Top 14 Longboard Trucks 2019 Review

Since you’re looking for the best longboard trucks the market has to offer, we’re pretty sure that you aren’t new to the field, and if you are, feel welcomed. These solid, metal parts may be small but are essential to your longboard and skateboard riding. When choosing the right truck, two things that are a must to consider are the quality and size. Other factors are inclusive of the shapes, materials, and designs. The market isn’t short of brands, but not all offer quality.

For this reason, we’ve gone a step further, researched some of the best products money can get you, and compiled them to you. These are must-have longboard trucks. On top of that, our buying guide narrates to you how to choose good longboard trucks. By the end of the review, you will be an expert in picking out the right trucks.

14 Best Longboard Trucks Review

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP

Topping on our list is the Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP; an upgrade of its predecessor Caliber Trucks Cal I. Every detail and feature of this product has been brought out carefully and designed using high-quality materials. With that said, you can expect it to be very durable and last you a very long time. We give it all the accolades when it comes to durability. Whether rain or sunshine, this truck will last you over two years before showing signs of wear and tear.

The Caliber Trucks Cal II has been made 40% stronger than the Caliber Trucks Cal I. Its strength has been beefed up thanks to new techniques used in its manufacture. Also, a new feature with it is the bushing seats that have been re-invented. They serve the purpose of eliminating excess movements and bring out a comfortable feel while at the same time, evening out the weight distribution of the rider. We consider this factor precious, as it brings out the smoothness and stability of the truck.

This product comes with two options to choose from; with bearings and without bearings. The prices of these two vary. The parts with bearings are a good choice to go for as they offer easy maneuverability ideal for downhills and cruising. Installing this truck is simple and won’t cause you any problems.


  • Made stronger than the Caliber Trucks Cal I
  • Designed using high-quality materials
  • Ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions
  • Comes in bushings
  • Available in two options; with bearings and without bearings


  • The bushings are loud

Paris V2 180mm 50°

Paris V2 180 mm 50° is considered to be the best longboard truck when it comes to curving smoothly during turns. Thanks to its bushing seats and hanger rake, carving is as simple as ABC, with this truck. If you’re a rider in the quest for this, here is the option to go for. One other reason that makes the truck very responsive and provides it with a smooth ride is the 50° baseplate that has been fitted in it.

When it comes to the material used in its construction, we have to commend the manufacturers for a job well done. The truck is made using virgin aluminum. The advantage of this material is that it is lighter as well as more durable than other materials. Regardless of the terrain or weather condition that you choose to ride this truck in, the results will be the same; impeccable. Only light and small scratches will be visible on the outside with no major cracks.

This truck is sure to last you over a year-long, without any problems. Baseplates are fitted in this truck which are compatible with the modern longboards. The Paris V2 180mm 50° truck comes with a lifetime warranty, as an assurance of its quality. Your confidence is boosted by this warranty.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fitted with six-hole baseplate
  • Offers smooth carves


  • Is squeaky

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II

The first thing to mention about the Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II is the multiple color and size options that it comes with. You aren’t short of choices depending on your taste and preference. With respect to this, the price tag is appealing. It’s affordable, and you won’t have to break your bank to own them. Compared to the quality that the truck comes in; we find this very reasonable and makes this truck worth investing in.

If you’re a rider who is looking for a truck that will aid in both easy and complex turns, this is the option to go for. What makes them great for turns is the double Kingpin that it features, which is perfect for endless carves and turns. A little adjustment may be required to make the two kingpins work better together. This may be a difficult task, to be honest, but once you find the correct setup, you will not want to swap this truck with any other. The results will be outstanding.

The performance is top-notch. But that’s not the only nice thing with this truck. It has an impressive look that you’ll fall in love with, right from the word go! Its grid pattern is unique and will nail up your look. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II makes up for a great piece that will serve you perfectly for commuting and cruising across busy and crowded streets.


  • Affordable price
  • Multiple color and size options to choose from
  • Impressive look
  • Easy turning
  • Comes with a double kingpin


  • Not ideal for high speeds

Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set

If you’ve not yet tried the Yocaher Longboard Trucks, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. These trucks outperform numerous others in its price range. And not only these; even some that are way expensive than them. When it comes to their quality, we couldn’t ask for anything better. Their stock wheels are enclosed with the trucks. And before you can judge it, they are pleasantly well and provide a smooth ride.

