15 Best Complete Skateboards in 2022 Review

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, searching for the best budget skateboard with complete components is overwhelming. Your online search can make things more confusing because of the long list of the alternatives. If you cannot decide what to buy, we are here to extend a helping hand. Read this guide as we walk you through some of the top products that should be on your list.

The best complete skateboards in this guide have the necessary components. From the deck to the wheels, they have the important parts. Even better, they are built ready to roll out of the box.

Best Complete Skateboards Review

Skateboard Complete – Maple Wood

As you search for the best skateboard deck, this is one product to have on the top of your list. It is from a company that has been making skateboards since 1985, so we are confident that the quality is second to none.

More than being available in a complete set, another good thing is that it comes pre-assembled. It is ready to ride once you take it out of the packaging. Hence, it is a great pick for beginners or anyone who does not have the patience to deal with the complicated installation of its parts.

The deck of this skateboard is made of 7-ply maple. It is a durable material, so it can maintain its structural integrity even after years of use. While it is stiff, it has the right degree of flex. With the latter, you can cruise easily, knowing that it can maneuver even on tight spaces.

Like the deck, the wheels are incredible. They are 52mm with a hardness rating of 100A. It is harder than what you will find in most skateboards. These wheels are best when used in skateparks and streets. Nonetheless, they are not beginner-friendly. If you are a novice, we recommend choosing a board with softer wheels, preferably one with a durometer of 75A to 90A.

Speaking of its construction, it is also a good thing that it has one-inch Philips hardware. The latter is the one that keeps the parts in place. It binds the components, making sure that they remain in one piece regardless of how aggressive the movements are. They are complemented by the sturdy steel plate, connecting the wheels to the deck.


  • Ready to ride out of the box
  • Comes with a stiff but flexible deck
  • Hard wheels are ideal for skateparks and streets


  • The grip tape is prone to bubbling

Element Seal Skateboard Complete

Since the establishment of Element in 1992, it has been steadfast in its commitment to becoming the best. Through the years, they offered a wide array of skateboards, and one of the best is Seal. It is an all-around classic that features the company’s iconic logo, making it easy to identify.

Looking at its features, one that stands out is the all-terrain formula of the wheels. The latter means that it will demonstrate an impeccable performance regardless of the terrain where you are cruising. The wheels have a hardness rating of 99A. This means that it is harder than most skateboards, so you can use it on rougher surfaces without a problem. Also, it has a more rigid structure, making it less prone to damage compared to the skateboards with softer wheels. As for the size, the wheels are 52mm.

The deck is made of 100% maple wood. It is known for being stiff, which makes it a robust option. Several layers are used in the skateboard, providing the necessary structural rigidity. The deck also has a black grip on the top, which will ensure the proper traction to keep the rider on the platform.

More so, it has 100% stainless steel trucks. The latter is the T-shaped mount that holds the wheels and connect it to the deck. It also secures the bearings, making the skateboard easier to maneuver.

If there is one thing that hinders many people from choosing this product, it would be its price. It isn’t for those who want a budget skateboard. Nonetheless, with its features and benefits, we believe that it is worth every dollar.


  • All-terrain wheels for all-around performance
  • Hard wheels have tough construction
  • Comes with high-quality stainless steel trucks


  • Not for people on a budget

Globe G1 Argo Boxed Skateboard

As you hunt for a good complete skateboard, this is another product that is worth looking at. Among others, one of the notable features is the concave deck. The latter means that it has a longitudinal curvature, which will improve your steering. As a result, it is easier to flip the board when you are showing your tricks.

More so, it has a resin construction. The latter presses the different layers to create a strong, lightweight, and long-lasting material. This is better than water-based decks. Not to mention, it has hard rock maple, which also ensures its toughness even after years of use.

Aside from the well-constructed deck, this is also one of the best skateboards for sale because of its tensor alloy trucks. They are made of top-notch magnesium and alloy. Plus, they have grade-8 kingpins. They are guaranteed to deliver a life-long performance.

The high-rebound performance wheels are also incredible. They are made of urethane, making them smooth and fast. The wheels have an exceptional grip. They have Abec-7 bearings, which will spin fast even with minimal effort.

