Top 8 Balance Boards in 2020 Review

Exercise or workout devices we see in stores are usually targeting typical fitness stuff like strength and cardiovascular training. What about balance? Surely that’s important as well for it’s the foundation of many sports and activities like surfing, cycling, gymnastics, and even dancing.

Thank goodness there’s such thing as balance boards. Also known as wobble boards, this type of device only works with a lever and a roller. The best balance boards aren’t too high to lower the risk of injuries when you fall. With constant use, you’ll be able to understand your body more and know how exactly to balance it in different situations.

Best Balance Boards Review

What should be considered before buying a balance board? Before we discuss that in detail, allow us to give you an idea first by checking out the best wobble boards.

INDO BOARD Original Balance Board for Fun, Challenging Fitness and Sports Training

Can you imagine using a flimsy board for balance training? It will only break in half as you step on its ends. That’s exactly why the INDO BOARD Original Balance Board only ensures the best material and design possible.

This wobble board comes with a deck that’s 30 inches long and 18 inches wide, a good size for balancing. More importantly, the deck is made of birch wood. The wood material is so strong that it meets cabinet standards.

To reduce the risk of falling, the wooden deck also has a nice grip on its surface. You won’t easily slip on it.

Meanwhile, since the device’s height relies on the roller’s size, this product includes a roller with a diameter that’s safe enough for anyone. It only measures 6.5 inches, but it can totally support your weight because of its molded roller that’s basically indestructible.

Balance training isn’t a dynamic exercise, so it can be boring to use it for hours. It’s a good thing that the product has a free two-hour DVD you can depend on for instructions and tips on how to do the training excitingly.


  • Smooth performance on carpets
  • Solid construction yet lightweight
  • Includes stoppers underneath to stop the roller from sliding out
  • Non-slip surface
  • Comfortable enough for bare feet even with the slightly rough grip
  • Attractive style
  • Brightly colored graphics


  • Still too high for some people
  • Possibility of a deformed roller

Fitterfirst Professional Balance Board

If a fixed angle for tilting isn’t enough for you, the Fitterfirst Professional Balance Board can provide you with three adjustments. Whether you prefer a 10-, 12-, or 15-degree angle, you can easily set it with this device. You’ll be able to do different motions without going overboard because of the limitations set by each angle.

Another balance board with a circular shape, this product can easily fit bags. You can train wherever you go, especially in offices and gyms.

As for the surface, it’s still comfortable for bare feet despite the added grip. This is important for a more convenient workout at home. One of the features ensuring that benefit is birch plywood being used as the main material.


  • Effortless adjustments
  • Secure locking mechanism for each angle
  • Highly durable
  • Classy design that can complement any room in your home
  • Includes instructions for different exercises you can try
  • Available sizes for kids


  • Not enough grip on the surface
  • Can leave ugly marks on hardwood floors
  • Too easy for some people
  • May hit the floor too many times which creates a loud noise

Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer

Three-dimensional motion is possible with the Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer. It technically means achieving complete revolutions on spherical balance points, which is important for practicing skateboarding and other similar sports.

You don’t have to stay in just one spot while balancing on the deck of this product. No wonder it’s widely used for offices using standing desks. You can even make office work fun by trying some simple tricks while using the board.

3D motion is more dynamic than the traditional roller used, so a higher level of traction is needed. To guarantee maximum grip, this wobble board has a grip tape made of cork rubber. It’s comfortable to step on it whether you’re wearing footwear or not. As a plus, cork rubber looks timeless.

Speaking of timelessness, each unit of this product is hand-made by the inventor himself. Superior quality is guaranteed.


  • Spins flawlessly on rugs and mats
  • Allows more motions
  • Fixed dome to prevent the roller from sliding away
  • Very similar to the design of skateboards
  • Safe practice board for skateboard tricks
  • Sturdy laminated deck for supporting weight up to 200 pounds or more
  • Relaxing grip for bare feet
  • Artistic natural finish
  • Simple colors for people who are into minimalist styles


  • Can be too difficult for beginners
  • Too narrow for big feet
  • Doesn’t come with instructional manuals or DVDs

Yes4All Wobble Balance Board – Exercise Balance Stability Trainer

As expected from a high-quality product, the Yes4All Wobble Balance Board has a non-slip circular surface. It’s covered with a pad that will never get slippery no matter how sweaty you get.

This eye-catching, uniquely shaped board is also perfect for big feet. Its diameter is 15.75 inches, which is bigger than most wobble boards with narrow decks.

The larger size makes this device extremely strong as well. It can support users weighing around 300 pounds. Ironically, the entire unit is super-lightweight. You can bring it anywhere you like, a benefit sought by office workers and frequent travelers.

Not only is this board capable in making full rotations, but it can also tilt at a 15-degree angle. The slight tilt is useful for dynamic workouts.


