Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Africa?

Knowing the legality of electric skateboards in Australia[Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia], Europe, and Asia makes skaters curious about the e-skate laws of another interesting continent.

Africa contains most of the poorest countries in the whole world, according to a recent report by Business Insider. However, with its massive size, it still includes some rich communities, especially in South Africa. Those cities or towns have a lot of people who can afford a top rated electric skateboard.

There are no official electric skateboards laws in South Africa. But, a certain e-longboard was introduced specifically to the SA market based on a news report from BusinessTech. This can prove that the country has many e-skate enthusiasts who would love to purchase one for themselves. It also represents that South Africa allows this type of product in stores.

The Houdt electric longboard can travel for approximately 18 miles per hour max. It’s also designed for some locations in the country with lots of slopes since it can automatically recharge during downhill rides.

Meanwhile, for certain areas in the country with wide plains or continuous roads, the product belongs in the category of electric skateboards with a long range[How Far can Electric Skateboard Go? Range of Electric Skateboards]. It can reach 18 miles per charge. Its overall design is meant for the geographical features of SA.