Adjusting the trucks won’t be a difficult task as you can easily do this by tightening or loosening the Kingpin. The wheels are constructed sturdy, and they will ride over stones, pebbles, and other obstacles easily without any struggles. The risers of the trucks are made using plastic for the purpose of limiting the cut on the edge and thus preventing wheel bites.

One con with this truck that we feel the manufacturers could have done better is with the bearings. They are a bit slow, although when compared to other less known brands, they are relatively competitive. If we would rate this truck then it would easily get a 9.5 out of ten; Yes, that’s how good it is. If you’re too lazy to look and assemble different parts one by one, this option will suit you perfectly. If there’s one set of trucks that comes when complete, these are amongst the few.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Strong and steady
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Affordable price
  • Made using high-quality materials


  • Its bearings are slow

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5

If you’re a heavyweight rider that has problems finding a truck that can accommodate you, your search is finally over. The Bear Grizzly 852° 181 mm Gen 5 is the option to go for. Most trucks come with poor quality of axles, and when subjected to heavy loads, they tend to crack and deform easily. This isn’t the case with this option. They are ready to handle any heavyweight on them, so you can rest easy about your weight.

They are made durable and sturdy and will last you at least three years before starting to show any signs of wearing out. Their base plate is also worth mentioning. It comes with the modern eight-hole design that might not be compatible with the traditional base plates. This is mostly used by modern longboards.

Other than that, they are versatile and can be used by both the old school and new school riders. A bonus with them is their weight reduction that allows for easy carry and better maneuvers. You will not regret making this purchase.


  • Very lightweight
  • Versatile and durable
  • Made using high-quality aluminum
  • Prevents wheel bite when riding downhill
  • Highly stable


  • The logo scratches off easily


The first thing to notice with this set is that it comes with a full kit and a wide range of multiple colored wheels to choose from. The wheels, though not important, come with an 80a hardness. Its hanger measures seven inches with the axle being 7.5 inches wide. Now coming to the trucks, what is in store with them?

The trucks come with gaskets that are pretty fine for normal everyday use, but you have the freedom of replacing them with others depending on how tight or loose you want them to be. The wheels are versatile and work on a wide array of decks, even the drop throughs. Installing the truck is quite simple as all the parts come when already in place. However, there have been reports from some customers who complained about missing parts, or broken pieces, although this is an issue solvable by the company.

The only problem that we may seem to have with this truck is the quality of some pieces. They are fine for average use, but the bearings can be of better quality. If out on competition, they wouldn’t be out the first choice. Other than that, the wheels are of perfect condition as well as the trucks themselves. We like the fact that it comes inclusive of all parts and you don’t need to make any other purchases upon buying them. The price is also okay, and you won’t have to break your bank to own them.


  • Ideal for any skill level
  • Wheels and trucks are top-notch
  • Come at affordable price


  • Average bearings
  • Some packages might come with missing parts

INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw

The Independent Skateboard Truck isn’t anything flashy. It comes in simple silver color and a metallic finish. If you are the type that likes flashy and unique products that will make you the center of attraction, well sorry; this isn’t your option. Aside from that, however, it is well designed, made durable, and will provide you with a very smooth ride. These reasons are the reason why this truck enjoys very high ratings from its customers.

These trucks work on almost any type of longboards and are compatible with decks measuring between seven and 8.4 inches wide. They come with a base plate, an aluminum hanger and not to forget the steel axle. In addition, you’re also awarded a kingpin. These parts make the truck very lightweight and tough too.

These trucks have the bragging rights to be highly stable and great turning ability. They are also proudly made in the USA. The only downside with them that we found was that they lack hardware that you can use to attach your deck to. All in all, they are a great set that you’ll definitely feel their impact.


  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Tough and lightweight
  • Great turning ability
  • Are compatible with any type of longboard


  • They lack hardware for attaching the deck

Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

Awesome is the best word that can be used to describe these trucks, and there is no doubt about that. This truck incorporates the use of the Hi truck technology to grant you the best raise. This truck measures 147mm in width and will provide you with the best hold regardless of the terrain that you will ride on. On top of that, they’re very lightweight, and you won’t feel them when you ride across the pavements and streets.

