Welcome Back to the Future of Radical!

4.18.09 The web department is going to be in China next week so there will be no site updates till at least the 27th. Broussard has a handful of clips in the new Hi Fi Wheels promo video that just made its web debut. Go broo boo. If you live in (or near) Austin and … Read more


Stephen Lawyer – Roger of the Month – August 2009 Stephen lives in Encinitas, CA and apparently likes the Wu-Tang Clan and the Gravediggaz. Which is cool with us. We can only hope he’s also stoked on Dr. Octagon. Otherwise he might get the boot before his month is up.

Bill Pierce – Out

Bill Pierce – Roger of the Month – Nov 08 – Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

Whitney Wells Interview

Interview By: Michael Sieben So Whitney, the first thing I noticed about you when I watched your footage was that you’re really good at riding your skateboard. Why? It’s from a strict diet of cigarettes, beer, juice, and random health foods. But really…I have no clue why (awkward question.)   I think my favorite clip … Read more

Ads we can’t afford to run

Welcome Back Introducing Roger Skateboards All the good names were taken Welcome to the dark side I don’t dig pig Video in progress Video in still in progress Some guy… This handrail Grandmothers rule Roger Scooter Are motorcycles still cool? Don’t laugh Bill Pierce Funny hats Bark shirts Get trippy Roger Ramp The eighties Jeremy … Read more

The Goods

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