that all of their products are covered within 120 days following its purchase.

Sector 9 Unisex Hair Barrel Hopper

Among others, one of the best features of this skateboard is the Ben Gravy graphics. They make the decks stand out. A quick look at its design will already give you a compelling reason to choose it over many of its competitors.

Aside from its design, it is also worth noting that the deck is made of 7-ply maple. Thin layers are glued to create a rigid but flexible structure. It will last a long time while also making sure that it is flexible enough to handle twists and turns in a snap.

Another well-loved feature is the grip tape. The deck is rough to optimize traction. This gives you a nice platform to ride on, minimizing the chances of slipping. Your shoes will have a strong grip on the surface.

Many pf its users were also happy with the double kick design of the deck. This makes it easy to flip the board when practicing tricks. Plus, you can easily stop the skateboard when you need to. The design maximizes the degree of control that the user has when skateboarding.

The price is one thing that can hinder many people from choosing this skateboard. While it is indeed one of the most expensive on this list, the cost is justifiable. It has top-notch features and superior performance that makes it worth every dollar.


  • Long-lasting 7-ply maple deck
  • The grip provides exceptional traction
  • A concave shape makes braking easy


  • Not for people on a budget

Krooked Skateaboards

One of the best skating brands, Krooked Skateboads is known for offering incredible quality. The company stands 100% behind all of its products. Therefore, if you are unhappy in any way, let them know, and they will do what it takes to make things right.

Krooked Skateboards Flowers Deck

If there is one thing that drew our attention to this skateboard, it would be its design. The floral pattern and bright color will make it turn heads. When you are not using the skateboard, it can even double as a decorative piece at your home.

Another good reason to love this deck is its durability. The latter is made possible by the 7-ply maple construction. It is a rigid material that will let the deck withstand many years of use, even if you are skateboarding often.

More than being durable, the concave design of the deck is also worth noting. This is constructed in such a way that you can brake easily. Not to mention, you will also have complete control of the board when you are cruising. Plus, you can flip in a breeze, making it a good for anyone who is starting to learn new tricks.

The biggest shortcoming of this product is that it does not come as a complete set. This means that you have to buy the other parts individually since you will be receiving only the deck. Some people might not like the additional cost, especially considering how this deck is already more expensive compared to most of the products on this list.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Made of high-quality 7-ply maple
  • Easy flipping and braking


  • Not a complete set


Another worthy addition to the list of the best skate brands is Globe. It has worldwide presence, making it an unmatched name. It is popular for many things, including its emphasis on sustainability. It uses a lot of wood in its production, but they offset such through their forestry programs. They are planting trees to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. They have partnered with the National Forest Foundation for their environmental initiatives.

Globe Chromantic Cruiser

This skateboard is available in different colors and designs, including washed aqua, black pineapple, and tiger camo. That said, it is a great option for anyone who emphasizes aesthetics. The best thing is that it is not only beautiful. It is a combination of both form and function.

Looking at its construction, one thing that stands out is the use of hard rock maple as the main material for the deck. This is different from most of the options in this article that are made of Canadian maple. The maple used in this deck is harder, which also makes it long-lasting.

Speaking of the deck, we also like how the company used resin glue for bonding. It has a stronger adhesion compared to water-based glues and epoxies. As a result, the deck has incredible strength while being lightweight.

Another design feature that is worth noting is the swallow tail. The latter makes it well-balanced, making it a great option for beginners. At the same time, it also gives the user a complete control of the skateboard.

If there is one thing that might make you hesitate in choosing this product, it would be its price. Nonetheless, it is from one of the most popular skateboard brands and it is high-quality, so the price should not be a problem.


  • Made using rigid hard rock maple
  • Bonded using high-quality resin glue
  • Has a swallow tail that makes it well-balanced


  • Expensive

Creature Skateboards

The dark side of skateboarding – that is what Creature Skateboards claim to represent. One of the best skateboard companies, it has a wide network of dealers, making their products easily accessible. More than the quality of their products, they are known for offering a comprehensive warranty coverage. The latter proves how confident they are of heir skateboards.