The Thunder Polished Team Trucks come in a set of two, and the advantage of this is that you will be able to fit them in your skateboard easily without the need of having to bring in another pair. They are fast, and when riding at 21mph, you will ride very smoothly without any wobbles. They are versatile and can be used on a wide range of longboards and skateboards brands.

These trucks combine durability, top-notch performance, and lightweight to give you one of the best rides that you could ever ask for. They are smooth and very fast. They are compatible to be used on longboards measuring between 7.5 and 8 inches. Try them out and see what kind of amazing set they are and the amount of fun that you have been missing out on.


  • Highly durable
  • Super lightweight
  • Huge carving capacity
  • Measures 147mm wide


  • Not ideal for riding very fast downhill

Surf and Rail Adapter by Waterborne

We will tell you why you should pick out the Surf and Rail Adapter truck by Waterborne. These trucks are made to fit easily on any longboard and create the best surfing experience that you could possibly have on land. Whether you opt to use a penny board or a freestyle board, the experience will be the same. Imagine having the same experience with your longboard, but now energized with great speed, control, carve, and precision. Yes, this is what this truck brings to the table.

One thing that we have to warn you is that they don’t work very well with park wheels as they are slow and their grip isn’t also the best. This truck incorporates the use of the new school bolts for firm tightening of the bolts. This truck makes use of soft bushings to bring them back to the center in case they go out of their place.

An advantage of using these bushings is that they suspend your trucks, making the longboard glide over the ground smoothly. This results in an extremely smooth ride regardless of the terrain used. Durability was a top priority when designing this product, and aggressive riders were considered. The construction involves aluminum alloy that offers the truck elasticity as well as durability. If you’re looking for a product that will allow you to maneuver and make complex tricks and turns, this truck fits the description perfectly.


  • Aluminum alloy makes them durable and elastic
  • Provides an extremely smooth ride
  • Compatible with any type of longboard
  • Great for maneuvers and complex tricks


  • Aren’t compatible with park wheels

Owlsome 5.25 Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/52mm Wheels

If you’re in search of something lightweight and whose performance is top-notch, the Owlsome 5.25 are a great choice to go for. They are coated with an aluminum alloy which increases the superiority of their design and durability. When we talk about longevity, these are probably the vest the market has to offer in that context. They are sure to last you a very long time.

These trucks come with a 5.25 hanger, which increases your height while riding. In addition, they also ensure that your ride is smooth and without bumps. A plus with them is their 8.0 axle that will provide you with incredible chops. Their axle is designed using Carson steel that makes them extremely durable. Not to forget their black bushing that is rust-resistant and aids in maximizing the performance of the truck.

One thing to keep in mind is that this truck best goes with the 53mm wheels. Upon purchase, you get riser pads and two pairs of skateboard wheels. The manufacturers have stayed true to their course and provided their customers with a product that is not only long-lasting but top-notch when it comes to its performance.


  • Comes with a 5.25 hanger
  • Lightweight
  • Its axle is made using Carson steel
  • Has an aluminum alloy forge


  • The screws aren’t long enough to hold the board, trucks, and risers.

Longboard 180mm Trucks Combo w/70mm Wheels + Owlsome ABEC 7 Bearings

The Longboard trucks are a well-known brand that isn’t new to the market. They enjoy lots of years, and this comes with the advantage of experience. The set doesn’t come with anything unusual other than the normal items. Upon purchasing it, you are awarded two trucks, risers, screws, bearings and wheels. The truck is available in only one color as opposed to the wheels that come in two different colors; black and blue.

Let us begin with the wheels. The wheels are great; we have to admit. They measure 76mm by 53mm with a hardness of 80A. What this means is that they will provide you with great stability and grip. Next is the riser. These come in handy during the occurrence of wheel bites. The risers create a good distance between the deck and the wheels, preventing wheel bites. Also, it makes the bearings fast and smooth.

We like these trucks because they are very lightweight and also are constructed using aluminum, which makes their durability and elasticity top notch. They are proudly made in the USA, and this is inclusive of their brushings.


