Atom B.36 Longboard Electric Skateboard Review

Rarely is it possible to come across solutions to situations that are cost effective in the sense that for the money spent it affords the most effective means of transportation.  The Atom B.36 Longboard stands out for the simple yet effective manner that a means of transportation is provided.  There are different aspects to this solution as can be listed below.

The Motor

There is no denying that the motor is what sets apart the best budget electric skateboard available.  It is no doubt that the motor is the most costly aspect to a skateboard too.  There are certain features to the Atom B.26 longboard that is notable for the effort made to be different as well as an effective way of overcoming problems that the design team came across in the early days of the board’s design.


  • The use of a dual belt drive enables a higher amount of power to be transferred to the wheels thus causing lesser overloads situations than with a single belt. This practice does ensure that the belt has a longer life as compared to a single one and could last longer too.
  • A greater stability of the skateboard is had with the powerful motor and when compared to the Boosted Dual+ is by far a smoother ride possible. This leads to a safer ride as well.
  • In the use of skateboards in extreme skating, it is the dual nature of the belt drive that tends to produce the much needed initial pick up. This could be the main reason that the Atom B.36 Longboard is the preferred piece at such occasions.
  • There can be no disputing the effect that the regenerative feed back to the batteries when braking. This is the sole factor that keeps the range of use of the skateboard to one of the highest in the field.


  • With one of the possibly most powerful motors belting out an 1800 W of power the skateboard can be at times hard to control especially when accelerating at corners.
  • For the power at hand, a fair bit of experience is necessary and advisable to anyone that attempts to ride the skateboard. It thus is not for the total novice who could cause it damage by using it the manner it should not be done.

Safety of Rider

The importance accorded to keeping the rider safe at all times is further stressed here as well.  This aspect is particularly important for a mobility option for the daily commute that adds in the ease of use compared to other modes of transport.  It is also a very environmentally friendly option quite like the Action Blink S skateboard by the same manufacturer.


  • Extremely expensive and flexible software is used to keep the Atom B.36 longboard in total control during any performance or use. Most situations are handled with a smoothness that emphasized the importance of the software in controlling the balance and feel of the ride.
  • The all enclosing nature of the compartment housing the battery pack provides a safety that simply cannot be laid out. It is often possible to endanger the rider if something untoward were to happen to the battery pack that would be packing in quite a bit of charge at any typical instance of a ride.
  • A wireless remote control that is prone to the least amount of interference from other equipment and gadgetry makes the Atom B.36 one of the most reliable as well as one of the safest to have for use.
  • There is a special emphasis on balance given to the board that comes in handy while undertaking the most complex of turns that could involve high forces being placed on the person riding as well as the board.


  • Despite the huge technologically advanced features all packed into such a small space, in most instances, the rider is kept safe by the level of skill used and this rarely has any bearing on the amount of gadgetry in use.

The Battery

When something as a vehicle that uses electric power to move around is considered, it is often the quality of the battery pack used that tells on the overall performance.  This is true of the Atom B.36 longboard as well, with a battery that packs in a good punch and with the accompanying protective steps taken to keep people safe.


  • The Samsung 211-Watt hour battery using the Lithium-ion technology is noted for the fast charge time possible that gets the better of other competing models like the Genesis Hellfire in providing a more powerful power train.
  • It must be noted that a power pack that is this powerful needs such a small time to attain full charge after a complete discharge. This not only demonstrates the advanced technology in use but is a good display of the very practical aspects of the Atom B.26 board.
  • A notable feature of the battery pack is the low heating property that keeps the pack cool to touch at all time, either at charge time or during actual use.
  • With a very advanced power management system along with the battery enables the use of very sophisticated software to control the board and its peripherals like the remote operation as often very stable power sources are necessary for their workings.


  • A peculiar feature with the Atom B.36 longboard is that unlike in earlier times and occasions, the motor and battery are comparable in costs. This is an anomaly in most instances.


There is the manufacturer’s warranty that applies to the product and all accompanying peripherals.  It is possible to have an extended warranty and a more comprehensive coverage of incidents by making a suitable payment as is the need for the same.

In most cases the normal terms of protection of the product is more than sufficient to meet any foreseeable situation.