Are Chinese Electric Skateboard Manufacturers Trustworthy?

Products made in China generally trigger mixed reactions from people all over the world. Some work perfectly fine while others are disposable without meaning to.

The same idea goes for electric skateboards manufactured by Chinese companies. Some units have world-class features despite their cheap price. On the other hand, others are expensive but can only last for a few months. That’s why nobody’s certain about the trustworthiness of Chinese e-skate manufacturers.

How to Identify Trustworthy Chinese E-Skate Companies

Fortunately, there are some signs that can help a skater identify which Chinese electric skateboard manufacturers are reliable enough. If an e-skate shows poor branding, especially with a random-sounding name that’s not even catchy, it’s more likely from a bogus company. Skateboard decks without a logo also look suspicious.

Electric skateboard companies that are out of business[Out of Business Electric Skateboard Companies] usually work with Chinese manufacturers as well. They generally exist for a few months or years only because of poor customer support and bad reviews.

That’s the main reason why it’s a big deal if the manufacturer has its own official website or online store. That’s because it usually offers customer support, displays contact numbers and emails, shows the address of its headquarters, and even introduces the names and faces of its executives.

Meanwhile, the ones in Amazon and other marketplaces are often represented by private sellers, not the manufacturer itself. That’s why it can be difficult to raise problems like broken components if a person buys from an unpopular seller.

However, the best electric board for any skater can still be found in those marketplaces. Some credible manufacturers have official seller accounts on different online selling platforms.

Trustworthy Chinese Electric Skateboard Manufacturers


According to Forbes, the founder of Exway named Zheng Chao was motivated to establish his own company out of annoyance. His local area in Guangzhou had always been experiencing heavy traffic. His daily commutes took approximately three hours, so he wanted a form of transportation that can easily avoid traffic jams.

Exway electric skateboards are known for their flatboard design, lightweight structure, affordable prices, and high speeds. They can travel almost 25 mph max. They’re also made of carbon fiber and the most sustainable deck material–bamboo.

How is it possible that the sleek flatboard appearance of Exway e-skates can still contain complex electronic parts? The manufacturer places dual-engine technology and the rest of the components right inside the truck and front wheels. It even features the truck design of the American company Seismic Skate Systems to make that part more stable regardless of the rider’s direction.

One might think that Exway electric skateboards are too expensive after knowing the advanced engineering behind the production, but that’s not the case. They’re much cheaper than e-skates costing at least a thousand dollars.

It’s also worth noting that Exway is considered to be the first manufacturer that integrates firmware updates into its electric skateboard systems. This leads to continuous improvement instead of deterioration that usually happens as a product lasts longer.

As a plus, Chao makes sure that Exway e-skates have foolproof brakes that can stop safely despite the maximum speed. The motivation comes from what he has observed from the unpredictability of China’s congested roads.

Exway’s office is currently in Shenzhen. Chao is still spotted riding his company’s products while going to work.


The popularity of Meepo is massive because it’s one of the pioneers of affordable electric skateboards with excellent quality. Each board is handcrafted in a factory in Shenzhen.

The founder, Kieran Mao, became popular in the first place after building his own electric skateboard and sharing it on YouTube. He was an engineer but wanted to attract some retailers to grow a business.

However, Mao got a better opportunity when he received direct orders from e-skate enthusiasts. In the end, he established his own company because of the growing demand for his products.

One of the first-ever Meepo models is the V1.5. Its concave deck was a hit in America since it had a unique design.


The trustworthiness of TeamGee as a manufacturer has already started many years ago. Electric skateboards weren’t very popular back then for commuters, so the company was still focusing on  manufacturing electronic parts for different devices.

Eventually, Teamgee began creating unicycles, electric scooters, and hoverboards. By 2016, it finally developed and produced electric skateboards.

The founder of Teamgee is simply referred to as Mr. Sun. He wasn’t a skater, but he was somebody who was highly interested in sports.

Mr. Sun also preferred electric skateboards to hoverboards. He thought the former was more exciting to use than the latter, although the comparison between e-skates and hoverboards[Electric Skateboard vs Hoverboard] is still being discussed in various blogs and forums by enthusiasts.


The CEO of Wowgo named Jason Walker decided to establish his own company when he was living in Shenzhen as a mere employee. His inspiration was a random person whom he spotted riding an electric skateboard. He noticed the passion and excitement of the skater, which motivated him to manufacture e-skates for enthusiasts everywhere.

The main goal of Wowgo is to produce extremely affordable electric skateboards without compromising quality. It uses high-quality components like Samsung batteries, dual-drive motors, heavy-duty bearings from Germany, and foolproof adhesives made in Japan.

Shenzhen: The Home of Chinese E-Skate Manufacturers

Every Chinese electric skateboard manufacturer mentioned here earlier is specifically located in Shenzhen, China. According to, the city also contains the headquarters of world-famous brands like Huawei, ZTE, and Tencent.

The sections of Shenzhen known for their industrial companies have residential areas that are just 30 minutes away or less from factories. That’s why a lot of engineers, executives, and labor forces live there.

Shenzhen companies also offer competitive salaries. Most factory workers and office employees in the area are hardworking and highly experienced.

The transportation of products is very efficient in Shenzhen as well. It has an airport, train lines, ports, and several highways.

Shenzhen is still a growing city, so it’s not as powerful as Shanghai or Beijing yet. However, it’s as successful as Guangzhou nowadays. It’s also being compared often to Hong Kong.

More and more international companies are working with Shenzhen manufacturers to produce trendy and in-demand products. It’s not surprising anymore that hi-tech devices like electric skateboards are more likely from a factory in Shenzhen.