Top 21 Best Skateboard Bearings in 2020 Review – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for solid skateboard bearings to ace your skate game?

Then you’ve come to right place!

There’s no way you can stay rolling without awesome skateboard bearings.

As a matter of fact, without these little balls situated inside of every single wheel, your daily skateboarding routine will come to a stuttering halt.

Bearings are the ones that enable the metal found on the outside of the wheel to roll around the hinge without doing any damage to the metal.

Since ceramic balls have been introduced to the market, skateboarders have increased their potential speed to a whole new different plane.

If you plan to go fast and furious, check out our top picks list (along with our buying guide!)

Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews

We’ve done the research for the best bearings for a skateboard in 2020, and we ended up spending 100 hours of doing in-depth research. Here are the top items that have made it to our list!

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics

Let’s kick it off with the first one on our list; you know it won’t be skateboard bearings review without Bones Swiss. These guys have just been recently released in the market; they’re brand new, to say the least.

It takes after a premium grade ABEC 7 for high-quality bearings by Bronson Speed Co. In addition, you’ll see that they have already been pre-lubricated, so it saves you time and hassle. And at the same time, it delivers a smoother and fast ride.

Also, they are in standard size, so it’ll fit for most of the skaters out there. When it comes to performance and durability, you’ll be blown away by what it can offer.

You’re basically getting 8 bearings, which is more than enough for your 4 wheels. By the way, these are more than just for skateboarding. We’ve tried in on our chair, and they fit with no problems whatsoever.

Generally speaking, it’s great package that lets you glide smoothly without having to deal with any noise at all.


  • Premium Grade ABEC 7
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Ensures smoother and faster ride
  • Doesn’t make any noise


  • The price tag may be too costly for some skaters


Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate BearingsBones Super Swiss 6 Competition

On the market, this has probably one of unique designs I’ve seen.  At a glance, you’ll automatically be faced with 6 larger diameter balls that measure at 8mm. Most of the other bearings are only at 7mm, so it’s nice to see some changes.

It promises to offer the benefit of having higher speed in comparison to similar products, faster acceleration, and an outstanding strength and durability.

It seems Super Swiss wanted to innovate the concept of skate bearings, and they have successfully done just that.

The makers also thought about giving it an additional edge, that’s why it comes in with precision-grade bearings that have impacted the market. It’s been nicely outfitted with the use of rubber shields, which makes cleaning easier and quicker for all skaters.

Just to give you a head’s up, it has a competition-grade racing lubricant as well for those peeps who plan on going fast and furious.

If that’s not enough to let you join the army, the manufacturing is offering a lifetime warranty against any company defects.


  • Delivers a unique design
  • Diameter measures at 8mm
  • Precision grade
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Initial investment may be a bit too pricey


Bones Ceramic Reds

Bones Ceramic Reds

If you’ve been skating for quite some time, then you’ve probably heard of Bones company. In the skating industry, it carries the best reputation as it has been running for the past 25 years.

With that being said, it’s only safe to say that they have proven themselves time and time again that their performance and quality is always on point.

Known for their affordable price tag and incredible longevity, this may be a great choice for you if you’re looking for something extra special that’s light in the pocket.

These balls are known to be lighter, stronger, and harder than the others. At the same time, it’s also waterproof. Due to its ceramic features, it lasts longer than the premium steel balls.

It comes in with a useful removable rubber shield so you’ll spend less time cleaning. In addition, it produces less friction as well.

This has been pre-lubricated by the makers, and it even brings you a speed racing lubricant to keep you rolling all day. And lastly, you have nothing to worry about as it comes with a warranty for added confidence.


  • Credible Company Reputation
  • Offers affordable price tag
  • Convenient removable rubber shield
  • Ceramic Features


  • Some steel bearings can outperform this one


Bronson G3 Single SetBronson G3 Single Set

One thing that I can say right away – the package is fire. It seems Bronson wanted to keep its quality high up to standard even from the packaging alone. But that’s not all that it can offer, these are some pretty good bearings, to say the least.

