Top 20 Boogie Boards 2020 Review

A lot of people think that bodyboarding is just another word for surfing. However, they can be completely different despite requiring the same thing–waves.

First of all, boogie boarding is done by lying flat on your stomach while riding your board on the waves. On the other hand, it makes sense to say that you’re surfing only when you’re standing on a board. After all, the typical upright position has always been associated with surfers.

Those water sports also need different types of boards. The best bodyboards are wide enough to support your torso while the ideal surfboard should have the right length for your skill or preferences.

Best Bodyboards Review

Since you’re more interested in bodyboarding, let’s continue learning more about the best boogie boards.

ZEFR Fusion Board Indestructible Solid Foam 1-Piece Construction Hybrid Surfboard Bodyboard

With the massive pressure of the waves plus the impact of hitting the shore, a bodyboard should be extra-solid to remain intact. That’s exactly the goal of ZEFR Fusion Board Indestructible Hybrid Bodyboard. It’s constructed in a way that it’s only a one-piece board for a solid structure.

Aside from pressure and impact, saltwater from the sea is also a threat to the quality of any boogie board. It’s a good thing that the laminated surface of this board is resistant to the harsh composition of seawater. The entire board will never get soggy even with frequent use. It won’t absorb water to prevent air pockets or bubbles.

Regarding the hybrid design of this product, it’s actually a combination of a boogie board and a surfboard. It’s compression-molded and wide to stay durable and safe for novice users even when they come across a shore break. It aims to boost stability whether you stand up, kneel, or lie down. You’ll have complete control of your movements, even letting you install twin fins for a more personalized ride.


  • Tentacle Grip Traction for safer rides without wax and trac-pads
  • Made with the manufacturer’s own 18-step polyethylene foam recipe for a more distinct look
  • Has undergone high pressure and heat to achieve the right level of sturdiness
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Inconvenient spot for the leash

BPS Storm Bodyboard with Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers/Savers

If you’re looking for an affordable boogie boarding kit, BPS Storm Bodyboard comes with a fin tether kit and a coiled leash–both for free! The tethers are important to keep the swim fins attached no matter what while the leash makes sure you will never lose your board. First-time users have nothing to worry about because the package will include instructions on tether usage, leash installation, and–more importantly–maintenance.

Since the quality of the board’s performance is also a must, the bottom side is so slick. Its slippery feel will make your rides more intense on any wave condition due to increased power, speed, and mobility. Supporting the slick bottom’s purpose are the base channels, EPS core, crescent tail, and ultra-lightweight structure. The component that specifically improves mobility is the crescent tail for it will conform to your body’s distinct shape.

As a plus, this product has smaller sizes for younger users. It also comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors to suit your style.


  • Extremely lightweight but still sturdy
  • Easily floats regardless of the rider’s weight
  • Convenient and strong Velcro leash
  • Affordable for such a high-quality boogie boarding set
  • Stunning colors
  • Complete instructions
  • Great for family bonding since it can be used by both kids and adults


  • Can be easily dented, cracked, or bent
  • Worn-out coiled leash
  • Not durable enough for frequent use

OWN THE WAVE ‘Beach Attack Pack’ Wave Weapon Super Lightweight

Another bodyboarding kit with an extra-light board, OWN THE WAVE ‘Beach Attack Pack’ Wave Weapon also comes with a free coiled leash plus fin tethers. Its core is powerful yet lightweight for speed and flexibility. It also makes the board float despite the rider’s weight. In addition, its resistance to seawater leads to versatility in terms of wave conditions.

Speaking of the rider, anyone who uses this board can ensure control. To be more specific, the board has 60/40 rails, a crescent tail, a drop-knee design, and base channels for improved mobility. Stability is guaranteed with this product as long as you know the basics of boogie boarding.

Just like the previous option, this one offers fun color choices, too. It also has different size options to let everybody, including kids, enjoy the water sport.


  • Unbelievably lightweight with a solid structure
  • Flawless control over the heavy whitewash and shorepound waves
  • Faster, more thorough rides to shore
  • Superior buoyancy
  • Comfortable straps
  • Ideal for kids as well
  • Helpful maintenance instructions


  • Tends to bubble and peel after daily use for weeks or months
  • Better for occasional use only

THURSO SURF DuoSlider 42” Bodyboard with Handles

While other boogie boards are promoting ease of use for kids, THURSO SURF DuoSlider 42” Bodyboard is slightly bigger to accommodate both the child and the adult. It’s perfect for families who are still teaching the children how to go bodyboarding solo. And, of course, it’s ideal for kids who are still apprehensive about the whole idea of the water sport.

This product is also a boogie boarding set. It has a free pair of leashes to secure two riders.

