Atom Electric B.36 Electric Skateboard Review

The Atom Electric B.36 is a giant Longboard with a power packed 3600W motor power (dual motors having 1800W each). Its operates on the new technology software system called the Field Oriented Control (using the Sine Waves) which was originally developed for the high range of motor powered vehicles. The main feature of this technology is the ability to generate maximum torque while the board is moving at low speed. This parameter increases the performance of the Atom Electric B.36 and pushes it up the 14% steep hill at high speeds.  The Samsung Lithium-Ion battery supplies power to the dual motor at the rate of 211Wh. The Atom Electric B.36 can easily carry a payload of 250LBs at top speed on standard road conditions. The maximum speed limit is 18mph and the range is 13-15 miles depending on the rider weight. The other compatible board is the Benchwheel Dual.

Atom Electric B.36 – Technical Specifications

  • Dual Motors: The brushless dual motors with 1800W capacity each are built into the rear wheel and truck assembly. The powerful belt and gear system is backed by the strong motor holders that are riveted to the main board. The steel rods that lock the twin motor holders are strong enough to withstand maximum friction and impact from the rider weight and road contact of the rear wheels. The high volume of torque generated by the motors passes through the belts and powers the twin rear wheels. The onboard remote sensor is highly sensitive to the slightest variations in the commands you give from the remote control. The acceleration, deceleration, and the braking capacity of the motor are stated to be the best in the economical range of skateboards. The dual motors are designed to generate maximum acceleration when the board is moving uphill at an angle of 14% elevation. You can also set the board on cruise mode at this inclination due to the huge volume of torque generated. The intelligent motor assembly and the smart remote make it possible to apply brakes and stop the board within the shortest time and distance without making you lose your body balance. This feature is stated to be innovative and path breaking from the other standard skateboards in the range of Atom Electric B.36. The other board with motor power for the beginners is the Acton Blink S.
  • Truck Design: The truck design of the Atom Electric B.36 is perhaps the most complex and intricate you can find. It joins the main board with the dual motors and the onboard power wheels, besides bonding strongly to the onboard battery casing that runs from the nose to the tail portion of the skateboard. The base plate is compact but strongly built. Four fasteners tightly bond the base plate with the main board.  It has a high compression ratio to absorb the onboard load and shocks generated during top speed travel. The two inner wheels connected to the motors are bound with the twin rear wheels with the help of two belts. The primary speed generators bound to the motor and truck assembly have high torque generating capacity. The truck assembly is designed to transfer the entire volume of this torque directly into the twin rear wheels. Hence, the power loss probability is near to zero.
  • Wheel Design: The Atom Electric B.36 runs on high density, flexible, and strong polyurethane black wheels. They have a hardness factor of 78a and of 80mm X 45mm dimensions. Their capacity to withstand vertical load, motor torque, road friction and drag is the best you can find among the skateboards in the range of this Longboard. Their alignment with the truck axis and the hanger makes it possible to have perfect balance for the skateboard. You can maneuver the board at inclinations uphill and downhill with equal ease. The exterior design of the wheels makes it possible for getting firm grip over the road surface on all terrains. The inner part of the wheel assembly is reinforced with additional polyurethane based composite material to provide additional density and strength. The rear power wheels have metallic inner rings to absorb the high volume of shocks and vibrations generated by the truck assembly while traveling on rugged terrains and steep slopes.
  • Battery Pack: The 211Wh Samsung battery pack is sealed within the long metallic strip between the tail and the nose of the Atom Electric B.36. The black casing is reinforced with composite materials to enhance the lightness and tensile strength. It provides maximum protection from heat, humidity, and other climatic conditions. The battery itself is capable of supplying stable and uninterrupted power to the motor consistently. The on demand power consumption by the motors makes the battery highly energy efficient. Zero power is lost during generation and transmission. Moreover the direct connectivity between the battery output and the motor input also prevents power loss.
  • Deck Design: The pure Maplewood deck is designed for maximum load capacity and body balancing for the heavy weight to the lightweight riders. The foot rest positions are designed for maximum grip, while the deck dimension provides ample space for you to stand in the most convenient posture.
  • Skateboard Remote: The Atom Electric B.36 remote is designed to provide maximum control over the board. It s easy to hold and operate while riding at top speeds and inclinations. The speed mode can be set once you power on the remote. The sliding buttons allow you to accelerate, decelerate, stop and reverse the board according to your convenience. There are multiple indicators on the remote to show the board and remote battery status, speed, safety limits and other parameters.


  • Best motor power for the skateboard at economical pricing.
  • Strong truck design.
  • Powered by FOC Sine-Wave software.


  • The range is relatively low compared to the motor and battery output capacity.


The Atom Electric B.36 is ideal for power travelers who wish to commute between home and work place on busy roads. It offers the best inclination speeds and control over the torque at low speeds also. You can also read the review on Maxfind Dual Motor to explore the details. We also release new electric skateboard reviews regularly in RogerSkateboards! Enjoy 😉