It delivers a smooth and quiet rolling experience. Upon receiving the package, you’ll notice that they have been secured in plastic. Also, every single one of the bearing came with a washer in between them.

By the way, they are on a plastic rod. Little add-ons are always what I look for, and I was glad that they were kind enough to put spacers and Bronson stickers.

They are in professional grade ABEC 7, which means they are in top-notch quality. The manufacturing has already pre-lubricated them to give you a smoother and faster skating experience.

Generally speaking, you’re getting a lot with the money that you’re investing. Considering the fact that its tin container is pretty solid, and the bearings itself are on another level.


  • High-quality package design
  • Smooth and quiet rolling
  • Comes with washer
  • Pre-lubricated


  • It has limited functions


Yellow Jacket PremiumYellow Jacket Premium

We have another contender on our list, and this time around, it’s from Yellow Jacket. Before this review, I talked about how much I dig Bronson’s package, but I’m surprised that this one has some pretty cool packaging to serve up a swell.

It comes with high precision, high-speed bearings that are ultimately flexible in terms of applications. You can use it for your skateboard (of course), longboard, inline skates, rollerblades, and so much more.

As a matter of fact, you’ll be getting a more precise experience with this than with REDZ. Just like with some few good ones on our review, it comes in pre-lubricated. It makes sure that you’re always at your top speed while giving off minimal friction.

Another thing to take a look at is its engraved color seals. Personally, I find these seals to be really cool as it comes with bright colors. This ensures that dirt, rocks, and dust aren’t able to penetrate; this lengthens the life of the bearings as well.

These bearings are relatively affordable, which is really surprising because the quality is no laughing matter. But if you don’t find this to be satisfactory, the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee.


  • Unique packaging design
  • High speed
  • Engraved color seals
  • Money back guarantee


  • Make noise


Bones Bearings Super RedsBones Super Reds

Using high-quality steel races, Super Reds has been owning the game since they step foot in the skating industry. Choosing this one as your new partner-in-crime would mean you want better grade balls, as well as a premium surface, finish to boot.

These bearings have lived up to the best skateboarders as it delivers awesome quality with a surprisingly low price. When you receive the package, you’ll see that they have already been lubed up, and of course, it also comes with speed cream.

The thing is, due to its efficient ride, you’ll have more momentum when you either go up or downhill. Overall, its speed is something that’s worth to be commended.

It doesn’t wear easily as well. However, you do have to make sure that you keep them regularly maintained. If you do so, you’ll be speeding up for a very long time (which is awesome!)


  • Uses high-quality Steel Races
  • Doesn’t wear easily
  • Pre-lubricated


  • May be a bit costly than similar products


Spitfire Burner BearingsSpitfire Burner

Before I start spitting some fire features, there’s one thing that got my attention more than anything – its name. Spitfire Burner has definitely made a name for the skaters who are looking for a cheaper option.

On top of that, the manufacturer has totally made a mark with its signature packaging. Right out of the box, they are ready to use. They’re made to give you a smoother and better skating experience at a low tag.


  • Unique Packaging Design
  • Smoother Skating Experience
  • Low Price Tag


  • Overall quality could be better


Spruce Skateboard Bearing ABEC-9/ABEC-11Spruce ABEC-9/ABEC-11

While this may not be a fan favorite (not a lot of people are aware of how truly awesome this is) it still made its way to our list. Spruce Skateboard Bearing is one of those hidden gems in the skateboarding history.

Don’t get me wrong, the manufacturer is relatively popular in the trade. As a matter of fact, it has produced a lot of awesome products since their establishment.

You’re getting an ABEC 9 for this thing. In other words, it stands at the higher end of the spectrum. These are carbon steel items for durability, and it has a red dust cover for protection.

The makers are using a first-grade lubricating grease for this thing. But that’s not all to get hyped about, you’ll also have a cooling steel ball to boot.