More about security, the high-density IXPE deck has contoured, heat-laminated channels to keep the rider’s position safe and comfortable. That’s crucial for young riders so they can stay right on the center of the board. We should also highlight the built-in handles that ensure stability.

The four-millimeter sealed deck is also very durable that it can significantly lower the chances of peeling. It works well with the strength and flexibility of the polyethylene bottom. Additionally, the bottom is designed for faster rides.


  • Lightweight for mobility
  • Higher strength to keep the rider afloat
  • Convenient leash for your wrist
  • Three handles strategically placed for two riders


  • More effective as an occasional bodyboard

THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck

It may not be unique when it comes to the idea of having multiple products to be considered a kit, but THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package has an interesting set of items. The leash has a stainless steel attachment for durability and security. Also, the LUX carry bag is the perfect size for the board.

Now, let’s focus on the board’s performance. It has a stiff polyethylene core and two FRP stringers to guarantee buoyancy and lightness. You’ll be able to ride the waves smoothly on your board while perfecting balance.

Meanwhile, to enhance durability, the IXPE deck is laminated with heat during the manufacturing process to seal everything. That’s why it’s less likely to raise problems like air pockets and peeled layers. The glossy polyethylene bottom is heat-laminated as well for faster glides.


  • Bigger size to help beginners maintain balance
  • Mildly insulated liner in the storage bag that can also protect the board from the sun
  • Spacious front pouch on the bag to hold items like fins, water bottles, and snorkeling gear
  • Balanced rides
  • Soft foam for comfort
  • No tangling from the strap for better control
  • Bright colors for visibility
  • Affordable enough, considering the quality of the bag and the leash


  • Too slippery for some kids
  • Vulnerable to ripping due to the foam material
  • Too big for some people

GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard Hard Slick Printed

The reason why heat lamination is a big deal for boogie boarders is the existence of glued boards. That’s right; there are still low-quality bodyboards in stores that are too flimsy due to their poorly combined layers.

GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard is definitely not one of those boards. It’s sealed by heat, which results in beautifully merged layers and an extra-hard structure that won’t bubble.

Meanwhile, for easier storage, the leash can be removed. It’s attached to the sleek bottom of the board. The smoothness of the bottom is effective for speedier glides. Both novice and expert users will surely love the thrill.

This bodyboard is more enjoyable for pros, though. Its sturdiness can handle big, heavy waves.


  • Can endure harsh conditions
  • Excellent for people of all ages
  • Light enough to be carried by a small kid
  • Can support heavier and taller riders
  • Exciting colors and patterns
  • Smooth rides
  • Conforms to the rider’s body


  • Misplaced leash attachment due to packaging flaws
  • Broken leash
  • Awkward placement of the leash
  • Foam too soft
  • Wrinkled sections after a few rides
  • Too expensive for some users mainly because of issues on quality

Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD CT

Expect the best features from the design developed by one of the greatest bodyboarders of all time. Mike Stewart is a superstar in the world of boogie boarding. That’s why you can trust the quality of the Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD CT bodyboard.

The first feature we’re going to highlight is the crescent tail. It includes a stringer and is made of polypropylene. The stringer is an essential part of the board to make it stiff and solid. It’s usually composed of wood and is designed as a strip from the nose to the tail.

More about the crescent tail, it’s meant to support any body type securely. Its bottom part is made of Surlyn, a very glossy material with an absolutely durable composition. Surlyn is the brand of a special ionomer-polyamide thermoplastic alloy.

When it comes to performance, expect nothing less. The shape of this boogie board will help you achieve total control when you’re in the pocket or the strongest section of the wave. This is crucial for professional bodyboarders.


  • Designed by the award-winning bodyboarder Mike Stewart
  • Sturdy stringer
  • Versatile crescent tail
  • Premium Surlyn bottom
  • Smooth glides on any wave type


  • No leash
  • Much more expensive than most bodyboards

Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail

With Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail bodyboard, you can either ride it in a prone or drop-knee position. Its shape and composition are designed for that benefit.

The harder sections are strategically placed all over the board so you can maintain the drop-knee style. As for the prone riding style, the board can give you complete control while you move faster over the waves because of the 60/40 rails. The ratio is meant to be that way for a more secure grip.

Another boogie board with a Surlyn bottom, this product feels slick on its base. No wonder it’s enjoyable for beginners as well as pros.

Meanwhile, for the sake of durability and comfort, the core is made of polyethylene foam. The bodyboard may also have one or two graphite stringers depending on its size. These features will stop the board from wearing out despite daily use.

Let’s not forget about the vivid colors of this product. The board looks simpler than other options here, but it still promotes visibility because of the brightness of each color.


