Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

Weather can still be unpredictable despite modern forecasts. So, skaters have no choice sometimes but to deal with sudden rain while they’re still outdoors on their electric skateboards. Have e-skate manufacturers already considered that problem and then produced waterproof units?

Unfortunately, not all electric skateboards are waterproof. Even the best motorized skateboard for certain types of people isn’t guaranteed to have that particular quality unless stated otherwise. E-skate users still need to search for the right products.

The key here is to check the product’s waterproof rating. Most options are rated IP54 or IP64. That means they include protection against small splashes of water from puddles and the like no matter which direction.

Another factor is the electric skateboard’s material. Polypropylene is the best choice for waterproof e-skates. Generally, it’s resistant to excessive moisture. As a plus, it can improve flex.

Some electric skateboard decks also have waterproof properties. To be more specific, their surfaces can still retain a strong grip despite getting wet. This increases the safety level of any e-skate[Are Electric Skateboards Safe (for kids, pregnancy, …)? Comprehensive Safety Guide] since the rider is less likely to fall off thanks to the non-slip design.

The wheels can be water-resistant as well. Polyurethane is an effective material for that. It can maintain stability even though the roads or streets are wet.

Skating with foolproof waterproof features doesn’t mean that the rider can travel every time it rains and always have fun rolling over puddles. Constant moisture can shorten the lifespan of an electric skateboard[How Long do Electric Skateboards Last]. The waterproof rating is simply meant for emergencies.