No need to worry about heavy loads as this has been created to take on the pressure, it does not deform. This works perfectly for various skateboards and longboards as well.


  • ABEC-9 feature
  • Carries heavy loads
  • Efficient Cooling steel ball


  • Dust cover may not be so reliable


Radeckal Blue ABEC 7Radeckal Blue ABEC 7

Here’s another Blackhorse in the skating industry. We’ve personally tried Radeckal on for size just to see how it fairs with the others. Believe it or not, this has even outclassed the leading brands in the business.

You’re basically getting a smoother experience as it lets you ride faster as well. And yeah, you got it – it lets you go at it longer too!

They have already been pre-lubricated, so it’ll give you a hassle-free go with Radeckal. When it comes to durability, this is one of the best in class that’s available in the market.

You can also use this for different other applications, such as inline skate, roller skate, rollerblade, and much more.

This comes in with high-precision rating as well, and the fact that it has been classified under ABEC 7 means you can expect a lot from this beast. Oh, I forgot to mention, the price tag is affordable for any skating enthusiast who wants to have a go.


  • Pre-lubricated
  • Used for multiple applications
  • High-precision rating


  • Doesn’t not have any freebies


Dark Wolf 10 Pack High-PerformanceDark Wolf 10 Pack High-Performance

The package is one neat concept. To be honest, I like how the makers have made it compact and simple as I’m a huge fan of keeping it straight. Dark Wolf has developed probably one of the best inexpensive skateboard bearings on the market.

Due to the packaging, it would make some really good birthday gift to your friends and family. As a matter of fact, it seems Dark Wolf is even offering a gift box packaging as one of their services.

It gives you a great performance as it delivers high speeds all day, every day with little to no noise at all. Oh, and you don’t have to think about the friction factor as it keeps it intact.

If you’re still not sure as to whether you should get this or not, then you don’t have to contemplate any further. You are given a 6 months warranty upon purchase just to give you a bit of boost in your confidence.


  • Compact and simple
  • Perfect for birthday gifts
  • Little to noise


  • Warranty could be longer


esKape Abec-9 608-RSesKape Abec-9 608-RS Longboard

This is really affordable, but I wouldn’t recommend this to you if you’re looking for something to accompany you for long-term.

The thing is, although that this may be the cheapest one on here, it doesn’t mean that it’s a cost-effective get.

The materials are decent, maybe it’s a bit lower than average. It’s just enough to give you an average run with your skateboard. There are some add-ons that you’d appreciate though. For instance, it has a plastic steel shield. But I can see this breaking in a couple of weeks or months if not taken care of properly.

This also gives you a lube to make sure that you are performing a mundane skate. It’s not bad, but it’s not particularly what you’re looking for.

I’d have to admire that this can be used for all types of skateboards and longboards as this boosts its versatility factor.

All in all, I’d say that this is great for someone who’s looking for a starter bearing. No tricks, just a good skate.


  • Affordable price
  • Used for both skateboards and longboards


  • Not ideal for tricks
  • Quality isn’t geared for long-term


Bones Bearings RedsBones Reds

If you have been looking for bearings that you don’t want to regret, then there’s no better way than to get it on with Red Bearings. When it comes to reliability, there’s no other brand in the world that can give it to you.

Here’s the thing, in the United States of America, this thing holds the title as the bestselling skate bearing. Meaning, there are millions of skaters that have chosen them to be their go-to help.

You’re basically getting a single, non-contact rubber shield with this one. I particularly like the fact that they made sure that cleaning won’t be a hassle, and it also comes with less friction.

Additionally, it boasts a high-speed nylon ball as well. It carries the role of increasing the bearings’ strength and speed. Of course, this has been pre-lubricated as well, and it offers a speed cream as its lubricant together with the package.

Right out of the package, you’re getting eight bearings, some instruction manual, and a logo sticker.


  • Free logo sticker
  • Convenient manual
  • Bestselling in the U.S


  • Packaging could be better


Heady Shake ProHeady Shake Pro

Athletically speaking, this one is a real gem. The designers made sure that this would be more than a pretty face though as it packs some pretty awesome punch.