Before you buy this skateboard, take note that it isn’t designed with the needs of beginners in mind. Not only that it is a bit expensive, but it also has hard wheels. With a hardness rating of 99A, the wheels are more suitable for experienced users. Such is the type of wheels ideal when skating on ledges, gaps, and rails, among other places that are not for novices.


  • The concave design makes it easy to flip the board
  • Epoxy and resin construction ensure durability
  • High-quality bearings spin fast even without much effort


  • Not ideal for beginners


A model released in 2012, even after almost a decade it is still a fitting candidate for the best affordable skateboard.

The boards from POSITIV are made to meet the most demanding specifications of their users, so we are confident that the quality is second to none. It has different versions, which are made of either birch or maple. Regardless, these are tough materials, which will guarantee many years of use. Despite being stiff, they are flexible. That said, you can cruise tight locations with ease, unlike others that are only ideal for straight routes.

Aside from the choice of material, the board is also notable because it has been through the innovative AirLam process. The latter uses a low-pressure air bladder press, making sure that the multiple layers are glued properly. As a result, they are tougher compared to those that are made using other procedures.

Furthermore, it stands out because of the strong trucks. The latter serve as the connection point between the deck and the wheels, including the bearings and screws. It is highly influential of the overall durability and stability, especially when you are using the skateboard on rough surfaces.

To add, it comes with polyurethane wheels, which is the most common materials that you will find in many skateboards. The wheels provide the necessary cushioning to absorb shock, which will make you more comfortable. Plus, the wheel guarantees a smooth ride under different conditions.

While the experiences vary from one buyer to another, we have seen some reports about receiving plain decks. The graphics in the product’s photos were nowhere to be found when some people received this skateboard


  • AirLam process strengthens the glue on the materials
  • Good trucks to ensure stability
  • Wheels provide the cushioning you will need


  • May not come with graphics

Alien Workshop

This isn’t for people who are looking for cheap complete skateboards. Instead, it is for those who are ready to pay a bit more in exchange of exceptional quality. Among others, one of its biggest assets is its rad design. The cool graphics are sure to be a head turner, enough to compel you to pick this product.

There is more than what meets the eyes. Like many of the options in this list, the construction is exquisite. It uses 7-ply Canadian hard rock maple as the main material for the deck. Maple is preferred in skateboards over many other wood types because it is stiff while offering a degree of flexibility. It is tough but soft enough to help you cruise in style. From straight lines to tight corners, the deck construction can take you to different places.

Going beyond the deck, you will find other high-quality components. For instance, it has 99A 53mm wheels. They are large enough, so maneuverability won’t be a burden. Plus, they can offer excellent traction, so you can unleash your performance on different surfaces. Even on ledges and rails, the wheels will help bring out the best in you.

In terms of experience, it is hard to beat. Intermediate users will benefit the most from this complete skateboard. It can be quite small for beginners. Nonetheless, if you have been skateboarding for quite a while, you will love the overall quality of every ride. It is stable, keeping you safe even in unpredictable environments. Cruising is a snap if you are already aware of the fundamental skateboarding techniques. Controlling the board is also easy, so it will quickly follow your movements.


  • Has rad and colorful graphics
  • Rigid but flexible deck construction
  • Large wheels for maneuverability


  • Quite expensive for some buyers

Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard

Spending hundreds of dollars for a skateboard may seem impractical for some people. If that’s the case, then this is one the best complete skateboards for beginners you should consider. More than being cheap, it also has a simple and user-friendly design, making it a great option for novices.

Among others, one of the most notable features is the 100% maple deck. This is indicative of durability. It uses one of the stiffest materials common in decks. Despite the toughness, it is flexible at a degree, which will let you navigate curves with ease.

Aside from the deck, the 5-inch trucks are also known for their top-notch construction. They are made of aluminum alloy with carbon steel kingpin. They ensure a tight connection between the deck and the wheels. They are also vital in ensuring better stability. Without exceptional trucks, the board is easily prone to damage, especially if you are an aggressive rider.

To add, it has Abec-9 precision bearings. They are forged with chrome steel to ensure better quality. The bearings are the components that allow the wheels to roll, so they are crucial in ensuring precise movements.