Creature Complete Skateboards

From the bright colors to the rad design, you will have lots of good reasons to have this skateboard on the top of your list. Looking at its features, one of our favorites is the 7-ply birch deck. While maple is more popular, birch is equally impressive, especially in terms of durability. the best thing is that it is rigid without compromising the weight. It is lightweight and portable, so you can easily bring it anywhere you are going.

It is also commendable because of the cast aluminum trucks, which hold the components. It makes sure that everything is in place. More so, it has 90a wheels, which are perfect for turning. Not to mention, it excels in terms of shock absorption, which will positively impact your comfort. This is especially important when you are skateboarding on rough surfaces.

The high-grade grip tape has also been commended by many of its users. This is responsible for improving the traction, minimizing the chances that you will slip.

If you are on a budget, we suggest that you look for another product. The price can easily discourage some people, but that should not be the case. The fact that it is from one of the most popular skateboarding brands is enough to justify its price.


  • The deck is made of high-quality birch
  • Has lightweight cast aluminum trucks
  • Prevent slipping with the high-grade grip tape


  • Not for people on a budget


Known for their selection of premium products, Birdhouse is one more name that deserves a spot on our list of the top skateboard brands. It all started in 1992 when Tony Hawk built Birdhouse Projects. Throughout the year, it has built a name globally and has renamed into Birdhouse. Today, it is used by some of the most popular skateboarders in the world, which is a testament to its unmatched quality.

Birdhouse Skateboard Complete Tony Hawk Plague

There are many good reasons to choose this product, and one of the best is its North American maple construction. It has seven layers, making it thick enough to withstand wear. At the same time, it stays flexible, so it handles twists and turns. Additionally, it has a lightweight body, so it is not a burden to carry around.
The mellow concave is one more thing about the deck that we would like to emphasize, which makes it user-friendly. It may not be the best choice for beginners, but for someone who has experience in skateboarding, using it is a snap. From braking to showing off tricks, the design of the board is remarkable.

Aside from the decks, the other components are also incredible. For instance, it has grade-8 steel kingpins and axles, US-made bushings, and lightweight core trucks. More so, it has 52mm and 99A wheels. The latter is on the hard side, which makes it suitable for rails and ledges. The Abec-5 bearings are also great, which will ensure smooth movement, especially if the moving parts stay well-lubricated.

It should also be noted that it is unassembled. The assembly can be tricky, but some people love it because it allows customization.


  • Deck is made of lightweight but durable North American maple
  • Has a mellow concave for ease of use
  • Bearings ensure smooth movement


  • Not assembled

Zero Skateboards

Known for the unique and eye-catching designs, Zero Skateboards is another company that should be on your radar. It is the favorite of many skateboarding professionals, which is already a compelling reason to choose it over many of its competitors.

Zero Skateboards Jamie Thomas Cross Complete Skateboard

Not a fan of brightly-colored decks with traditional designs? Then this skateboard is a great alternative. It has a dark and gothic theme, which may not appeal to everyone. If you want to be different, however, this is a great option.

The skateboard has a 7-ply maple deck, which is the most common material choice even amongst other cool skateboard brands. Maple is very rigid, so we are confident that it will last through the years. Despite being a tough material, however, it has a degree of flexibility. The latter makes turning a breeze.

The ease of turning is possible not just because of the deck but also because of the overall design. The shape of the deck is optimized in such a way that you can control it without complications.

It is also a good thing that it has 51mm wheels, which were developed by Zero as well. They are large enough for beginners while also offering great shock absorption to guarantee your comfort, even on rough surfaces.

More so, the skateboard comes pre-assembled. You do not need to go through the complicated process of its assembly. Take it out of the box and it is ready to cruise!

It comes with standard hardware, which some people noted can be better. The good thing is that you can replace such with aftermarket components if you are unhappy with its quality.


  • 7-ply maple construction ensures durability
  • Easy to turn
  • Ready to use out of the box


  • Hardware can be better

Toy Machine

A company based in San Diego, California, Toy Machine sells more than just skateboards. They also have tees, sweats, socks, and accessories. Plus, you will find different skateboard components, including wheels and hardware.