  • Ideal for bigger riders
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Added thickness for durability and better support as you ride
  • Beautiful and effective finish
  • Perfect for drop-knee and prone bodyboarding
  • Attractive colors


  • Doesn’t have a free leash

BPS ‘Green Machine’ with Wrist Leash

This BPS product being called the “Green Machine” sounds perfect. It really works like a machine because of its jaw-dropping speed when gliding over bigger waves. Thanks to its super-smooth bottom plus its undeniable lightness, you can move much faster. To enhance control when you accelerate, the EPS core, bottom channels, and crescent tail ensure buoyancy and mobility.

As the previous BPS product features both the fin tethers and the coiled leash, this one only has the latter. However, the quality is still enough to make you appreciate the whole set despite missing one free item.

The leash is comfortable because of its neoprene cuff. It’s also very secure for it has a tough Velcro closure. It will stay intact even if it encounters huge waves.

While the rest of the products here are all about visibility and fun colors, this one has a more meaningful design. Its Shaka Tiki logo is some sort of greeting from one surfer to another.


  • Floats effortlessly
  • Extremely fast
  • Designed for all ages
  • Includes a free cushioned leash


  • Underwhelming colors for some people
  • Bleeding colors when it gets wet for a long time
  • Not tough enough against sharp objects
  • Peeling bottom and sides

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

Who says surfboards can’t ever be used as bodyboards? Liquid Shredder 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board is mainly designed for surfing, but it has some features that are effective for boogie boarding. It’s basically inspired by the classic boogie board shape with modified aspects to meet the demands of surfing.

The LiFoam deck has a soft expanded polyethylene foam that can cushion your body in a prone position. Meanwhile, the polypropylene bottom has a slick finish with wood stringers to combine mobility and durability.

Despite the smoothness of the bottom side, the top portion has a bit of texture to retain grip even when wet. All the layers of the board are heat-laminated to reduce water absorption and peeling.

To add to the water-resistant properties of the board, this product features the EZ-Seal system. The purpose of that feature is to obviously block the water from entering every nook and cranny of the board.


  • Soft enough to protect your body from bruises and scratches
  • Less friction because of the slick bottom
  • Resistant to water and scratches
  • Provides good grip for stability
  • Can endure daily use
  • Much longer than most bodyboards nowadays, which is ideal for some people
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Effective practice board for beginners
  • Includes free rubberized fins


  • Doesn’t include a safety leash
  • Doesn’t float well
  • Loose fins

Wavestorm 40″ 2-Pack

If you prefer softer boogie boards, Wavestorm 40″ 2-Pack bodyboards have a generous amount of foam. Their textured decks are even contoured to perfection to support riders without any hassle. Getting two pieces in just one purchase is convenient for couples and families.

Don’t let its softness fool you; each board is very strong because of its EPS core. The bottom has impressive strength as well while staying smooth for quick movements.

Since safety should always be the number one priority, this boogie board has a leash plug that’s already pre-installed. What’s left for you to do is attach the leash so you can connect the board to your wrist.


  • Smooth yet solid feel
  • Lightweight
  • Textured deck for better grip
  • Big size
  • Unbreakable
  • Heavy-duty for daily bodyboarding
  • Value for money
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Multiple boards
  • Can be used by kids


  • Not long enough for some riders
  • Not enough buoyancy

WOOWAVE Super Lightweight with Premium Coiled Wrist Leash

Expert bodyboarders will surely appreciate the features of WOOWAVE Super Lightweight boogie board. This product allows maximum performance on any wave condition by helping the rider control his moves with the 60/40 rails. The water-resistance of the core also adds to the versatility of the board.

If surfing is also your thing, this boogie board can be used as a surfboard. You can make a statement not just on the waves but also with the unique appearance of the board.

With the affordable price of this product, you might be surprised to know that it comes with a couple of free stuff. It includes a 5.5-millimeter coiled leash and a pair of fin tethers.

The leash has a urethane cord for strength and a coiled design to prevent tangles. And, since it won’t easily touch the water, it can avoid corrosion. Lastly, for comfort, the cuff feels snug and cozy.


  • 60/40 rails and water-resistant core to handle different wave conditions
  • Can be used as a bodyboard or a surfboard
  • Free safety attachments
  • Well-designed leash
  • One-year warranty


  • Possibility of the cord breaking in harsh conditions

How to Choose Good Boogie Boards

There are more options out there with different features than the ones we’ve mentioned on the list. This buying guide will include some comparisons between the features explained here and other variations.


Before we discuss common feature variations, let’s focus on the most important factor first. High-quality composition and construction won’t matter at all if you’ll use the wrong size for your weight and height.