Precision-wise, there are no negative comments about these bearings. Right out of the box, this has already been pre-lubricated, and the manufacturer is using a special lubricant to ensure that it remains at top speed with its smooth features.

These bearings are known for their quiet rotation as well, and their high-spinning speed is topping the charts. It shows off with its long-lasting life that‘s meant to give you a life companion for a very long time.

The good news is that this can do more than just your skateboard, this is also perfect for your roller skates, longboards, and even kick scooters if you own one.

You’ll be kicking it in a stylish manner in the park. Its sleek appearance could make anyone green-eyed over your skater-friendly bearings. For this price, you’re also getting four skateboard spacer and a really cool waterproof sticker.

Assuming you aren’t satisfied with their service, they promise to give back your money – all 100% of it.


  • Uses special lubricant
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Quiet rotation experience


  • May be a bit expensive


Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and LongboardsZealous Bearings

When you choose to go with Zealous, it means you want to get out the best of your money. These bearings have already built-in spacers and speed rings.

Now, they have been placed there so that you wouldn’t have any problems with small parts to lose during the changing process.

There’s another thing that you need to know about it, and it’s that it delivers an insanely low friction. In other words, its speed is on another level. You can give thanks to its Tribology at 0.003% – so yeah, this means that it’s almost zero when it comes to friction.

As you can see, there are two colors that are present with Zealous Bearings. The green color is made out of steel while the white one is made out of ceramic. These color-coordinated seals are meant to keep your bearings away from dirt and dust.

It comes in with its special lube, the makers are using a custom nanoceramic grease. Thru the use of this one, it keeps the metal smoothen out and maintains a fast speed at all times.


  • Built-in spacers and speed rings
  • Delivers an incredible low friction
  • Fast speed at all times


  • Rattling sound can be heard from time to time


Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic Abec 9 Precision 608 ZzMini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic Abec 9 Precision 608 Zz

Let’s make a move on to the next bearings on our list. This time around, we have Mini Skater 16 to give us a good time. Before we begin, you can clearly notice that it falls under Abec 9.

In other words, this delivers a decent quality of bearings in the market. You’re getting a pretty solid packaging on the dot, and it measures 8mm diameter for its outer and 22mm.

You’re basically getting SIXTEEN pieces of PCS bearings, which is really cool. You can either use it for your skateboard or longboard. Either way, it shows off a really good performance.

Naturally, this has already been pre-lubricated, which is good considering that you are paying really inexpensive product here.


  • Solid packaging design
  • 16 bearings included
  • Ideal for both skateboard and longboard


  • Quantity not quality (improvements would be good!)


Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings

Bones Original Swiss Competition

Choosing Bones Original entails you for an eight-pack adventure. This is one of the higher-end ones on the market, not only are you getting your skate gears coming from a reputable company, but you’re also giving yourself a chance to experience its chromium skateboard wheel bearings.

Let’s not forget that it comes with a handy, four bearing spacers as well. If you’re new to this whole skating thing, you don’t have to worry as it comes with instructions, and a neat sticker to boot.

The company has been producing a precision-grade design for more than twenty-five years, and it seems they wanted to increase their reputations with Bones Original.

In order to keep them preserved to its best condition, this has nylon ball retainers, and a really neat Bones Speed Cream lubricant together with the package, which is a good lubricant for skateboard bearings, btw.

The shields are pretty easy to remove, so you don’t have a problem. It makes cleaning an easy task. And lastly, this gives you an amazing lifetime warranty so you can sake in confidence for the rest of your rides.


  • Comes from a credible brand
  • Nylon ball retainers for efficiency
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Removing the shields for the first time may be difficult


Abec 7 Pro Skate Rated QualityAbec 7 Pro Skate Rated Quality

It’s time to get it on with RaZr, you’re going to be in for a treat with this ones. It comes into the game strong with its world-class machine bearings.

