Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Snowboard Helmet Review

Do you seem to have a hard time securing the right ski helmets owing to your small head size? Then the Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Helmet, Small offers a solution and perhaps the end to your search. Even if you suspect to have the smallest head size, this BERN helmet offers you a comfy fit like no other. But apart from the size factor, can it provide real protection and shield the head from injuries? Let’s find out.

Features and Specifications

Adjustable fit

Even among those people with relatively small head size, still, there are disparities. So to support a secure fit, Bern provides the provision for adjusting the helmet. It uses the patented crank fit dial adjustment system. The crank fit dial provides an easy way to adjust the fit such that even females won’t find any difficulty in doing so.

Certified protection

Currently, there are a countless number of helmets in the market. Unfortunately, not all are of the right quality. Just like the Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet w/ BOA Fit System, this head cover has undergone various testing. Its EPS and ABS detailing have been tested and approved to be safe for bike and snow ride protection.

Sleek design

This Lenox EPS helmet uses a unique combination of cool colors and a classic baseball-style shell. As a result, it not only looks cool but offers resistance to hard impacts. So if you are looking for a helmet with a dash of style for urban cycling or skiing, then this BERN makes a good consideration.

The Good


Have you ever worn a heavy helmet that feels like you are carrying a bag of cement over your head? The Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Helmet isn’t like that but weighs just 1.12lbs. It even feels lighter than the AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit which weighs 2.2lbs. That makes it a light helmet that you can easily wear over your head for a whole day without straining.

Moisture-wicking liner

As you cycle or ski down the mountain, the straining exercise forces out sweat out of your body. This helmet employs the moisture-wicking liner. It, therefore, stops the sweat from drenching you and thus keeps you dry and comfortable.

Replaceable liners

The Bern gives you the helmet that you can use for all seasons. That is so because it comes equipped with replaceable liners. It gives you the allowance for choosing the liner that bends with the prevailing atmospheric condition. When it is hot the cold weather liner becomes ideal. Otherwise when it is cold and you need to keep your head warm then the Zipmold warm liner is the way to go.

Available in a wide range of colors and sizes

To match different personal tastes and sizes, BERN avails helmets in five different colors. So that makes it easy to find the color that matches either your outfit or a ski board. Furthermore, the company gives you a medium-sized helmet too.

Soft and comfortable strap

The area around the neck and cheek is soft and delicate. To provide a skin-friendly feeling, the strap features a material that is soft and comfortable. Thus you can adjust on the strap without experience a coarse texture on your skin.

Complimenting visor

This helmet is constructed to suit women. Consequently, it adds a unique feature, visor, which gives it a sleek appearance. Added to its smooth finish, this is a helmet that presents a charming look and thus attracts attention.

Adequate vents

Besides having a sweat-wicking liner, this helmet has adequate vents on top. Thus as you ski or skate down a mountain, the vents help in natural cooling by allowing adequate circulation of air. Consequently, that minimizes the rate of sweating.

To revamp your ski rides to be stylish and safe, you need the Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Helmet, Small. In fact, more than seventy-five percent of previous buyers have achieved complete satisfaction from the helmet. You can confirm by clicking the button below


The Bad

No chin padding

One of the major shortfalls of this Bern – Summer Lenox EPS Helmet, Small is lack of the chin padding. Therefore you won’t have a soft cushion for your chin like in the Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava design.

Who is it for?

This helmet is for the woman who wants a strong, lightweight and stylish helmet. It weighs 1.12lbs. Furthermore, the smooth finish and the visor add to its charming look. For the woman of class, this is a good helmet worth the investment.


It is the certified protection, extra lightweight, and the sleek visor that gives this helmet its unique identity. Even though it lacks the chin padding, the straps feel extra soft and comfortable to the skin. So overall, it still packs vital features that you need for safe and enjoyable skiing. It’s only a click of the button away