The rule of thumb is to roughly measure the board by holding it in front of you. Its entire length should be able to stay within the area between your chin and your knees. If it’s longer than that, it will be harder for you to control your board. Your knees will only keep on hitting the tail. Too short, and you won’t be able to float well and move faster. Meanwhile, if you think you’re on the heavier side, choose the widest board you can find to ensure it will float while supporting you.

However, all of those tips aren’t applicable if you buy online unless the seller has a good return policy. That’s why you should also consider the following factors:

Widest Point

To find the widest point, it’s the section between two opposite rails. It’s a significant factor in flotation. However, it may affect your performance for it will be harder to turn the board. If you’re all about sharp turns and huge waves, choose a narrow bodyboard that won’t exceed 22 inches.

Nose to the Widest Point

This time, consider the distance between the nose and the widest point. Observe it lengthwise so you can conclude whether it’s high or low.

A higher measurement is designed for stability when you lie down on your board. For mobility and control, however, a lower number is ideal. That’s the one you need for drop-knee boogie boarding.


Finally, it’s time to start learning more about the different types of bodyboard features. First, we should understand various core designs and materials. This is important for the core can make or break your boogie boarding experience.

Here are some of the foam variations found in bodyboards which determine the quality of the core:


This type of core is the most popular one. It’s heavy but very flexible. It allows full control of your board, especially on cool waters. Warm waters require lighter materials.


Speaking of lightweight materials, polypropylene core is much lighter than polyethylene. That’s why it’s ideal for warm waters.

To endure fast moves over warm waves, it’s generally stronger than the previous material. It can maintain its shape despite frequent use and harsh conditions.

However, it’s too stiff for some users. That’s not a good thing if you ride over colder waters. You won’t be able to control it even if you’ll only do simple tricks.


Let’s face it–choosing between polyethylene and polypropylene cores is difficult. Both materials have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Fortunately, some manufacturers have managed to combine both. They successfully merged flexibility and hardness by sandwiching layers of the two materials. Dual-core is versatile without compromising durability.

Low-Density Polypropylene

If your choice is leaning toward polypropylene core but with reservations, you should know that some bodyboards with that material are more flexible than the standard. That’s because they have low density, unlike the original design.

With low density, the lightness of a polypropylene board is combined with flexibility. It can achieve better buoyancy when you ride over cooler waters. Don’t worry; the added flex won’t be affected by the higher temperatures of warmer waters.


It turns out that polyethylene decks aren’t the only popular options in stores. Find out the second type after learning more about the standard deck material.


Decks should be flexible so you’ll feel comfortable as you lie down on the board. So it’s no surprise that polyethylene is commonly used instead of polypropylene. With more flex, the feel is much softer.

Unfortunately, just like one of the disadvantages of polyethylene core, decks containing this material tend to lose form over time. Common signs of a worn-out deck are creases and dents.


If not a polyethylene deck, check out the design of crosslink. It’s thinner to reduce water absorption, which is a great solution to creases and the short lifespan of some bodyboards.

It’s harder than polyethylene decks to stay durable. But, it will be your responsibility to wax its surfaces to enhance grip.

Bottom Skin

The smoothness of the bodyboard’s bottom part is crucial. It’s the one rubbing against the waves. This is the most important factor in acceleration and speed. Surlyn and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are common skin materials.


More popular than HDPE, Surlyn skin is incredibly smooth. It’s a special plastic material that’s also found on the surface of golf balls. The smoothness of Surlyn guarantees quick response on the way you control your ride.

Surlyn is also a factor to long-lasting boogie boards. It doesn’t crease at all. No wonder it’s more expensive than HDPE.

High-Density Polyethylene

Here we have polyethylene again but as a skin material this time. It’s definitely cheaper than Surlyn. However, the quality of HDPE is still a decent budget-friendly alternative. It’s a great material for a beginner’s starter board.


Crescent tail isn’t the only option when you shop for boogie boards. You may not have heard of it before, but the bat tail is also a good variation.


Why is crescent tail so popular on bodyboards? Its U shape is effective at keeping your body closer to the water for smoother glides and better control. It also improves comfort since it supports your body nicely.


You can easily distinguish a bat tail from a crescent one for it slightly looks like the wings of a bat. It’s the ideal choice for heavy riders and small waves since it has a better lift. Just don’t use it on larger waves for it can make you lose control.


A boogie board may look like a simple piece of flotation device to some people, but choosing the right one for the water sport involves a lot of thinking. You have to consider all the features of the board, including the ones you can’t see inside. The core, deck, skin, and tail are just some of the things you need to consider before purchase.

Buying a boogie board impulsively may affect your enjoyment when you’re finally hitting the waves. Your performance has a lot to do with how comfortable you are on the board.

Each product on our list deserves the spotlight, but the Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD CT boogie board can be life-changing. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s designed by a champion bodyboarder, it has all the features you need to take boogie boarding to a whole new level.