Plus, it has 52mm polyurethane wheels, which are also critical for its smoothness and responsiveness. You can expect better rides because of the great wheel construction, which delivers up to 85% higher rebound compared to what you can expect from most of its competitors.

One of the problems in this cheap skateboard is the grip tape. It is easily prone to shredding, which is indicative of inferior quality. Replace it as needed to maintain the performance of the deck.


  • Easy to use even for a novice
  • Deck is made of tough but flexible maple
  • Good bearings for precise movements


  • Grip tape is prone to shredding

Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5″ Classic Retro Plastic

Looking at its price, you already have a compelling reason to consider this for the best cheap complete skateboards. While it is economical, it has decent quality and has all the parts you will need right out of the box.

More than its price, it is also a remarkable product because of its deck construction. A lot of the complete skateboard decks are made of maple. While it is a good material, there are other alternatives worth considering. This product has an injection-molded deck. It is more flexible compared to its wooden counterparts without sacrificing its rigidity. The best thing is that there is no need for a grip tape. The top has waffle patterns, which will make you more stable. It will provide the necessary traction to prevent slipping, even when the surface is wet.

Because it is made of plastic, it follows that it is lightweight. With this, portability is another asset. You can easily bring it anywhere, unlike others wherein the weight of the deck can be burden, especially for commuters.

The ultra-smooth polyurethane cast wheels are also worth mentioning. They have exceptional shock absorption, so your comfort is a sure thing. Plus, they are durable, so you don’t have to worry even if you are always skating on rough roads.

If there is one thing that the company can improve, it is the construction of the bearings. They seem to be quite stiff, making it difficult for the wheels to move. Fortunately, you can adjust them easily to customize the performance and match your preferences.


  • The deck has waffle patterns for stability
  • Lightweight plastic deck makes it portable
  • Polyurethane wheels enhance your comfort


  • Bearings make it difficult for the wheels to spin

Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED

Another great addition to our list of cheap complete skateboards for sale is a model that stands out because of its LED. It has colorful lights on the wheels, which make it more interesting for the little ones. You don’t need batteries and chargers. The light automatically turn on when the wheels roll, making it a lot of fun to use!

Like the product above, its deck is made of plastic instead of maple. This is a good material if flexibility is an important consideration. It is easier to use when there are twists and turns compared to more rigid materials. Despite being flexible, it is tough, so the durability is never an issue. It also has great traction, allowing you to stay on the top without exerting too much effort.

Aside from the deck, another component that contributes to its exceptional build is the 60mm polyurethane wheels. They are larger than the wheels in the other models in this list, making it easy to use. The larger the wheels are, the more effortless it is to skate, making it perfect for kids. Plus, the wheels have great abrasion resistance, so they are not prone to wear even when often skating on rough surfaces. More so, the wheels are paired with Abec-7 bearings, which will help in easy spinning.

This is not for adults. It is only for little skateboarders because of its size. Most of its users are children, so expect that its overall quality is no match to those that are designed for adults.


  • Has colorful lights that do not need batteries
  • Flexible plastic deck for effortless twists and turns
  • Polyurethane wheels have excellent abrasion resistance


  • Too small for some users


With too many options for good cheap skateboards, this is another product worth your attention. It may not be from a brand that most of you will recognize, but that does not mean that it is inferior.

Designed in Los Angeles, one of the best things about the skateboard is its wheels. With a size of 53mm and a hardness rating of 88A, they are ideal nor novice skateboarders. They are large enough for ease of use while also being soft to promote better balance and control. For more experienced users, however, harder wheels are better.

Aside from the wheels, other components are equally impressive. It has A356 aluminum alloy trucks with carbon steel shaft. Additionally, it comes with 608RS Abec-9 steel bearing. Even the smallest parts have tough construction, so you can expect them to last many years.

Another good thing is that the graphics do not easily fade. Even with constant exposure to dust, dirt, and other external elements, they remain clear and attractive. The design was imprinted on the deck using thermal transfer, which will ensure its notable quality.

It is also praised by skateboarders because it is easy to turn. It is fitted with easily adjustable trucks, so you can personalize the performance, which will come in handy when you are navigating twists and narrow spaces.

If there is a minor complaint that we have in this skateboard, it would be the grip tape. It rips off easily, which lessens the traction that it provides. Good thing, grip tapes are affordable, so you can easily stick one if needed.


