American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates Review

The ice skating sport can be enjoyable for anyone. It is a sport that makes it easy to have a wonderful time out on the skating rink or outside a frozen pond. Whether it is a beginner or recreational skater who usually skates for fun or an advanced skater who branches off into figure skating or ice hockey, the experience goes the same.

Having the right pair of skates is important if a user is looking to perform at the fullest. Today, we did an in-depth review of one of the tagged best ice skating shoes available in the market — the American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates. If you are searching for a new pair of skates to start with, we suggest reading on to discover how we assessed it.

Features and Specifications

Multi-layered Ankle Support and Full Quarter Padding

This pair is rigged with an ankle support that is reinforced for heel stability. It is multi-layered to ensure the skater’s comfort. The section around the ankle is fully padded and it gives a more secure feel to the skater.

Nickel-Plated Steel Blade

Like the American Athletic Shoe Girl’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates, it is equipped with nickel-plated steel blades that are ideal for beginners. The nickel-plated blades are made of softer steel to give the user a more comfortable experience when skating.

Form Fitting Padded Tongue

The skate’s tongue adapts to the shape of the skater’s feet. It is form fitting and is crafted to give the user a snug and precise fit when skating.

PVC Boot

The PVC component makes the boot very lightweight while being abrasion-resistant. It has very good insulation, giving the user’s feet a more comfortable feel. It also makes the entire boot durable and almost maintenance-free.

The Good

Easy Maintenance

Since the boot is made out of PVC material, it is very easy to clean. After use, the skater can just wipe the water and ice fragments off the boots and blade with a cloth.

True to Size

Most people get the shoe size wrong and it is quite a hassle especially when done online. The great thing about this pair is that it comes with the actual shoe size of the skater. This is considered an advantage since most ice skates out there require the user to buy skates which are sizes smaller than most of the time.

They Come Pre-Sharpened

When skating on a frozen pond, finding a sharpening station may be quite an inconvenience with a high cost. Some consider the pre-sharpening of the blade as part of the expense when purchasing a new pair of ice skates, but they do not need to worry about that with this one. The great thing about these skates is that they come sharpened and are ready for use.


Great Skates for the Price

The quality of the skates seems to be a bit too much for the reasonable price. It is equipped with multi-layered ankle support and full quarter padding, PVC boots, and high quality blade, making this pair the bang for the buck.


Absolutely Better than Rental Skates

Usually on rental skates, the user’s feet do not really get a precise fit wherein the feet slide inward inside the boots. Having an accurate fit is very important if a skater wants to perform optimally. The great thing about this pair is that it keeps the feet and ankles in a stiff comfortable position. In these skates, the skater’s feet were in a straight and proper position.



The Bad

No Blade Covers Included

Like the Roces Kids Adjustable Ice Skate Jokey Ice Girl 450677-00001, this model does not come with blade covers. Blade covers are essential to preserve the sharpness and quality of the blades. It wicks away moisture gained from melted ice. It also prevents the blade from corrosion. The good thing with them is that they come with blade guards which protect the blades when used outside the ice and it avoids any unnecessary injury when handling the blades.

Who Is It For?

If the skater is a newbie or just a recreational skater and is looking for something fairly reasonable, then the American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates is a good pick. Crafted to cater to the user’s convenience and comfort, this remains a solid and good buy for those who are trying out the sport for the first time.


Like the Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS450 / JS451 – For Women and Girls, this pair of ice skates is ideal for newbies. This is not daunting and it gives the skater time to enjoy using the skates without needing much maintenance. It is very light weight so the skater will have a very easy time gliding through the ice. This pair is really a good buy considering its quality and price point. If the skater is looking for ice skates to begin with then this pair is highly recommended.