  • The packaging is nice
  • Sturdy as they are made of metal
  • Comes with all parts upon purchase
  • Very lightweight


  • Attaching the bearings to the wheels might be difficult
  • The bushings are loud

Independent Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks

Independent Stage 11 Trucks have been designed by one of the most iconic longboard brands and enjoy lots of positive reviews from their customers. They are unique and stylish; this is one thing that we have to give to them. On top of that, their performance is top-notch and are known to be extremely durable. Their design incorporates the use of 55m baseplate and a hanger.

What this design offers is the freedom to make maneuvers and turn with great ease. Your stability is also assured when using the truck. In addition to this, you also get a good grind clearance at all times. The hanger that it comes with is hollow, and this enables you to feel very light. The truck comes with a six-hole base plate, and you can make use of them when setting up the base distance at the ideal places.

This truck is epic by design and name. One thing to note is that their purchase doesn’t come with bearings and wheels and you will have to purchase these aside. Other than that, you will enjoy every moment with them. They are a good investment, and you will not regret your purchase.


  • Very durable
  • Fitted with a 55m base plate
  • Highly stable


  • Bearings and wheels aren’t included in its purchase

Havoc Skateboard Trucks

When looking for some of the top-rated skateboard trucks, the market has to offer; you’re sure to find Havoc Trucks in the list. There’s a reason why they appear in the list. First of all, is their durability. Whether rain or sunshine, these trucks are ready to last you a very long time. They have been designed to withstand the harshest of conditions that will come along their way.

The next great feature about them is that they are designed using aluminum alloy, which grants them not only a strong touch but also makes them very lightweight. Their size makes them compatible with most decks and will also fit on the common wheel sizes. The ideal wheels for these trucks, however, are the 52mm 99A wheels

Another thing that we have to commend with these trucks are the wheels they are awesome and provide that grippy touch that will prevent you from skidding and ensure your safety. Taking turns with this truck won’t be a problem. You can easily take 180° slides while at the same time enjoying their extremely fast bearings.

One last thing that we liked with these trucks is that their screws and bolts hold really well when tightened and you don’t have to worry about this. A single pack is enough for the whole deck.


  • Highly durable
  • Screws and bolts are tight enough
  • Works well with most decks
  • Lightweight
  • Withstands hard impacts


  • Needs to be installed properly; otherwise, the bearings won’t work well

CCS Skateboard Trucks

Last, on our list are the CCS Skateboard Trucks. These are the cheapest trucks in our list, but this isn’t to imply a degradation in their quality. The services offered are spectacular. They come with a five-inch hanger that is compatible with the 7 inches deck. The wheels to be used with this truck should be between 51mm and 54mm.

Their low price doesn’t mean that you should overlook on their quality. Their value is higher than the price tagged on them. The manufacturers used a metal alloy finish in their construction, which makes their look amazing.  Maneuvering with these trucks won’t be a difficult task, only that it requires you to pitch in an extra effort. Aside from that, they are durable and will ride easily over stones and pebbles. Their durability cannot, however, be compared with other expensive models.

If you’re tight on budget and are looking for a truck that will still serve you right, the CSS Skateboard Trucks are a good option to go for. They are versatile, lightweight, and somehow durable. The performance they give as compared to their price range is quite amazing.


  • Made lightweight
  • Come at an affordable price


  • Not very durable

How to Choose Good Longboard Trucks

Are there factors that affect the performance of the longboard truck? You guessed it right; Yes, there are. A number of factors are considered to determine the quality and performance of your truck. These are the features that you should look out for when making your truck purchase.


Before we go to the features to look for, the price of the truck is the first thing to consider before you even walk out of your house. The price comes in handy when determining how much you are willing to spend to buy yourself a truck. It is essential that you have a budget before making your truck purchase if you’re looking for the best prices, you should consider buying the trucks online as online shops come with the best offers, prices, and warranties than other stores. One thing to remember is that a high price doesn’t necessarily imply good and high quality. You can find a pretty nice set of trucks at a low and affordable price.

Hanger Width

This is probably the first feature to look out for. The width needs to be of the right size. If it is too large, the bearings will be installed outside of the deck, and this will result in poor maneuverability. On the other hand, if the width is too small, then the longboard will be very unstable. In short, you should be searching for a truck whose bearing aligns with the edge of the deck.