  • Soft and large wheels are ideal for beginners
  • Graphics stay on the deck for a long time
  • Adjustable trucks for easy turning


  • Grip tape easily rips off

Beleev Skateboards

Looking for a starter skateboard with a price that won’t hurt the wallet? Make sure that this product is on your radar! It has a length of 31 inches, which is great for beginners. Longer boards are great because they provide a larger platform to support the rider. If it is smaller, it can be a struggle to balance for newbies.

Aside from the length of the board, we also love how it is made of seven-layer Canadian maple. If you are familiar with skateboards, then you will know that such is one of the best materials available. It is 10mm thick and can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Under the board, you will see a five-inch truck. It is made of aluminum alloy, so the weight won’t be a burden. This is where the board is attached, which connects it to the bearings and wheels.

More so, with double-kick symmetric concave, braking is easy. Doing so won’t require too much energy from your heels and toes, making it easier to concentrate on your ride. This is also what will make the board a breeze to flip once you are ready to show off more complicated moves.

For the traction, it comes with a non-slip grip tape on the top. It make the surface rough, which will support your feet. This way, you will have a safer riding experience. To add to its safety, it has high-rebound polyurethane wheels. They are ideal for different environments, including smooth roads or rough pavements. The wheels have a hardness rating of 95A, which also makes it good for ledges and rails for those who are into more complicated rides.


  • Durable deck made of Canadian maple
  • Easy braking with the double-kick symmetric concave
  • Hard wheels for skating on different surfaces


  • Stickers can easily peel

RIMABLE 22 Inches

As you look for the best skateboard for the money, make sure to reserve a spot for this product! It is one of the cheapest in this list, but that does not mean that it is also amongst the most inferior.

One of the first things that you will notice in this cruiser is that it has a plastic construction. For the uninitiated, the mere mention of plastic can instantly raise eyebrows. However, this is a good material since it is flexible and lightweight. Hence, portability is one of its best assets.

Unlike those that are made of maple, a grip tape is not mandatory on its deck. Instead, it has a natural waffle pattern. It has excellent treads, which will provide the support that your feet need. This way, it is easier to ensure that you will not slip, even when the board is wet. It is one of the many features that will guarantee safety, especially amongst beginners.

Furthermore, it has super-smooth polyurethane wheels. The latter helps in improving maneuverability. Even better, it ensures comfort by providing a sort of cushioning. Especially on rough surfaces, it absorbs shock effectively, so your body won’t have to carry the burden.

Another thing that many people praise in this skateboard is the three-inch aluminum truck. The latter holds everything in place. It links the upper and lower components, making sure that the skateboard stays in one piece.

Nonetheless, while it makes a good candidate for the cheapest skateboard, some might not like how the color may easily fade. The latter is especially the case when it is often exposed to heat and humidity, among other things.


  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Smooth polyurethane wheels for maneuverability
  • Has aluminum trucks that hold everything together


  • Color easily fades

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser

Fast and flexible – these are some of the things that you can expect in this product. It is one of the good skateboards to buy, even if it is quite more expensive compared to the other products in this guide. Looking at its features and benefits, it is safe to say that it is worth every dollar.

While it has tons of notable features, one that stands out is the bamboo deck. It has an astounding appearance, which is sure to turn heads. More than being beautiful, bamboo is also durable. It is also good to know that the artisan deck is made using an eco-friendly material.

Aside from the deck, it is also impressive because of the 51mm x 70mm transparent stone ground wheels. They are effective in the absorption of bumps even when you are cruising on rough surfaces. As a result, you are comfortable throughout the ride.

Another equally notable component is the 7-inch reactive kingpin truck. It makes the deck more stable and responsive. This way, it is easy to use even for a beginner. Without such, the board is wobbly, which makes it easy to lose your balance.

It also has 4mm riser pads. They will provide extra pop to the deck, which will minimize wheel bites. It is one feature that you will appreciate once you start learning different tricks.

Lastly, you will find super-fast bearings in this skateboard. They are influential of speed, making it perfect for people who want to cruise lightning-fast. More so, the will also provide better control of your board.