  • 100% coverage of the grip tape
  • Sanded edges to prevent snagging your pants, socks, or even skin
  • Eight spots for attachment to secure screws
  • Not too high
  • Pleasing color choices
  • One-year warranty


  • No grip on the rollerball
  • Worn-out grip in less than a year
  • Possibility of a chipping board
  • Limited distance between two feet
  • Too low for some surfaces like thick, soft carpets
  • Too easy for some users

Simply Fit Board

While other balance boards are all about wooden decks, the Simply Fit Board uses plastic. However, it’s the durable kind which is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). In fact, it’s so durable that it can support a 400-pound weight. Everybody can literally use it.

Besides, the synthetic material is more lightweight, making the device easier to carry around. It only weighs 3.2 pounds, which is convenient if you’re going to put it in a bag or suitcase.

Plastic usually has a smooth surface, but this wobble board still has a reliable grip. It has rough sections to keep you safe while balancing.

Just like the first product on this list, this one also has a free instructional DVD you can play while working out. The most recommended move is twisting because of the unique shape of the board.


  • Doesn’t need a roller
  • Not too difficult for beginners
  • Includes a helpful DVD for your training


  • Bleeds color
  • Possibility of cracks
  • Inability of some units to support normal to heavyweight

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Let’s go back to the traditional design of wobble boards with the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer. It comes in two pieces, the board and the roller. Both parts are lightweight, but they have an unbelievable weight capacity of 400 pounds. The two-piece design allows more mobility, making it a more challenging type.

As other balance boards are only focusing on the grip for the surface, this one prioritizes comfort, too. The Dura-Soft layer of its deck has a bit of padding to satisfy barefoot users. It doesn’t use the typical grip tape which can scratch your skin.

Additionally, the board is slightly short and narrow. You can put it in almost any bag so you can train anywhere.

This device should last for a really long time. It’s a handmade American product.


  • Challenging for advanced users
  • Stunning finish
  • Can be used on a concrete floor without sliding off
  • Underside stoppers for you and your floor’s safety
  • Can support 400 pounds of weight
  • Much more comfortable than most wobble boards
  • Portable
  • Made in the US
  • Handcrafted to perfection


  • Not for outdoor use
  • Dust and grime easily sticking all over the roller’s cover
  • Wide gap between stoppers
  • Weaker grip than most balance boards

TheraBand Stability Trainer Pad

Don’t let its appearance fool you; the TheraBand Stability Trainer Pad has no roller whatsoever, but it’s still a balance training device. It has a catchy oval shape to accommodate one foot at a time, which can challenge your balance.

While standard color options are for appearance’s sake only, this product assigns a specific purpose for each choice. The green one is for beginners because of its firmer surface. Meanwhile, the blue and black options are for intermediate and advanced users since they’re softer, hence a wobblier feel.

Daily use won’t ruin the pad’s form. It’s made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for durability but with foam to ensure comfort. The foam won’t affect grip at all since the surface is ridged.

Because of the absence of rollers, this pad is one of the safest balancing devices you can buy. It’s less likely to cause injuries.


  • Easy to clean
  • Added thickness for a more long-lasting pad
  • Unbreakable
  • Designed for physical therapy
  • Usable on any surface


  • Not challenging enough
  • May deflate

Airex Balance Pad Foam

With different sizes available, the Airex Balance Pad Foam will give you the chance to opt for something really small so you can only stand on one leg. Its smallest size is also ideal for supporting your hands and knees in some exercises. And, of course, you can choose a bigger size for normal balance training.

Like the previous product, this pad is cushioned. That’s why it’s ideal for older people and patients recovering from injuries.

Since cushioning may deflate or get deformed, the light, soft foam used in this pad is resistant to ripping. It can retain its shape no matter how often you use it on different surfaces–even outdoors!

Despite the softness of this pad, its surface still has a textured grip to prevent slips. You can definitely step on it without wearing footwear.

When it comes to cleaning convenience, this pad is resistant to dirt and moisture because of its pre-sanitized surfaces. It won’t retain odor due to the absence of microbial buildup. All you need to do is just wipe it with a clean wet cloth regularly.


  • Meant for physical therapy
  • Strong grip despite soft foam
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Thick yet extremely light
  • Can stay clean for a long time even with daily use


  • Tends to eventually crack

How to Choose Good Balance Boards

Despite the number of products and features introduced on the list, we still have a long way to go when it comes to understanding the variations of balance boards. For example, balance boards are also known as wobble boards, but it turns out that the latter has a distinct design after all. Allow us to explain more about it below before we discuss other factors to consider before purchase.


The types of balance boards on our products list only revolve around rollers and wobbles. Roller boards are two-piece devices while wobble boards are the circular ones. We also introduced some balance pads just in case you prefer something softer for recovery exercises.