These have been made to ensure that they’re quality is always top-notch. As you can see, they are placed in a neat, single file so that they won’t come into contact. It has the highest PTFE cage as well.

The bearings have been specially lubricated to give off some pretty cool results, the makers are using grade SpinX oil to ensure you’ll be rolling safely with your squad. BTW, it’s a neat oil for skateboard bearings to use.

This has passed various lab tests to give it a go with its spin. As a matter of fact, it has the longest span of over 4 minutes! As a matter of fact, it went on for 4 mins and 20 seconds in the laboratory.

Due to the maker’s way of doing things (they’re using viscosity racing grade lubrication for this one) you get to experience an almost near perfect experience with its almost zero vibration.


  • World-class machine products
  • Long rolling time
  • Pre-lubricated


  • Vibration could be felt


Mini-Logo Skateboards BearingsMini-Logo

Mini-Logo is bringing out the heat with its skateboard bearings. While I’m not a huge fan of its packaging, it looks pretty average, if you ask me. I AM a fan of its performance and price.

You’ll notice that it comes in with a removable rubber shield from one side, and if you’re going to observe the other side, it has a metal shield intact. This is to ensure you’re given the best of convenience for maintenance.

There’s also a high-speed molded ball retainer as well as part of the package, and a really cool super-finished chromium steel to boot. These bearings have been monitored closely by the makers for a surefire high-performance level.

It also gives you a lifetime warranty against any defects coming from the company, so you can rest easy while you’re skating.


  • Removable shield rubber
  • Chromium Steel for quality
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Packaging needs work


Bones Roller Bones BearingsBones Roller

Let’s hear it from Bones Roller. Naturally, the list wouldn’t be complete without these guys right here. For one, it has been created with the best of precision ground skate bearings.

These have been made with nothing but quality in mind. As a matter of fact, you’re also given nylon ball cages, which are removable, by the way. It also has as a neat non-contact rubber shields for long-term use.

They are very easy to clean, so you don’t have any problems with maintenance. It also gives you a fast experience when you’re rolling in the park.


  • High-quality product
  • Delivers frictionless shields
  • Pre-lubricated


  • Rattle sounds could be heard


Bronson Speed Co. RAWBronson Speed Co. RAW

Finally, we have the last one on our list. Do you know what the saying goes, right? Save the best for last!

I know what you’re thinking; this is probably one of the most expensive products on our list. However, it only means that you are getting so much more.

Bearings have already been pre-lubricated, and it guaranteed you a rather smooth and easy ride. For better compatibility, these come in the standard size, and they have been built with performance and durability in mind.

The package lets you have eight bearings, which is more than sufficient to fit all four of your skateboard wheels. The quality is one of the best there is, and if you’re looking for a more durable item, this can be your guy.


  • Smooth and easy ride
  • Pre-lubricated
  • High-performance level


  • One of the most expensive items on the list



Let’s welcome the floor with SCSK8, this gives you a good set of 8 high-quality bearings in one package. This has been a choice for a lot of boarders because of its versatility.

There are peeps who enjoy skateboarding AND longboarding, the best part about SCSK8 is that it delivers to both boards. In other words, it caters to both of your desires.

Of course, since we are talking about owning one of the highest quality bearings (as you can see these are ABEC 9) then it’s already expected that it has all of the features a premium product.

This has already been pre-lubricated to give you that winning edge at all times. Naturally, when it comes to speed, this is top-notch. This is constructed with the finest chrome steel in the market.

Another thing, this comes with a nylon ball cage for the purpose of weight reduction. Let’s not forget that this has an element protection as well. Don’t worry, it has low restrictions!


  • Fits well for both longboard and skateboard
  • ABEC 9 bearings for superior performance
  • Constructed with chrome steel


  • Not ideal for casual skaters due to price


How To Choose Good Skateboard Bearings

Learning The Basics: ABEC Ratings

ABEC Ratings 2

You can’t go pro in the skateboarding league without knowing that the measurement used for bearings is by an ABEC rating.  For each bearing class, it corresponds a definitive ranking for each classification.

