Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet w/ BOA Fit System Review

The basic function of a helmet is to protect against unforeseen hard impacts. But do you know what makes Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet w/ BOA Fit System outperform other brands? It’s one of the top cool ski helmets that provide more than mere protection. It’s also comfortable and simple to adjust while on the move. So how does it achieve that? Here are the features that make up this Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet.

Features and Specification

Sleek low profile

The design of this ski helmet uses the in-mold shell construction technique. As a result, it provides a beautiful low profile fit. Added to its uniform color, it possesses the hard to resist alluring look. It is its low profile look that makes it stand out among other deep hooded design.

Passive vent

The low profile helmet incorporates the passive ventilation in its structure. Consequently, it lets in cool air and also gives out warm air. As a result, it keeps the temperature inside the hood at a comfortable level. And just like the Demon Phantom Helmet with Brainteaser Audio and Free Balaclava, the helmet features multiple vents for maximum effect. The ventilations are on the front and back positions. Therefore, you won’t experience a strange hot temperature in the hood.

Simple to adjust while on the move

When you wear Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard, you don’t have to stop to adjust its fit. Even while skiing down and you feel the helmet isn’t offering a snug fit, youjust adjust it as you move. That is so since the design of the helmet employs the 360° Boa Fit System. With a dial at the back of the helmet, adjusting the fit of the helmet is straightforward. In fact, it’s easy to loosen or tighten the tension with the help of one hand despite wearing a glove. And just like the Giro Zone MIPS Snow Helmet, it features the Fidlock magnetic buckle technology.

Feels warm

Beneath the hard shell lies the warm expedition fleece liner. When combined with the ear pads, it provides optimum warmth to the wearer. Also, the lining wicks away moisture, so you don’t have to drench in the sweat.

The Good

Unobstructed view

However protective a helmet is, if it doesn’t provide you with a clear vent for non-straining view, then it’s useless. For that reason, this ski head protective cover has a sleek vent. Thus a goggle can fit securely in place and you still enjoy non-obstructed vision.

Audio accessory compatible

Most individuals desire non-human company while snowboarding or skiing. So the Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski helmet considers that. It allows you to wear an earphone and still feel comfortable over your head.

Removable ear pads and lining

There comes a time when you feel the urge to remove the ear pads and lining. For example, when the liner gets dirty and you need to wash and freshen it. To make such an exercise simple to effect, this ski helmet features the easy to remove ear muff and fleece lining. For that reason too it allows you to wear a goggle strap or beanie easily.


The entire helmet feels 2.2lbs light. And since it’s the helmet that targets men, it’s light enough to wear for a longer period. At the end of the day, you won’t feel like you have been carrying the whole world over your head.

Certified quality

You can bet in some things but not your safety. This helmet has undergone vigorous safety testing and passed the safety tests. That is why it bears CE 1077B, ASTM 2040 certification. That, therefore, gives you a glimpse of its reliability.

Designed in different colors and sizes

To accommodate various interests, the Anon Men’s Rodan Ski Snow Sports Helmet exists in over 15 colors. Besides it also accommodates different head sizes with the provision of small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

So as you can see this helmet packs lots of valuable features. To grab yours before the stock runs out, click on the button below


The Bad

Non-closing vent

Although this Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski helmet has multiple vents, they are ever open. The vents, therefore, do not allow you to control the amount of warm air to let out like the AKASO Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet – Climate Control Venting does.

Who is it for?

The Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet is for the man who needs a ski helmet that features low profile, light in weight and can accommodate an audio accessory.


This Anon Men’s Rodan Lightweight Ski/Snowboard Helmet protects you from sustaining deadly head injuries in case of an accident. Also, it’s easy to adjust for a comfortable fit, light and even accommodate the audio accessory. Besides, it features multiple passive vents to keep the temperature over your head checked. So except for the non-adjustable vents, it’s a good helmet worth investing in every dime. Grab this safety certified helmet before it’s too late; just click on the button below.