Finding the right size can be daunting, especially for beginners. For this matter, we would recommend the amateurs to go for wide trucks as they provide better stability. Most decks measure between nine and ten inches, or 150mm and 180mm. wide trucks fall between 170mm and 180mm. These measurements are ideal for riding downhill. For the intermediaries and pros, you could opt for measurements between 150mm and 160mm wide. The narrow edges are suitable for cruising and carving.


Next in line is the Kingpin. Here, you’ll make a decision whether to go with the reverse or standard Kingpin. The standard Kingpin, as its name suggests, is used mostly on the standard skateboards that are used for riding across the street and in the parks. The Kingpin is tucked inside and doesn’t get in your way when making complex tricks and turns. Ideally, the standard kingpin trucks are a bit lower, and so is their ride.

The standard kingpin trucks are great for cruising. They’re also compatible with trucks that are nine inches wide. They provide you with a low height and high stability that will make you ride stably without anything coming in your way.

Reverse Kingpin

Many longboards have the reverse Kingpin, for a good reason. The Kingpin here faces towards the tip. With this, it makes you be a little taller. More customizations also come along with the bushing seat, and you have the freedom of changing your bushings for better stability and higher speeds. The reverse kingpins are available in large sizes, and that is why many large trucks come with these. They are good for freeriding, cruising, transportation, and riding downhill.

Hanger Height

The same way the truck width is related to the deck; similarly, the height is related to the size of the wheel. For example, if the hanger height is too low and the wheel too large, there is a high possibility of the occurrence of wheel bite, and you don’t want that to happen. So, in order to avoid wheel bites, we recommend that you go with higher hanger heights.

A downsize with high trucks is that they won’t provide you with the needed stability when riding under fast speeds. Also, accelerating or braking longboards with the use of your foot becomes a difficult task. The reverse is true with lower trucks. Lower trucks are more stable at high speeds. They are also easy to accelerate or brake using your foot. Their only disadvantage lies with wheel bites. The recommended heights are between 2.3 and 2.5 inches high.

Base Plate

One confusing feature with longboard trucks is the base plate. The base plate angle is the angle by which your hanger is located at. This angle dictates a lot about how your truck will turn. Most trucks come with a 50° base plate. This angle provides a tall-riding height as well as makes turning easy. The ride thus becomes more responsive and livelier. This angle is suitable for cruising, freeriding downhill, transportation, and carving.

A base plate of degrees lower than this is going to make it a little slower. The same amount of pressure applied is also going to make the truck turn less often. At lower speeds, the truck will be less responsive. You, therefore, need to ride it at higher speeds to make it more stable. So, in short, base plates of low degrees are great for riding at high speeds. We, however, wouldn’t recommend going for anything under 30°. 50° plates, on the other hand, are more responsive and livelier and are surely going to be more enjoyable and fun.


All longboard trucks are customizable by swapping their bushings. Bushings come in numerous different shapes; there are the cones, step cones, stepped barrels, barrels, and eliminators. Of these kinds, the cones are the least restrictive, whereas the eliminators and stepped barrels are the most restrictive. If you’re looking to have a nice free and lively ride, you should go for the least restrictive choices. On the other hand, if you’re looking for fast riding, then you should go for the highly restrictive choices.

The highly restrictive bushings are hard while their counterparts are softer. The weight of the rider also dictates the type of bushing to go with. Light riders should go for the soft bushings whereas heavy riders are more compatible with the hard bushings. One good thing with bushings is that they come at affordable prices and you can purchase a couple and customize your ride once in a while. However, nothing should dictate the bushing to go for. It all depends on your taste and preference.

Bushing Seats

Last but not least, on our list is the bushing seat. One thing to know is that reverse kingpin trucks come with a lot of bushing seat options. Wide and less restrictive bushing seats will give you more room to ride around freely and make numerous turns. Therefore, open bushing seats are great for freestyling and transportation.

Restrictive bushings don’t let your hanger move more freely. Even though they won’t provide you with freedom and fun for low-speed riding, they will provide you with high stability for high-speed riding. You can, therefore, feel more secure while using the restrictive bushing seats.


We are sure that we’ve equipped you with everything you need to know about longboard trucks, from the buying guide to the best of the best. Be watchful when making your purchase. Purchasing a longboard truck shouldn’t be in a rush. Take your time to get the right product. We know the disappointment that comes along with choosing something not worthwhile, and you don’t want to experience that. Above all, be careful when riding and have fun!