Benefits of Having an Electric Skateboard

A lot of people around the world still prefer skateboards with a traditional design. However, some skaters won’t use them anymore once they finally experience riding an electric skate board. That can be a good thing since e-skates come with several advantages.

Electric Skateboard Benefits

Easier Commute

A skater can arrive earlier in the target destination with an electric skateboard than an ordinary one. Human power normally can’t exceed the horsepower of a high-quality motor, which means its maximum speed isn’t enough for faster commutes.

An extremely powerful motor can significantly increase speed, hence decreasing the duration of travel. This can also help the skater save more energy, leading to a more productive day in the classroom or workplace.

Just in case there’s a change of plans later in the day, the skater can store an electric skateboard almost anywhere because of its compact size. It can easily be transported through a motorcycle, car, or bus, unlike scooters and bicycles.


It’s undeniable that most electric skateboards cost much more than the traditional version[How Much do Electric Skateboards Cost]. However, compared to motorcycles and cars, it’s cheaper to maintain. Also, it doesn’t need gasoline at all.

Additionally, repairing an electric skateboard costs less money than other motorized vehicles. Most of its components are quite small and the system isn’t too complicated to work on.

Better Speed Control

A skater can completely control the speed of an electric skateboard because of the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). Ordinary skateboards don’t have ESC, so they can’t quickly adapt to extreme or sudden situations.

For example, it’s only normal for a skateboard to go faster during downhill rides. But, an ESC can activate the necessary parts that can make an e-skate move slower while going down.

A good electric skateboard can also allow a skater to choose a setting that can maintain the speed no matter what. This is considered a great safety feature for places with different types of terrains.

Highly Versatile

An electric skateboard with the right wheels can be used in urban areas as well as off-road locations. E-skates are highly recommended for long mountain trails since the skater can fully concentrate on steering while the motor focuses on the nonstop movement of the wheels. This can increase the level of safety because of the total concentration of the rider in controlling the direction of the board.

Good for the Environment

Quality electric skateboards aren’t disposable. They’re less likely to become environmental waste after a few months because of their durable components.

The likelihood reduces even more if the deck is made of bamboo. That material is sustainable. According to Forbes, some manufacturers use it for their skateboard decks to help decrease the demand for maple trees.

Another factor that maintains the low environmental impact of electric skateboards is the recycling program of certain manufacturers. To reduce waste, they accept old parts like wheels and trucks to recycle them.

More importantly, electric skateboards don’t contribute to pollution. Based on the history of electric skateboards[History of Electric Skateboard], the first motorized skateboard requires gasoline. However, Louis J. Finkle managed to prove that the design was obsolete and dangerous by inventing the first e-skate.

Disadvantages of Having an Electric Skateboard

The disadvantages of electric skateboards become apparent once they’re compared to the ordinary design. One of the most noticeable downsides is the heavier structure of e-skates. Their electronic components add to the total weight of the unit.

In addition, most electric skateboards can’t function automatically without a working battery. Even if the rider can make the wheels roll with foot movements, the feel can be uncomfortable because of the bulkier design.

Electric skateboards are also ineffective if the skater wants a challenge to stay fit. They can allow the rider to just stand for several minutes without extra movements. They don’t allow tricks as well, especially the iconic ollie.