As a general rule, the higher the ABEC rating is, the higher the quality will be in terms of accuracy and precision. The system follows grades starting from 1, 3, 5, 7, and lastly, 9.

One thing you should take note is that the rating does not identify a lot of significant factors, like load handling competence, ball precision, and quality of materials, Rockwell harness, noise, vibration, and even lubricant.

As what you already tell, there’s a possibility that a bearing with an ABEC 3 rating could outclass an ABEC 7 rating in the performance department.

In any case, I’ve listed each classification down below for you to use as a reference.

  • ABEC 1. These are the cheapest ones, bearings that fall under this rate are most rude, and doesn’t have high accuracy factor. In addition, steel quality is leaning towards the lower end of the spectrum.
  • ABEC 3. Price point may be a bit higher than ABEC 1; however, it’s still considered to be inexpensive. Bearings at this price range do not roll smoothly or efficiently.
  • ABEC 5. Generally the choice for recreational skateboarders, it’s the standard type for skateboarding. Gives you fast speed at an economical value.
  • ABEC 7. These bearings are known to be fast and smooth. However, they are a bit costly to purchase.
  • ABEC 9. The highest of rating for bearings, these are for the extremely fast types. Perfect for downhill skating and for speed navigation.

ABEC Ratings 1

Take Note: The ABEC rating scale is not widely used, there are still a number of popular companies that do not utilize this scale for their bearings, such as Bones Bearings.

The guys at Bones Bearings have their own rating scale that they call as Skate Rated. The reason why they don’t use it is simple – they’re already superior in performance.

On the other hand, ABEC ratings do not consider A LOT of factors for their bearing classification.

What Makes Up A Skateboard Bearing?

While it’s a given fact that skateboard bearings are relatively small in size, you’ll be surprised how complex they are. Beginners usually make the mistake of seeing these tiny balls as one part of the skateboard.

It’s only when maintenance is needed when you’ll find that bearings are actually a different component. You have to manually split them up and see for yourself what’s inside.

With that being said, they are composed of even smaller components.

What Makes Up A Skateboard Bearing

  • C-ring. You’ll recognize this as a thing ring that goes into a groove on the outside of the bearing. It has the role making sure that the shields are securely locked.
  • Bearing Shield. This is a bit bigger than the C-ring, it’s a medium-sized ring that’s situated on the side. This makes sure that ball bearings are kept away from dirt.
  • Outer ring. Described as the round metal exterior that every other part perfectly fits into.
  • Inner ring. This is the smaller version of the outer thing. This fits suitably within the outer ring. For a better description, this is where the axles fit though when you’re sliding your bearing onto the axles.
  • Steel balls. This is usually a set of six or seven steel or ceramic balls. These guys are at rest in the ball retainer. Without them, the bearings wouldn’t be able to work efficiently as it plays an important role in making sure the bearing casing is spinning around them.
  • Ball retainer. It has another name called Derlin crown. This ensures that each of the ball bearings is being held securely while enabling the casing to spin on the axis.
  • Rubber seal. You’ll notice this to be a soft rubber ring found outside of the bearing. This lends the bearing interior a hand in making sure that there’s no dirt and debris.

Remember: Your skateboard bearings won’t be in top shape if each of the different components isn’t working efficiently. Keeping a regular schedule for maintenance is strongly advised as dirt buildup is inevitable.

Skateboard Bearing Material Quality

Steel Bearings


If you’ve tried looking around at the market, you’ll find that most of the bearings are made out of steel. However, your steel skateboard bearings’ quality greatly depends on the brand. Yes, it varies from one brand to the other.

As a general rule, if you’re investing more money on your steel bearings, the quality is higher. As you can see, going for inexpensive alternatives means it’s made out of low-end materials.

While investing for the goal of long-term in mind calls for better sealing, more inner ball bearings, and premium made metals.

The best choice you could do is to think long-term as there’s a big difference of what you feel when you come to a sudden halt.