However, there are still a few variations out there you should know. This way, you’ll have more choices to lower the possibility of buying the wrong product for your needs and preferences.

Without further ado, find out the pros and cons of the roller, wobble, rocker, sphere-and-ring, and spring balance boards.


Probably the most difficult type, roller balance boards are too dangerous for standing desks. They allow too much movement, which is risky when you’re focusing on something else.

However, roller boards are the most exciting ones for advanced users. They will really feel the challenge of balancing a narrow board over a separate roller. They’re actually recommended for people who want to practice skateboarding or snowboarding.

You can easily spot roller boards in physical and online stores because they always come in sets. Again, they come in two pieces: the deck, or the board itself, and the roller or wheel.


Even though roller boards allow a wide range of movements, you can’t actually tilt at any direction you want. That’s where wobble balance boards come in. Their base is a half-sphere that can rotate 360 degrees instead of just tilting left and right.

Despite the intimidating idea of rotating while balancing, wobble boards are still safer than rollers. The large circular deck helps. Also, the spherical base is generally built-in, eliminating the risk of a runaway roller.

Being the safer alternative, wobble boards can be used for physical therapy. However, they can be too boring for expert users and–at the same time–too difficult for beginners.


Now let’s discuss something less popular than roller and wobble boards. You can identify a rocker balance board by simply looking at its deck. Its surface usually has a square shape.

As for its base, a rocker uses a semi-circle one. The entire design will let you move forward, backward, and sideways. The limited coverage for tilting and the fixed base make it safer than rollers and wobbles. That’s why it’s great for physical therapy, especially for serious cases like injuries.

Rocker boards are also easier to use. It’s ideal for beginners.


If you prefer a little oomph, a spring balance board can give you that satisfaction. Its base is loaded with spring to slightly bounce as you move.

That design is not always dangerous because there are springboards that are safe enough for kids. Those products can only provide you with a gentle bounce.

This type of balance board is versatile as well. There are options in stores with tighter springs to really challenge advanced users.


Just a bonus section, balance pads aren’t exactly boards, but their purpose is similar to the latter. They’re a special kind of balancing device designed for people who need something much safer and more comfortable. Those people are mostly seniors and recovering patients.

Since balance pads are affordable, you can buy multiple pieces in different colors and sizes for different uses. For example, it’s best to have smaller pads for each hand or foot and bigger ones for sitting or kneeling. That way, you can do a wide variety of exercises without hurting any part of your body.

If you’re set to buy balance pads, you should only choose thick ones to ensure stability. A stable pad is necessary so you can freely adapt to the intensity of the workout. A strong grip will definitely help as well in maintaining balance.

You must also consider durability and cleaning convenience. Make sure that the materials, especially the coating, of the pad won’t crack and show other signs of wear. In addition, the foam must be completely resistant to moisture to prevent odor.


After deciding on the type of balance board to use, the next crucial factor to consider is the size. Boards come in different deck sizes and base/roller heights to give buyers choices when it comes to comfort and level of difficulty.


Large decks measuring at least 25 inches are more comfortable to use. You can easily adjust your position without stepping off the surface. That’s why they’re commonly used for standing desks.

On the other hand, smaller decks are more exciting because of the challenge they provide. It’s harder to balance on a small surface area.


It goes without saying that a higher balance board is more difficult to handle. It requires a higher level of focus for safety purposes. If you’re multitasking while riding a tall base or roller, you’re more likely to fall off when you unconsciously adjust your position.


Understanding the pros and cons of each balance board material is easy enough. Why? There are only two major materials used for the decks: wood and plastic. And, they’re two different things you can easily compare.


With the superior quality of wooden balance boards, let’s start with the downsides first. Wooden decks are more expensive. They can also be quite heavy, which can be inconvenient for travel.

However, the price of wooden boards is understandable. Wood, as long as it’s perfectly laminated, is much stronger and sturdier than plastic. It can last for a lifetime just like when it’s used for building furniture.


Synthetic balance boards are generally cheaper since they’re manufactured by machines, unlike wooden ones which are usually handcrafted. Plastic is also lighter than wood, which guarantees portability.

Unfortunately, plastic balance boards aren’t very durable in general. Some have flimsy ends, resulting in cracks or dents.


It’s not that difficult to choose the right balance board for you. You just need to consider three important factors: type, size, and material. The difficulty level has a lot to do with the type of board used. Meanwhile, carefully thinking about size and material can ensure ultimate comfort.

Even though each product we’ve mentioned has superb quality, we always go back to the first one we’ve introduced for we’re incredibly impressed by its durability. Despite the small possibility of its roller deforming, the INDO BOARD Original Balance Board has an impressive birch wood deck. Its surface is so strong that it’s classified as cabinet-grade.