Top 10 Rollerblade Tricks

So you’ve learnt how to rollerblade right? I know you can’t wait to try out those tricks you’ve been dreaming off since long. Well, other than just being a great fitness exercise, as a beginner, you can learn some tricks both simple and aggressive ones.

It is always better to start with the simple ones before you try out the advanced ones.

Don’t forget to wear your helmet, elbow pads and knee pads and do some warm before trying any of these tricks.

Best Rollerblade Tricks

Heel Toe

The heel toe is a very simple trick to start with. In this trick, you glide along on the front toe of one skate and back heel of the other. It looks very amazing when you perfect and is pretty easy as well. All you need to do is keep your balance even on both skates and the feet scissored, and one foot slightly ahead of the other. Now as you do this, straighten the front leg. This way the skate’s toes will naturally elevate and leave the only heel wheel on the ground. As you glide, bend the back leg and finally push the rear foot backward until the rear wheels have also elevated. This will leave only toe wheel in contact with the ground.


Fishtail is another simple maneuver you can try with a little wiggle. To perform this trick, start by building some speed and allow the trailing skate to wiggle on the toe side of the wheel. Now, move your rear skate in and out and this completes the trick. If you want a wider arc, add more weight to the toe wheel and this will steer the movements.

Flat Spin

Another easy trick. This is a simple a spin trick which involves a 180 or a 360-degree spin and looks very cool when executed.  To start, place your feet evenly balance at shoulder’s width apart. Now you will twist your upper body in the direction you want to spin, either left or right. This way, your torso will naturally move in a 180 or 360-degree spin. As you spin the upper torso, make sure to keep your movement slow and smooth. Do not jerk! If you twist with a jerk or too quickly will make your body out of balance. Your forward moving skate acts as the pivot point for spin whereas your inner skate provides stability.


The wavers is another beginner trick and you might have seen it before. This is when you push your feet out and then rapidly pull it back in and repeat the process. This will make your feet go in waves. With this trick, you have to be very careful not to go too fast. The waving pattern your body will make can easily cause you to go out of balance. Moreover, you can also hurt your ankle if try to pull them back with too much pressure. Just go smooth and easy and let the natural movement of your body make the waves.

Skating on One Foot

This is a good trick and training as well that helps to increase your overall balance. It also helps in performing many other tricks as well. No rocket science involved in this technique, you simply need to train as much as you can. Start by taking small steps forwards to get your body in rolling motion. Now lift any of your feet so you are standing only on one foot. Maintain this position until you lose your balance and forced to put the other foot back on the ground. Make sure to get enough speed. Too slow will make it a lot harder and too fast can throw you out of balance if you are just learning. The foot which is in the air is usually called the free-leg or free-foot and you can put it in different position for a good illusion.

Skating Backwards

While it may sound too simple but skating backwards is a trick and not easy to learn as well. This adds a whole new dimension to best rollerblade brands. When you skate backward, you don’t life your feet as we do in forward skating. Simply push one foot and the other away from your body and this will make you go in half circle or in snake like motion. As you get a hold of this trick, you’ll wiggle from side to side more. Once you’ve mastered this trick and ready to skate in a public place, a necessary precaution you must take is look behind your shoulders every now and then because you don’t want to bump into someone else. Skaters who learn skating backwards have shown to improve their balance well and were also able to perform many other tricks easily.

Barrel Roll

Say hello to the first advanced rollerblade trick, barrel roll, also known as windmill or drunken man. It involves a sequence combined with body rotation in order to create a circular maneuver. To start, push yourself forward on the left skate and with your right skate build up speed. As you stride through, rotate the upper body counter-clockwise while pulling left skate backwards. This way, it will point heel to heel. Next, you need to transition your weight on the left skate while lifting the right skate. As a result, you will automatically skate backwards. Now, as we are still turning our upper body, place the right skate down and repeat your original transition simply by pulling the left skate backwards heel to heel. Finally, turn forward and complete barrel roll spin.


Slalom is a great fun trick to try. It is simple and a great fitness exercise as well. Simply wiggle your body from side to side to start but we still have to do a lot. If you know how to turn, this trick will be a piece of cake for you. Start by turning left and right and left again and finally right. Continue this motion. Try some cones or draw a chalk mark on the ground where you are practicing. This will give you your own custom made slalom course to practice and improve your skating skill. It is better to start with wider marks as they are pretty easy. If you want to make it harder, create the marks closer to each other. To be honest, there are several ways to do a slalom. Normally we do is place the feet in parallel but you can also place them in line, one foot in front of the other.

Moreover, you can even try it in backwards motion and may be even a single foot slalom since we’ve mastered how to skate on a single foot right? However, you need to have a great balance before trying the single foot slalom. It requires a lot of practice and control. Don’t try it if you find the normal slalom difficult, else you can easily go out of balance and hurt yourself badly.


Crossovers is my favorite trick. It helps you to make those sharp turns around the corners much quicker and easier. This trick involves crossing your outer foot over the inner one. This will make you go around in wide circle. Moreover, crossovers can be performed turning left or right but you can go with the direction which makes you feel the most comfortable. Also, it requires a lot of training. As a beginner, you should try it simply by walking in a circle and in a slow motion. If you want to get good at crossovers, you just have to train as much as you can. If you want to improve your skating skills, try the technique known as sculling that uses your inner foot. You simple push away while keeping the weight on the inner foot and will take you in wide circle. Once your balance has improved, you’ll notice that you will be able to do crossovers easily and faster.

Hockey Turn

The last trick on our list is the Hockey Turn. This is an advanced trick and is for the skilled and aggressive inline skaters. It also makes you look classy. While it may sound like a rocket-science trick but is very much like a normal turn but with your feet in parallel direction and one foot in front of the other.

In order to achieve the perfect hockey turn, start by turning your right foot in a way that it is in front while your left foot in the back. This will give you a right hockey turn. Do the opposite for a left turn.

Just like in crossovers, you will be leaning more on your inner skate. You may feel coming to halt when attempting to turn. Don’t worry, you’ll get along with it eventually. Another thing you can try is turning your body in the direction of the turn. While doing this, bend your knees a bit for a quick turn.


So, that’s it fellow skaters, I hope you’ll learn some new tricks and master them. Let us know if you have any questions to ask.