There’s a possibility that the wheels may make an annoying screech or it’ll stiffen up. In addition, cheaper made ones mean they’re quick to get rusty and dirty.

So, go get yourself a more quality made steel bearings. It’s definitely a good investment.

Ceramic Bearings

Assuming you really want to get your skateboard game on, then you’re in for a treat with ceramic bearings.  There are only a number of companies so far that delivers ceramic skateboard bearings.


Now, these guys are incredibly smooth, and you’ll experience little to no friction at all. Additionally, it doesn’t expand in the heat, which is a huge plus.

You may have to invest more money than the high-quality metal bearings, but they’re on another level. At the same time, maintenance is easy breezy.

But there’s this ongoing debate since the ceramic bearings have become available in the market. Skateboarders have found the price gap to crazy.

You’ll be spending at least $70-$100 for ceramic bearings. On the other hand, regular ones are only at $15 (see that ridiculous price increase?!)

As what I’ve mentioned in the world of skateboarding, price matters.

So, here’s the million dollar question: does invest in ceramic bearings deliver a better performance?

Answer: Probably.

While it’s true that they have ceramic balls, and there are generally more them, but it’s quite debatable as the other components are still made of steel.

But I’d like to point out that the steel in these bearings are more superior, and it does offer a great decrease of friction.

All in all, skaters who are fond of ceramic bearings have reported stayed true with this type as it continuously gives precise performance and minimal maintenance.

In any case, learning on how to clean skateboard bearings will lengthen the life of your skateboard, and you don’t have to spend so much money in the future for repair and maintenance.

Bearing Options

Bearing Spacers


You’re going to see them as small a metal cylinder that sits into the wheel found in the middle of the bearings. It carries the role of weight reduction for every single bearing.

As a result, your skateboard turns have been made smoother and more stable. Another thing to point out is that it also lengthens the life of your items (which is always appreciated!)

Just want to point out that they aren’t really as important as it is for casual skaters as well as for longboarders. The thing is, these type of skaters don’t put much pressure on their boards.

This is ideal for people who are serious about their skateboarding career and wants to do slide and practice skateboard tricks. As for bearing spacers, it doesn’t cost much, and it can either be made from steel, aluminum, and etc.

As for the measurement, it’s quite different from bearings as it has two factors that determine that size. (1) Axle diameter (2) total spacer width.

Its installation is pretty quick as well, just place in your first bearing. After you’ve done that, flip over the wheel and push the bearing spacer in. Ideally, you want to see it secured firmly in the wheel core. Make sure you don’t hear any rattles or see any movement.

Speed Washers

Speed Washers

You’ll mostly see them as thin, metal washers. These are located over the axle that’s just right in the middle of the nut and the bearing. At the same time, it’s in between the hanger and the bearing as well.

This has one important role, and that’s to reduce the amount of friction so that the wheel could turn faster. In other words, this a buffer that’s in between the nut and bearing. At the same time, it keeps the bearing face safe from damage.

You’re not entirely required to get this. However, if you have plans to go at it at high speeds, then this deserves a spot on your skateboard checklist.

These are pretty easy and replace, and you can change them anytime you want to. The truth of the matter is, it’s how hard you go at it with skating. They’ll eventually start to look worn, when it does, just get rid of the nut, and place in some new speed washers.

The size is dependent on the axle diameter. The skating verse usually uses an 8mm diameter, so this is what you’re going to use.

We at RogerSkateboards have finally made it to the last part of the article. The guide is here to help you out when you’re choosing for the best skateboard bearings for the price, and of course, it should fit your needs and wants as well. You can also check our review of best skateboard wheels!

There’s definitely a huge gap if you’re just someone who’s looking for a casual skate around the park or if you’re the type who wants to focus skateboarding as a long-term career.

If you plan on skating casually, then investing in bearings that are priced at a lower range may not be a bad deal. However, if you plan to go hard, then it wouldn’t hurt to invest into something more.