Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Asia?

Asia is the continent with the largest size in the whole world. How is it even possible to conclude that electric skateboards are legal or illegal in the entire area? The answer is simple: check the traffic laws of every Asian country.

As expected, only a few countries or cities in Asia have discussed regulations about the use of electric skateboards in public places. It’s the same thing in the case of Europe and its rules on e-skates[Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Europe].

Electric Skateboarding in Asia


Most electric skateboard manufacturers are based in China. One might think that the major cities there would allow e-skate riders to travel anywhere, but that’s not the case at all.

The perfect example is Beijing. It’s the capital of China, so millions of commuters are expected to travel every day in different vehicles.

Unfortunately, electric skateboards aren’t allowed on the roads since it’s considered a motorized gadget like hoverboards. In fact, according to a news report on, the fines have been increased since 2018 to emphasize that motorized gadgets can’t be vehicles. The authorities can also confiscate the gadget.

The city also prohibits traditional skateboards and other types of skates on the roads. People there should stick to actual vehicles if they want to commute without any problems. It won’t matter even if the skater uses the best electric skateboard for commuters.


Based on a recent Medium blog regarding electric skateboarding in Japan, skaters can avoid problems by traveling in less congested areas.

However, the authorities can still stop e-skaters despite the Road Traffic Act stating that skateboards can be used legally in general. Some of them aren’t aware of the law and even lack knowledge on what exactly are electric skateboards[What is An Electric Skateboard]. They think e-skates are just toys meant for parks, not the streets.

To be safe, electric skateboard users in the country must ride properly at all times to avoid attention. They should also stay away from roads and other public places.


A lot of Malaysians are enthusiastic about electric skateboarding. When Electric Skateboard Malaysia started its business in 2017, it achieved great success because of the demand.

But, a report from the New Straits Times stated that electric scooters were banned in the country due to public safety reasons. This could affect the perception of the authorities on e-skates.

The association called the Persatuan Kenderaan Micromobiliti Malaysia was determined to discuss the matter further with the appropriate departments or ministries. It promotes not just the use of e-scooters but also electric skateboards, bikes, and unicycles.


According to Channel News Asia, electric skateboards are illegal on the footpaths of Singapore. The rule includes hoverboards, electric scooters, and other PMDs or  personal mobility devices powered by a motor.

The Popularity of Electric Skateboards in Asia

With the vast size of Asia and the availability of various electronic vehicles or transportation devices, electric skateboarding is quite popular in the continent but not as well-known as other activities involving e-scooters and e-bikes. That’s why only a few countries have regulated e-skating.

Another factor is the strictness of some countries in terms of road traffic safety. A lot of authorities don’t consider electric skateboards safe. Some of them even reject the idea that e-skates can be used for transportation, not just for recreational purposes like motorized toys.