  • Comes with an artisan and beautiful deck
  • Has high-quality wheels that effectively absorb impact
  • Good riser pads that minimize wheel bites


  • Not for people on a budget

M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard 7 Layer

The astonishing design of this product is one reason why it is another top pick for the best all-around skateboard. Both the top and bottom parts have impressive graphics, adding a hint of personality to the deck.

It is a combination of form and function. More than being nice to look at, it is even nicer to ride on. Among others, this is because of its durable construction. It is made of 7-ply Canadian maple, which offers both durability and flexibility, while it is strong to withstand wear, it is flexible enough to manage twists and turns, especially when you are cruising on narrow spaces.

Despite the incredible choice of materials, we have seen some reports about how it can be easily prone to cracks. To prevent this, pay attention to proper care and maintenance.

The top of the deck has a good slip resistance. Even when the surface is wet, you won’t easily slip. With the strong traction, you will have a safe platform to rest your feet on as you cruise.

It has 95A wheels, which are on the hard spectrum. They are more suitable for ledges and rails and compatible with experienced users. If you are a beginner, however, we suggest that you pick one with softer wheels, which will be more forgiving and comfortable.

Lastly, it comes with a skate tool for easy adjustments. With the latter, it is quick to make the necessary adjustments. This way, you can customize its performance depending on what a specific situation requires, such as the surface at which you are skateboarding.


  • Decks has astonishing designs
  • Easily navigates even tight turns and narrow spaces
  • Has a skate tool for adjustability


  • Board can easily crack

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, this is a great skateboard to consider. One of the first things that you will notice is the dragon design, which makes it stand out. More than the way it looks, it packs plenty of innovations, making it worth considering if you are planning to buy a complete skateboard.

As it is common with many skateboards, the deck is made of maple veneer. What makes it different is that it has been through a process known as AirLam press. The latter uses a proprietary technique to glue different materials, creating a tough board. With this, we expect the deck to last a long time.

Another thing that makes the deck commendable is the excellent traction because of its super grippy material. This makes it easy for your feet to stay on the board, preventing slipping. This way, you are stable, even if you are moving aggressively.

With its hand-cast and high-rebound polyurethane wheels, you don’t have to worry of your comfort. Even on rough surfaces, it has exceptional shock absorption. This means that your body does not have to take much of the beating. More so, the wheels are strong enough to prevent easy degradation.

If there is one thing that the manufacturer can improve on, it is the plastic truck. They are flimsy, so they might not last long. A better alternative is aluminum alloy, which is stronger while being lightweight.

  • Strong polyurethane wheels effectively absorb shock
  • Tough deck using layers of glued materials
  • The grip has great traction for stability


  • Flimsy plastic trucks


Wrapping up our list of cheap good quality skateboards is a product with an attractive checkered design. It is available in a great selection of colors. More than being physically appealing, it has great performance, especially for novices.

It has a 32 x 8-inch deck, which is more commonly associated with the pros. Despite such, it is also a great choice for beginners. It has a wide platform, which means that there is generous space for you to stand on, which will also help in making it more stable.

Aside from being wide, the deck is also notable because of its construction. It is made of Canadian maple, which is the most common material you will find in skateboards. It is strong but flexible. This way, you can easily turn when navigating small spaces or tight corners.

More so, it has 52mm wheels. This is a standard size that you will see in most of its competitors. The wheels effectively absorb shock, especially when you are cruising on rough terrains. As a result, you are more comfortable in every ride. This will also minimize the strain on the deck and the other parts of the skateboard.

Under the deck, you will find black aluminum trucks. This is the component that holds the bearings and the wheels, connecting it to the deck. It is an important part of the skateboard since it is what holds everything together.

It has a grip on the top, which is meant to provide good traction. While it is good at first, over time, it easily peels. The good thing is that replacing the grip is an easy DIY task that any skateboard owner can do.


  • Has a wide platform for stability
  • Robust deck made of Canadian maple
  • The wheels effectively absorb shock


  • The top grip can easily peel


Your search for the best skateboard complete set stops now! Consider our recommendations above and it is hard for you to go wring. They come complete with everything that you will need to start a new hobby or work on your skills. Go beyond the price as you compare the alternatives. From the deck construction to the wheels, consider different factors to make the right decision.