Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks Review

Hey crazy skateboarders, hope you are doing great. Today we’ll be looking at the Bear Grizzly 852 Trucks review, its features, price and a bit of comparison with other trucks on the market.

For the very first appearance, Bear Grizzly 852 is a great truck. It has a 52-degree baseplate and you can flip it around and decrease the baseplate to 40 degrees. Grizzly 852 advertises itself as one of the best downhill trucks and whether or not you love the downhill rides, this truck is perfect for all skill skaters.


As mentioned above, its 52-degree baseplate which can be flipped around to 40 as well is great for sliding, freeride and is perfect for pumping.

One drawback of flipping on the 40-degree baseplate is poor pumping. The downhill experience remains the same though.

Its shape is rather odd but the company made it so in order to minimize its weight while keeping it sturdy.

Specialized Casting Formula

It is basically an aluminum casting formula which makes this truck great and rivals the Paris 180s. The hanger is also made of aluminum material and allows you to make a great and stable downhill ride.

Also, at 50 to 52 degrees approx. you’ll get a max speed of 28 miles per hour which is incredible. Though at such a high pace you’ll start feeling the speed wobble. However, this wobble depends on how right the kingpin bolt is.

If you want to avoid the wobble, try to adjust the baseplate at 40-degrees. This will prevent you from hitting the speed wobble.

Widened Rear Base Plate

This base plate adds more thickness to the bottom of your Bear Grizzly Truck and also eliminates warping, which is basically becoming bent or twists or maybe out of shape. Usually occurs as a result of heat or damp.

Another advantage of this widened rear base plate is that it helps with different impacts from road or when performing those stunts or diving into the pool.


These trucks have 181 millimeter axles which help in delivering a smooth riding experience as you go down the road.

Also, it is specifically made for free ride or downhill and comes with bare pumpkin 83.5 barrel bushings.

When Bear’s trucks first came in the market, their axles weren’t as durable and would break; however, with time the company has drastically improved and these trucks are now known for their super durable hangers.

Though if you ever face any manufacturing issues with your Bear Grizzly 852 Trucks, don’t panic, simply give their support a call, tell them the issue and they will happily replace or fix it. To be honest, their support is top notch and very responsive which is a plus point here.

Who Should Buy These Trucks?

As a personal recommendation, if you love downhill or freerides and even cruising around the town, these trucks are a good go for you. They are great for cruising and carving and offer great stability around the sharp turns with a very smooth ride.

In simple, these trucks are mainly used by skaters who love to skate fast, though if you are a frequent commuter, you can still buy these and install them on your skateboard.

They can go as high as 35 km/h but at this rate you’ll start feeling the speed wobble and is pretty risky. Make sure to practice your skateboarding skills and wear a skateboard helmet and other safety gears to prevent any injuries in the event of an impact or fall.

Even though these trucks are super stable but it highly depends on your ability to ride and how skilled you are.

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate I would recommend to stay below 20, else you’ll fall off.

The only drawback these trucks have those thin draw through boards and the baseplates may not go well with all skateboards. Also, the kingpin is adjustable but not removable. Overall, this truck is great at comes at a fairly reasonable price. It’s also better than a lot of freeride and downhill trucks.


  • Perfect for freeride, carving and cruising around the town
  • Raked hanger style, which allows you to lean a lot further
  • Excellent baseplate angle, also adjustable
  • Barrel bushing with a good durometer number


  • Kingpin can’t be replaced or removed
  • Though durometer is good but might be a bit hard for some skaters


The Bear Grizzly Trucks are probably one of best skateboard trucks brands on the market and will meet up to all your requirements. They can turn quite a bit and gives you a greater control while you are cruising or carving.

The bushing have a perfect hardness, might be a bit more for beginners, but overall, these are the trucks you need under your board.