Toy Machine Skateboard Complete Vice Dead Monster

This skateboard is available in assorted colors, so you can pick one that best matches your preferences. It is made of North American maple. Like other options from the name brand skateboards in this guide, the deck is durable. It is unlike others that are easily prone to cracking and warping.

Looking at its construction, another component that deserves a highlight is the core truck. It is lightweight and heavy-duty. Plus, it is paired with top-notch kingpins and axles, which hold everything together.

Meanwhile, it has 522m and 99A wheels. The wheels are large, which makes it perfect for beginners. Nonetheless, even the pros will love it, especially because of the hard wheels, which are suitable for riding even on railing.

It also has Amphetamine bearings. The latter act as stimulants for the wheels, which is fitting or its brand name. With this, the wheels will move smoothly even in the most challenging environments. It will be effortless to maneuver in different locations.

With a width of only 7.5 inches, some users might find it to be quite narrow. If you are looking for a wider alternative, the same board is available at a width of 8.5 inches.


  • Durable North American maple deck
  • Has high-quality kingpins and axles
  • Hard wheels for skateboarding on railings


  • Some users might find it narrow


It is almost impossible to talk about the most popular skateboards without mentioning Element. Whether it is for men or women, youth or adult, they have a wide selection of skateboards for all skill levels. They also have apparel, which makes the company more popular amongst skateboarders.

Element Section Complete Skateboard 7.75″

If you are looking for a reliable skateboard that is ideal for both newbies and experts, this is one product that you should not miss. The deck has a length of 31.7 inches and a width of 7.75 inches. Under the skateboard, you will find a huge Element branding, making it hard to have it mistaken for a skateboard from another company.

The components of the skateboard are also from Element, so we are confident that the quality is second to none. It comes with Abec-5 bearings, which are known for being smooth. The latter makes it easy to control and cruise in different locations.

Aside from the bearings, we are also huge fans of the 5.0 polished trucks with 90a bushings. Like the bearings, the latter is responsible for ensuring a smooth ride and comfortable experience, especially when you are twisting and turning.

Another important component is the grip tape, which improves the overall construction of the deck. It makes the surface rough to provide better traction. This way, it is easy to make sure that you stay on the top and that you won’t slip.

Like many of the options from the popular skate brands, it also ships pre-assembled. It is ready for its first ride right after unboxing!

Nonetheless, if there is one reason why people won’t buy this product, it would be its price. Considering that it is from one of the best skateboard brands, the cost is justifiable.


  • Smooth bearings for effortless cruising
  • The grip tape improves traction
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • Expensive

Baker Skateboard

From headwear to shirts, Baker Skateboard has a variety of products. This option for the best skateboard company is popular for offering a diverse selection of boards, which are perfect for people of all levels. The price point is reasonable, especially considering the quality that you will enjoy in exchange of what you will be paying for.

Baker Skateboard Complete Brand Logo

Made of 100% Canadian Maple, you can expect a lot of pop in this skateboard. Even in the simplest tricks, it is full of life, which will make skateboarding a lot of fun. Not to mention, the deck is also tough, guaranteeing a long functional life.

It is also worth noting that it has lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum trucks. It does a good job of holding the components together. It is paired with the best bushings, axles, and kingpins, which will make any ride smoother.

Your comfort is a sure thing, especially because of the construction of the wheels. They effectively absorb shock. Plus, they turn in a snap, making it easy to maneuver through corners and tight spaces.

However, one thing that some people complained about is that it is not pre-assembled. While it comes with everything that you will need, you have to assemble the unit yourself. This can be frustrating for anyone who isn’t good at DIY tasks. Nonetheless, the overall assembly is pretty straightforward.


  • Durable 100% Canadian maple deck
  • High-quality bearings for a smooth ride
  • Top-notch wheels for your comfort


  • Not assembled out of the box


What are the best skateboard brands? By now, we hope that you are no longer asking this question. The companies mentioned above are some of the names that you should not miss. With their global popularity, you can be confident that the quality and performance are second to none. Do not hesitate to spend a bit more if you are sure that it will lead into choosing a better product.