Benchwheel Dual Electric Skateboard Review

The Benchwheel Dual is powered by the 1800 watt twin motor to give you a maximum speed of 18.6mph and a range of 12.4 miles. The super cheap electric skateboard has earned its place with its efficient design, powerful battery, torque acceleration, high performance wheels, and a lightweight fiber glass deck design. The stated maximum payload is 260lbs which exceeds the limitations of other skateboards with the similar configurations. The combination of bamboo with the fiberglass makes the desk highly flexible and elastic in nature. The deck dimension of 1090mm X 233mm X 14mm gives you maximum body balancing and support at high speeds. If you wish to add thrill and excitement to speed, you can read the review on the Onewheel.

Benchwheel Dual – The making of the Board

The deck board is the strongest and the most flexible part of the Benchwheel Dual. The 3 layers of highest quality bamboo material are fused with the twin layers of pressure enduring fiber glass. You can observe the distinct features of the board on its upper and lower layers. The long aluminum battery casing embedded at the lower layer provides protection from water, wind, moisture, heat and other climatic conditions. The other compatible skateboard review you can read is on the ZBoard 2 Blue.

  • Molding Process: The molding process adopted for the making of the Benchwheel Dual deck is aimed at increasing the load carrying capacity, abrasion resistance, enhanced speed, minimum drag, and maximum energy efficiency. The design of the nose and the tail is given the highest priority to decrease the wind resistance acting against the direction of the board movement. The process also takes care of keeping the deck weight within the recommended limits, while increasing the tensile strength and the flexibility factors. Shaping bamboo is kept at optimum levels to prevent the board from warping under weight. The top fiberglass layers can withstand the dynamic shifts in weight distribution along its length and width efficiently.
  • Deck Design: The second critical factor that affects the board performance is the deck design. The Benchwheel Dual deck dimension provides ample space for you to balance the standing posture at convenient levels. The twin footholds at the rear and the front give maximum grip over the deck, while the finest contours on the deck helps in streamlining the centre of gravity (your body and the board) in a perfect manner. Hence, you can attain the maximum speed within the shortest span of time after start.

Benchwheel Dual – Power Packed Motor

The Benchwheel Dual is equipped with a strong dual motor system that generates 1800W power. The brushless design makes it possible to reduce the internal friction and prevent energy loss to the maximum extent. The motor draws its power from the battery of capacity 8.8AH at uniform frequency. You can use the wireless remote controller to vary the power input from the battery into the motor at runtime, by changing the speed and acceleration. When you switch between two stages of acceleration in stages, it is possible to conserve the energy consumption by the motor and still keep them running at high speed. The connectivity between the motor and the rear tuck assembly runs through the inbuilt cable sets. They are designed to transmit the entire torque into the rear wheels with near zero transmission loss. The power button’s location close to the dual motor ensures faster power flow from the battery into the core and the shaft.

Benchwheel Dual – Efficient Power Truck

The power truck assembly is made of more than 15 precision components to ensure highest efficiency The Benchwheel Dual truck is connected to the dual motor with the help of a synchronous pulley, motor holder, holder, and the bearing assembly. The belt connecting the pulley and the synchronous wheel has a strong construction and flexible motion. The central axle of the power wheel is designed to hold the belt with maximum grip. The tension factor in the belt keeps the connectivity strong and free from friction.

  • Wheel Rotation: The RPM of the power wheel is efficiently handled by the brushless motor through the truck and the pulley assembly. The motor holder syncs with the truck shim located at the other side of the motor. The torque generated by the motor gets efficiently passed onto the power wheel within the shortest rotations of the pulley. It means every rotation of the pulley can result in multiple RMP of the belt and hence the enhanced speed of the wheel is achieved with minimum power consumption.
  • Mechanical Efficiency: The mechanical efficiency of the Benchwheel Dual truck assembly is manly achieved through the coordination between the front truck and the rear truck assembly. The front truck has fewer components, due to its dependence on the rear truck for its functionality. The twin wheels attached to the front truck are distanced with the help of the truck, assembly. This distance extends the positioning of the wheels to the exterior of the board. Hence, the composite weight of the deck and the rider will naturally fall within the balanced truck construction. The truck is able to carry je maximum payload and work efficiently over all terrains. The motor is able to push the power wheel and subsequently the rest of the wheels at optimum speed and acceleration.

Benchwheel Dual – Wheel Assembly

The wheel assembly of the Benchwheel Dual at the rear and the front is paired for maximum efficiency and speed. The connectivity between the power wheel, motor, motion controller and the remote device makes the wheels rotate at optimum RPM, depending on the inflow of power from the motor assembly.


  • Dual brushless motor with 1800W power output.
  • Perfect between top speed and maximum range.


  • Battery recharging time is longer.


The power packed top speed and the efficient deck design make the Benchwheel Dual ideal for beginners and intermediate users. You can get the best of power training from the skateboard before switching over to the higher versions like the LEIF Esnowboard.